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Infiniti M35 / M45 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    Anyone thinking about trying an internet buying experience (via email), don't waste your time. I have spent a week emailing the six Infiniti dealers that are within an hours radius of my house. Not one of them would come down lower than 1500 over invoice, and they all padded the down payment with another 500 to 1000 dealer profit (thanks Edmunds lease calculator for helping me identify that!!). The three dealers I ended up actually making some progress with insisted I call before they would negotiate below a certain figure, almost the same figure for each one. One dealer was very honest and provided me with the MF, residuals etc.. that I already had from the lease questions forum.(thanks again Edmunds and Car Man.) Two of them outright lied to me (not that I expected total honesty)about the MF, payments, residual, and how much profit they were making. Even when I let it be known that I had the information to calculate the correct figures, not too bright on their part. Unfortunately, the two slimy dealers had the car I wanted, and the honest one did not. So, here I am with no M35 Sport today. :( Lesson learned - use the phone, or print the worksheets and go in to the dealer. I might go to the dealer on the last day of the month and see if they are desperate for a sale to make their numbers. ;)
  • donnyddonnyd Posts: 2
    Freedom is a very good thing. Yesterday I bought my first car which is solely for my own driving use (an M35) and spent quite a bit of time researching it. Part of that time was spent in these forums reading about the buying experiences of others. As I read some of the stories of how certain posters had found their exact car of choice and then gone through a drawn-out dramatic haggle dance complete with two or three walkouts to come away with an extra $250, I began to grow anxious as to how my whole scenario would go down. I began to have visions of walking away from I car I desired merely to save face in a negotiation. I began to dread the thought of sitting down to work out the price for my car.

    Then the light bulb went on. I decided that my buying experience and my mental health are worth far more to me than a couple of hundred bucks. Amortized over a few years, how much does $500 work out to be, anyway - a cheeseburger a month? If you've got the scratch to buy a $45,000 luxury car, haggling like some Arab rug trader on the streets of Instanbul over a little McMoney is not only unseemly, it's idiotic.

    So I found my freedom. I decided not to be a grinder, as I deal with grinders all the time and they are usually some of the most unhappy and most unpleasant individuals one can ever encounter. They merely wish to be able to walk away and brag about "what a great deal they got" and how they "really hammered on the sales guy." Who cares! Will those dollars cover the cost of the counseling you'll need once you've hardened into a prideful, grasping jerk? What an empty ego trip. Get a life, you jacks.

    Today I took a long drive in a car that I'll likely enjoy for five or six years. I probably paid $500 more than if I had gone for broke and had really been a grinder. But you know what? As I rolled down the road with a smile on my face, I really didn't care.
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
    Refreshing post (although labeling those who like negotiating as "grinder" probably didn't add anything) ... while some really enjoy that battle for dollars with dealers, many, like you, will kick off their ownership experience more enjoyably by something less than pushing for $500 over invoice. I also have put my first 300 miles on a new M35. What a finely designed, engineered, and manufactured machine.
  • donnyddonnyd Posts: 2
    I couldn't agree more. (And you're probably right about the "grinder" tag.)
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    I also agree that coming away from a buying experience feeling battered, but getting your 500 over invoice detracts from the experience. Your point about buying a 45,000 car and haggling over 500 is well made. Our culture of paying more for luxury is nothing new, think Neiman Marcus, I would have gladly paid 1000 or 1500 to the dealer for my luxury buying experience. Two things prevented that, first my luxury buying experience was no where to be found. Second, the dealer was greedy and would not settle for less than 3000 profit.(not over invoice, I mean profit) Prior to having the knowledge gained in these forums, I would have been a sheep and paid probably more than 3000 in profit to them. How can I now close my eyes and say "take my money".
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    I also have put my first 300 miles on a new M35. What a finely designed, engineered, and manufactured machine.

    Sure Charlie, rub it in that I don't have one... :)
  • padgepadge Posts: 2
    Hi this is my first time posting and I'm not sure exactly what i'm doing. I'm trying to find if I got a good deal on M35 '06 lease. Openers down, 15K per year, journ, nav, tech, full spare, mats, spoiler for 48,720 = $699/36 mos. What do you think? I didn't p/u the car yet. - thanks :confuse:
  • ghstudioghstudio Posts: 970
    According to Edmunds, the MSRP of the car you are getting is $49000 and the cost is $44,628. Since the 2007's are expected out in less than 30 days, one would expect some discount of the 2006 M35...let's say the dealer gets a $1000 profit over cost (I've included transportation in the cost already).

    Based on the June infiniti rates, the car on a 24 month lease (15K) should cost you about $590 per month plus tax. (the 24 month is the cheapest lease right now).

    It would appear that if your credit is good, you are being asked to pay too much on a monthly basis.

    I would suggest going back to the dealer and negotiating a better purchase price :). Then have the dealer apply the infinity leasing plan numbers to the deal. Good luck.... You can find the infinity leasing rates and residuals in the M35 lease forum right here...
  • sfcharliesfcharlie Posts: 402
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    VPP is Vehicle Purchase Program, it's a program that is usually offered to corporate employees, and other groups, I can utilize it from my employer. My plan offers a discount off MSRP. Good if you are not into digging into the numbers and negotiating. IMO you can do better on your own.
  • I live in Atlanta and leased an M45 Sport last week w/ Technology and Journey. My lease payment is $712.00 including tax, with $2K due at signing, 39 month lease, 12K miles per year. Hope this helps someone negotiate a fair deal.
  • Does anyone know the MSRP and Dealer invoice on the different extended warranty plans that Infiniti offers? They only show one option on their website - 7 years/100k miles, but I'd be surprised if there aren't other options available.

