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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nringnring Yardley, PAPosts: 97
    dennis, i cant seem to find the residual and MF for the 08 g35x with navi and prem package...can you provide?



  • Well, my final price is $35,949 for the 08 Journey with nav, prem, technology, wheel locks, trunk mat, splash guards, and wood.

    Add to that $399 processing fee and the total before Tax, Title is $36,348.00

    The local dealer here played games so did this all online. I told the local dealer right from the start to not play games, I wasn't for it. One day maybe they will deal straight. Auto Salespeople are the least trusted people in the world according to a report.. too bad, not all are like that.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Sounds like a nice deal. Edmunds shows invoice of $35,728 not counting the dealer installed wheel locks - which are $30-32 at the online discount places - so say $35,760 or $588 over invoice including the dealer fee. Note that there can a little difference in "invoice" pricing depending on which online source you check at any given time :D.

    I have found if I go through the "Internet department" or the "Internet sales manager" I have pretty good results - for sure when I tell them I am from out of town. They know that to get my business they have to offer me there best price and no BS either. Most of my local dealers (any brand) can't or won't deal so most of the time I don't bother with them. They may treat out of town buyers better for the same reasons out of town dealers treat me better - strange, but could be true. Salesfolks need to make a living too, but they should not play games to get it. When they see someone is serious about buying and is shopping for the best price and is willing to go out of town to get it - they should just give you the best they can do. The buyer might find that is "close enough" and just buy from them to avoid having to travel to save a little money.

    What colors did you pick?

    Enjoy your new G!

  • Blue slate with graphite interior.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Nice choice!

    Love the graphite interior. If the lease rates ever get "right" again mine will be "liquid platinum" (AKA Silver) with graphite (AKA black) leather w/6mt, premium/nav/tech.

  • I can save $1,050 by not getting the tech package.. is it really worth it?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Used to be (to me), it was. With the 07 sedans the tech package included the rear view camera, the adaptive "RADAR" cruise control, and adaptive (swivel) headlights. For 08 on the sedan and new G37 coupe they raised the cost of the NAV system and include the rear-view camera with that package. So the tech is just the fancy cruise, the swiveling lights, and the pre-crash seat belts. I wanted the rear view camera so on an 07 I would HAVE to take the tech package to get it. For 08 I can choose not to. It is $948 at invoice on a journey car and $1,100 invoice. If you travel a lot and use the cruise, the RADAR cruise is really nice - on extended test drives I used it and it works quite well. Otherwise, you could save the $948 and skip it.

    Actually, the NAV part of the nav pack you could just skip as well. All OEM NAV systems are way overpriced and not nearly as up to date as a $200 Garmin. But in this case you get the crummy, out of date NAV but you also get the 9gb music hard drive, compact flash slot, XM sat radio w/3 months free service, trunk mounted (rather than dash mounted) 6 disc MP3/CD changer, the rear view camera, voice recognition, and XM traffic (for an extra fee if you live in a city they cover). All of that is $1,853 at invoice a journey - but has enough stuff I want to make me willing to pay the price - and put up with the out of date NAV system. This has to be one of the nicest sounding OEM systems I have heard - only the Lexus Levinson system sounds better, but it also has so many ways to get the music to you: XM, ipod adapter (on 08s), 9gb hard drive, 6 disc CD/MP3 changer, CF slot in the dash, and even an audio and video input in the center console!

    On other OEM NAV system you could by CDs or a DVD to update them, they were silly high (more again than the cost of a new Garmin) but you could update the maps. The G NAV is hard disk based (the MP3 hard hold 9gb of music and the rest is the NAV maps, etc) so this will be a dealer update item, I am told. No update is out yet and who knows what they will soak us for when it does come out. At several Infiniti dealers I tried to pull up that dealership while sitting in the car on their lot - and it was not on there! They were in my Garmin database with the latest maps.

  • Interesting. I think I am going to skip the technology package. By doing so, the dealer I am buying from is 3 hours away and they offered to bring the car to me. That saves me about $300 since I would have to pay about $150 in gas for 2 cars, $100 for the hotel over night (I have 2 kids they aint going to ride for 6 hours) and meals if I went and picked up the one with tech package. My guess they have someone who also wants the one with the tech so they are offering me a little carrot.

    So the new price without tech and not including processing fee or the other fees is $34,899.
  • andres3andres3 Southern CAPosts: 9,015
    What the heck is that? Do all Infiniti dealers tack on this business expense?
    Toy '16 Audi TTS quattro AWD, Commuter '16 Kia Optima LX 1.6 Turbo FWD, Wife's '17 VW Golf All-Track SE 4-Motion AWD
  • All dealers I have seen regardless of brand. They used to say this was so to pay the office staff for registering the car etc.. but now it is all done electronically so it isn't like someone is going to DMV to stand in line. It is a bogus expense and consumers should start to call dealers out on it.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Most dealers here have some "doc" or "prep" or "precessing fee" - some are as high as $595! In some states there are laws to limit the amount that can be charged to something reasonable, but it most states it is whatever the market will pay. Most dealers that have a high fee have it pre-printed on all their forms which gives the customers the idea that they HAVE to pay it - but they do not but may end up with a higher car price to offset not paying the fee :D .

