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  • redfox1redfox1 Posts: 42
    The March 20th edition of Business Week has a nice article on the Toyota Tundra. (Page 41) To me its amazing that if Toyota has sold 43,000 Tundras so far since June 1999, it has had such an effect on the truck buying population of the USA. Yet when one remembers that the Camry was the highest selling sedan in the USA in 1999, they realize quality when they see it. Too bad all the Tundra bashers aren't blessed with the same quality of vision in their narrow mindedness.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    The camry was the best selling sedan in 1999 and the F150 outsold the camry in 1999 so if we follow your assumption what does that say about the Ford quality.I'm dying to read this answer.
  • redfox1redfox1 Posts: 42
    My comment on the Camrys was just to bring up the point that Toyota has made some good vehicles before they started the Tundra with the exception of the small Tacoma. I am well aware of the sales records of the Ford F-150 and if you have read some of my other posts you would know that I had 5 different F-150s that I put over 450,000 miles on so I am not a F-150 basher. When it came time to select a new truck this past year, I preferred the Tundra to the F-150, and I have not regretted my decision. In about three weeks the April issue of Consumers will be out and it will be interesting how they rate all the different pickups.
  • Yeah, it amazes me that they have sold any at all. Guess their are more woman and yuppie pickup drivers than we all originally thought.

    Compare your measly 43k to the domestic truck purchases. Your Tundra sales compares to a single ant among a colony. Very insignificant in number comparison, and for a good reason.
  • A friend of a friend gave me the same report. He went from a 97 Ford F150 with the smaller 4.6l V8 in it. He stated he missed the Ford's towing and payload capacity as well as the gas mileage and the extended cab room.

    He likes the Tundra for its styling (his bad taste), but was disappointed in it's truck-like features.

    Kinda blows the Tundras towing tests against the even bigger V8 competitors. Sounds like the ratings have been a little "over" rated.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    I think the big truck of this year will be the supercrew F150.They are already getting rave reviews and there aren't to many of them around along with the new heavy duty chevy's with the allison transmissions.In the next few years Dodge will be redoing there styling and I'm sure Toyota will attempt a more heavier fullsize truck.Redfox1 I was just messing with ya You did come back with a nice response.
  • devil1devil1 Posts: 74
    What's wrong with the Taco?? It was a great little truck for me. In fact, stylewise I prefer it to the Tundra.

    Also, I liked the F-150 supercrew when I looked at it at the dealers. The only thing I didn't like was the top of the truck (cab part) seemed to long making the back of the cab look boxy.
  • I really can't slam the Tacoma other than it's widespread head gasket problem that Toyota took 6 years to resolve! The Tacoma is the only truck that I would admit is as good as it's domestic competitors, ie. the Ford Ranger and S10. It too though, is too much money compared to the domestic compacts dollar for dollar.

    I give it much more respect than the Tundra. It least the Tacoma is very close in truck and cost. The Tundra is way off course in the amount of truck and in the cost. At least when you place it in the Full truck catagory. Compare it to the smaller mid size Dakota and I would say it compares about the same.
  • redfox1redfox1 Posts: 42
    One nice thing about this board is the periodic opportunity to rub salt into some sick people's wounds. I received the April issue of Consumer Reports today. This is the annual auto issue. On page 61 regarding the Toyota Tundra the article says:"The Tundra is currently our top choice among full sized pickups. Built in Indiana, the Tundra offers a sophisticated, Lexus-derived V-8 that's both smooth and powerful. And like the pickups from Detroit's Big Three, it also adds two rear doors in extended-cab models. This truck rides very comfortably, and the cabin is extremely quiet. It's also quick yet relatively frugal on fuel, and handles reasonably well. Unfortunately, antilock brakes may be hard to find on the Tundra. What's more, it has a slightly smaller cargo box than its domestic competitors" On page 44 they do a report on the 2000 Ford F-150. They are relatively positive on the F-150, but do comment that it handles nimbly for a truck, but the new Chevrolet Silverado offers selectabe full-time four-whell drive while the Tundra is quieter and rides better. On page 39 they report on the Chevrolet Silverado. As with the F-150, they are generally positive , particularly on the brakes and handling. In the extended cab models they are very positive on the rear seats saying they are the only extended-cab models with decent rear seats. They finish their review with the comment: "Unfortunately, first-year reliability has been poor". There is also a review of the Dodge Ram 1500. This has been a long post but this article and its rating of the Tundra made my day. Have at it bashers!
  • devil1devil1 Posts: 74
    I think this is the first time that I have agreed with you on something (the Tundra being pricey and the Taco being a good truck). Yes I do agree that the Tundra should cost about 3K less than it does for the amount of truck you get, but for some people (maybe me) it may be worth it.
    For instance you pay thousands more for a Lexus ES300 than a Toyota Camry. Or an Infinit I30 versus a Maxima... but they are pretty similar.

