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Honda Odyssey 2005+



  • Hey...I'm in CO, too...South Suburban Denver. I have my car ordered from Schomp...Where did you go? I was there on Friday night driving the Touring model that they had (Midnight Blue).
  • I actually went down to Vidmar in Pueblo. Willing to negotiate, and no horrible wait to get into finance! Painless! I got it at 1000K UNDER MSRP for a EXL- RES-- (midnight blue as a matter of fact!) I can't wait to drive it again tomorrow!

    I'm in Colorado Springs-- and I must say that TEAM HONDA hasn't been any help (in a number of issues). I would recommend that EVERYONE go to Vidmar -- such a pleasant buying experience!
  • I live in CO. I actually like the fact that the Odyssey only has the traction control. I live in CO-- never have needed anything more than the traction control (I figure if the roads are that bad-- I'll stay home) All the AWD seems to do is bring down the gas milage.
  • Get the Odyssey-- better value for the "standards" like TC-- AWD just eats gas...
  • Hey...Thanks for the tip. I have purchased most of my Hondas from Schomp (I live in Highlands Ranch). They are always a pleasure to work with, but I have no special attachment to them. I will gladly go down to Pueblo for $1K. I'll have to give them a call.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    With the 04, Honda was pretty skimpy with providing actual leather in the interior. Only the "seating surfaces" and some door inserts were leather. Not the entire seat. And no leather at all in the third row - just vinyl.

    I once read an article about the so called "leather interior" in automobiles. Only a few makers use leather for entire seats. Most of them, you guess it, German. Not even Lexus! The so called, "leather trimmed", "leather seating surface", etc. all mean that the portions that your body normally touch while seating on them are leather. Other portions are just color/texture-matched vinyl. Now, the 3rd seat being entirely vinyl... I don't know how to defend that for Honda. They are just trying to cut cost, I guess.
  • kixokixo Posts: 35
    I have also read that the mix of leather and vinyl in the seat promotes splitting and wear. Leather and vinyl contract and expand at different rates according to the ambient temperature. This stress on the stitching where the leather and vinyl meet promotes splitting over time.

    Having said that, I have never noticed a torn seat in an Odyssey (although I have with other Hondas), and I think manufacturers have really improved the quality of both the leather and vinyl to prevent this from happening in modern cars.
  • They apply to me. Believe whatever you want.

    Perhaps roads in Boston suburbs are are better--and more frequently--maintained than here.

    I'm just sharing my experience. Don't tell me I'm wrong, unless you were driving my van in my neighborhood while I was sleeping.
  • Depends on where you live. But I've been so pleased with the AWD Sienna, that I'd definitely choose it over the FWD again--assuming I still live where I do.
  • Well, of course AWD is more practical in some parts of the country than others. I agree that FWD with traction control should be enough in the southeast. But tell that to all those driving SUV's in the Atlanta area.

    Sounds like you're defending Honda's lack of AWD availability by declaring it's unnecessary. I can't wait to read all the posts here from loyalists about how wonderful AWD is when Honda offers it on the '06 Ody.
  • The more features the merrier IMO.
    Too bad the Sienna doesn't have a lot more chrome grille, fluorescent instrument panel, and the same NAV as the Ody or at least the LS430.
    Also add in a SPARE 8th seat that can be stored under the floor (most of the time).
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    It's not just the Odyssey. The MDX has a vinyl third row seat. You won't see the difference, but if you've sat back there, you will notice it slightly. The vinyl is coarser than the leather in the second row. I'm sure plenty of SUVs with third row seats and leather interiors have vinyl third rows. (I can think of the Explorer and Highlander)
  • Well, I can't remember the last time I hauled seven people anywhere-- let alone eight. It's six at most for me: wife, two kids and in-laws. So 8th seat doesn't have any value to me.

    And I'm not a techy. NAV systems are a neat gimmick, I guess--assuming the software stays up to date, and you travel to lots of different urban areas. We generally fly to far-away destinations, and I don't need NAV to tell me where I am in my little town. So the whole NAV envy thing doesn't make a difference to me; I wouldn't check that option box on either van.

    But I agree, the more option choices available, the better. I predict Honda will offer AWD in the near future, and catch up to the Sienna in this regard.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I can't wait to read all the posts here from loyalists about how wonderful AWD is when Honda offers it on the '06 Ody.

    Has this been confirmed, or is it just wishful thinking?

  • Just a prediction on my part.
  • because of better control on the wheels. That's a fact. But AWD is more expensive to manufacture than FWD, and consumes more gas. High-end sedans like Acura 2005 RL offers only AWD. Why? Not because most RL buyers live in snow belt, right?

    If the 2005 Ody offers an AWD oiption for an extra $500, will people opt for the AWD? I think the *majority* (not all) of the buyers will opt for the AWD.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Not all AWD systems are created equal either. However, the one on the Sienna, while not quite as sophisticated as those made by Subaru AFAIK, is still a good one in that it operates "full-time" and not only when slippage is detected.

    Nevertheless, depending on one's needs, I don't agree that AWD would be chosen by the majority if available. Based on EPA estimates, which are considered OK for comparative purposes, an AWD Sienna will use 16% more fuel (highway) and 11% more fuel (city) than a 05 Odyssey with VCM. That is a substantial difference and would likely be enough to keep those with marginal need for AWD away.

