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    Interesting... I didnt realize Toyota only offers 1 rear end... another reason the big 3 are better in some ways: more choices. As for the Silverado, it doesn't suprise me that it beats out the Toyota in the quarter but not to 80. Depending on how you equip it the Chevy weighs up to 500 lbs mroe, so it takes mroe to move all that weight off the line but but once its up to speed it can take the Toy. And where does all that weight go? Into a stronger truck with a more spacious interior and a bigger engine.
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    Its not just them "gears" that be out of that tacoma. Them "full size" tundras be sharin the entire pumpkin with them little tacomas. They also to usin that tacomas transfercase, and sharin that trannie with them t100 ones. Wonder how long that "full size" tundra be holdin up if put too workin with all of them mini drivetrain parts now. Good luck on this one now!
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    I don't like about the Tundra is that no dealer even wants to try find 6 cylender 5 speed access cabs or other stripped models. They are very hard to get and there usually arent alot on lots. Seems like both toyota and the dealers want to force us into trucks with gizmos and extravagances we dont need to up their profit margins. At a Ford dealer I can easily find anything from stripped, V6 5speed f150s for those who just want a bare bones work truck to leathered out top of the line XLT's and Lariats.
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    If you go to the Toyota site and look up the Tundra they say its quicker than Ford or chevy but they are going against the fords 4.6 with low gears and chevy's smaller engine with low gears.If you just put 4.10 gears on the 4.6 it would beat the Tundra.The way Toyota rates there trucks is absurd that would be like Ford using the lightning against Chevy and Toyota,and the lightning would smoke both Chevy and Toyota even with a head start.Be real when you compare trucks make them as close as possible.
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    Tundra quicker than Mustang GT? Sure it is! (LOL!)

    Tundra was slightly quicker than my '99 Silverado, but not off the line....


    The 2000 Silverado tested in Motor Trend was quicker to 60 and 1/4 ET than Tundra.
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    Them tundras bein quicker than them big3 ones be just another one of them myths started by that toy factory. They be blowin smoke with that fine print for sure. Kinda like that myth about that toyota reliablility, all the while them head-gaskets be popin off left and right now. Huh! Only the fool-hardy be fallin for these factory myths now. The truth just seems too have a way of gettin out on these here limited ones now. Good luck on this one now!
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    The difference between this BBS and one like tundrasolutions.com is analogous to the contrasts in venue and persons found in a downtown bar at 2:00 AM (full of pathetic drunks who lost touch with reality a long time ago) and the downtown library (full of persons interested in researching information based on facts or who enjoy the eloquence of reading thoughts from those more enlightened than they). I would like to see those on this site who are truly interested in the Tundra (and you know who you are) to please not waste their time here simply because your contributions are lost in this swamp (or more appropiately, this Zoo).
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    I actually agree, Many of the arrogant elitist Tundra owners on this site who make assumptions about other's education levels and income level because they own domestic trucks seem tired of hearing Big 3 owners prove to them again and again that the Tundra does not have the work capacity of the big 3 and is a personal use commute vehicle for Suburbanites bored with SUV's. They can always go to a Tundra cite and wax eloquent about smooth rides, luxurious interiors, Consumer Reports ratings, and 0-60 times all they want free of interruption. If you put down other trucks here brand loyalists will gladly put you in your place and tell you things about your newest toy that you probably didnt even know.
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    Before you go waxing eloquently, you ought to learn to spell. Site is with an S.
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    The reason dealerships are reluctant to order specific trucks is because Toyota makes it very difficult for us to do it. We pretty much just take what Toyota sends us. I happen to have two V6 4x4 manual transmission Access cabs in stock. They are the only two of this configuration in the Central Atlantic Region.
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    OK I made a mistake or two in spelling, sometimes I get lazy and don't bother with the spell check and I do tend to get absent minded about my word usage, usually because I think the message is important enough that noone will stoop to picking out grammatical errors to sound like they are making a good rebuttal without actually addressing the facts. Do you want to continue to nitpick on or do you want to actually talk trucks and respond to the substance of my comments? Sorry I'm not the best speller, I guess owning a Ford truck can drag your IQ down. Maybe when I'm ready to get smarter I'll be goin out and by me a Tundra!
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    Ok you may be correct but regardles of who is to blame for the shortage of V6 manual access cabs the fact remains that I can find trucks of all kinds of configurations at my nearest Ford or Chevy dealer, with many all too happy to try and order what they don't have.
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    Long bed or shortbed extended cab, V6 5speed extended cab, 5spd with V8, the options are limitless! Unless you're a Toyota buyer, in which case they think too many choices will confuse you
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    As a newbie, it's sure seems odd that so much time is wasted discussing incorrect "facts". In discussing the Tundra powertrain (or is it power-train?)longevity, a good comparison is the Land Cruiser. I would say the Land Cruiser is a closer comparison to the Tundra than the T100 or Tacoma. (Please use some facts, rather than circumspection to make comparisons.) It would be interesting to know the design specifications of the T100 vs. Tundra vs. Land Cruiser powertrain.

