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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • max8085max8085 Posts: 13
    I know the dealer i went to in NY (long island) had programs for 24,36,39,42 I asked them for a 12 month and they said IFS did not offer it.
  • itaddictitaddict Posts: 15
    Thanks max8085 - any idea on what the best 24 month lease is for a G35x with 12k/miles, 0 down - i just want to put down first month and dmv. I have just started to call up various infiniti delaers here in NJ and they are giving me some real weird numbers which almost make me feel a BMW is more affordable. From what I have read so far, the Infinitis give you the best bang for the buck. Maybe this isnt a good time to get the lease but I think its fiscal year end for Infiniti also. That should weigh in somewhere.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Did you present them with a VPP claim code or just ask about VPP pricing?

    The invoice on a journey with just the options you list is $35,854 and the VPP plan C or D price would be $36,138.19 less the $500 customer cash would be $35,638.19 . Sounds like they gave you a better than VPP price, which would be why there was no need to trot out the invoice - as long as the price they gave you includes the destination charge.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    There is not much chance of getting a 12 month lease since you would be nuts to sign one. When does the maximum depreciation occur? When you drive the new car off the lot. 36 month leases are normally the sweet spot in leasing because it is long enough to spread the depreciation out and still within every car maker's full warranty. Normally a 24 month lease will have a higher payment than a 36 or 39 month lease. Sometimes the captive lease banks will offer special 24 month leases to help move cars to those not wanting to commit to a longer lease - and they feel they can re-lease to you in 24 month when you turn in your car. Last month, I think many of the G models could be leased for 24 months for about the same payment as a 36 month lease.

    The one sure way NOT to get a deal is to contact dealers (any dealer) and ask for lease payments.

    You need to bargain down the price of the car just as if you were buying it. Normally we say if you can get within $500 of invoice for the car, destination, and any dealer doc or prep fees you are doing good - but there is currently a $500 customer cash bonus for new G sedans. So you want to be around invoice or less for the car, destination, and dealer fees.

    Once you have the price of the car low, then worry about the lease stuff. I post the lease money factors and residual each month when I get them. You simply plug your negotiated price into the lease and figure out the payments, and taxes and title/tag stuff and you are done.

  • cxs410cxs410 Posts: 5
    2008 G37-Sport + Nav, Premium

    Lease: 39 months
    $1000 down
    $596 a month
    12k miles a year
    Los Angeles
  • itaddictitaddict Posts: 15
    Hi - I'm going for the same thing but no sport. where did you get this deal? Did the 1500 include first month?

    I'm in central NJ.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The most important thing is how much you are paying for the car, which you do not state.

  • itaddictitaddict Posts: 15

    Thanks - I will check that and approach approach appropriately. That makes sense. Regards
  • It was Sewell. Allison Cohen was great to deal with there!
  • dugan2kdugan2k Posts: 3

    I just put a downpayment (they have to get the car for me) on a
    G35x with sports package and premium package.
    MSRP = 38465
    Invoice = 35232

    Agreed upon price 35190.
    Dealer docs = 300
    title/reg/plates = 115

    After heading to finance, the price on the contract i signed WAS CHANGED
    to say 35690 (-500 rebate) = 35190.

    They told me the rebate was new and that they could not give me the 500 off our agreed upon price and that this was the only was they can do it. I don't beleive them and and am thinking about canceling. I was expecting $500 off the negotiated price. i have only put $500 down to secure the transfer by credit card. Someone please tell me if I am being conned!

  • I looked up the terms of the rebate at Edmunds. You can search google with "edmunds incentives" to find it. It seems as if it's at the dealer's discretion by the way they word it.

    I'd suggest walking, or at least threatening to, and to start again. Hopefully, it will pay off. You may be able to negotiate for some free maintainance or accessories. Your present deal isn't bad, yet like you, I don't like being left with a sour taste. Hang in there!

    You don't say how far they have to go to get the car. There is expense in that if out of town. It's always best to negotiate when you know it's on their own lot.
  • cxs410cxs410 Posts: 5

    They are also paying off the remaining $1500.00 on my current lease.

    To reiterate. G37-Sport, Nav, Premium, Sport
    $1000.00 down
    $596 a month
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    G37 sport is a 6mt, not a journey with the sport pack on it - so that is what we are talking about.

    $41,995 is full MSRP on the 6mt car with those options, you need to be around $38,285 (invoice) or a little more. They are not paying anything off for you on your current lease you are paying for it yourself with that high cap cost and really high payment. My G37 tech/nav/premium/net/splash/mat (really loaded :D) has a base payment under $500 a month - and the lease terms were worse when I got mine in Jan than they are now.

  • cxs410cxs410 Posts: 5

    I'm confused when I quote this car on Cars Direct I get a price of $40,720. Where will I be able to get a more accurate invoice price?
  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    just go to and spec it out. Very accurate.
  • lbsimonlbsimon Posts: 2
    I had a similar experience, but with a happy end. I just bought a G35x, with
    - Premium,
    - Nav,
    - wood trim,
    - cargo net,
    - splash guards.

    Picking it up this Thurday. MSRP $40,175, invoice $36,685 (destination included). A quote by email was $36,905, $220 over the invoice.

    We started with the my trade-in. They offered $7500. I asked $10,000. They said no. I thanked them for their time and stood up to leave for another dealership. They said $10K was accepted.

    So since I already agreed with the quote on a new car, they shook my hand and congratulated me with the deal. I said - not so fast, give me my $500 rebate (I had a printout from Edmunds). They said no, the rebate was a part of the quote. I thanked them for their time and stood up to leave for another dealership. They said the $500 was mine. So no, do not accept that crap about the rebate built into the price.

