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Toyota Tundra OWNERS: Rate your truck!

devil1devil1 Posts: 74
edited March 2014 in Toyota
I've heard about a few problems (some major, some
minor) with the new Tundra. If you are a Tundra
owner, please rate your experience as follows:

* = Horrible
** = Below Average
*** = Average
**** = Above Average
***** = Excellent

In categories:

1. Owner Satisfaction (Are you happy with it?)
2. Reliability (so far)
3. Fit & Finish (Build quality, any quirks?)
4. Overall score

I am debating between the Tundra and the Tacoma or
Nissan 4-door. I was really leaning towards the
Tundra until I heard all these problems.

This will give future buyers an idea of what they
are getting into.



  • rs_pettyrs_petty Posts: 423
    While I think there are a lot of good trucks out there, I'm 5 Star with mine.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    are those stars or space invaders.
  • devil1devil1 Posts: 74
    PLEASE No posts like #2, we are trying to get real feedback here. We are looking for Tundra owners and their experiences to see what to expect.

    Also, Please list what model Tundra you have (ie: Limited 4WD Access Cab)
  • I received my Tundra on 25 May 1999. On the side panel it had a manufacturing date of 4/99. I have a 4X4 V-8 Access Cab with a number of additions. If you want that info, I can furnish it. After purchase, I purchased a Snug Top Lid and a Toyota dash cover. As of about a week ago, I have just over 9100 miles at an average of 17.17 MPG.I have had two oil changes and a tire rotation. In the eight months plus that I have had my Tundra, I have had no vibration or any other problem with my truck. When I first drove a Tundra the first week of April, I was impressed with the quietness, road smoothness and comfort. I had been driving Ford F-150's since 1983 and had put over 300,000 thousand miles on 5 different F-150's, so I did have previous experience with pickups. All I can say is when I first drove the Tundra, I was thoroughly impressed and gave a down payment that day. In conclusion, I am still thoroughly impressed and have not once regretted my decision.
  • Great to hear you love your truck. Can you tell us anything about the mechanical design? How does the dohc, 32 valve design advantage or disadvantage the other truck makes and designs. How about the ignition? Does your Tundra have direct coil iginition, dis ignition, or ? How about the fuel delivery? Does the Tundra have a throttle body type injection or multiport? Does the Tundra have a fuel rail?

    If you don't know these simple basic things, you may want to pick up a copy of Consumer Reports. Seems that most Toyota Tundra owners go there to get all there superiority information.
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    I have a Tundra Access Cab SR5 4x4 V8 with the Limited wheels and tires. Truck was manufactured 1/7/00 and I purchased it 1/14/00 (ordered with my desired options). I currently have about 1750 miles. I have had no problems whatsoever. I would rate the truck 5 stars in all areas except the rear seat back and the fuel mileage (I'm getting about 14.5-16.5 on trips of less than 20 miles around town).

    To bud light dude: Does it pain you so that we Tundra owners so enjoy our truck?

    Regarding the Tundra engine design question: The 4.7L V8, which is nearly identical to the ones used in the 1998-2000 Landcruiser and Lexus LX470, uses direct coil-on-plug ignition, it has multiport fuel injection, and it has a fuel rail. Not sure about that "dis" ignition. Did you mean distributor? If so, no. Regarding the 32 valve question, the Toyota 4.7L V8 makes more torque than any of the similar sized domestic V8s, and more HP than all but the 4.8 Chevy (Chevy 4.8L, 255 HP, 285 Torque; Toyota 4.7L, 245 HP, 315 Torque).

    And BLD, please give that condescending attitude a rest. It's getting very old.
  • Engine pulp...... Don't they stamp that on the outside of the engine crates?

    I think I will hold on to my inferior Silverado. At least until a few more Tundra's self destruct. Then I will want to rush and join the crowd of Tundra Engine Pulp ownership.

    Good luck on this one now.
  • devil1devil1 Posts: 74
    You are a total idiot. This is your problem:

    I forgot if you own a Ford or a Chevy, but whatever you own it's one of the two. The Toyota Tundra came out and you are MADLY jealous that you bought your truck and then the Toyota came out. So you cut down every possible problem with the Tundra, and act like anything wrong with the Chevy is "just them yuppies". Give me a break. It's obvious your jealous or else you wouldn't have to mudsling the whole time. Take your 80 or 30 year old as* to another website, as I am getting real sick of your stupid comments. (They were kinda funny at first with the hillbilly accent, but now they are very old). Plus, this message board is for TUNDRA OWNERS ONLY if you can't read, so I assume you must of bought a Tundra.