    In addition, it's a bit hard for me to understand judgments being made about the relative differences between an AWD Sienna and an Odyssey with traction/stability control given that no one has actually driven the Odyssey.
  • That's precisely why we need an Acura or Lexus minivan.
    Give people the ULTIMATE minivan they desire and everyone deserves:-)
    Throw in HID, Laser Cruise, Woodtrim, Gated shifter, CHROME, more CHROME, and even more chrome:-)

    But seriously, yeah, who would complain about having AWD? Who would complain about having more features as long as it's only $500?
  • This marginal difference in MPG doesn't matter to me, especially when you consider how much BETTER gas mileage my AWD Sienna gets compared to a big SUV.

    If the small penalty in gas mileage keeps somone from buying AWD, the tail is wagging their dog--and they probably shouldn't be buying a $30,000+ vehicle in the first place.
  • Have you considered changing your forum name to 'andrewchrome71'?
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I would not think it would matter to someone who lives in an area of the country where there is a demonstrable use for AWD, particularly given the gas guzzling alternatives. However, that wasn't the issue. The issue was whether a "majority" of people would opt for it were it available at a reasonable price. IMO, the significant difference in gas mileage alone could dissuade many in warmer climates, which, after all, is where lots of people live.
  • I'm disappointed that a 38K Minivan doesn't have a power passenger seat and a coin box. Has anyone checked the upper glove box for a coin tray? Anyone seen the Olive interior?
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Here in northern Alabama, even Explorers and Highlanders are sold about 90-95% with 2WD. Go about 150 miles north and the number is reverse in favor of 4wd. If the Odyssey had an option for AWD, it would not sell very well here at all. I have never even seen a Sienna with AWD here. The local dealer has 47 Siennas on the lot or on the way and not a single one has AWD. When your average annual snowfall in a year is a trace, AWD is not usually worth the many disadvantages.
  • I didn't say anything about a majority. Someone else brought that up. And I agree, a majority of people wouldn't buy it. Still, I'll bet a significant minority would.
  • More AWD bashing from the Honda faithful. AWD is useful in rainy conditions, as well--not just snowfall.
  • With a 300HP engine tuned for performance the RL had to be either RWD or AWD to eliminate torque steer. Since Honda doesn't seem to wanna go to RWD in it's sedans yet that left them with AWD.

    If Honda does offer AWD I will not start saying how awesome they are for doing it nor would I buy an AWD Odyssey. Especially if I am living in the same area at that time. Eventually I am going to have to relocate for my work. If I move into the snow belt I would prefer an AWD vehicle but plenty of people make it up there with FWD and a good set of snow tires. I'm sure there are even Mustangs, Camaros, and other RWD vehicles up there as well.

    I drove home in the remnants of Hurricane Ivan last Thursday in our 03 Civic Si with 17" high-performance tires and I made it home just fine. If you adjust your driving for conditions AWD is still not a necessity. In fact, it probably gives people a false sense of security leading to higher speeds which might lead to more accidents if they are an inexperienced driver.
  • Where AWD really helps is getting up the driveway. If you have an incline, and have to stop part way up, then FWD even with traction control can be a problem since all the weight is below you. Then you need the rear wheels to push.

    Anytime you have to stop on a steep incline that is iced over can be problematic for FWD.

    I'm 'in the snow belt' as anonomous puts it. With my current non-traction control FWD vehicle, I have to get a running start to make it up the driveway half the winter it seems like. With my wifes AWD, I can stop it half way up, and sit there, and then take right off again and finish going up. That's the difference.
  • I'm not that creative.
    But I guess if length permits, I would be "AndrewChromeWoodNavGatedshifterLasercruise71".

    But at least it's not as bad as "hansienna", which is really funny since he liked the Ody better than the Sienna, and ended up buying a Chrysler T&C !!!!!
  • I'd like to thank everyone for their input on the AWD/FWD issue. I asked the original question yesterday, and after reading everything, I am going with the Odyssey. I prefered it in every way over the Sienna (have driven both), except for the AWD. From responses, I get the feeling the AWD just makes an incremental difference in a few situations. I will be happier 99% of the time in Odyssey, I believe. I think the traction control will be enough.

    One other question--I am planning on getting the Touring model. Has anyone driven it yet? How are the tires? Just wondering about these Michelin PAX tires. Any difference in feel when driving? Any idea about replacement cost since the car does not come with a spare?
  • kixokixo Posts: 35
    From Honda's web site:

    "The 2005 Odyssey is available in four distinct and well-equipped trim levels: LX, EX, EX with Leather, and the new Touring. Additionally, EX with Leather models can be equipped with the Honda DVD Rear Entertainment System (RES) or with RES and Honda's Satellite-Linked Navigation System. Touring models are available with DVD Rear Entertainment System and Navigation System."

    It seems an Odyssey with just NAVI (and no RES) is no longer an option. I wonder if Honda made this decision based on slow sales of the '04 and previous years' EX-L with NAVI.

    It's also maybe why Honda came out with a special '04 model: Honda EX cloth with DVD. It may have had excess inventory of the RES systems.
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