    So as a result I got the deal at $36,405 -- $300 below invoice. Of course I had to pay $300 doc fee, but they told me about that in advance on the phone, plus the tax, title, registration, but that's beyond the point.

    All in all, the experience was more or less decent, under two hours total. The dealership is in Boston area, Infiniti of Norwood.
  • I'm currently working with dealer on the following deal:
    2008 G35 Journey Exterior Color: Platinum Graphite and Interior Color: Graphite Leather / Wash Aluminum that comes with the Premium Package, Navigation Package and Sport Package. I told the dealer I was willing to pay $34,950 for the vehicle. The would depend if they give me $17,800 on my trade. In addition, I told him I'm looking for a OTD price. I'll keep you guys posted if the deal goes through!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I use carsdirect all the time and find it to be spot on - it also makes you select things that are required. Like you have to select the premium pack to get the nav pack. Most sites do not do that which could lead someone to think they could buy a car equipped that way. Edmunds and KBB prices should match if you equip them the same.

    Keep in mind Infiniti raised prices as much as $250 at the end of January. If a car you are looking at was made before then, then MSRP and invoice showing online NOW will be off. If you look at a car made from Feb on then it should be correct.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018

    edmunds incentives

    and click on the first link that comes up, then click on Infiniti and then one of the sedan models.

  • That really stinks, but it might be hard on you if you did not explicitly discuss whether their offer included the rebate or not. Lots of dealers I talked with already "included" the rebate in their offer price. It might be a misunderstanding, with them assuming that was included in their offer, and you assuming it's not. If that was the case, then I don't think you were "conned", it was just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

    Now if you already discussed this, and then they changed the deal when you got in, then I agree that is shady. If the contract you signed was in fact changed after you signed it, then that is bogus. I think they need to honor the contract that was signed, right?

    I worried about the same thing on my deal. The offer I got was explicitly before rebate, we discussed this issue up front, and the rebate was subtracted as a separate line item on the contract they sent me. However, when I got to the dealer, I saw the price they had on the car, and a note that this "includes all rebates". I was worried they would change the numbers and say that the deal they quoted me included the rebate, but they never did try to do that.

    The price you are getting is still $42 below invoice with the rebate, or $458 over invoice before the rebate. Depending on what part of the country you are in, that might still be a pretty good deal. Where are you? Here in Houston, that is better than I could get from anyone, and that is also as good as my best offer in Dallas. I got better than that from San Antonio only because of their unusual pricing scheme and the fact that the car I bought was on the lot >10 weeks. Do you have any better/equivalent offers from other dealers within a reasonable radius of you?

    Sorry, dude, but don't let this get in the way of you getting your G, and getting the best deal possible!

  • dugan2kdugan2k Posts: 3
    Ibsimon, Happycamry and Jeff

    Thank you for getting back to me. We reached an agreement that they would add $200 to the price of my trade in and give me 2 free oil changes in exchange for the rebate issue. So essentially I got a 200 rebate added on the negotiation price whcih put me $242 below invoice after doc fees. This was at INFINITI of NORWOOD outside Boston. Overall I wasn't happy with how I was treated or the buying process by I am excited to get my new G. I do have one more question:

    How do you calculate an accurate finance rate? I have used and edmunds calculators and gotten different numbers on each. Is there a site that anyone would recommend that can provide an accurate number? Thanks again. This is a great board.

  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Lease or buy? If lease, go a couple pages back in the leasing thread to find the March money factors.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I usually do it in a spreadsheet or a loan amortization program, but the one on the CapitalOne auto finance page seems to work just fine.

  • Matt,

    Your deal now sounds very fair. One nice thing about Infiniti's financing is that it uses simple interest. It's a great deal at present.

    When do you get the new ride? I'm 1400 miles past the starting gate and am mostly impressed. Had rattles but they were worked on last weekend and I think it's better.
  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm planning to buy 2008 Infiniti G35
    x 4dr Sedan AWD (3.5L 6cyl 5A) with the following packages:
    Premium/ Navigation/ Sport and Rear spoiler

    I see TMV= $38,858

    I live in South Sanfrancisco and would really appreciate if any of you can let me know the best possible Out of door price or the price you have paid.

  • waltazwaltaz Posts: 124
    Start at Invoice, including Destination, then go $500 OFF that for the current rebate. So Invoice minus $500. Go for that as the selling price. If it ends up a couple hundred, no more, above that, that's a good deal. And tell them you won't pay for their dealer-added protection/accessory package, and you expect them to throw that in. They likely will.

    Find the invoice on Edmunds by spec'ing out what you want.
  • asteinbergasteinberg Posts: 138
    (1) To decide between Infiniti G35 v. Lexus GS 350
    (2) Also, if Infiniti, does Infiniti promote/subsidize purchase or lease?
    (3) What is best deal I can get in Southern California.
    Thank you.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    1) Ask which one in an Infiniti forum and I can bet the answer you get. Go ask in a Lexus forum and see if the answer is not the opposite. To me, these are completely different cars - the GS is a luxury car the G is a sports/luxury car. The GS base price MSRP is more than you could possibly load up a G to be - even with every option. The same is true for invoice price - over $40k is the minimum GS invoice while a loaded G would be less. Drive them both and see what you like and get that, but the GS will cost you more.

    2) Yes - all the time. Surprised you even have to ask this question - just go look on the Infiniti web page - they have discounted loan and lease deals right now.

    3) No idea, but it should be around invoice to $500 UNDER invoice since there is $500 customer cash on G sedans right now.

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