    Get the hell out of here now you hear?
  • In fact I have it on good authority that he is a
    professor at a prestigious SC university in fact I have a quote from a friend of his, AL who says -Now there's a good ol' boy (probably a college prof putting us on) who has never posted anything worthwhile. Good luck on this one now!-

  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    check out they have the 10 best engines for under $50000. sorry toyota 4.7 a little to soft for a truck, maybe it be more for a car.
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    Sorry, but I cannot get the link above to work. I keep getting a Dr. Watson error. Not having seen the article or know much about wards, I cannot comment.

    The 4.7L V8 in the Tundra seems to be a sweet engine to me and it suits my needs (I don't work out of it, I use it to get to and from work, as well as chores around my small cattle operation - 52 acres owned + 69 acres leased - and hunting and fishing). Time will tell on reliability, but the engine has been in the Landcruiser and Lexus LX470 for over 2 years with no recalls or TSBs that I can find.
  • 1. Owner Satisfaction *****
    2. Reliability *****
    3. Fit & Finish *****
    4. Overall score *****

    I have a Tundra Access Cab SR5 4X4 V8. I have 2000 miles on it so far. Since I will use the truck only 5% of the time for towing and hauling, I wanted a truck that handled and rode well when used the other 95% of the time. The truck is amazingly quiet and the ride is the best of the 1/2 ton pickups I tried.

    The rear seat is perfect for my 5 y.o. and 9y.o. children - in fact they prefer riding in the truck. I have had six footers in the back for short distances with no complaints - I just slide the seat forward when they are back there. It seems to have about the same room as the Ford and less than the Chevy. The truck is just the right size for my needs.

    The fit and finish is superb. I have had zero problems with rattles, squeeks or vibrations. One problem is that the front doors have to be open pretty wide in order to open the rear doors - tough to do when you are in a tight parking space, but this has rarely been a problem.

    The engine runs like a watch and has plenty of power. The transmission shifts so smoothly that sometimes I can't tell that it has shifted.

    The Access cab has a large blind spot on the driver's side. I have heard that putting a wide angle spot mirror on the driver's side fixes this.

    The 4 wheel antilock brakes work very well and unobtrusively.
  • You got me! You figured me out! I kept on reading CR and now I am brainwashed to think that my silverado is inferior to your Tundra. WHAT COULD I HAVE BEEN THINKING?

    I am now secretly looking to replace my inferior Silverado truck with one of them smaller, exploding valvetrain Tundra's I read in CR about. Thanks CR for setting me straight on how much more reliable the Tundra is!
  • capt2capt2 Posts: 57
    9400 miles on v8 4x4 access cab, not a single problem, don't care how the engine works...only that it does.
  • devil1devil1 Posts: 74
    I was reading some reviews on the Full size trucks, and here is what they gave them (1-5 where 5 is the best)

    Reliability only:
    Ford - 4
    Chevy - 4
    Dodge - 4
    Toyota - 3

    Now my question is this:
    How would they know that the Toyota is a "3" for average on reliability when it is essentially a new model. I guess it has been almost a year (or has it), enough time for feedback. I am surprised that it got this rating. However, it was just some site on the internet.

    CR's report was as follows:

    Ford - Above average 2WD, Average 4WD
    Chevy - Below Average
    Dodge - Well Below Average
    Toyota - Not enough info.

    One of the main reasons I would buy a Tundra is because of the reliability Toyota has consistently shown throughout the years. I am slightly concerned from reading some of the posts of the problems people have been having. But then I think that these are just a few select cases here, and most people seem pleased. Many time when an entirely new model comes out there are some glitches that are fixed usually next model year or inbetween even. In fact the Mercedes SUV came out with one of the worst reliability of ANY SUV initially, and now I see it is rated very high.

    This is why I am asking about Tundra reliability problems.

    I just have a hard time purchasing a Dodge or Chevy because of stories I have heard. Maybe the new ones are much better, but I still think Toyota will prove to be the most reliable ..
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985

    With that info that you provided, it sounds like that the Ford is the best buy.
  • Well at least your honest about what you find. However, the few problems that you speak of about the Tundra equate to about the same as the new model year problems with the Silverado if you look at the sales ratios of problems to trucks sold.

    Never trust ANY magazine survey for accurate info. I don't care if my mom writes the story, I still wouldn't give it a second look of any kind of authority.

