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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • we'll be picking up our new 04 CR-V EX tomorrow evening from Battle Creek Honda in southwest lower Michigan. price was $22484. out the door.
  • charlotte nc, want a rav4 auto 2 wheel drive just like a lx package
  • we have a 2002 Cr-v manual with 27365 miles, excellent condition and would like to know the best/fastest way to sell the vehicle? we are willing to sell below retail. unfortunately we need out of the car payment.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Start here: How to sell your car.

    tidester, host
  • Thanks for the info... does anyone have any advice about on-line selling of personal vehicles? there are a couple listed in your link, are there others that would be recommended?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    eBay Motors or craigslist.org come to mind off-hand.

    Steve, Host
  • Well I just got a deal of 2005 CRV Ex for $22060 USD included destination fee in NJ. The out the door price is 24191.42. Is it a good deal? They told me the earliest to get the car is late Oct to early Nov. Can't wait to get it.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 184,527
    Is that with automatic? If so, sounds good.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    How about telling us what dealer in NJ gave you that deal on a 2005 EX and is it an auto???
  • it is automatic, and I got it from Paramus dealer. But my friend knows the manager, that is why I got that deal.
  • Hey sky,

    Did you get any add-ons or is that with no extra accessories?
  • no extra accessories, but I will see if I can get a good deal with options. But is it a good price with just EX?
  • Did you get the car? I think it is a good deal. I paid mine for $21530 with roof rack installed about a month ago. Total Out-The-Door price is $22675, which include Tax, Doc fees, and DMV.
  • It sounds good. Just wanted an idea of what to expect to pay because I definitely want a roof rack, moonroof visor, and I'm thinking about satellite radio, kinda sorta maybe. It depends on what kind of deal I can get. I'm going to buy a CR-V when my car lease ends at the beginning of December, so hopefully around Thanksgiving there will be a dealer who's in a little bit of a giving mood.
  • Well, this past Saturday I took a break from preparing for the next round of hurricanes to join the wonderful world of CRV owners.

    Got my 04 EX with auto transmission for $22,400 out the door (including 6% sales tax)from Autoway Honda after working with three different dealers to get them down from $22,700.

    Also held firm to get Kelly Blue Book value for the trade in (a crappy SAAB 900 that looked great but was a money pit).

    Seems that dealers in Florida are anxious to clear the 04's after a lackluster month of hurricanes.
  • I am fighting in my mind that if I should get the sportpackage and the roof box, also for interior, I would like to add the subroofer.... well still debating.
  • cbfr24cbfr24 Posts: 4
    Was it $22060 or $22600? the out the door price is not consistent with $22060 (+ 6% tax + fees).
  • Well for me, I live in New York and so the tax is using NY rate, which is 8.625% and + the fee, comes out to 24191 at the end.
  • cbfr24cbfr24 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the information!
    I think $22060 is a great price. Probably just $150-200 above invoice.
    Anyone know the invoice price for 2005 CR-V?
  • Have just read many of the posts here regarding new ('05) CR-V's. My situation is the MSRP listed on Edmunds for a CR-V lx 4wd/5sp manual. The maodel provided shows an MSRP of 19650.00, plus 71 for the regional adjustment. Now, here's the rub: The Honda website has this vehicle available only with the AT.
    4WD LX
    Automatic Transmission
    • Real Time™ 4-wheel-drive system
    I'm afraid that going to the local dealer, Ellis Brooks, in Yreka will cause an uproar of laughter with the distinct price differences.
    What is the "real" MSRP? Edmunds seems to be way off compared to what others on here are paying. And, is the 5sp available in LX trim?
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Edmunds has not yet updated their pricing information for the 2005 model. I suspect you were looking at the 2004 information.

    For 2005, there is no LX offered with a 5 speed manual transmission (a fact that makes me sad).
  • A Kentucky dealer has the invoice prices listed for the automatic 2005 EX and SE. I didn't see an LX. The EX is $22,083 and the SE is $23,651.

  • Oooh, nice.

    I'm in Texas, but it sounds like the prices are probably around the same, when you look at some of the invoice stuff that that link to the Kentucky dealer showed. Gives me something of an idea of what to shoot for when I start emailing folks.

