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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    the chances of a fire are very remote especially now after all of the bad press.

    All it takes is normal caution when installing the oil filter and the dealers are WELL aware if this!

    Craig...who is taking his wife's 2003 in today for it's second oil worries whatever!
  • almalm Posts: 3
    Does anyone have a good Honda dealer to refer me to for a CRV-EX in Long Island. Thanks
  • eastbayeastbay Posts: 6
    Was offered a CR-V LX auto, without side air bags at $18,500 includes dest. charges. No other dealer fees charged(!) Also included in this price is keyless entry, muguards, pinstriping. TTL not included. Any thoughts? I've been doing the rounds of other local Honda dealers, and not much interest in selling basic LX's for anything under 19K.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    Buy it. That sounds very good. Where are you located?
  • eastbayeastbay Posts: 6
    South Carolina. I called back another dealer in the Charleston area and they quoted slightly lower than the $18500 previous offer. decisions decisions...
  • almalm Posts: 3
    Any ideas on prices for the CRV-EX in the New York City Area?
  • crvcrazcrvcraz Posts: 1
    Anyone buy an EX in the 'Burgh lately? If so where and how much including fees?
  • eastbayeastbay Posts: 6
    Took the bait and bought LX FWD in SC--18.5K everything except TTL, with installed keyless, cargo liner, mudguards, pinstriping. Might have gotten it for a bit less had I waited, but I didn't and have no regrets. Chianti red!
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    wonderful!! congrats on your new vehicle and what a perfect color!! I never thought I would get a red car, but this Chianti was too nice to pass up.
  • Planning to buy EX CR-V 04 in less than a month, received around 10 quotes, the best one 22,800 OTD, any one think this is a good deal for Cali?
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    Would you break that down to price of CR-V and then list all the Tax and Title fees?
  • edunnettedunnett Posts: 553
    As per my post #884 I paid $22,894 out the door from San Leandro Honda in the SF Bay Area for an automatic EX, so I think that's a pretty good price. If that quote is for a manual, then you can probably get a better price. My sale price was $200 below invoice. Make sure you bring the printout of your quote with you when you go to deal and be prepared to have to take that price quote to other dealers until you find one willing to match or beat it.

    Sale price (w/ Destination) $21,020
    Doc fee $45
    Tax $1737
    License $192
  • chongchong Posts: 10
    Just bought a CRV LX FWD with remote key,
    roof rack and mud guard at $18500 + TAX +

    Thanks for all the information in this forum.
    now I just need to pay attention to my oil

  • beege52beege52 Posts: 6
    Bought an LX auto 2wd 3 weeks extras, in Houston. Price was 18245.60 (inc dest), about 1% over invoice. At that time it was the best deal I could find. Add 230.95 for doc fee, state inspection, dealer inventory tax, license and registration, totals 18476.55. I didn't have any sales tax due to my trade in. I installed remote entry in mine for $96 (dealer wanted 299) and had it tinted for $199 at a local shop I've used before (dealer wanted 349). You got a better deal than I did.

    The CRV comes with rear mud flaps std. Did you add the fronts?
  • Actually, break down wasn't specified, this was a quote I received over the phone in order to beat another dealer's quote which was about 100 something more.
  • md2020md2020 Posts: 2
    That's a great price you got there prince. I'm trying to duplicate your efforts in order to get a good price for myself.

    Did you have any trouble receiving quotes over the phone from dealers because I've contacted several dealers in the MD area and they wouldn't give me a quote over the phone. They asked me to go into the dealership instead. Also, when you actually received a quote over the phone, how did you go about bringing that quote to other dealerships over the phone? I've asked dealerships what they needed from me in order to match other offers and they wanted some written proof.

    Thanks for your help.
  • bshelbshel Posts: 232
    use emailing. That way, you can show them in writing what another dealership has offered. Broaden your shopping are if possible. You may get better deals towards DC/Virginia or up toward PA.
  • monstermonster Posts: 4
    What tint shop did you use in Houston? Looking for a quality shop to tint our new vehicle.
  • beege52beege52 Posts: 6
    I've used Pablo Blue on NASA 1 in Webster to do a CRV, 2 Accords, and a Ranger. All looked great. The Ranger is 9 years old and other than slight discoloration from age, it's still good.
  • mrcmrc Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2004 CRV EX auto. for $21,300 including destination, but not including tax, title and registration in Buffalo, NY. Can anyone near by share their recent experiences? I found Ray Laks Honda very helpful; salesman did not get all bug eyed about True Market Value and a customer doing internet research. However, they would not give me anything at all for my 1995 Accord EX wagon, 80k, great inside but rough outside. That's ok because it looks like I've sold it to a private party. I have learned a lot on this forum and thank its users for sharing. Any Western New Yorkers out there?
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    I just purchased a 2004 CRV EX auto. for $21,300 including destination, but not including tax, title and registration in Buffalo, NY
    Any Western New Yorkers out there?

    Hi mrc,

    I am in Rochester. Lowest price I was able to get was $22,300, and I thought that I did pretty good for the area... I'm jealous of your price! I should have shopped around more in Buffalo. Oh well, I'm not going to kick myself for it now. I actually had put a phone call into Ray Laks one time for a price quote and then they bugged the crap out of me 3 to 4 times a day until I was finally able to pick up the phone and tell them to stop calling me because I had already purchased my CR-V somewhere else. Made me think, though, because I thought that if the dealer seemed so eager, it would give the customer a lot of power... so I'm glad to hear you got a good deal from them. Anyway, I think you did very well for yourself in WNY, it's my understanding that the average "discount" on CR-Vs around here is only about $300 to $400 off of the invoice price (yes, we get majorly ripped off!)

