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Porsche 911



  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    I am in the market for a 911 carrers S coupe no one will give back on the price , you suggest don in folsom ? i am in so-cal.. will he barter on price? if so give me his number please
  • I'm not sure of the state of the market in southern California, but a former business partner got $7,000 off on a Cayman S in the San Francisco area a couple of months ago and could have gotten a similar deal on a 911.

    Given the wide variety of colors and optional equipment, you should do an internet search of all California dealer inventories and find cars that you would be interested in. Then contact the dealers by phone or in person with the price you are willing to pay.

    I guess from your name that you are a "newbie" to Porsche. Don't act like one. Do your research in advance, know what you are willing to pay, find an in-stock car through the Porsche web site and cut a deal if you can. Move on to another dealer if you can't. But any initial conversation with a Porsche dealer that you start with a general "do you barter on price" is likely to get a cold shoulder. Especially if you are in your 20's and drove in with a Toyota. Or just don't appear or act credible in general.

    Good luck and don't get hell bent on staying in California if the dealers are not competitive. My dealer ships 4-5 cars to California every year from Pittsburgh. From what I saw of the previous deal from Folsom, it was no deal. And that poster never returned to explain what drugs he was taking to get a 911C4S up to $125k. Roll your sleeves up and get cracking - there are decent deals out there that you can do yourself, if you really are serious.
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    sounds good. seems easier said than done all i want is a seal gray 911 s coupe with nav. got quoted 86,400 out the door here in so cal. and just have to order it....but will anyone deal?? not sure how to surf cal. web sites. Also porsche sales people treat you like s_i_. You would think spending lots of green would mean something..any way thanks for the info.
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    where in the bay area did he get the car
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "not sure how to surf cal. web sites. Also porsche sales people treat you like s_i_."

    Go to Porsche Homepage title. Go to USA under the North American tab and a screen will pop up that allows you to "Find a Dealer". Type in your zip (or another one for another area) and "300 miles" and presto, you have a complete list. You can click on each dealer's site and check out 911 inventories. Porsche couldn't make it much easier - I can't do that for an Acura.

    Second, if you find a dealer that has listed a car you want, call the sales manager directly. And, I agree with spiritinthesky, know what you want to pay in advance so you can cut a deal quickly and with authority.

    Lastly, as I am sure you are aware, the 911 option list is a mile long. My 2005 911S Cab had $13k worth of options. But given that I got a $10k discount, it worked out better than a $5k discount on exactly the car I wanted. Be prepared to take some options you might not have ordered to get the best deal on an in-stock car. And don't get a 911S without the $920 sport chrono package. If you need to ask why, you need to do a few more test drives with that "sport" button turned on. ;)
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    so the answer to get a deal is dont order .deal with what they have on the lot.???thanks for the insight on the chrono pkg.does it really make a big diff. ? and how does the option exhaust work / does it add more H.P. did you get the color u wanted ??..I really appreciate the replys and info. shared keep it coming THANKS
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    when you order, you are ordering 2007 model. You WILL receive discount (5%?)but just not as deep as those 2006 that have be sitting in the lot. If this is your first Porsche, you should order one exactly the way you want it. You don't want to settle for something less to save $5K on a $90K car.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I bought a brand new 2005 997S Cab when the 2006's were on the way. Compared to ordering a 2006 exactly the way I wanted it, I saved an additional $5k in discount ($10k vs. 5k) and avoided a $2,400 in price increase. So, even though I might not have ordered $4k worth of options, I essentially got them for free and then some by taking a car off the dealer lot. I was only interested in Seal Grey / Black at the time, which I got.

    The Porsche sport exhaust does not officially add any horsepower, but it, along with the sport chrono, give the feeling that they do. The sport exhaust is $2,400 and not on a high percentage of cars. The sport chrono is $920 and on about 2/3 or more of the "S" models, as best I can tell. If you are asking these questions, it sounds like you haven't even test driven the car?? Not a wise move on any car, let alone a $80-90k+ 911.
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    i will get 5% off ?? good point taken thanks
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    well i will have to do some searching thanks ..great thanks the dealers i have been to dont let you drive new. only pre-owned thats why i have some problems with the salespeople.but they also lack knowledge on the car and options.good old O.C . so i will stay away from the exhaust. was just wondering how it operated the mechanics of it..sounds like the chrono is a must. thought it only pertained to the gauge on top of dash,but it does more??
  • I'm not surprised the dealers do not allow test drives of new 911's. Break in is very important and you are not supposed to exceed 4,200 rpm for the first 1,000 +/- miles. You would be much better off driving a fully broken in pre-owned 997S to get a feel for the car.