    Trying to make my decision between an EX or LX right now, so I can start shopping around to get a price and reserve one.

    Just wish I could get it immediately rather than at least a month, given my current car goes back on lease in less than two weeks...
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    What it is about the EX that has you interested? (If you mind mind me asking.) There are certain items that may be added to the LX far cheaper than paying out for the whole EX package.
  • Well, yes and no (Did I buy the car) I put a deposit down on a Red EX, Automatic Trans. for 21300. I left for a conference but expected to pick it up when I returned home. Got a call from the salesman saying that the car had gotten "hit" in the lot and they didn't want to sell me a damaged car so they were going to get another from another dealership and it would have about 30 miles on it from driving it to the dealership. I said NO, the car they were selling me was supposed to have 3 miles on it (they told me it was right off the truck). I talked to the manager who said that the car was vandalized (ok, this is different than what the salesman said) and that I could get another car of another color. I told them to cancel the whole deal, it was becoming much to complicated. AND, why would I want to bring my car to be serviced at a dealership where the cars in the lot were vandalized or hit? My guess is that they sold it to someone else for a higher price and were trying to [email protected] me. I'm still looking.

    A Dealer called to say they had a 2005 SE in, he said they are around 25,000 or a bit over. Not sure what I'm going to do yet though.
  • Thanks for the updated info Varmint. I didn't realize I was seeing '04 prices for the '05 model.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,350
    Why would a piddly 30 miles make a twit of difference to you? That's nothing!

    If that CRV only had 3 miles on it, it hadn't had it's Pre Delivery Inspection. After going over the car, the tech will drive it to make sure all is well. Any new Honda should have at least 10 miles on it when it's delivered.

    Also, car dealerships are busy places with tight spaces and lots of people walking through. A car can get "hit" or vandalized in ANY dealership!

    Seems like (to me, anyway)you made the decision to not buy that CRV for the wrong reasons.
  • It seems the dealer was more than fair. Most dealers would have fixed the vandalism before delivery and never told you. I respect them for that and from what I hear, vandalism is a constant problem at all dealerships. Also they offered to get you another CRV from another dealer for the same price. Again that seems fair. Why do you care if it has 30 miles on it if you plan on driving it to 100,000 miles? Also your factory warranty is extended out by that 30 miles anyway. From my perspective you seem like a very difficult person to please.

    Two Year
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,350
    No, the factory warranty does not extend by 30 miles but, still, 30 miles is a drive home for most people. It does not diminish the value of that car one iota. For that matter, 300 miles wouldn't either.

    I suspect a case of cold feet in this case.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 184,527
    why car dealers don't want to let you out of the showroom without the car.. buyer's remorse.

    I used to go a good three to six months before I felt it.... Now, it happens as I'm signing the check... Sometimes, as soon as the salesman says: "You've got a deal". That sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach.... ewwwww

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • isellhondas writes: No, the factory warranty does not extend by 30 miles

    I don't know about Hondas, but my GMC Envoy came with 99 miles on it and that 99 miles shows up on the service managers screen. It says the warranty expires at 36,099 miles. But then again who cares, all the excuses he came up with are pretty bogus since the dealer was more then fair. It was a classic case of buyers remorse.

    Two year

    PS, my 2 year lease read 56,099 (yep, not a typo on miles here)as well to reflect the miles at delivery.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 184,527
    Most imports expire exactly at the mileage stated.. 36K in Honda's case..

    But, all leases work the way you state.. If the lease is for 36K, then it is 36K from the delivery mileage.. That is universal..


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I don't think the dealer was fair. First off, I hadn't heard good things about the dealer AND I believed in my post that the Salesman told me someone hit it and then the manager came on and said the car was vandalized. I had talked with the salesman earlier in the day and no mention of the problem had occured. I have no buyers remorse, I am still buying a CR-V but I want to deal with a responsible dealer. All the cars I have bought in the past have had from 3 to 12 miles on them. My guess is that the dealer sold my car for more than I was paying for it and wanted to make up the deal with me. Furthermore, other dealers in the area are giving better deals on cars with more mileage, under 125 miles so why would I pay invoice for an already used car? Plain and simple, they reneged on their promise.

