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Subaru B9 Tribeca Lease Questions



  • viper2viper2 Posts: 38
    The 2000 was applicable to my lease in June. I'm sure it's still applicable in July. I would stay away from the dealer that told you it was only 1200 (unless his price is over $800 better than the other guy).

    Where are you located? My guy in NJ was pretty straightforward to work with.

  • ckweheckwehe Posts: 8
    wow I had a lot of typos in that post, amazed you understood it! I actually live in MD, but on bedrest (pregnant) so can't go far. Fitzmall is offering a 5 pass LTd 2006 with some options for $27572 plus tax/etc. All the other dealers are $1700 or so higher, very odd.
  • viper2viper2 Posts: 38
    Hi. I've heard good things about Fitzmall in these forums. Their price was more aggressive than what I paid but their money factor and acquisition fee were higher for the lease. This shouldn't be a factor if you're looking to buy instead of lease.

    I really like the fact that they list their inventory and price online. I don't think there are too many dealers that do that. They also have that "value added" pricing that gives you oil changes and loaner cars for the life of your car. That's pretty nice.

    I guess there isn't too much to think about if their price is lower than everyone else's by 1700.

    Good luck, by the way. My wife is 15-16 weeks now.

  • ckweheckwehe Posts: 8
    Thanks, Peter! This bedrest thing is no picnic but does save me from driving all over the state looking at cars! I found a couple more well priced Tribecas in the area, anyone looking for competitive quotes might try to check prices, too. As low as fitzmall but difficult to get in touch with. The most local dealer insists that the car must be a lemon at that price.
  • quick question, should i expect to pay more for a tribeca here in oregon, than one would pay on the east coast. i went to some dealer our here the other day that had a 4900 dealer mark up. i never see tribecas around so i dont think they sell many out here. also is it possible to get a five passenger limited with nav for around 30,000?
  • viper2viper2 Posts: 38
    Hi. I'm not sure where you are in Oregon, but using Portland's 97204 zip code on, I got a price of 30,779 for a 2006 5-pass LTD w/Navi. You should be able to do better.

    A really good Subaru website I found out about from these forums is It's an unofficial Subaru site run by a salesman in Washington. I spoke to him to get some advice about my lease. He seems like a nice guy and his website has more detailed info than Subaru's official site.

    I would definitely have a conversation with him before talking to anyone else.

    Good luck,

  • thanks for the research, that seems like a decent price. is that with or without that 2000 rebate. I would like to know what people in my area are paying for a lease on that model.
  • viper2viper2 Posts: 38
    Yeah, it includes the 2000.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi ckwehe. The dealer that told you that the $2,000 lease cash is compatible with Subaru's special lease program was correct. I don't know where the other dealer got the $1,200 figure from, but it is wrong.

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  • I'm looking to purchase a 2007 7 passenger limited Tribeca with Navigation.

    Does anyone know what the current money factor and residual on this car is with (a) 12,000 miles per year and (b) 15,000 miles per year?


    I did some requests so far and received a quote of $31,995 on a Tribeca with an MSRP of $36,140 (7 pas ltd with nav and a few other options).

  • The residuals and money factors are as follows;
    24 months 63%(12,000) 62%(15,000) .00370
    36 months 55%(12,000) 54%(15,000) .00230
    39 months 53%(12,000) 52%(15,000) .00250
    42 months 49%(12,000) 47%(15,000) .00270
    48 months 45%(12,000) 43%(15,000) .00280
  • Jmichaels,
    How do those money factors convert to payments?

    I just saw the 2007 B9 Tribeca 7 passenger at the Miami auto show this weekend and went on a test drive the next day. I really like the car a lot and I think for me. Do you think leasing or buying is the way to go on one of these? We don't have too many dealers down here so I have to order a Limited.

    Thanks :)
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    Personally- I've never thought that Leasing was ever better than buying- but I usually keep my vehicles 6-7 years.

