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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
    You can keep the deal a lot simpler by buying those accessories later.. Most of them require no installation, and you can buy them on-line.

    There are MANY places to purchase these on-line, but if you want to get a quick reference price, click on the H&A Accessories link above. That'll give you an idea of aftermarket cost for this (and other) items.

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  • gigigigi Posts: 7
    Without accessories, they want $25,495 -- and would probably take only another $150 off that at most.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 160,086
    That doesn't seem too generous..

    I'd want to shop around... You'll notice another poster above was offered an amazing deal on an SE.. $23,800.. I wouldn't expect to get that, but I'd hope for maybe $1000 off MSRP.

    Me hoping won't necessarily make it so, though.. That dealer might stick with his near MSRP price and sell every one of them.. But, I don't think you have anything to lose by shopping around.. At that price, I'd assume you could walk in and get it at any time.. assuming they have the stock.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • It's an EX, auto tranny.

    So price is going to be 22349 (1001 off msrp) + 515 destination + TTL.
  • gigigigi Posts: 7

    Correction, I typed it wrong.

    The original price they quoted me WITHOUT any accessories was $24,650.00 + Tax and DMV.

    ($25,495.00 + Tax and DMV with the accessories I listed)

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 160,086
    $1000 over invoice... $900 under MSRP, not counting the accessories..

    Can't speak exactly to the accessories cost, but that is close to what I guessed.. $855.

    I'd say that would be a "fair deal" for both sides... I haven't shopped, but I've got to believe the SE's are in somewhat short supply.. You might be able to beat the deal somewhere else, but I'd say you are within $500 of the best you'll find..

    On another note.. do you have to have the foglights? I'm thinking that is about $400-$500 of the price.. I could never make a case for getting them on a cost/benefit ratio..


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  • kcmomkcmom Posts: 3
    I'm the one with the amazing deal. I signed tonight, so I hope it really is amazing.
    23, 797 including destination charges for a 2005 CR-V SE. No accessories except mud guards and cargo cover. I might add door visors later.
  • gigigigi Posts: 7
    Went to another dealer today (whose reputation and service is not that highly regarded).

    I told them I wanted the vehicle with all the options I listed here for $27,000 "out the door", meaning tax (8.75%) DMV, etc.

    I'll skip the very high, and then more moderate counter-offers from them.

    Result: Will be picking up the vehicle Monday and here is how the price breaks down:

    '05 CRV-SE with the options: $ 25,011.49
    Sales Tax @ 8.75 % $ 2,188.51
    Dealer Fee for DMV processing: $ 45.00
    Inspection Fee: $ 10.00
    Tire Disposal Fee: $ 12.50

    Total Cash Price Delivered: $ 27,267.50

    I will have to add for DMV and new plates, which should not be over $150. So, I should drive away in it for about $27,417.00

    Only question now is if I should buy a Honda Care 7/75,000 after purchase?
    It would run about $850 or so last time I checked.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 160,086
    You should be very happy... it really IS amazing.. enjoy it.. (door visors look cheesy..just my own personal

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 160,086

    Looks like you got it down another $400-$500.. With all the accessories, it looks like a pretty good deal..

    I recommend waiting on the warranty... You can buy it any time before your original warranty expires... If yours is as trouble free as most, you may decide you don't need it.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • KCMOM, can you disclose the dealership in NYC in which you've got the amazing deal? Does anybody had something close in RI, MA, CT area?

    I am looking for an SE in Sahara Sand. Previously, I have bought an Accord and a CR-V from the same salesperson with whom, obviously, I was able to obtain reasonable deals. Unfortunately, that person does not work at the dealership anymore, and it seems that I was a "valued customer" only for him.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
    A newspaper reporter is looking for vehicle shoppers and recent buyers age 20-29 who live in either the Atlanta or Raleigh-Durham area. If you're willing to talk about your vehicle preferences and shopping experience, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with your age, location, and contact info by December 13, 2004. Thanks!


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  • why should you pay that kind when you can get a highlander for the same price ??
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "why should you pay that kind when you can get a highlander for the same price ?? "