    As far as the Tundra, I give you a bit of credit for not being like most Tundra owners who state that their Tundra is factually more reliable because of Toyota's past repuation for reliability, even though the Tundra has only been on the market for about 8 months.
  • At this point in my experience with the Tundra in all the areas you mentioned in #1:

    1. *
    2. *
    3. **
    4. **

    I think when you talk about bad experience in other areas, you are probably talking about mine (Topic #1060 - Tundra experiences). As far as comments, at this point I'm not real pleased. However, I am happy for everyone else that is having a enjoyable experience. Sounds like RS Petty has had a great one so far (I'm jealous).

    How prevalent these problems, that I'm having, is hard to say. How many of these people would use a computer to share their experiences in these particular chat rooms. And how many of these people would be completely honest (so others may benefit - at the expense of embarrassment).

    I think what is boils down to is this. You have to take the chance if it feels right (the rest of us did - except for Mr. BLD). You are always taking a chance with a new model, but remember, the Silverado is a new model too. I thought I did my research very well preceeding my purchase, yet here I am. You might want to wait to find out how my experience ends (which I will post in topic #1060). I hope this is helpful.
  • ferris47ferris47 Posts: 131
    with all the bells and whistles.

    So far I would have to give it 5 stars for everything but reliability. I have had no problems whatsoever but I don't like to make sweeping comments on reliability until at least a year or two into a vehicle or I get hit or something. So far lets say 4 stars for reliability because up to this point 5000 miles it runs like a charm and I have had none of the other problems mentioned.

    A bit of advice, I think if you go for the Tundra you probably have a better than average chance of getting a good one. I mean you could get a lemon with any of the makes but from the people I have talked to 90% of them have good ones.

    If you consider the Silverado, I would wait until the 01 model year. This is probably the second best personal use pickup on the market but they seem to be having more bugs carrying over into the 2000 model year. I am confident they will be worked out by 01.

    Don't know how reliable the Nissan is from a real world exp. only by rep. The Tacoma has some pretty grim crash scores on the side but the people I know who own them love them. Don't get the 4 cyl. If you are looking for a personal use pickup hold out for the Tacoma Crew cab. It looks just as attractive as the Dakota crew cab.

    Well that is my 2 cents. Hope it was helpful info.
  • nusinknusink Posts: 12
    Let me share my Tundra story. I really was not in the market for a full size truck. I bought a Ranger extra cab with V-6 auto. I drove it for 150 miles and ABSOLUTELY HATED IT!!! Transmission always hunting for a gear, bed 3/4" out of alignment, truck leaned to the left almost 1", rattles in the back. Thank goodness the dealer rolled back the deal. Bought a 4X2 Access cab SR5 w/ V-8 and most of the options. The truck is FLAWLESS!! I went over the vehicle with a microscope! I simply can not find anything wrong. Ride, build quality, dealer experience, the works!! Perfect 5's straight across the board. It's as quiet as a Camry going down the road. Yes, it does not get the small truck gas mileage, but I feel much safer driving it around. Check out the NHTSA web site. Consumer complaints are 4 to one in favor of Tundra vs Big 3. Recalls, technical service bulletins, defect investigations are also 4 to one in favor of Toyota vs big 3. I don't sell Toyota's. I'm just a real picky consumer who would have dumped this truck after 150 miles if I didn't like it. If you are in the market for a V-8 truck, don't hesitate for one moment to but a Tundra! I still get a big kick out of starting the motor. It ROARS to life! I look at the tachometer thinking the engine is over revving just to find out it peaks at 1400 RPM on start up. Every time I start it I catch myself saying "Damn, this is a powerful vehicle!!" I still have not put my foot into it yet. All I know is the car magazines say that my Tundra can out run my Mercedes 230 SLK from zero to sixty. (how depressing - The SLK cost twice as much as the Tundra) I don't know who this guy is slamming the Tundra so hard. He obviously has not spent much time driving one!
  • Glad you like your Truck.
  • Please see my comments in topic #1060. I hope this never happens to any of you guys (or girls).

    Good luck to all!!
  • ferris47ferris47 Posts: 131
    Very sorry to hear about your troubles. Unfortunitely you can get a lemon no matter what you buy. I hope Toyota does the right thing by you with as little pushing from you as possible.
    Good luck.
  • mvelamvela Posts: 5
    7k miles on my 4x4 ltd with no problems this is a great truck for me. I feel this truck is more of a mid size with full size capabilities (bed,tow,engine,etc.) which meets all my needs. Enough cab room for my 4 and 2 year old kids and enough bed space to put a 4x6 sheet of plywood in the back with no problem. If your looking for a everyday truck with comfort and dependability this may be your truck, if your looking for industrial strength and size I would go with a f350 or similar.
  • pchengpcheng Posts: 165
    LTD 4WD Access V8 w/ Captain and Leather.
    1. 5
    2. 5
    3. 5
    4. 5

    I have 8000 miles on it and love this truck. I have absolutely no vibration, brake, problems whatsoever. The only problem I had was my door would un-lock on the freeway. I called the dealership, and they said they were aware of the problem. I took my truck in, and they fixed it (new latches - I think). It wasn't a big deal, and they were already aware of the problem and had a fix (they changed the oil while I had the truck at the dealership, so it wasn't like a special trip or anything). Other than that, it has been a GREAT truck. I have two kids (3 and 1)who loves riding in the back, and it's easier to get them in and out of their seats than our Camry.