    But, the Tribeca should be a good lease value. It received a 5-star rating: has plenty of good info. For 2006, Subie's faired very well:

    Industry Brand Residual Value Rankings

    1. Honda
    2. Toyota
    3. Volkswagen
    4. Subaru
    5. Nissan
    6. Jeep
    7. Mazda
    8. Saturn
    9. GMC

    Only brands above the industry average were ranked. Below industry average were the following brands (listed in alphabetical order): Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mercury, Mitsubishi, Pontiac, and Suzuki.

  • Thanks so much. I really need to get out of the leasing habit! My husband think leasing is the greatest thing. I want to buy. I drive around 20K miles per year and I want to drive something longer than 3 years!

    Does anyone know if certain dealers offer holdbacks?
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    "...offer holdbacks?"
    I'm not sure that I understand the question.

    But- currently there is a $1250 manufacturer incentive to dealers on Tribecas. So, you can purchase a Tribeca for usually around Invoice minus this $1250. Some high volume dealers maybe even less (like Fitzmall).
  • What's Fitzmall? What state are they in?
  • Yeah, I received an Edmunds quote for $1,500 - invoice on an ordered 2007 Tribeca.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They're in MD, in the DC capital area.

  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    $1500 below invoice is what Fitzmall is advertising on line. That's their price- pretty good.
  • Hi lockburn. Subaru Auto Finance's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease (you never mentioned the term that you want, let me know if you want a different length lease) of a base 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca 7-Passenger with 15,000 miles per year are .00210 and 54%, respectively. If you were to lease this truck with only 12,000 miles per year, its residual value would be 1% higher. When negotiating your lease on this truck, make sure to keep in mind that Subaru is providing $1,250 dealer cash on it. This dealer cash is compatible with its special lease program and it will help you to negotiate an attractive capitalized cost.

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  • Hi All,

    Just came back from a testdrive and was torn between outback XT and the Tribeca. I was told that there were no more lease incentives for the Tribeca in Nov. Can anyone confirm or list their best lease price for the Tribeca. I love the turbo in the XT and the space in the Tribeca. Which one to lease....

  • khanzhkhanzh Posts: 13
    k, this might sound stupid, so apologies in advance,
    I'm interested in a 2007 Tribeca, however the starting numbers that were given by a dealer here in Dallas were way off scale.
    I'm looking for a limited with DVD and NAV, right now the subaru website only has a special on the base version, can I negotiate with the dealer using that as a base?
    i'm intrested in a 24 mnth/36mnth lease (whichever is a better deal), the money factor i'm being offered is .0032.
    anyone out there to help me out on this?
  • tupintupin Posts: 71
    Go to this site to see the dealer cost and use that as a basis for negotiation. Depending on your region there might be a $1250 rebate. If there isn't then you should possibly wait until the first of December since it will likely be re-introduced.
  • MF @ .0032 sounds high (was it a typo?). The MF on my lease was: .0023 @ 36mos with 12K/yr.
  • khanzhkhanzh Posts: 13
    thanks guys.....
    will check the website out.

    nope, that was the money factor, since I have new credit (only four months old, AND i'm a recent arrival here). that was the money factor given to me.
    On a 2006 demo; 7 pas DVD NAV with 5000 miles on the odo, he was offering me a 24 mos lease for 788 a month.
    Selling Price: 31500
    24 month lease

    doesn't sound right, even to my novice ears.
    2580 down (including taxes)
  • css1css1 Posts: 247
    I just spoke with my salesperson.

    This # is not unheard of. There is no longer any lease programs from Subaru for 06's, hence the high MF. Also, The residual must be lowered to reflect the 5000 miles on the car.

    This combined with your credit status can produce a high lease #.

    Simple solution - Buy an 06',or lease an 07'.
  • Damn... Almost 800 a month.... I can lease a X5 for less.....
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's crazy money. Honestly? Our beach condo's mortgage is less than that. A lot less. :D

  • khanzhkhanzh Posts: 13
    guess it was skewer-the-newbie day at the dealership.
    guess will wait till december when better deals come about.........btw, is having new credit (5 months old, since i'm a new arrival to the country) that big a stigma?

    thanks guys, will keep treading the boards I guess.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No idea, hopefully a banker can answer that for us? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? ;)

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