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Honda Civic Sedan 2006



  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    I just hate the steering wheel, and shifter placement. I like the new two-layer instrument layout, it may be a little exteme for a few. Seems more appealing to younger buyers.
    I like the new exterior though.
    Looks very close to the Euro Civic. (which i like ;))
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    I just have to jump in on this thread . . .

    I'm 58, and have driven Civics since the CVCC, and actually owned a Honda 600 prior to that. I certainly can afford other cars, but have always driven small cars and the Civic is my preference.

    I really like the exterior of the '06 Civic, but the interior obviously targets the younger demographic. It appears to have a "Start" red pushbutton ala the S2000. Items like these are fine marketing tools, but in essence are nothing but gimmicks. History certainly repeats itself. One thing is always true, if you live long enough, you will see the cycle repeat itself. Heck, I'm old enough to remember when many starters were engaged either by a pushbutton on the dash or a button on the floorboard!

    Honda knows they strayed from the younger demographic with the last couple of generations of the Civic. They appear to be addressing this oversight with the '06.

    I guess I need to make that decision quick either on buying a remaining '05 or waiting for the "avant garde" '06.
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    I've been looking at gas prices steadily go up and my interest in a fuel efficient vehicle has become top priority. Mostly due to my disgust with the oil market. The price of oil makes zero sense, similar to the stock market of the late 90's. The only problem is I'm upside down on my current truck (19MPG mostly highway). But I'll pay to get out of the truck just in case gas gets over $3.00 per gallon. I'm also the type that can afford a luxury car, thank God and good planning for that, but care about the environment and my pocket book.
    Anyway, looking at the Euro Civic and the coupe Si I prefer the Euro. I don't now if the Euro is a true hatchback but with the seats lifted it appears to handle some weekend warrior shopping better than the coupe. The coupe might handle some stuff but only it the back seat folds down and flat. The look of the Euro is more to my evolved taste. I bought the 1987 Integra as a new vehicle. I believe the latest Civic will finally break out of the bland look seen on vehicles during the last 15 years. I like the RSX but its lack of MP3 capability and low budget sound, coupled with bad road noise are a turn off. What would I appreciate in the new Civic?
    They send to the US market the Euro version. If its the coupe then a stereo system with 200W, MP3 or IPod interface and sub woofer as a option. Less road noise than the current RSX. The seats fold down flat, 17" wheels. Other interior options as dealer add-on but at reasonable prices, a la Scion. If the Civic can't match the Scion then the tC will get my money. Yes, you can get these options out in town but I don't like Joe's stereo shop touching my new auto.
    I personally like the Euro interior but I'm concerned about the silver painted surfaces. They damage easily and even the oil from our hands can cause it to fade. Hope they address that issue. Three spoke steering wheel is better looking. I wouldn't be surprised though if the Euro Civic becomes the next Acura RSX. Come on, the Euro Accord is the Acura TSX :P
  • but for now, Im loving my 05 Saab 9-2X Aero that I got for $18,745 brand new. THE deal to beat.
  • sr45sr45 Posts: 144
    03 Celica sold for a 05 Rav4, and now the gas prices are way up and would like a good solid vehical. Corolla is not an entry level car. I think that belong to the Echo and that other boxy looking car. I like the interior of the Corolla very much, but was looking forward to the Honda, but was very disappointed with the interior so much, I just had to lash out to the people that designed this. The Corolla interior looks well done, not cheap looking and could be driven by young and older alike. Sporty cars are a plenty, and the Civic and Corolla Sedan are not suppose to be the sporty type, but pleasant gas saving vehical that do not cost as much as the lux vehs. Who wants to throw away money now days when someone is retired and the money can be better spent on health care, and junk food :D The 05 Civic Sedan just looks cheap inside, and they can do so much better, but did not. Thin seats, cheap plastic dash should not have been put into that sedan. If Toyota can do it, so could Honda. If you have not seen the interior of the Corolla, do so, and you will see a world of difference in the two. Honda is now off my list and will get the Corolla. The hybrid for Toyota is also off the list because of the computer problems of late, and do not need to spend $30,000 when I only drive 450 miles a month. Will never recoup the gas saving with the hybrid, since I only drive little, and exchange cars every two years, and this time only one year later. If you think the interior of the 05 civic is great, this tells me that we all have different tastes, and I like mine better. Again, take a good hard look at the LE Corolla interior. Thats how honda should have been or similar.
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646

    Its funny how the Civic came out on top in this Comparo.

    Honda Civic is geared more towards younger buyers (IMO)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Again, take a good hard look at the LE Corolla interior.

    I've not only taken a hard look at it, I've driven in it many times. It's pretty nice for a small car interior. I only have 3 gripes with it: 1) uncomfortable driving position (I am 5'10"), 2) uncomfortable shifter position (the only car I've ever driven where the shifter makes my old wrist injury ache), 3) cheap-feeling HVAC controls. Also the air vents are not as nice as on some small cars e.g. Mazda3, Spectra, and Reno, but that's nit-picking. Other than that, I think it's pretty nice for an econobox.