    Enjoy your new CR-V! I've had mine for two weeks and honestly, I've pretty much forgotten about the dealership and the total price (total price with tax and interest is frightening, especially when you live in Monroe county and the tax rate is 8.25%). I was able to get a recent college graduate program deal through Honda Finance and got the 3.9% APR though, which is nice. Anyway, I got my monthly payments down to where I wanted them through my down payment and such, so I try to think about it in those terms! :)

    Did you get the CR-V yet or do you have to wait for it like I did?
  • kathgipkathgip Posts: 39
    I just purchased a 2004 CR-V after about 60 hours of intense research on small SUV's. The Honda was not my first choice, but based on all the positive reviews from professionals as well as CR-V owners, I was forced to reconsider. After driving several, and comparing size, options, comfort, and safety, the CR-V was the clear winner for me. I live in OR. and I paid $24,000 for the EX Auto, with added roof rack, mud flaps, cargo cover, wood interior detailing, all fees, LTR, and a 7yr/100,000 extended warranty (which is probably not necessary, but gives me peace of mind). If I would have paid full price here with all the extras, it would have cost about $26,000, so I got a good deal. No haggling, just brought in a check and walked out with my new and beautiful baby. I love it.
  • frankiejrfrankiejr Posts: 1
    Anyone know of a good dealership or the price they paid for an EX CRV in the Seattle Area?
  • kwilliamskwilliams Posts: 1
    I've been competitively shopping quotes around on a 2003 CR-V and here's what i've gotten so far. What does everyone think? Does this seem like a good price. I'm happy but wanted to get other impressions.

    New 2004 2WD LX CR-V w/ automatic transmission

    $17,999.00 Vehicle price

           490.00 Destination charge

           000.00 Appearance Package (mud guards, pin striping, fabric & paint protector)

           000.00 Keyless Entry System

           298.00 Documentation fee

             18.00 Title fee

               3.00 Ga Warranty Rights fee

    $18,808.00 Total “Drive Out” price before sales tax for your county

    I'd appreciate your opinion,
  • hkjcrvhkjcrv Posts: 84
    So is it a 2003 or a 2004? You mentioned both...

    Sounds like a good price to me, except that documentation fee is really high... I only paid $110 at my dealer.

    Enjoy your new CR-V...
  • Hey MRC

    I live in Rochester New York which is right down the Thruway from you. I have been just kicking the tires and slamming doors at this point. I am waiting for the 2005 models and some of the anticipated minor improvements. I also have a lease coming due in November which is handy since that is about the time Honda switches model years.

    Congratulations on your heck of a deal with Ray Laks Honda. Others on this board report the same good luck you had with them. How long did you have to camp out there until you got your incredible price? Was it in stock? How is the service dept to deal with?

    Good luck

    2 Year Lease only
  • eastbayeastbay Posts: 6
    That 18.8K price seems OK--I got the same package of features (keyless installed, appearance pkg) with an '04 LX 2WD automatic (+cargo liner thrown in) a week ago in SC for 18,500 OTD + tax/title. I visited several Honda dealers, plus contacted 2 other Honda dealers online through the Edmunds price quote service. Of the four Honda dealers I talked with, only two were willing to really bargain and it was a matter of saying to each of them, "beat the other guys price" and asking that a few high priced accessories that I wanted be thrown in.

    Key focus should be out the door price (OTD)--(not including taxes/tags) rather than the actual vehicle price. The reason being: both Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book say that the "documentation fees" and other such add-ons are bogus. So whether they charge it or not, keep to your target OTD price. The CRV also earns the dealer about $600 holdback (a payment) from the manufacturer, and although that doesn't make the salesman any profit, it does give the dealer some leeway to bargain. Now is the time when some dealers are trying to clear '04 inventory, especially the plainer LXs, and the holdback and perhaps other hidden incentives may allow the dealer to go to invoice or below.

    My strong impression after purchasing was that I could have gotten the LX for less--several hundred dollars??...but I'm still happy. Just had the windows tinted yesterday!
  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Posts: 11
    I think you can get it cheaper. I was quoted 18096 w/dest+ttl. If you go to Carmax they will give you a copy of invoice. It showed that invoice on this vehicle is $17556 but which invoice is that you ask, I have no idea. It sounded good to me but I have sold cars before. I know that is the 2nd invoice that any dealer will show you just to earn your business or beat someone else. The 1st invoice is the one they will not show you. Well anyway I was quoted on the same CRV LX 2WD Auto $18096 tax 1173.82(texas) Lic 180.55 so OTD $19450.37 and this was with Front Mud flaps, Mats, Tint,Cargo Tray, and Pin Stripes!
  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Posts: 11
    With Cargo Tray, Tint, Flaps, and Keyless Entry I think 19k is the nukmber I am looking at. I will let you guys know when it happens. The wife is getting impatient but I told her that if I did not get the price I wanted she was not getting one. She said you get the price you like and just drive the dang thing up and I will be happy. I said DONE!
  • acarbuyeracarbuyer Posts: 6
    I'm shopping for a CR-V, LX, automatic AWD(no side air bags) in NJ.

    Anybody buy an CR-V LX recently and what did you pay (including $490 destination fee)?
    Read someplace that Honda never discounts but don't know if that's true. I can't find any info about Honda giving dealers money back on 2004 leftovers.
    With the invoice at $18,700 + destination charge, should I expect the CR-V to be less? I know that the dealers are charging about $100 for doc fees. But no one is offering an extras (like an appearance package) at no charge.

    Any suggestions?
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