    Oh, I am paying cash too so I'm sure there will be a dealer that is interested in getting my money.
  • Bostonbuddy writes Oh, I am paying cash too so I'm sure there will be a dealer that is interested in getting my money.

    Dealers love people who get financing through them because depending on the interest spread between what the bank charges and what the dealer charges the unsuspecting borrower, they keep. This is usually much more than the profit from the vehicle. Your cash is king is actually less appealing due to less profit for the dealer.

    I am still scratching my head how 30 miles on the odometer can be construed as a used car. Hey, most dealers like I said would have painted the car and delivered it to you and you would have never noticed. I live in a neighborhood thats as nice as the town of Weston is to Boston. The dealer I go to has a security guard with a side arm who patrols their lots 24/7 and they still get vandalized. Does this make them irresponsible as well?

    You assume they must be lying so they can sell your promised CRV to someone else. What is your evidence that they did this? Did you notice the vehicle gone? Did you see it cruising around Boston with a driver with a smug like smile knowing he was part of a conspiracy to wrong BostonBuddy? Or do you assume no dealer could be telling you the truth about the vandalism and wanted to make it right? That would be impossible since all dealers naturally are convicted felons and habitual liars (No offense ISELLHONDAS).

    Two Year
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,350
    That dealer is glad to have NOT made that sale.

    If a shopper "hadn't heard good things" about a particular dealer, why in the world would they go there in the first place.

    Like any story, there are always two sides...
  • Isellhondas writes:That dealer is glad to have NOT made that sale.

    You are telling me. The poor Honda dealer, who will now put this orphan CRV on his lot with 30 miles on it. I bet it will sit on his lot for a year and he will then be forced to wholesale it at an auction to unload the white elephant.

    There is no pleasing Bostonbuddy and he would have made everyone in the service dept groan when they see him walking in and cheering when he left. If a service tech took his vehicle to test drive it after it was fixed, he would be screaming for reimbursement for the 7 miles they put on his now precious used car. I pity the dealer he does eventually buy from....

    Two Year
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    With all the prejudice and bad information out there about car dealers is it really any surprise that someone would be misinformed about what can happen on a car lot? Give the fellah a break.

    Bostonbuddy - Based on what you've posted, it sounds like the dealer was doing the best they could under the circumstances. Accidents do happen. I understand their response might not meet your standards, but the dealer's story is plausible, and their actions were consistent with it.

    Here are some things you might be interested to know (some of it may vary by state):

    1. A 1999 model car may be sold in the year 2005 as a "brand new car" if it has never been registered to a private party.

    2. A car that has been damaged prior to sale may be repaired and sold as a new car. For example, a car scratched while in transit may be completely repainted, then sold as new.

    3. While the practice of discounting "demos" is fairly widespread, it is not mandated. Demos typically have more than a few hundred miles on them (if not thousands) before a significant discount is applied. It is not unusual for a car to have 30-60 miles on it when sold as new.

    Your best bet is to do a complete inspection of your vehicle when they turn the keys over to you. Don't sign anything until you've had a chance to drive the car you are buying, check the finish, and other "tire-kicking" activities.

    If they ask you, "We're just cleaning it up for you. Why not come in and sign these forms while you wait?" Don't go for it. Inspect and drive the car first.
  • Mostly that it's just a nice car.

    But yeah, I'm really debating on it -- I don't NEED most of the stuff that comes with it. In fact, most of it is just nice-to-have stuff 4WD I'd only use in rain, as snow in Houston is pretty much non-existent. I have spun the tires of my car a few times on wet roads, but that's just my lead foot.

    Sunroofs... well, I like them. I'm actually unsure if I'll miss one -- every car I've had for the last 15 years has either had a sun/moonroof or been a ragtop, so I'm used to it, but I sure don't /need/ one. I hardly open the one I have on my Beetle now.

    I know for a fact that I can add tint and a cd changer for less aftermarket, and those are the two things I'd probably get the most use out of.

    The more I write out the comparisons, the harder it is for me to justify the extra 3K expense!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 184,527
    If a moonroof is important to you, get the EX.. The difference in "cabin feel" is incredible, all from having a "window" in the roof.

