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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • guillermoguillermo Posts: 2
    This is for an Automatic, another dealer offered me one with
    side air bags for $230. I also checked Grand Honda, and they
    offered me $18900 including destination charges. That price
    seems pretty good, but not low enough to fly up to Chicago.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    Be sure to tell your local dealer about another dealer's price at 18,900 incl destination. They should meet that price and with adding TTL - you are out the door. Watch the paperwork to make sure they don't hit you with unreasonable document fees. Sounds like you've got a good deal! Enjoy.
  • is this just another way of adding $100 dealer profit to the sale, after pricing has been set?

    Do all dealers charge for "documentation"...or is this just another negotiable item on the sheet?

    What's anyone's experience with this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 185,161
    Yes..it is just a way to add profit.. Since it is an uneven number like that, some of the charges included may be legitimate, such as temporary tags, title fees, etc.. When they spring these after a price has been agreed upon, I usually tell them no, that if they want to charge that, then they have to lower my price by the same amount. However, if it is very low (under $50), I have just let it go. At some point, its not worth worrying about.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Thanks...exactly what I thought. Just found out one of my sellers thinks $199 is reasonable...another thinks $275. These guys are really funny.
  • hunnybhunnyb Posts: 4
    I was happy with the price I received at Autowest in Fremont last year. Got about 4 East Bay email quotes through Edmunds. Autowest gave me the best price (see post #131 May 2003). No frills, no fuss. The price I given by the Fleet Mgr/Internet Sales was straight forward - no deceptive tactics. It was the finance guy who tried to offer the extras but to no avail of my "no's."

      Since this dealership is not convenient for me for service, I have my dealer-necessary service and repairs done at Jim Doten's Honda in Berkeley. I haven't had problems with Doten's service dept. since 1994. They couldn't match the vehicle sales price which is why I didn't buy from them, but I've kept them for service. The fact that most of the service techs and writers have been there longer than I have been a customer should speak something about keeping good employees.

       Remember, you don't have be tied to the sales dealership for your car servicing. - "hunnyb"
  • I've been researching CR-V's for a long time now and am presently in the market for a new car....won't go into details.

    I test drove a CR-V EX today (2004) but was really wanting to get the 2WD LX. The salesguy should have let me test drive a LX, but I don't think he had any available to test drive at that time. Anyhow, I just wonder if the 2WD LX drives differently than the EX?

    Also, the sticker price for the LX that I want is $20,850 and the salesguy gave me the impression that they wouldn't come down much from that price. I think it includes the destination charge as well. And it doesn't have side airbags either.

    This is the only Honda dealer in town and there is no competition for miles....so I'm afraid I won't be getting a good deal on this SUV. I checked KBB and they estimated a price of $19,100.

    Any thoughts or advice?

  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    sharona, I would go ahead and get price quotes from the farther away competition anyway. Fax/email requests - to get a bidding war going. I think you can work them off that 20850 for the LX. The salesperson needs to try to do the best he can and you are the one paying the money, so you are in control. Have the sales manager come in on the conversation if need be. Do yr research, be prepared, they should work with you on making the deal. Good luck.
  • Bshel, I'm a Sam's Club member and they have an auto buying program and the dealership is participating. So I filled out an online request last night and am waiting to see what deal he is going to give me. The contact person is actually the sales manager whom I was introduced to yesterday and he was also trying to sell me on the car. I believe the CR-V LX is without options and no side airbags. How do you find out what the invoice price is? It appears that there are a few people who have bought LX's at quite a bit below the $20,580 sticker price...some even as low as mid $17,000's? I won't be dealing in cash...in fact, I have to either finance through Honda or go through other financing.

    Does anyone know what the going rate is right now through Honda finance? Sam's club has an auto finance at 4.19% for 60 mos but someone on this forum mentioned that dealerships don't like to take checks from outside financing?

    Oh what a headache!!

    Additionally, I do have a "trade-in"....1994 Honda Accord LX with 120,000 miles and a compressor that needs to be repaired....it's making a rattling noise. I'm thinking that it's going to be a goose egg trade-in....boo hoo.

    What to do, what to do?
  • Used a referal from Costco to contact the dealer sales person. Negotiated a better price, once I pointed out the Costco "no haggle" deal wasn't competitive.

    My final #'s look like this for a cash sale, no trade-in.