    When I am price shopping and when I post online I always include this fee along with the car and destination since that is the true cost of the car - exclusive of tax, title and tags which vary widely based on where you live or register the car.

    Most luxury dealers have a really hefty fee but there are few dealers that charge $0 now but from time to time you can find one. Usually no harm in the fee as long as you take that into account. If one dealer will sell you the car for invoice with a $400 doc fee and another has no doc fee and a price that is $500 over invoice which would you take? You save $100 by paying the fee in this case - which is all that matters.

    The only real issue is if you have a VPP claim code (Nissan discount code for employees, families, and the employees of business partners). That price is pre-negotiated at around $300 over invoice for a G and does not include and dealer fees - so you really want a dealer with no or low fees do to a VPP deal. Of course these days some folks are getting lower than VPP prices w/o a VPP claim code.

  • 39month/15,000miles lease

    2008 G35 Journey
    -Premium Package
    -Navigation Package
    -Tire and Wheel Package

    0 down... sign and drive.
    $578/month (with taxes and everything)
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • I'm looking at the G35x and can get VPP (Plan D) through my company. Where I live there is only one Infiniti dealership, so I figure VPP is going to get me the best price.

    My problem with VPP is the Dealer Delivery Fee that is added into the cost. You still have to pay Destination charges with VPP, so what's with this Delivery Fee? It's like they're whacking you twice to "deliver" the car for you.

    I think I already know the answer to my question, but is this Dealer Delivery Fee negotiable? I figure that since this is an Infiniti corporate program its not, but has anybody else out there done a VPP deal recently? Any shenanigans I can pull to skate out of the fees?
  • I'm not sure what that is, but I am buying mine from out of state at Crossroads Infinity in Raleigh NC. Local dealer was not nice. Email me if you want the sales person's name.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If you worked for Nissan/Infiniti you cold get a car for invoice or less, since you don't you can get one for just over invoice - the VPP price.

    Basically that is the dealer profit for handling the deal for you. On the G plan D is < $300 over invoice plus any dealer add ons or fees. If you work with a dealer that has no doc or prep fee and don't get any dealer add ons (wheel locks, moonroof wind deflector, etc) then all you pay is the VPP price - which is a reasonable deal.

    On an employee deal 100% of this "fee" is paid by Nissan, on a plan D deal you pay 1/2 and Nissan pays the other 1/2 IIRC. So the dealer does get to make more than the $300 over invoice, but not a lot.

    I would not get hung up and what they call it in the formula, just concentrate on "no haggle for less than $300 over invoice". Some folks are reporting they can get better deals w/o a VPP claim code, others report not so good.

    If the dealer participates in VPP (it is optional) and has little or no dealer fee, then just pick out the car you want and drive it home.

  • Thanks, man. With all the stuff you read about dealer processing fees, prep fees, advertising fees, etc., I was just wondering if this was another way to slide in some profit on the sale. The moral of the story here though is that you're getting a car at about $300 over invoice and don't have to do any haggleing.

    Now what happens with my trade-in, that'll be a different story...
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    At times, VPP can net you a good deal without any work but in other times the VPP price would be higher than you could get on your own. Folks have been posting some deals around invoice here lately so they seem to be able to do as good or better without VPP.

    They do take trades on VPP deals, but that will be pretty much the same song and dance as if you didn't have a VPP claim code. It could be a bit better because they are making 5% as the delivery fee - even on a base G this would be $1,500 and on a loaded up coupe could be $2,000 or so. Your price is $300 over but they make a 5% delivery fee - Nissan charges them the discounted invoice on the car so they keep the 1/2 the fee you pay plus the 1/2 Nissan pays. So if you negotiated $500 over on your own they would make $500 plus holdback, with the VPP price you PAY $300 over but they make $1,500-2,0000 plus holdback. Does that make sense?

    In any case you should always evaluate your used car options - sell it yourself, sell it to another dealer (Driver's Way, Carmax, etc), or trade it in . Getting the current values before talking to the dealer will let you know if they are in the ballpark or not. In most states you get a tax credit for a trade in, here that is 7% of what they give you as trade. So if the dealer gives you $10,000 that is $10,700 net discount. If you sell the car to someone else you don't get the tax credit.

  • I'm looking into buying G35x 08. I'm interested in purchasing the car with NAV.
    I was told that can't get the NAV without the premium package. The NAV invoice is $1850.00 and the Premium is $1900.