    Non-factory tint and an aftermarket CD changer won't bring the re-sale that the EX will.. and you still won't have a sunroof or alloys.

    I'm not saying it will be a wash.. It will definitely cost more in the long run, but not nearly $3K more... You won't have to buy extras and the re-sale price will be higher.

    Just my $0.02

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • nwseanwsea Posts: 2
    Is $22,900 + tax + license a good deal for the 2005 EX trim (automatic) in the Seattle area?
  • jbushjbush Posts: 4
    I am getting following quote in Michigan:

    Your price for the 2005 Honda CRV LX 4WD model would be $21,096.00 plus documentation fee of $99.00, 6% tax of $1,271.70, and plate fees

    Is it a good deal?

  • Howdy folks. Just thought you would be interested in some data: 2005 CRV SE with rear air deflector, black side steps, all season floor mats, cargo tray, cargo cover, cargo net, front splash guards, roof rack, moonroof visor, auto day/night mirror...all installation included....white with ivory leather...car on lot....$25600 + $200 conveyance + tax/title/reg. no trade in; no finance. I am thinking it is an ok price, compared to all the dealers i talked to who thought $26200 was crazy for the 2005 SE.
    hope it doesnt catch on fire with the first oil change! ;-)
    havent taken delivery yet, so we will see how it goes.
  • I'm glad to see that someone is talking about the 05 SE. I am interested in one at a local dealer and have been unable to find the invoice price. I did see on the Kentucky dealer's website that they paid 23,651. Is it fair to assume that the local guy here in MA paid that also?

    I would appreciate any help you all could offer.
  • edunnettedunnett Posts: 553
    I'm glad to see that someone is talking about the 05 SE

    I suggest you read the thread titled "2005 Honda CR-V?" there are 259 posts so I think people are talking about it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You can find that discussion here: 2005 Honda CR-V?

    tidester, host
  • Well, I'm glad I didn't buy from that dealer. In fact I went to another dealer, they didn't have the 2004 in the color I wanted and they gave me a great deal on a 2005 in the same color. It was $500.00 more than I was paying at the earlier dealership for the 2004. The dealership was much more professional also. There are honest salespeople out there, they are just tough to find.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    just bought an '04 CRV EX, with the only dealer add-on being the hard cover for the spare. The base was $21,809. Out the door, including the Calif sales tax ($1,693.69) and registration ($231) was $23,778.69. This was from UniCars Honda, in Indio, CA. They were certainly a real joy, as dealers go, to deal with. I could have bought it $200 cheaper, but that meant driving 100 miles, one way, to Orange County or the L.A. area. Not worth the hassle! The 2005's were a grand more. This price seems in line with what others have paid, I hope....reassure me!
  • Since browsing this forum helped me so much, I figured I'd post my results. $21,115 including $515 dest. and $100 dealer processing fee plus MD tax ,tags, and reg. Criswell Honda, Gaithersburg, MD. I highly recommend ... had a great experience start to finish. This is my wife's first new car and she was really comfortable with the experience. We live two hours away and drove down with pricing discussed via email. To my surprise, there were no games when we arrived. Our salesman had other new customer prospects waiting for him and he took the time to show my wife every feature on the car even after after the deal was signed and done. We live outside the area and won't be servicing the car there, but their service dept. is brand new and looks to be top notch. The customer lounge overlooks the service bay and you can watch your car getting serviced. I've never seen this before. Best buying experience I've had to date.
  • wohelowohelo Posts: 1
    The best price I have received so far in the Seattle area is $23,495 with an out the door price of $25,147 which includes, tax, license, destination charge. I believe this can be beat but I don't know how. I have called 3 dealers and asked for best price, including Costco auto program. Any suggestions or advice?
  • Ok, ordered it really, in Silver Moss Metallic. My purchase agreement lists a price of $25431 for an EX automatic with wheel locks, cargo cover, door edge guards, side steps, splash guards, cargo tray, aftermarket auto start, and a 7 yr/100,000 no deductible Honda Care warranty. Out the door $26642, because our trade isn't taxable here. My advice, try the internet sales at the dealership's website. I got significantly lower quotes this way. Dealer is Zimmerman Honda in Rock Island, IL
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