    It wouldn't make sense for Honda to do with the '06 Civic to do what Toyota has already done with the Corolla's interior. Better for the '06 Civic to head in a different direction, as they did. And for the record, I never said the '05 Civic's interior is "great." Please read (and quote) other posts more carefully.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    One could say that the Civic and Corolla have different target audiences. The Civic targets younger customers while the Corolla goes for older people (aging Baby Boomers, for example) who want decent transportation on the cheap.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    It's not much, but its more than I'd seen uncamo'd.


  • Yet again, the Hollywood Extra is pawning off other's work as its own. A link to all of those pics were posted in this discussion already. THX has used 2 different pics from the same place to generate news for itself.

    Check out the link to the actual stuff there are 7 total pics, so 5 that the HWX hasn't yet ripped off as its own.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I think the current Si is the perfect car for you. There will be no hatchabck in 2006. I had the current Si and it is pretty capable. I was able to get 3 people and a 12,000 btu air conditioner unit in it. I was able to transport a maytag dishwasher, still in the box. A Honda lawnmower/bagger, and Ariens midsize snow blower. I agree that hatchback is more functional than coupe, but we as Americans are too shallow to take functionality of looks. VW would have no sales if people were interested in substance and not looks.
  • Honda is now off my list and will get the Corolla.

    I guess there's no need to continue to trash the Civic's interior. Happy trails in the Corolla room.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Sorry fot the trouble...That was my first time to see the pictures. I never said that that site took them. I also had not read through the 36 pages of posts to see if a similar link was there. I didn't mean to get you riled up, claudius, I was just trying to provide a site where I knew information existed. Sorry :cry:
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yes, we PEOPLE, not KIDS as you say, CAN tell you we like the Civic interior. No need to talk down to us because we choose not to buy the Holy grail that is Toyota.Yes, we did pay a good amount for that car. The instrument panel is electoluminescent, making it BRIGHTER than the last crapola I drove, not "dark, dim and gothic like." I think you are the one that needs to grow up, since you keep calling other members and readers here "kids, insult our intelligence by saying to "get some glasses". I drive an Accord, a car not designed for KIDS, not a Civic or Corolla. I am 18 years old. The person who owns this Civic that I have driven is in their mid-forties. Do they have bad vision? NO. Are they biased to Hondas or Civics due to previous purchases? No. They used to drive Fords. Are they a KID? Well, would you consider someone in their 40s a kid?

    By the way, have you turned the fan speed dial in your Corolla? It is stiff and notchy, not smooth, lubricated, and high-quality like the "GOTHIC, DARK, SAD CIVIC LIKE YOU SAY. Maybe the dark part was a black interior?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    I don't know why people are people are worrying about colors and quality when it is a poorly exposed flash photo of a preproduction model. I am sure production models will have better colors that match and good fit and finish. Most likely a different steering wheel that will better match the rest of the interior too.

    I test drove a Corolla LE automatic and it "looked" ok, but I could not believe how loud and boomy the engine was when I accelerated. I always expected Toyotas to be quiet.
    I would never buy a car that noisy.
    I rented a Hyundai Accent on vacation and the engine was much smoother and quieter despite being in a size class closer to an Echo than a Corolla. It was just too slow for me.
    I hope the new 2006 Civic has a very refined and smooth engine that doesn't grate your nerves when you rev it.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    I agree. Honda needs to work on tire and road noise, but Toyota needs to work on engine noise. To me, the Camry engine is noisier than the Accord, and the Highlander engine is noisier than the Pilot. The Corolla and Matrix/Vibe do not sound very refined from an engine standpoint.
  • No, please don't take offense, I wasn't directing comments to you personally. It's just that the pictures off of ToyotaNation of the Civic have shown up on the Hollywood Extra, one on the 14th and one on the 15th, yet no where do I see a link or anything that credits the actual people who took them.

    After reading over my previous post, it does seem that it sounded a bit as if directed to you, that was by no means intentional. I apologize for that, mate.
  • user1235user1235 Posts: 84
    It is NOT a preproduction model. Wake up, the Civic goes on sale in two weeks and the production lines have already been prepared and finalized and ALL the parts are procurred, manufactured and ready. In fact they have already started producing them and shipping them to different parts of the country, where they will be distributed to dealers. In fact the latest phone cam spy shots are of final civics being transported for sale on Sept 1st. And in fact the pictures are quite good, good resolution and very clear, so this IS how the interior looks. Having said that, the interior is VERY NICE in my opinion, and I own a 30K car which doesnt look much better, if at all.
  • but Toyota needs to work on engine noise.