    I shopped the highlander, and chose the CR-V over the Toyota, because I liked it better.
  • rmkwrmkw Posts: 1
    Just picked up my SE pewter peral last night. I think this is the best small SUV out there. The buying process was very simple and smooth. I got several quotes from dealers around Chicagoland and the lowest one I got is $23,200 plus TTL. I ended up going to the dealer where I test drove the car first time. The final price is $23,400 plus TTL. The saleman was very professionsal (no pressure at all) and did an excellent job.
  • I am in the process of getting internet quotes for a 05 CR-V (LX or EX-auto) from six dealers in my general area in Florida. So far I have two quotes of Inv. + $500 dealer fee. Anyone having any luck in Florida getting it at Inv. or something less than Inv. + $500? If so, where? (I have noted that autofair is Inv. + 700 and carsdirect is Inv. + 750). Much thanks for the input.
  • rsm333rsm333 Posts: 29
    We picked up a 2005 EX yesterday at Manly Automotive Group in Santa Rosa, CA. I offered our trade ('03 Volvo bluebook around $17K), $5K +T&L. They excepted the offer after a minimum of screwing around, and the whole experience was pretty good. I reckon we got the CR-V for about $22K.
  • Drove away a 2005 All Wheel Drive Automatic EX. Purchase price after haggling with several Honda dealers ( via internet ) $22,137 including the $515 destination fee. Sorry to say that I resorted to playing each dealer against one another. Happy to report that I received a much better deal as a result of the game. Also Costco is giving a 4.0 interest rate for a 5-6 year term. Gotta love the internet and all the great info here at Edmunds. The CRV is a great vehicle, very smooth in acceleration and tight steering. 6 ponies not needed. Japan Built! = Many trouble free years of operation.

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL

  • Picked up my EX in Silver Moss on Monday. It wasn't ready when we got there which gave me a chance to negotiate the apperance pkg the dealer usually adds. Another $595.00!!! Which turned out to be a pinstrip (I didn't want) and door trim!!! I got them to back it out of my $22,400.00 offer and ended up with a roof rack for $198.00 because I told them I could buy one for $190.00 on line. I was happy with that price. I also had a repeat buyer coupon for $100.00 off. So with destination ($515.00) and roof rack included $22,418.00 + TTL. I'm happy with that. I LOVE the CR-V. It's so much fun to drive!!
  • ron11ron11 Posts: 1
    manual or automatic?
  • Automatic. I've been driving a manual 93 Civic DX way too long! Still runs great though and no major repairs.
  • Just purchased a 2005 CR-V EX-auto (sand) for Inv. ($21,568) + Dest. ($515) + Dealer Fee ($499) + TTL, for a purchase price of $22,582 + TTL. Could not find a dealer within 100 miles that would go below Inv. + dealer fee (most quoted a couple of hundred higher). Not many in stock, so felt it was a good price given the apparent demand. Located along the east coast of Florida. Thanks to all who have posted here with their experiences.
  • How's the silver moss look? I still haven't seen it, but I pick mine up on Saturday, so I'm curious!
  • Does anyone know of a dealership East of the Mississippi that will sell a 2005 CRV EX Auto below invoice? All I'm finding is invoice.
  • kevinkinva, i think it's just a matter of time. It's still early in this model year, and with the interest in the updated features... supply/demand will stave off bigger discounts for a little while longer.

    I picked up an '05 CRV SE Pewter last weekend. Foglights, Alarm, Metal Trim, Wheel locks, Cargo Cover, Tray, Net, and Chrome Exhaust for 25k (+ tax and dmv). I felt it was a pretty damn good deal this early in the year... although I'm sure there will be those who get better deals as time goes by.

    It's a very impressive SUV for the price, so don't get hung up on a few hundred dollars if you really want one now.
    Good luck in your purchase.
  • It looks good. I like it because there are a ton of Satin Silver's on the road and this is different. It's a medium gray with a hint of green.
  • Does anyone have any good referrals to a dealer with low price points for a black 2005 CRV EX in the Los Angeles area?
  • Congratulations on your purchase and pricing! I live in Miami, and would appreciate info on where you got your bids. Was it via the internet or in person at dealerships? Are you anywhere near me such that you wouldn't mind telling me the name of the dealership? If that is not permitted on this forum, then please e-mail me at [email protected]
  • As an update...

    Got my silver moss. We paid less than expected because we did a last minute dealer switch, so ended up with an out the door price of just over 24K.

    We had a car reserved for almost a month, and it was supposed to come in yesterday. Well, it didn't seem like it was going to make it in -- the truck it was on had a blow out! And then the make-ready guy went home, so it would have been Monday before we could get it. And I had no car and had to get home (since I was a hundred miles out of town visiting my parents.)

    So we called around and a dealer that was more local to where I actually live told us if we drove in to get it, he'd give us another 400 off our previous deal for a total of 1400 off the msrp.

    So... 05 CR-V EX in silver moss metallic, for 22465 + TTL. We handled much of the deal over the phone and pretty much just had to wait for the make-ready to be completed and sign the paperwork.
  • dan_gdan_g Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2005 SE pewter in San Jose (Stevens Creek Honda).

    Traded in 1998 Accord at slightly better than KBB trade-in value and bought SE for 23250+TTL.