    20,730 CR-V EX
       490 Dest & Handling
    21,220 Total Cost

      1,273.20 NJ Sales Tax
        189.00 documentation
         86.70 DMV

    22,768.90 out the door price

    Planet Honda/Union, NJ

    A good shopping experience for me. Negoitated everything on the phone, no surprises when I went in to complete the transaction, and pick up the CR-V. Nice people to deal with. I'd buy from them again.

    Thanks to the Edmunds site and members of this forum, for helping me to get prepared for shopping!
  • equivueequivue Posts: 4
    Just paid $20,500.00, Friday, for a 04 CR-V EX 4x4-Silver at Grand Honda in Elmhurst, IL. This included the destination charge and it had 7 miles on it. Luckily no accessories and no haggling. I think all the other silver ones had accessories. Called a number of dealerships in the area and no one could match the price. Went to Schaumburg Honda and the closest they could come was 21,800 incl dest. They called it unbelievable and Elmhurst was probably adding accessories. The price was posted in the Chicago Sun Times. Great experience
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    sharona, I tried to use my credit union's "car buying program" but it ended up being close to MSRP, so I went another route. I ended up negotiating in person (took me emails and 2 visits to the dealer I ended up going with). Look at invoice pricing here on edmunds for the LX 2wd with no air bgs. That is your starting point - consider that price to be wholesale price from consumer reports (meaning it includes destination and dealer holdback, which dealer will receive quarterly or annually from AH). Yes, some folks are paying below invoice - the dealerships still make money somehow. Go ahead and get your Sam's financing set-up/approved. Decide how much you want to finance and steer your salesperson away from determining how much you want to pay monthly. That is your business and since you are preapproved elsewhere, you are there to first get the selling price set. (I also traded in a 1994 Accord EX 4dr automatic - 139,000 miles. Use the used car pricing here to decide how low you will accept on your trade and/or "Real World trade-in" discussion thread - asking there.) I was preapproved at 2 other places, and Honda Finance competed and got lower rate, so I did go with them. They initially said they would be able to give me 3.9% at my credit score, which was too high against my other preapproved, so they must have wiggle room and lowered it. Some recent owners got the 2.9% that is being offered for civics/accords, so that depends on the dealership.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    The planets may have been aligned but it had nothing to do with your deal. Grand is by far the best dealer in the Chicago area. That price is good for anyone.

    All these people who have to pay close to MSRP would be better off flying to Chicago. People are paying more for LXs than an EX here. That's ridiculous. Honda has to service the vehicle no matter where you bought it.
  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Posts: 11
    I was quoted in Dallas Lute Riley honda to be exact for $19,715.51. This included mud flaps, tint, cargo tray in the back and pin stripe. The price of the vehicle was $18,345 + TTL tax 1189.96(texas 6.25)lic 180.55 + dest.490. please let me know if anyone in Texas has a price close or lower than this one. I only deal with fleet guys so this is what he gave me.
  • edunnettedunnett Posts: 553
    Thanks for the dealership recommendation in the Bay Area. We actually purchased this weekend at San Leandro Honda. They came back with the lowest price quote through the internet - was about $200 below invoice - go figure! They said they were "desperate" to get them off the lot. They also said over the phone that my trade might yield $10,000, then $9000 next time we talked then $8000 when we showed up before even driving it. They also jacked up their written offer by $400. I caught them on both counts more than once! We eventually agreed on the original quote ($200 below invoice) and $9000 on the trade but we had to really watch them cuz that $8000 showed up on the printed docs again! Took FOR-EVER to get through the whole process!

    Thanks for the service loc suggestion - way too far for us but someone else maybe can use them.

  • equivue writes...
     Grand is by far the best dealer in the Chicago area. That price is good for anyone.

    I called the sales manager at Grand Honda and asked how do I buy one living in New York State? I need one 2 or 3 months from now and was wondering how do I switch plates, handle sales tax etc. He said Federal law prohibits them from selling to anyone in NY, CA, or Mass and that he couldn't help. He had a broken accent so he was a little hard to understand but that was the sum of the conversation

    I think with shrewd use of the internet I can find a Honda dealer somewhere in New York State who is willing to wheel and deal on a CRV. As long as its in New York somewhere, then there wont be any hassle with tax or registration issues.

    Any one have and suggestions of a cooperative Honda dealer for New York State?
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    Any one have and suggestions of a cooperative Honda dealer for New York State?