    By the way, although Porsche does not credit the sport exhaust or sport chrono with any increase in horsepower or torque, I have heard from several PCA members who have had their cars dyno'd and found the combination adds 10-12+ wheel horsepower on the 3.8 liter "S" compared to cars without that combination. For whatever reason, not as much on the 3.6 liter base 911.

    I just got word that my Turbo will be delivered in 8-10 days.
  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    wow you have a turbo on order how exciting so shall i ask how much out the door ?
  • I'm not an avid Porsche lover (getting there) I grew up in Michigan where my Dad worked for Daimler/Chrysler for 41 years and needless to say I've always owned American made cars and have had nothing against them. I've come here for some advise, my best friend wants to buy 2007 911. I'm trying and succeeding to an extent to get him to look at some used ones, 2005 in particular. Seems to be a savings of around 20,000 with the 2005 and they have more options, which he really doesn't care about too much. He doesn't drive very much maybe about 4100 miles a year it that. (I do all the driving) I've found him a 2005 exactly the way he wants it like I said with more options then he wants and it only has 6,000 miles on it for 70,000, which I think is much better then spending 90,000 (not including tax). He plans on keeping the car for 10 years and I know this wont go over to well but he doesn't drive to fast at all. (More of a prestige thing than anything) It's Artic Silver, trip, full leather and pretty much everything else. Do you think that is a good deal and my last question is the Warranty. I'm sure the Warranty will pass to the second owner but would he be able to buy an Extended Warranty if he wanted?
  • Newbe3, at the risk of offending you, let me say that maybe you should put your wallet back in your pocket for 6 months or so. I think that one of the pleasures of Porsche is the number of combinations/permutations that exist and discovering the ones you want. IMHO you don't want to rush into this because, a) its fun to pore over the options, b)there is a lot of money on the table, c) choosing the wrong set of options could hurt the ownership experience and d) some Saturday you might just stumble across a dealer-principal's loaded, used 997 with more options than you thought you could ever afford for less money.

    Buy every $13 Porsche magazine at Borders you can get your hands on, especially "911, Nothing Else Matters". Haunt the dealerships, ask the same question to different people. Questions like what is the difference between "full leather" and "special leather", how bad is the standard sound system vs. popping $1200 for Bose?, will I get a like-for-like loaner (e.g, Porsche of Nashau) or do they pick up the car (Inskip Porsche), which wheels are easiest to clean (let me know), at what tire/rim size will I be into hydroplaning?, why can't I get manual, sports adaptive seats?, and, with apologies to Habitat1, how often will I really use the sports chrono? Finally, keep in mind that a dollar saved is $1.30 you didn't have to go out and make.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "and, with apologies to Habitat1, how often will I really use the sports chrono? Finally, keep in mind that a dollar saved is $1.30 you didn't have to go out and make."

    With apologies to blckislandguy, the anwswer is "every day" on the sports-chrono, and a dollar saved is $1.75 earned in my neck of the woods. ;)

    Eveything else is right on. :)
  • Habitat1, I forget you're in "America". Out here on Block Island our marginal tax rates are a little different because of the underground (underwater?) economy.

    Regarding the Sports Chono, indulge me, how often would the average guy use his SC? That is use it as in day to day, non track driving and not just as an expensive Timex? While I have heard of a commuter that times his Providence to Boston commute everyday with his SC, my Luminox Navy Seal watch (at $150, the best watch ever made, incidentally) would do the same job for $750 less..
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Regarding the Sports Chono, indulge me, how often would the average guy use his SC?"

    Perhaps you are unaware or forgetting that the Sports Chrono Package isn't just a dash mounted chronograph but also - and much more useful - an optional "sports" button which significantly increases throttle response and somewhat increases braking response.

    I agree with you, $920 for a dash mounted stopwatch is a bit much. I have used the stopwatch function perhaps 15 times in the past year, at least half of which were to time the drive to various houses we looked at in our never ending search for a new home. It's not something that my wristwatch couldn't do, so long as I didn't forget to look at it when we got to our destination.

    But if you haven't driven a 911 with sport chrono, and preferably one that's broken in, with the button activated, you should give it a try. I know Porsche does not officially indicate any increase in horsepower, but the increased throttle response makes it definitely feel quicker. When you first activate it, it also sets the PASM on firm as well, but that can be individually deactivated to the normal suspension setting. Also, in my car, activating the sport button also turns on the sport exhaust. That cannot be operated independently and at least one dealer believes the sport exhaust adds to the sensation of quickness.

    I would say that I use the "sport" button for increased throttle response about once every 2-3 times I drive the car. But, by the same measure, I probably only use the sport/firm setting on the PASM once every 6-8 times I drive the car.
  • xraesxraes Posts: 1
    Trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on an '04 turbo, low miles, CPO for about 98K or order a new targa, which with options I want, will probably cost around 120k. I like individuality in cars; the turbo has meridian silver paint with cinnamon full leather, light wood, really clean look. I'm interested in the new "gold" color offered on the targa. Has anyone seen it(I've seen the porsche website clip) or have any info. on any other new interior/exterior color options?
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    The "Gold" color is called Nordic Gold and it's a $5000 paint to sample option. So basically, it's not a "new" color. Personally, I would order a new car with the color and options I want as long as it's within my budget.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Interesting, second person to mention a $120k to $125k targa.