    If you bought one, what did you pay and for what terms?

    I have an '07 on order that's coming in in a few weeks, just trying to have as much info as possible before I get the hard sell from the dealership!

    Thanks for any info.
  • prodigousprodigous Posts: 7
    I am in the NYC metro area .Please let me know the dealer and person you dealt with.Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,880
    You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi! I'm new to this forum. I currently drive a G35 but was helping a friend
    negotiate on an M35 sport w/tech/journey/factory aero kit. They were able to
    move this unit for a total of 51K OTD. I also started with the internet and only
    continued negotiations over the phone. The key this time was getting a VPP
    authorization. When I bought my G35 Premium/Sports/Spoiler/Underbody Diffuser, I
    paid 33K OTD without VPP. This was in Sept 2004 and the 2005 was on its way out
    with some minor cosmetic improvements. Adding the manufacturer to dealer
    incentives, they were able to drop the price down that time. So if the 2007 are
    on its way, then the end of the month is a good option. If you can get a VPP,
    then the dealerships may be able to work with you and sell you the vehicle and
    maybe do better than VPP. This one came out to be under the "invoice" price.
    Haggling does have its rewards if you're patient. I avoided going into the
    dealership to haggle because this will just cause grief and misery with nothing
    accomplished. At least if it happens over the phone you didn't waste your time
    driving over to the dealerships. If you're in So Ca, I went over to the Santa
    Monica Infiniti. Hope you're able to find your
    car. This wasn't even my car but I learned a little more about car buying from
    this experience. Good luck.
  • Don't you have to be a Nissan employee or have a friend or family member who's a Nissan employee to get a VPP authorization?
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    Thanks for the link, this is slightly different than the one I view at the office.(Better!) You might have just made my company is listed!
  • c5_4func5_4fun Posts: 59
    I bought my M35x from Infiniti of Lisle back in Jan. They had a car equipped just about the way I wanted in stock (still wrapped in plastic out back). The price negotiation was pretty clean and quick as I had done my research. The trade-in was slightly better than Kbb and the price on the M35x was at $850 over invoice. I buy a new car every year between my wife and myself and this was about the best experience I've had. The only "issue" I had was after negotiating and settling on a purchase price, I asked about leasing. The lease payment they presented was high and not consistent with what I had researched on this site so I reverted back to buying the car for the negotiated price.
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    Here is the link to the non-nissan employee VPP.
  • you'll need to know someone who works for nissan/infiniti. there's 2 levels of vpp. the direct level employee vpp is much better than the friends level. either way it helps to have something like that so you can start your negotiations.
  • gcannongcannon Posts: 5
    Thanks to all on this board, especially CarMan, for helping me get a great deal! M35, Journey, Tech, Spoiler, Splash Guards, Trunk Mat, plus "extras": nice custom pin striping, sunroof deflector, tinted windows, wheel locks. MRSP $48,920, plus $200 tinting, and unknown for other extras (estimate $300-500). Discount price: $45,016. With the extras, I believe I paid invoice or below (mgr claimed he was under invoice).
    Leased 24 months, $0 cap reduction. Payment: $579.76 (includes 3% NC tax). Residual 66%, MF .00042. Cash OOP, 1st mo payment, $550 acq fee, $599 Doc Fee, $80 tags.

    My local dealer (Charlotte) wouldn't do the deal for less than $669, and then got fairly indignant when I presented him with the deal I would accept (based on $500 over invoice, and all the info gathered here). So I called a dealer about 30 mins away (Lake Norman) on last day of the month, talked to the sales manager and asked him if he wanted to sell an M35 today. Gave him the deal I would accept, he had 2 cars that met my requirements (journey and tech w/Sirius). One had black interior, which doesn't work in the south. The other was black with bourbon interior; however, it had the extras. He didn't even give me a chance to respond and he said ok he'd do the deal! The clincher was that for scheduled maintenance they would drive a loaner to my house, pick up my car, and return it in the same day.

    Thanks again for all your help. Now I have to go figure out how to use my new car!
  • gcannongcannon Posts: 5
    Failed to mention - 15K miles/year on above M35
  • kmt123kmt123 Posts: 6
    Does anyone know when the 2007's will be in dealers, or has anyone seen one? I was about to select another vehicle based on my wife's complaint that the passenger seat on the 2006 model was very uncomfortable, I am anxious to see if the 2007 meets her requirements before going with an A6 or GS300.
  • Should be next week, I'm told. The dealers' system reports it as "week of 7/7", but since 7/7 is a Friday, I don't know if that means the week ending 7/7 or the week starting 7/7.
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    The internet rep I am dealing with emailed today that they got 15 2007 M35's in today.
  • Where are you located? My dealer (Metro Infiniti in Southern Cal.) told me that they were delayed a week, and my car wouldn't be in until next week.
  • sagarchrsagarchr Posts: 23
    I am in South Florida..
  • tazmojtazmoj Posts: 1
    Can anyone share the major difference between 2006 and 2007 M35 model ?
  • ram60ram60 Posts: 20
    Just an update, I visited a dealer lot in Atlanta this afternoon and sat in a 2007 M45. Interestingly enough I had to argue with the sales rep to see the car. When I first approached him, he claimed the 2007 would not be out for months, I insisted that he check with the manager and sure enough the 2007 M45 had arrived.

    I am in the process of getting price quote/ MF / lease terms and will update accordingly.

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