    You can say that again. While Toyota has done a commendable job quieting down their V-6 and 2.4-liter I-4 engines (used on the Camry), the I-4 engines on the now-discontinued Echo, Corolla and Matrix are quite rough and noisy at higher RPM's. I hope that Toyota introduces a new series of 2.0-liter and smaller-displacement I-4 engines that are just as quiet as the Honda I-4's, especially with the upcoming next-generation Corolla model.

    I expect the Civic to be a hot selling model, specially since you have near-Accord like interior space and 6% better fuel efficiency than the current Civic models. With the price of gas approaching US$3.00 per US gallon for regular unleaded, they will be snapped up as fast as Honda can get them on dealer lots.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    No problem, man. I understand your frustration with the site, also. I just didn't know about it until today. They shouldn't take those photos as their own. Apology accepted, and certainly no hard feelings. We all get worked up, myself included. I apologize also.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,374
    The combo of room and MPG could move a lot of units, as long as the styling is unoffensive (if not riveting), and the interior doesn't look too bad in person. Those flash shots thorugh the side window are hard to interpret. A Maybach probably wouldn't look too good shot that way!

    I hope the comfort level is there (seats especially).

    To weigh in on the Corolla theme, I borrow one on occasion when my car is in the shop (an AT S model). Uncomfortable seats, odd driving position, hard to reach the radio, noisy and unrefined engine are a few of the memories. No more interesting to me than a Focus, discousnting the name on the trunk (and the expecttions for reliability).

    I expect the Civic to feel like a higher class of car than the current one, and the Corolla, much like the Mazda 3 does.

    The other thing that Honda usually nails is the clutch/shifter, which isn't a strong point on my tC. Since I would be buying a stick, the AT isn't a concern to me.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • If you look at there is a link to a website called and from there it seems there will be previews.

    The first party is Wed Aug 17 from 7-10 pm in LA. Then one in Boston on Thursday. The flyers say "Featuring the All-New 2006 Honda Civic" Anyone nearby any of these Preview Parties that might be able to go and get some info?
  • alanyalany Posts: 10
    I like the exterior, but Honda really lost me with that interior. The styling cues (digital speedometer, boxy looking dash around the tach, strange colors) are straight out of the mid-80s. Ugh. There was nothing wrong with the interior of the current generation Civic.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    The hot engines in Toyota are not made by Toyota. They are Yamaha engines. I doubt that Toyota even made the regular engines. They are an appliance company, not R&D company like Honda is. Honda's mainstay is engines, they make cars as a side business so they can sell more engines. Ever seen a Toyota (or any other auto maker) lawn mower, generator, power washer, outboard motor? Nope, they don't make them because they don't make the engines. Honda makes them all so they can sell more engines.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Toyota DOES make its own engines, and even builds part of the ones designed in collaboration with Yamaha (Yamaha just provides the heads on those engines).

    I love the styling of the new Civic coupe. I will be keeping a very close eye on this model. I want to know why they can't make the sedan better mimic the coupe! As it is, from what little I have seen, it will once again be a bit stodgy, although better than the current model.

    I bet the digital dash is NOT the standard dash for the U.S. Civic. Not only is it a somewhat dated idea to have a digital speedo, it is also more costly for Honda, right? I would certainly prefer a regular analog dash. I think many would. The pics I have seen look more like a concept car than a preproduction model, but maybe that is just me.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • jdeazyjdeazy Posts: 3
    I am seriously considering purchasing the new Civic Si when ever it's released, but I am also considering the Mazda 3 Sedan. My one big question is, since the Si is similar to the RSX type S is it going to require premium fuel? Also what is the approximate cost of the Si, will it be around the same price as the rsx?
  • kernickkernick Posts: 4,072
    I for usually like a digital speedo. The dash that always struck me as having the highest-wow factor was a mid or late 80's Nissan 280Z.

    Everyone's got analog gages these days (actually retro). The more unique things about a vehicle the better I like it.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,374
    someone on the site that worships engine technology posted that they did a ride and drive on the '06. Very favorable. Seemed to think it was a major upgrade.

    Even said the interior, in person, was very impressive, and looked much better in real life than it did in the spy shots through the window that are floating around.

    The Si should be a screamer like the RS-X, and will likely require premium fuel. I would bet 20-22K price range.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Well, not to sound hypocritical after my other post, but you all need to direct your browsers to the Hollywood Extra website. It looks like he got some nice pictures. I'm assuming they are from the Preview Party in LA that took place tonight.

    Another preview is tomorrow night in Boston if I remember correctly, maybe we will get some pictures from there too.
  • jscevjscev Posts: 36
    The pics on this site seem to show that the dash is different, and it doesnt look to me like the new civic will have the digital speedometer. Maybe its just the angle that is fooling me, though, i would rather the civic to not the digi. Also does anyone think that the foglights will not be added even though there seems to be a spot for them. i hope they add foglights as a standard option because i think that they make a car look better. other then that i think the new civic looks awesome and i cant wait for the Si to come out so i can see it in perosn.
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