    I see that you are in Rochester. So am I. I also recall how you posted a message about Ontario Honda. I didn't go with them, not because of your post, but because they were only going to offer me $100 cheaper than what I was offered at John Holtz, and it wasn't even the color that I wanted. I wasn't about to drive all of the way out there to save $100 and get my second choice color instead of my blue CRV. So I decided to go with John Holtz. As you may have read, I'm sort of regretting it now since I am STILL waiting for my car. I think you'll have a hard time finding a Rochester dealer willing to sell a CRV-EX for 21,500. I ended up getting mine for $22,300, which isn't a fantastic deal but it's less than a lot of other people are paying in Rochester. Have you checked in Buffalo and Syracuse? What about driving over the border into Erie, PA? Or does PA have a policy against selling to New Yorkers as well? Since you're willing to travel so far to get a good deal, I think you might have better luck finding a lower price than mine.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    You could also try a bit further east than Syracuse also. My sister has had very good purchase/service experience with Honda in Oneonta, NY. The dealership's current name is Scoville-Meno Honda, Oneonta, NY 13820-2197. Curry Honda in Yorkville (between Syracuse and Utica) does do a large volume business, as they own a few dealerships, but I know they can be stubborn on negotiations from what I have heard in the past. Knowing that they are competing will help.
  • edunnettedunnett Posts: 553
    I bought my first new car from Albany Honda - a '93 Civic CX. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them. Service dept sucked. Although that was 10 years ago ;-) Have you tried http://www.carsdirect.com for a no-haggle deal?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Yes, I would really like a current CR-V; but wish the gas mileage would was a lot better
    for the prices we have to pay now.

    Gen 1 manual gets 30 mpg highway (theracoon), gen 2 manual gets 26-28 mpg city (me). How much more do you want? Show me one SUV out there that can break the mid-20's mpgs. I can only think of Suzuki Sidekick from the mid-90's. It was much much smaller than CR-V, and was recalled for tipping over too easily. Escape Hybrid averages 25 mpg. You pay extra $3000 to achieve what CR-V does on its own.
  • When I am ready I will have to scour the Internet and negotiate that way. I will buy in New York State no matter what to avoid the plate transfer hassles. I have a few more months and I bet I can find a Honda dealer somewhere in this state who is willing to deal. How has John Holtz been treating you with this delay by the way? I have talked to a few people who work there and they say he has a "take care of the customer attitude"

    I want a blue one as well but am waiting for the 2005 models to get the anticipated 16 wheels.

    Once I get this vehicle and get it paid off within a year, I am treating myself to a Lexus RX330. All I need is to talk my wife into letting me do it.
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    How has John Holtz been treating you with this delay by the way?

    Well, they have definitely not been overly helpful. Apologetic, yes, but not helpful. I have been without a car for a week now because I sold my old one because I assumed that the CRV would be delivered when she originally told me that it would be. Wrong, so wrong. No offer to give me something to drive, no offer for price reduction, accessories thrown in... nothing. I honestly can say that I never really expected anything from them. What I expected was just the truth... a truthful date instead of two made-up ones. I'm definitely not happy with how things have been going, but besides the fact that this salesperson seems naive enough to venture a guess on a date that she has no clue about, it really hasn't been the dealer's fault. They can't control when the cars are coming in...

    So I'm just trying to be patient and wait...
  • rylee3rylee3 Posts: 3
    Regarding your posting on buying cars out of state. I used to live in New York and bought several cars in the state of Michigan. There is no hassle to it. Purchase the car and you obtain a temporary registration in Michigan good for 10 days. Upon returning to NY with the car you register it there and at the time of registration pay the NYS sales tax due. The sales tax in Michigan is waived.

    I currently live outside Detroit and there are lots of CRV's available here. I have checked the inventory at some lots both in person and on line and one dealer had 36 another had at least 20. There is no shortage of them in this area. Detroit is only about 6 hrs from Rochester. Try web sites for Honda Bloomfield and Suburban Honda which can be accessed through Honda's website. Good Luck.
  • I used to see them on cars and trucks going down the Thruway and wondered to myself what they were for. So thats how you work it buying out of State. Thanks for the great advice.

    Hey hkjcrv, are you listening? If John Holtz Honda takes much longer.... And if your shoes are worn out from walking since you already sold your other wheels.....
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    Hey hkjcrv, are you listening? If John Holtz Honda takes much longer.... And if your shoes are worn out from walking since you already sold your other wheels.....