    Anyway, DID Toyota fix the head gasket problem with the Tacoma, or is it still an issue?

    Also, I hate to ask you a question because you are so bias - but I remember you saying you had Tacoma's also, what problems did you have that left you stranded?? (HONESTLY)
  • bluebeastbluebeast Posts: 258
    Funny how the 89 PU I had with the 3.0 which my friend now owns has had NO (0, zero) problems (he reports 95K miles now), while the 3.4 in the 95 T100 fell apart (25K miles). How can an "improved" 3.0 that becomes a 3.4 develop a head gasket problem? Glad I dumped that loser truck (the T100).
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 1,986
    Just got home from a 299.6 mile (mostly highway) trip with my FULL SIZE Silverado 4x4. I had a small load (1,000 pounds) but only used 16.2 gallons of gas. That is 18.49 MPG. The last highway trip I took (empty) I got 18.6 MPG. I drive 75-8O MPH - A/C on about 1/2 the time this trip. I am happy with this gas mileage - I only expected 15-16 highway when I bought it. How does this compare with the mid-size Tundra???
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Cant do that compare on that Silverado to them limited ones now. Them limited ones not the "full size" for sure. If your lookin to work that highway with em, get ya the limited, if ya be needin to work the farm go for the big3 now. Heard tell them limiteds get used up quick if ya work em hard. What say on this one? Good luck on this one now!
  • powercatpowercat Posts: 96
    Ya know . . . Bud. Sometimes when children want something they can't have, they berate and criticize those that have what they want. They whine, name call, make up stories, say things like," I don't want one of those anyway!" They are always sticking their noses in where they are not wanted, kinda like a bad pair of shorts that keep riding up on you. We generally accept this behavior because they are children. Just for the record, do you still live with your Mommy and Daddy?
  • otto14otto14 Posts: 19
    please join us at www.tundrasolutions.com - you'll find this an excellent site without any of the cretins that have such adolescent hatrid towards the tundra for one reason or another - you wont be dissappointed - this is an informative site - not a playground full of dumbasses like here.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    you may have just opened Pandora's Box!!

    "In Greek mythology, there are two versions of the story of Pandora's Box. In one, the box is a jar containing all kinds of misery and evil. When Pandora opens it all the miseries and evils escape and fly all over the earth. In the other, the box contains all kinds of blessings which were subsequently lost to humans when she opened the box."... from www.cybercomm.net
  • ferris47ferris47 Posts: 131
    My last highway trip with a light load turned in between 18.5 and 19.5 MPG. I seemed to get better MPG after the truck had been running a few hours. I do still agree that the Silverado's do have a greater chance of getting exceptional mileage for a truck.

    What is the deal with the hidden responses. How do you do this? Just curious.
  • Two different trucks, both had the head gasket problem. Yes, they did fix it, but no truck loaner in the middle of fishing season (both times) and they had the things for 8 weeks each time because of the long list waiting to in for repairs AND THAT IS THE HONEST TRUTH. They did extend the powertrain warranty to 100k, but for the cost of the truck for a so called higher quality and reliability, plus a less comfortable interior, low quality ergonomics, low quality luxury items like stereo, etc., I lost respect for Toyota trucks, not to mention the camry that was supposedly the best midsize sedan sold. I sure didn't see it.

    By the way, I have said it once and I will say it again, Consumer Reports is full of [non-permissible content removed]. They are always biased in every so called "consumer rated" vehicle report.
    If you havn't caught on yet also, they always rate the new model vehicles high every time, anything else gets poor ratings. Hmmmmmm.
  • I could of bought 3 of your Tundras AND my Silverado had I wanted to. I chose not to get less truck and pay more money, so I declined the Tundra truck wannabe a big boy.

    Maybe you have been the geek that wears shorts that crawls up your [non-permissible content removed], and probably a pocket protector and some of those fancy horned rimmed glasses too, but I havn't had that problem so I can't say I can understand your comparison.