    To BLD: I chose this truck because I really liked the design of the wishbone front suspension, rack n pinion steering, and the use of stainless steel waterpump shafts. Although some people wouldn't like it, I personally like the way the throttle is connected to the throttle body (it isn't: it's connected to a potentiometer (sic), and the throttle is controlled by the ECU). I think the Toyota has the right idea of a large bore long intake track to balance the power/torque and maintain the use of regular unleaded. I looked into the concept of direct ignition and think this is the way to go. It's a little more expensive to have 8 small (cheaper) coils, than one large coil, but it make sense. A coil only fires 1/8 of the time of the single coil, and has a little more time to re-charge.

    As far as the driveline (I knew that it used Tacoma parts). I had a old Toyota PU that I abused for 140,000 miles. And the only parts I purchased for it were tires, shocks, brakes and a one battery 3 days before I traded it in. With all the abuse, I never had a driveline problem. In fact, in all the years I've been around Toyota's (in general) I have never seen a broken driveline on a Toyota PU (or Tacoma). So to me it wasn't an issue.

    BLD: Let me know if you want more info as to why I like the engineering of this truck.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    Did those of you who bought a Tundra (I have a Silverado) really want/need a full size truck, or more of a mid-size? I've looked at a few Tundra's, and they all seemed to be in the compact to midsize category to me.

    Don't mean to rip on your truck... well yeah I guess I do - a little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone! I just can't see myself getting a Japanese truck - pickups are an American thing, or they should be, in my humble opinion.

    In spite of my ribbing here, I am actually serious about my question and curious about what you guys have to say.
  • devil1devil1 Posts: 74
    Ya I guess your right, the Tundra is now a compact truck. I think it's just slightly smaller than the Tacoma. In fact, I think the Tacoma makes the Tundra look like a sub-compact truck.

    What are you talking about??

    The Tundra is a "compact" FULL SIZE TRUCK.

    It seems nowadays bigger is simply better (ie: Suburban, Excursion, etc.)

    Who wants to drive around a monster tank?? Not me, I would like to be able to park and get out of the car without smashing my door into the car next to me. C'mon, the Tundra's back seat is probably too small for full size adults, but it's great for kids, and the front seats have more legroom than any of the full size trucks. The only thing you can complain about is the backseat room. If you are going to be riding in the backseat all the time then don't buy it. However, I plan to be in the driver's seat when I get mine.
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    Has GM got those 4 doors figured out on them extended cabs yet?

    I'm single with no kids and mainly use the back of the extended cab for toting stuff like hunting and fishing gear, luggage, groceries, etc. and having that 4th door on the drivers side is really handy. When I was looking at purchasing a truck, GM still did not have the 4th door available. So that left me with Ford and Toyota (sorry Dodge, but I really don't care for that look). The difference between the Ford F150 and Tundra backseat was negligable. After driving the Ford and Toyota, I felt that the Toyota was the better of the two.
  • pchengpcheng Posts: 165
    Size wasn't really an issue with me. I looked at the GMC Serria (no 4th door), F150 and Ram. The difference in size wasn't an issue for the stuff I carry (motorcycles). It wasn't like the extra volume of bark I would haul would make a difference to me. Maybe if I were paid by the amount of peat moss I hauled it would be a different story, but as long as I could get my motorcycles in the back, I didn't really care.

    The size is kinda deceptive. When I drove the other three, the cab appeared larger. Alot of the feel in size was because the front wind shield was so much farther away, and the seats were larger. I'm not a big person (5'6, 150lb) so the large seat reminded me of sitting in my Dad's Lincoln. Maybe if I were over 6'2 and 240lb I would think differently.
  • No. No more questions for you. You sound like you know about mechanics. Unfortunately, you are among a group of owners that I have only found 1 other posting here that wasn't full of [non-permissible content removed] and knew anything about mechanical designs to back up their preference.

    Still don't think the Tundra has any significant advantage, if any over the Silverado, but I am glad you like it all the same....:)

    Some respect bestowed upon you.......
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