    Haha, thanks for thinking of me 2year!! However, I've got news... surprisingly, my CRV arrived today and I picked it up about 5 hours later! They were nice enough to "rush it" through the arrival process so that I could pick it up today instead of tomorrow. Needless to say, I am very happy to be done doing business with these people and to have my brand new car! (Which, by the way, I am completely in love with!)
  • gotbgotb Posts: 39
    The best I got was $20,500 before destination and TTL. Is this a good deal? I can't decide between Toyota RAV4 and CR-V EX. 2004 Toyota RAV4 with "L" option & 16" alloy wheels, I got a $20,600 quote. I like RAV4's exterior and handling better but CR-V EX has a bigger cargo.
  • gotbgotb Posts: 39
    Also the $20,600 quote I got for Toyota RAV4 "L" option includes freight too.
  • mrcmrc Posts: 3
    Hi! I'm new to this. Am in Buffalo and went shopping today for a 2004 CRV EX auto. AWD. The sticker was 23,500. I offered $21,300 and was refused. I know what the TMV is so I know I was being fair. I couldn't stay to hear their best offer because I had to be somewhere. I talked to another dealer on the phone who was connected with the edmunds shopper site. He seemed much more understanding of an internet shopper's savvy yet I don't know the price he is offering. Since he is about 35 miles from my house, I wanted to agree on a price on the phone before going down there. Has anyone successfully negotiated a price by phone that wasn't later altered in the sales office? BTW, this is a great message board.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    Have them confirm this price via internet/email.
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    Am in Buffalo and went shopping today for a 2004 CRV EX auto. AWD. The sticker was 23,500.

    Why is the sticker price $23,500?? They should be asking for no more than $23,040 on the sticker unless there are some extras on it that you didn't mention. $23,500... are these people out of their minds?
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    Am in Buffalo and went shopping today for a 2004 CRV EX auto. AWD. The sticker was 23,500. I offered $21,300 and was refused. I know what the TMV is so I know I was being fair.

    Forgot to mention that I am also in WNY, but in Rochester. In this area, these cars are EVERYWHERE. I have a family friend who is a car salesman and he checked it out... dealerships are generally giving VERY few discounts, which definitely is not fair, but people are paying full MSRP for these babies, so they know that if they don't sell it to you, they can sell it to somebody else. The best I could get in Rochester was $22,300 (including destination) for a 2004 EX auto. Maybe you will have better luck getting something lower. Try Ray Laks Honda in Buffalo... I simply filled out a form on their web site to try to see what they had in stock and they called me 4 times a day (no joke) until I finally was able to pick up and tell them to stop. They definitely seem EAGER, EAGER, EAGER!! That could work out to benefit you!
  • mrcmrc Posts: 3
    Oops. I think the sticker was $23,050 not $23,500. Yes, I did fill out form and Ray Laks called me but I wasn't ready with a price except to mention TMV, which salesman said not sure he could sell for that. However, he seemed very comfortable with TMV and I am hoping to get 04 CRV EX, auto. with destination for $21,300 from them. Will see if he calls me back. I really want to get a firm selling price on the phone first because it is about 20 miles from my house. Thanks for all the useful advice. I also want a cargo cover and running boards to help my mom get in the car occassionally. Any idea what I should pay for these? They retail for $200 and $500, respectively. Many thanks to all who responded to me.
  • gotbgotb Posts: 39
    My quote was for a 2004 CR-V EX auto. I sent about 10 requests and 3 dealers offered me $20,500-$21,000. Edmund's TMV for my ZIP was $22,000 something. However, I find TMV high priced since I bought my 2004 Nissan Sentra $3000 off TMV price.
  • 01426440142644 Posts: 8
    Hello forum,
    I am looking to buy a 2004 CRV Ex in the Northern Virginia area. I received an internet quote of 22,616 OTD. I wanted a roof rack which brought the cost up to 23,023 OTD. When I told the salesman I wanted a white/manual transmission, he said they could get this vehicle but they couldn't offer me the quoted internet price. It would cost 400$ more to get a white one ( auto or manual) from another city 200 miles away. That seemed like alot to me. I told him to forget it, the 2005's will be out soon. Did this amount seem fair?? Thanks.
  • psychedpsyched Posts: 3

    I am looking to get a CR-V and I would like an EX but LX is a better deal. when should i expect the deals to come out for the 2004? when are the 2005 coming out? i heard the further south you go the better the deals? i would be looking to finance rather than lease.


    psyched to get a new car!!!
  • edunnettedunnett Posts: 553
    Here's the deal my husband got on a new CR-V EX Automatic AWD last weekend. The dealer emailed me this price then wrote it up $400 more by the time I got to the dealership. He eventually saw it my way when I stood up to leave and said, 'oh sorry, THIS was the price that I drove here for' and showed him a print out of his email.