    I long left my mommy and daddy when I went off to the Marines at 17 years of age. Fought in my first war at not quite 18 years of age. Was married at 19. Had my first child at 21. My boy is now probably the same age as you, or at least so it seems by your post. He is 10.....)

    Take a hike chump. Come back when you have a full deck of cards and your shorts pulled out of your [non-permissible content removed]!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    so is that good or bad?
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    What be these pocket protectors now? They be like them bed protectors? Got the sound of a yuppie doo-dad to me. Good luck on this one now!
  • powercatpowercat Posts: 96
    Thanks BLight for helping me emphasize my points!
    I'm off to a good site without the cry baby / "Deliverance" crowd. After all when I grew up I gave up childish things. If anything, you not-so-big 3 are just making us stronger. . .keep it up, after all look at what we are comparing ourselves to!
  • redfox1redfox1 Posts: 42
    What's happening?There hasn't been a comment on this board since Saturday. Are all those Tundras running so great that no one has time to so comment? We had snow here this morning in Arizona buy it didn't last long enough to use my 4-wheel drive. Other than that, all is well. Just missing the interesting and sensible comments.
  • They are most likely at the Tundra Solutions board. Too much abuse here???

    Too bad about the snow. My inlaws live in Tuscon. They love the warm Summer weather, hate the monsoon season and no snow during the so called Winter. I am surprised you bought a 4X4 for where you live. Do you make it to the foothills or mountains frequently?
  • redfox1redfox1 Posts: 42
    Even though your in -laws live in Tuscon, you apparently are not familiar with Arizona. If you live in Arizona, you must have a pickup truck, (gives you that wild West rugged look) and only 4X4's are allowed in this state. I wouldn't hesitate to say that there are more pickup trucks per capita in Arizona than any other state of the Union, and we are probably the Tundra capital of the Country also. My neighbor and I get off in the toolies periodically but no heavy off-roading. Don't want to mar my pretty gray Tundra.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,721
    Here is a list of the Hot 50—the new car models people are most interested in—based on the New Car Pricing reports generated last month.

    Ford F series, #1
    Honda Accord, #2
    GM Silverado/Sierra #3


    Dodge Ram #11
    Toyota Tacoma #23
    Toyota Tundra #34

  • kent25kent25 Posts: 15
    Saw the tundra at the dealer. I am a suburban family guy with a yearning to get out of sedan-land and into an "access" cab like the Tundra. I am probably greatly exaggerating, in my own mind, the use to which I would put the bed, but I love the look and all-around functionality a Tundra would offer. Have any of you posters bought the truck without the pressing need for the cargo handling aspect? In other words, using it as a car 80+ % of the time? I drive about 30 miles/day and the Tundra is described as "car like" in terms of ride, and I would love the hell out of the pickup feature. Comments? (Please, no abuse of the suburban father of 3 who yearns to get a truck for those several dozen times a year when i need one.)
  • smcpherrsmcpherr Posts: 114
    Arizona has more trucks per capita than Texas? Wow. Never woulda guessed that.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I sell these trucks and own one. I commute 30 miles a day each way and hunt and fish. The ride is unbelievable. I sold one to a guy who will probably never engage the 4 wheel drive system. He has never owned a truck. 5 days after selling it to him I called him up to do my regular follow up. "Steve, what did you sell me?" This question made me nervous. I didn't know what he was talking about and I didn't know if he was having buyer's remorse. "What do you mean what did I sell you," I said a bit timidly.

    "I just drove my buddies new Mercedes and my truck rides nicer than his Benz! What did you sell me?"