    Quite happy!
  • Glad it all worked out for you. It always feels good to get a better deal in the end. Are you happy with the color?
  • I live in Fort Pierce, about two hours north of you. I received a verbal quote from Space Coast Honda in Cocoa (family in the area and connections through my brother in law) of Inv.+dealer fee ($499) and I e-mailed requests to the the following: Coggin Honda, Fort Pierce ; Vatland Honda, Vero Beach ; Ed Morse Honda, Riviera Beach ; Braman Honda of Palm Beach, Greenacres ; and Southeastern Honda, Palm Bay. I did not receive a response from Coggin or Vatland. Ed Morse was Inv.+$700+$499; Braman was Inv.+$501; Southeastern was Inv.+117+$499. We were looking for a sand LX or EX-man., but could not find any (and I checked on-line inventories where I could and could not find any). Only dealer with a sand EX-auto was Space Coast. Went with Space Coast for three reasons: they had what we were looking for and met or beat all other prices; we were going to be in the area for Thanksgiving; and we got decent financing because my brother in law works for a bank and sells paper to the dealerships (we got 60 mth.@3.75%). Based on quote from Braman we did not receive a special deal but we received a fair deal - and the financing will save us close to $200 if we do not pay it off early. Dealership was nice to deal with - no hard sell for accessories when we showed up and the vehicle was ready to roll. My guess is that you should be able to find a similar deal in south Florida (except maybe the financing). Final thoughts, invoice prices posted here (Edmunds) and at Kelly Blue Book were accurate. According to Consumer Reports the holdback on the EX-AT is $701 and $636 for the LX4WD. The dealer fee of $499 was preprinted on the purchase order - which does not mean that it is not negotiable but it does appear to be pretty standard here in Florida.

    Have put 180 miles on the vehicle and am very pleased. Good luck.
  • Thx for such a thorough answer! You are a very good soul. Happy Holidays to you and your family
  • Oh, yeah. It's absolutely gorgeous. Quite pleased with it. Just a little different than the pale silver and much richer looking.

    I've already had a neighbor tell me what good taste I had.
  • wimcwimc Posts: 8
    I live in New York. I decided to have a car. and I was looking forward to having Honda CR-V. Now I am not sure when I can have it.

    the reason is..
    I went to the honda potamkin dealer on 11th avenue on last friday, and paid in full with a certified check. the salesman who called me to tell me TODAY that they did not have the car that i specified. and he said to me that it would be a back order, and take one or two months or more to get it. he was trying to persuade me to change the color WITHOUT Offering Anything. I ordered the sandy color. I did not give in. I do not want to have a black, a blue, a red or a silver. I WANT to have a Sandy color.. it was unexpected. it will be a fight. the fact that it would not be good for me to take one or two months to get a car. because the amount money i paid would be adding up the interest.
    I really sure if I can get back a money from Honda either.

    I may or may not have Honda CR-V.. I still love this car. This incident may cause me to go to get Subaru SUV.

    it may be shortage Honda CR-V in the US?. I got a message from the forum. Now I can have a little to believe the salesman at Honda on 11th Avenue at 50th street in Manhattanl. He told me that he looked around 500 dealers in 7 states in the US for my CR-V. and told me that He could not find it. so that He had to do a back order.

    But, He could have checked it before he accepted my payment. He quickly suggested me to change a color without offering anything. that is nonsense.

    then do you know what he said to me at the end of meeting? He asked me to tell Honda survey customer servise that he was a rate 5 highest rate when the customer representive called me. that is a nonsense!

    I feel now disgusted with him.
  • Why did you pay in full? I have bought many new cars (bought one 6 weeks ago) and all I ever did was give a $500 deposit and then payed in full when I took delivery of the car. Unless dealers in Manhatten are way different then other parts of the country I would feel very uncomfortable with that. You have no leverage this way. I would try to get my money back and then go to some other dealers. If you still can't get the color you want then put down a modest deposit ($500?) and wait the couple of months for the car to come in. Good luck.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    call the salesperson's manager/dealer manager this morning, explain that you would like the money back as there is no vehicle of your specifications at this time.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,098
    You might try posting in this discussion as well:
    Any Questions for a Car Dealer?

    There may be some members who have had a similar experience.

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  • I hate the sunroof in a car - call it a personal quirk I must have acquired after a certain gross incident involving a pigeon - so for me LX is the only way to go. After checking out the inventory of a number of dealerships in NYC vicinity, I noticed that many list quite a number of EX and SE in stock, but almost no LX. In fact, I found '05 LX 4WD stocked only on some larger NJ dealerships. Been to VA(Reston area) on Thanksgiving, checked there - same thing. No 4WD LX in stock, but EX and SE are there for the taking.