    Far be it from me to suggest what is prudent or not in a highly discretionary sports car purchase. But $120k+ does seem like an enormous amount of money to "individualize" a 911 targa. I was in the dealership last week for my 1 year oil change and a buyer was taking delivery of a brand new 2007 Turbo. Didn't get to see the full options list but noticed the bottom line on the sticker was $133k+/-.

    P.S. One thing that appears clear for my looking at used cars on my dealer's lot, all of those "individualized" color option dollars aren't worth nickels on resale. In some cases, they are negatives. So I would plan on keeping the car for a long time or taking a big write-off at resale.
  • bsumnerbsumner Posts: 39
    1. Habitat1 is right on the $$. Context is very important. Far be it from me to tell anyone else what to do with their $$, but $125K for a non-trubo 911 wouldn't get it done for me . . . it feels like the gives (the $$) don't quite equal the gets (a straight 911) . . . at that zip code I'd either go for a turbo or spend a little more for a V-12 animal, like a DB9 (recognizing that it's a different kind of car).

    2. On the topic of Targas, what have people heard about stability, etc? Recently I've read some pieces that suggest that the targa historically has had performance/stability issues due to airflow, change in body weighting due to the glass top, etc.


  • Habitat1, while I knew that SC was more than a stop watch, I've never used the SC while driving a 911. I will though and post what I think.

    Now, with regard to sport exhaust, in the interest of saving $2500 (?) post-tax money, if a buyer really wants one, why not just crawl beneath the car with a portable drill and punch some holes in the present muffler? Didn't JC Whitney have a similar exhaust cut out thing for $39 back in the days of the flat head Ford? These Porsche options can get nutty.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    "Now, with regard to sport exhaust, in the interest of saving $2500 (?) post-tax money, if a buyer really wants one, why not just crawl beneath the car with a portable drill and punch some holes in the present muffler?"

    I'm not an expert on sport exhausts. But I think they go slightly beyond poking holes in the factory one. According to a friend who formerly had a 2001 Turbo, the $3,500 aftermarket performance exhaust he had was "not as good" as the $2,400 Porsche factory sport exhaust that came on his C2S. Apparantly, this is an option that is cheaper from the factory (due I suppose to the fact that you aren't first detaching and throwing out the material and labor of the factory standard exhaust).

    Of course if you want to really gripe about option costs, try the X51 Power Package that runs around $16,900. That buys you 26 more horsepower, using, amoung several other other items, the same sport exhaust system that's on my car. According to my friend, he thinks at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the power increase is due to the sport exhaust alone, based upon before and after dynos of his old turbo.

    All that said, I don't recall recommending to anyone that they lighten their wallet by $2,400 for the sport exhaust. I only have it because of the discount I got on my in-stock car.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    If you don't mind telling us habitat1, what did your first year oil& filter change run you? I ask not to be nosey but because I have one coming up next month.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    $239.16. They charged me 1 hour of labor at $115 and the parts ran $26.67 for the filter and $79.40 for 10 quarts of Mobil 1. Taxes and environmental fees are the rest.

    I had called up my local dealership after getting a $250 quote from a Pittsburgh dealer that would have given me a loaner car while I was up there a couple of weeks ago. However, the Pittsburgh quote included 1.5 hours of labor at $85 and included a more thorough 1-year inspection of the car, including removing the wheels, measuring brake pad wear, checking all hoses, etc and giving you a written report. I didn't realize until I picked the car up that the local dealer simply visually inspected the brakes and tires with them still mounted. So I didn't get quite the full 1-year inspection I would have liked. But at least I have the peace of mind that everything "looks OK" and the oil and filter are new.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Steven Creek Porsche in N. Cal had an oil change promotion for $199 just over a month ago.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    I remember taking in my '84 911 Targa.. not too long after I bought it in 1990.. $83 for an oil change.. :surprise: I just about died... I was getting my Honda changed at Jiffy Lube for $12.95, around the same time..

    Times sure have changed... :)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • newbe3newbe3 Posts: 12
    good advice although i like new over used ..i will pick some minds seems to be happening right here on this format and i thank everyone involved
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Took delivery of my P-car on 11/12/05.
    Called the closest dealer today and made an appt. for oil & filter change (and inspection) on 11/01. Was quoted $198 for oil & filter change. A few weeks ago they sent me some coupons, one of which was for 10% off an oil change so I'll save $19.80 looks like.
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