    He loves the truck and still can't get over just how nice it is on the highway. When you go for a test drive, make sure to get it onto some open road where you can cruise at 70 MPH. Getting to that speed will be fun but once you are there, you will not believe how quite and smooth it is.
  • barlitzbarlitz Posts: 752
    The Tundra is a nice truck but also take a look at the new F150 supercrew cab it has 4 full size doors along with a pickup bed.It would be great for a family with occasional truck use.It will alss outtow a Tundra and outhaul one if those factors are considered.It's probably close to the same price also.
  • redfox1redfox1 Posts: 42
    Yes, I do use my Tundra as a "car" 80-90% of the time. Haul things periodically either for myself or for my neighbors. Saves them delivery charges on pieces of furniture, etc. I like a pickup because you sit higher on the highway and have a much better view of the traffic situation. In the last 20 years, I have spent 95% of my time driving pickups and I have never enjoyed driving any of them as much as my Tundra. You won't be sorry.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Heard there aint much haul in them ones. What say? Good luck on this one now!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    That Tundra haul is the same as 1/2 ton sliverado and this be a fact. Chevy scrambled to put an even bigger engine in their vehicle to try and keep up. Now with this gas crunch the gashog 5.3 silverado sales have almost stopped. I read in the silverado gas mileage topic that them chevys be getting real poor mileage. This is according to the owners of them. Seems the EPA and GM got a scam going. Tundra V-8 ins't easy on the gas either, but I'm gettin' better than the EPA rating and sliverado owners be getting worse. What be your reply on these terrible chevy secrets. You best tow the GM party line on this one Rube. Them chevy teamsters have mobs to take care of chevy owners who step out of line. Good luck and sleep with one eye open if you decide to come forth with the truth.
  • Its not fullsize but my S10 is rated at 22 highway and I get 26 on the highway, so does my friend with his S10. Mines a 99 his is a 98.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    I get 25 mpg on my beat 1978 toyota truck with 380,000 miles on it. That's with big unaerodynamic racks that carry 2 hangliders.
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    The Silverado's seem to get better mileage than the F-150s and Dodges though.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    I agree, the chevy 4.3 2wd gets the best fuel economy, by about 3-4% over my 4.7 4WD tundra
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    Rwellbaum2, what do you get for mileage?
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    You can believe bud light dude if you want, however I think your smarter than that. Basically he's an idiot (sorry to offend idiots). He has lied about his military service and I caught him at it. Now he spends his time being a jerk in the Tundra topics. As for the mileage I get @ 15MPG in stop and go traffic and 18.4 strictly highway @65-70mph. A few silverado owners (like the lying BLD) claim 21-25 mpg. If you read the actual silverado gas mileage topic the truth bears out. Most of the guys there are claiming figures very close to the Tundra (16-18mpg)
  • If you say you are getting even close to 18 with that Tundra, you're a bigger liar than anyone on this forum!
  • Well BLD, you crossed the line with the racial slurs. Got the boot. Made you do a little dancing. Had to figure out a way to spell your name different so you could log on again.

    Just letting you know I'll be watching you, so mind yourself.
  • 606zpx606zpx Posts: 75
    Ive got a Tundra getting 18.5-19.5 on the highway. Im not lying.
  • ferris47ferris47 Posts: 131
    My Tundra has gotten up to 20 MPG on strict highway. Now my average is just about 100% local driving and short hops to and from work, less then 8 miles. This type of driving only nets me about 14 MPG.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 1,986
    Almost the same MPG as the T-100 4x4. Not bad for a V8(I assume).
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    My '98 T100 got 16.8 pretty consistently while driving mostly back roads and very little highway driving. My new Tundra gets 16.4 under the same circumstances.

    The T100 got a little over 13 when towing a 3000 pound boat. I haven't had a chance to see what the Tundra does while towing and I sold that boat. The new one weighs closer to 4000 so I wont have a one to one comparison.
  • I really could care less who you watch OR what you do.....insignificant one.
  • powercatpowercat Posts: 96
    Any of you Whiney little 3 owners see the latest Motor Trend? Get used to it ! !
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 1,986
    I saw it, was a good article. I don't put much stock in what a mag says but they did actually do a side by side comparison. Toyota only won one test by itself, Tied one with Silverado, and one dead heat. Silverado won two test out right, and Doge managed one first place showing. Ford no 1st place finishes.

    The results were:

    Rock walk - Dodge
    Downhill descent-Chevy
    Hill twist- 4 way tie
    hillclimb - tie Chevy and Toy
    Interior - Chevy
    On road - Toyota (even though "From a pure numbers standpoint the Silverado leads the day")

    I think they were a little biased, they just picked the Tundra for truck of the year so they had to go with the Tundra.
  • Isn't it amazing how even a magazine article gets twisted somehow to benefit these Tonka Toy owners.
    They see only what they want to see.

    Most of them don't have a clue about how their truck works or why they claim this false superiority. They bought their truck to keep up with the Jones next door. Even if what they say is true, a Yugo can carry groceries, which is all they use their trucks for anyway. Could have saved 15k and bought a Focus wagon!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Posts: 1,006
    No one cares what you say, not even fellow chev owners. Your a liar and a disgraceful person. I hope Tundrasaurusrex and the rest in this forum keep you in your place (as a digraced liar).

    To all, The flying season is here and the urge to commit aviation is strong. I'll check back in the fall. Bye
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