    I figured my chances of getting an LX at anything below MSRP would be slim - but as of now I got several quotes over internet basically at invoice price: $20100, which already includes destination. Yes, they do not include 'dealer fees', so I guess I should be wary of those.

    So, anyone got any insight as to why LX is so darned hard to find, but offered so seemingly low? Not as popular as EX/SE? Bait and Switch? Hidden fees? Any case, gonna visit a couple dealers tomorrow and see how it goes...
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    I got a good deal on my 2003 at Kolbe Honda in Reseda. Reseda boulevard at Saticoy street.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    "So, anyone got any insight as to why LX is so darned hard to find, but offered so seemingly low?"

    In the past, LX models have been the bulk sellers. They move so fast through the inventory, the dealers may not bother listing them.

    Just a thought.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    You will be able to get your money back (if that's what you decide you want to do). While many dealerships may have earned a slimy reputation, they are not above the law.

    No product = no payment.

    That said, I have to agree with the other posters here. Never pay for the vehicle before you have the keys. In fact don't pay for the vehicle until you've had a chance to test drive the exact car you are ready to buy.

    They may offer, "Hey, let's take care of that paperwork while they finish cleaning the interior". Don't do it. Drive the car first. Pay for it second. While you are driving look for defects in the paint, gaps in the interior panels, or signs of abuse. Sometimes cars get damaged while in transit (it happens). You want to make sure it didn't happen to yours, or that it was repaired properly before you buy it.
  • Personally, I don't like the sunroof either, but got the EX for the other features. I don't plan on moving the cover or opening the roof. Did you think of doing that? My dealer near Reston never has any LX's. But I did see one in the Philly area when I was scoping the Silver Moss color. In fact I just checked Fairfax Honda and they have 1 listed and Rosenthal has 2 with 4WD. They are both near Reston.
  • wimcwimc Posts: 8
    Thank you very much for you post.
    the question about the reason why I paid in full is as follows;

    1. ordered a car on the 12 Nov. paid $1000.
    2. paid in full on the 19 Nov. the rest of money without any doubt of getting CRV what I ordered. and he made a date on the 24 Nov. to pick it up.

    the salesman had a time to check and tell me if he does not have it between the 12 - the 19 Novmber .

    why the salesman told me that he did not have a CRV that i specified on the 23 Novemer? He could have told me before I paid.

    I feel that totally the salesman neglected his job.
  • wimcwimc Posts: 8
    Thank you for the message.

    I would like to get a money back rather waiting for my order. I will try to do that. or maybe changing a color that the salesman suggested me to change.

    I am still not happy with it. but Honda CRV to me is very convinient car. I checked others.. more costly.
  • wimcwimc Posts: 8
    thank you for the link.
    I will do that.
  • Too bad you might have to settle for a different color. You should be able to get the car you want.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,289
    Varmit, I'm not sure where you live but in my neck of the woods, the LX's are slow sellers compared to the EX's and SE's. Since CRV's came out in 1997 I think I've maybe sold one LX (if that) to every ten EX.

    Someone asked...yeah, pretty skinny inventories right now on CRV's. Probably my favorite Honda!
  • Oh, he totally neglected his job.

    I wouldn't have paid in full though, either, as other folks have said. Definitely try to get the money back. Raise bloody hell about it.

    When I got mine, we'd had a deposit down somewhere else and on the listed delivery day, it wasn't there yet. And their make-ready guy went home before it got there. And, well... I needed a car.

    So we called around, found one just off the truck and with a better deal if we'd drive in to get it. So we did. We didn't drive it because they'd already started the make-ready since they knew we were coming to buy, but they did take us out to see it, let us walk around it, etc in the prep bay. This was also good because we were mildly worried they might be jerking us around to make a sale (it'd happened to us with the last car, they told us they had in in stock and when we got there they'd 'just sold it.' We left.)

    Felt kind of bad about backing out on the girl who'd been helping us at the other dealer, but you know? If they can't make-ready the car when promised and they know we need it...
  • Rosenthal claims they got two 4WD LX? Interesting. When I test drove a CR-V on Friday night there 4 days ago, they did not have a single 4WD LX there, and the salesman we talked to had no idea when any were coming, and even told us LX does not come in Silver Moss. I know, bull. He probably hoped I'd try to buy an EX. No thanks. Alloy wheels are thief bait in NYC, tinted rear window is not my thing, and CD changer is useless to me cause I use iPod.

    But from these forums, and other opinions elsewhere, it does look like LX is the slow seller, which might explain things a bit. Thanks!
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