    Sticker (msrp w/o Destination) $22,550
    Sticker (with Destination $23,040

    Sale price (w/o Destination) $20,530
    Destination $490
    Sale price (w/ Destination) $21,020
    Doc fee $45
    Tax $1737
    License $192
  • edunnettedunnett Posts: 553
    I THINK two of the reasons Hondas retain such high resale values is that
    1) they don't come out until much later in the year with the new models - November? and

    2) they don't discount the last years cars much - that devalues the used ones on the market and lowers eventual resale value for all. Just imagine trying to sell your 2003 CR-V that you paid $23K for when the dealerships are discounting the 2004's to $20K - sort of hard to get a good resale value in that scenario, huh? It made for a miserable trade in value on our '01 Dodge Dakota when the 2004's had a factory to consumer $4k rebate out there. *sigh* Anyway, you can easily get invoice pricing from the internet or fleet sales group at your dealership and likely some good financing rates toward November but I wouldn't hold my breath for $4K off the sticker.
  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Posts: 11
    Ok I have been to another dealership and they could not come close to the price I was last quoted. This is for the same CRV LX Auto 2wd.
    Price $18096 w/dest Tax 1173.82 (texas) Lic 180.55 Out the door $19450.37 and this includes cargo tray, tint, mud flaps, mats(already included), and pin stripe. If someone has received a lower bid please let me know. I am going to wait a little longer maybe until Aug or Sept to see if it comes down. Because the price dropped $400 bucks after I emailed this person with a quote.
  • psychedpsyched Posts: 3
    Now with the oil filter problems i am reconsidering getting a CR-V. Does anyone know if this problem has been fixed in the 05's or if the 05's have the same engine compartment design?

    i guess i will have to wait in either case...

    wait till november and wait to see what comes of this fire thing...

    yuck...i finally decided what i wanted and then this :(

  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    Psyched, I am a 21-year-old recent college graduate who just bought a 2004 CR-V EX a little over a week ago. My parents are still very involved in my life as well. My dad lives in the Washington, D.C. area where the engine fire story "first broke" in the Washington Post. He called my mom to ask her what kind of car I had just bought... sure enough, she confirmed that it was the CR-V. They are concerned, but know that I will be careful after the first oil change and will take it to the dealer, who I am assuming will be extra cautious with the oil changes because of this press.

    I would doubt that you will see any major design changes in the 2005s, despite this bad press... seems to me that it is already a little bit too late! If they were to add some sort of shield to prevent oil from spilling onto the exhaust in the 2005s, they would have to recall all 2003s and 2004s to add the shield on them as well. So I wouldn't wait around for the 2005 and assume that Honda will fix the problem on the 2005 models... especially since Honda has not taken the blame for the problem.

    I'm a little nervous about my first oil change, but I love the car anyway.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,350
    the chances of a fire are very remote especially now after all of the bad press.

    All it takes is normal caution when installing the oil filter and the dealers are WELL aware if this!

    Craig...who is taking his wife's 2003 in today for it's second oil change...no worries whatever!
  • almalm Posts: 3
    Does anyone have a good Honda dealer to refer me to for a CRV-EX in Long Island. Thanks
  • eastbayeastbay Posts: 6
    Was offered a CR-V LX auto, without side air bags at $18,500 includes dest. charges. No other dealer fees charged(!) Also included in this price is keyless entry, muguards, pinstriping. TTL not included. Any thoughts? I've been doing the rounds of other local Honda dealers, and not much interest in selling basic LX's for anything under 19K.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    Buy it. That sounds very good. Where are you located?
  • eastbayeastbay Posts: 6
    South Carolina. I called back another dealer in the Charleston area and they quoted slightly lower than the $18500 previous offer. decisions decisions...
  • almalm Posts: 3
    Any ideas on prices for the CRV-EX in the New York City Area?
  • crvcrazcrvcraz Posts: 1
    Anyone buy an EX in the 'Burgh lately? If so where and how much including fees?
  • eastbayeastbay Posts: 6
    Took the bait and bought LX FWD in SC--18.5K everything except TTL, with installed keyless, cargo liner, mudguards, pinstriping. Might have gotten it for a bit less had I waited, but I didn't and have no regrets. Chianti red!
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    wonderful!! congrats on your new vehicle and what a perfect color!! I never thought I would get a red car, but this Chianti was too nice to pass up.
  • Planning to buy EX CR-V 04 in less than a month, received around 10 quotes, the best one 22,800 OTD, any one think this is a good deal for Cali?
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