    Is it true that I can't have the NAV without getting the Premium?

    Thank you all for your help.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Is it true that I can't have the NAV without getting the Premium?

    Yep, it says so right on the Infiniti web page.

    Navigation Package

    - Infiniti Hard Drive Navigation System with touchscreen, Lane Guidance and 3-D building graphics
    - XM NavTraffic® providing Real-Time Traffic[1] information
    - 9.3GB Music Box hard drive and compact flash slot for playing MP3 files
    - Infiniti Voice Recognition for climate control, audio, information and navigation systems
    - RearView Monitor

    The RearView Monitor is a convenience but is not a substitute for proper backing procedures. Always turn and check that it is safe to do so before backing up. RearView Monitor may not detect every object behind you.

    Requires Premium Package

    To me, the premium package is a must-have and the NAV is not as much. The compelling reasons to get the NAV package are not the NAV - to get the XM, hard drive jukebox, voice command, and the rearview camera - the NAV itself is not that good - the maps are way out of date.

  • Dennis,

    Thank you for the valuable info.

  • I have an offer of $33,995 for a 2008 Infiniti G35 Journey with premium package in graphite. The sticker price on the car is $35,250. They are offering me $3000 on my trade in of a 97 Honda Accord SE, automatic with 100k miles. I checked invoice in Edmunds and it is approximately $32,350. The deal also has the 3.9 financing for 60 months. What is an appropriate counter offer over invoice? I loved the car more than I expected to and was leaning towards a 2006 CPO BMW 325i with 16,000 miles. Now I have the choice between a new G35 or a 2 year old BMW.

    Thanks for any feeback and I'm in Northern California if that makes a difference.
  • I just got a Journey with premium, nav, technology, rear cargo mat, rear cargo net, mud flaps, wheel locks, for $35,495, which is $12 over invoice.

    You should be able to get it for invoice. They have somewhere about $500-600 dealer hold back the dealer will make even if they sell it for invoice. They are also prob charging you a $399 processing fee. So ask for invoice or walk.
  • FYI for everyone...ended up with a great lease.

    Invoice 34007 Prem/Sport/trunk mat/cargo net/splashguard
    Oil changes - 240 (AAA discount)
    15K miles, 36mo
    Drive off in CA - 886
    Monthly in CA - 527

    They quoted me a MF 0.00195? not the typical MF for a 36mo 15K mi from IFS.
    Anyway, real easy deal...awesome ride.

  • That is a better money factor than what I was quoted, but is still = to 5% interest.
  • packrfan,

    i got one qoute from motorwerks in hoffman estates at 34,500 + ttl for a G35X with moonroof and spoiler. From what i heard the inifinit dealer in lisle is the biggest in the MIdwest so i am expecting a something better from them. Let me know if you find someone better. Maybe we can a better deal if we mention we got 2-3 people interested
  • It's part of the game I guess. They kept changing the MF and Residual around to get the same same amount paid over the term of the lease (LOL). I told them to just get me to the lowest total amount paid over 3 years. I knew the MF and Residual from IFS, but the dealer can definitely do better. You might have to leave the dealership a few times to get your way or just do everything over phone and email.

    Thanks to everyone on this forum! It really helped me get the deal I was comfortable with and to put the screws down!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It really does not work like that - at least not for an IFS lease. They have a MF and a residual and they pretty much is it. Now there is no reason the dealer can't shop the lease deal around to any of the many lease banks they could be dealing with and get you a better net payment. Normally the 3rd party bank residual is a bit lower than the IFS number, but at times the MF can be lower as well. Unless he IFS number changes mid-month then you must have a lease with someone else - or you are not correct in the MF you posted.

    What the dealer can change is the amount they charge you for the car, they can't give you a lower rate than the IFS or other lease bank says you qualify for and they sure can't change the lease bank's residual - but as I said they can shop around and get you the lowest payment if one is offered by a difference bank.

    Hard to say without more info - residual amount, break down of the cap cost and money paid at signing, tax rate, tag cost, etc.

  • Hi, I just saw your post asking about dealership experiences in Nashville, Alabama, Chatanooga etc. Did not see any replies however. I am now looking for a M35 and have the same question you had. What dealership did you end up buying from, and how did you like them?
    Thank you---
  • bg18947bg18947 Posts: 184
    I saw the new G35X Sport (badged G35XS) at the dealership today. I plan on ordering one this week. The price I got using the Corporate VPP plan through my wife's employer discount is $460 over invoice which is $37,317 for a G35X w/ Prem., Nav., and Sport pkgs, including destination charges, in NJ. I am waiting for another dealership to give me his VPP pricing, which he says is normally $300 over invoice. Costco pricing is also very good at $500 over invoice.

    I saw that some folks were paying invoice prices on the board. Are any of these dealers in the NYC metro area?

    Happy Holidays! :shades:
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