    As far as truck comparisons go, please review the "targeted buyer's" for the vehicle. You will find that the corporations define a buyer for the type of vehicle they are building. Tundra's are not the "be-all" work truck. They do not have as many options, nor are they as big as GM, Ford, and Dodge's offerings. They do have enough options for most people, however.

    Regarding Japanese history:
    My father tells me that a Japanese Zero seemed to be manufactured well enough to severely damage the carrier he served on. By the way when the war was over we went to rebuild Japan, not necessarily show them new manufacturing methodologies, we actually learned a bit from them. Both Japan and Germany did very well in this area, hence their ability to successfully wage war against much larger opponents.

    Yes, they do have unfair trade issues. Send a letter to your Senator.

    I agree, if you want a sports car do not buy a truck. Do not bring a knife to a gun battle either.

    Another thing, I live in California (bring it on). I can get a comparably equipped Tundra for $2500-3000 less than a Silverado. Edmunds pricing sheets seem to match this.

    For a discussion group that has 195 posts, there is very little usefull information. Head gaskets issues are valid. Configuration questions are also valid. What you do on the farm is also valid, provided it is backed up by relevant logic.

    Everybody has hidden agendas, just tone them down a little. I want to gain knowledge about what truck or SUV to buy for MY NEEDS. If I want to learn about human behavior I will take a psychology class. If you have gripes share them, regardless of make/model, just stick to the topic.

    Now it's time to gather my friends and watch the show.
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    It be that toy factory that be callin that tundra "full size" now. Guessin that be definein that "target" audience for sure. Them with a "full size" truck be workin them trucks. We be workin em on the farm and such, and there aint no way that limited one be holdin up if ya start workin it like a "full size" one now. Fact is the fact on this one. That factory should be callin it what it be, a mid-size truck for the yuppie. There aint nothin wrong with that, just wish folks be acceptin what it be, thats all. As for that toy "reliablility", there aint no facts too be backin this up. If anything, them head-gaskets popin be showin just the opposite. But again, folks be stickin there head in the sand on this one too! I just dont be gettin how some folks be so blind on these here basic facts now. Good luck on this one now!
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    Makes perfect sense to me. You tell me why you like your truck, I tell you why I like mine, we're both happy. Tell me your truck was designed by god and mine is sh#t and I will not just sit there and take it. And the Tundra engine may be comparable to the Landcrtuiser, but in size and various underpinnings the Tundra seems mroe comparable to the T100. The maiun thing that annoys me is when Tundra make the leap in logic thinking that their truck is best for meeting their needs(Light hauling, recreation, towing a boat or trailer of 7000 lbs or less, long trips,stoplight racing) to thinking it is the best truck overall.
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    Do you know what the suspension on the T100 was? Our newbie flysct2 is correct that the Tundra shares more with the Cruiser than the T100. The T100 has such a completely different suspension system and frame that is could not be simply reworked into a Tundra. The Tundra is the first "full size" truck with one piece frame rails, it has coil springs instead of torsion bars, more cross member and a longer wheel base than either the T100 or Cruiser.

    I feel foolish for giving you a reasoned response to your question about ordering a Tundra. Had I known you were just another rabble rouser, I would have ignored you like I do so many others.
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    Yep, and what would folks be expectin from one who be sellin them limited ones? But the fact is the fact, them tundras just be this years t100. Dont ever forget now, that factory called them t100 ones "full size" too. And what about them driveline parts cliffy? That tundra be usin that pumpkin out of that tacoma, that transfer case out of that tacoma, and that trannie out of that t100. Are ya makin them tundra buyers aware of these here facts now? So much for them "all new" trucks now. What say on them tacoma parts now? Good luck on this one now!
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    Everyone is taliking this, talking that and I personally believe the most of the people lie and rumor about the defects on the opposing truck. Both side are guilty, Toyota owners and the Big 3 owners. I say this because I know people who own Fords, Chevys, Toyotas and Dodges and NOT ONE of them has had problems like described here on this BBS. Not one! So it leaves me to believe that someone is lying.

    I've owned a Tacoma and guess what NO PROBLEMS. My wife owns a 4-Runner, has had it 3 years, and guess what, NO PROBLEMS! No head gasket, no tranny problems, only one thing... a freon leak!!! I know people that own F-150's and swear by them...NO PROBLEMS! No one has had any of these 'phantom' problems some of you make up.

    In fact, I was going to buy a F-150 but, it is just tooooo big for my needs. When I need one I'll buy one. A couple of days ago while I was at the hardware store I parked by a '00 F-150 and I swear it made my truck (size-wise) look like a Tacoma! My wife and I both agreed it was way too big for me. If you're into size and need it, buy a F-150. If not the Tundra is the BEST choice out there at this time. When compared to the F-150, Silverado, and Dodge, I have to admit that the Tundra is smaller. I'm glad they made it this size but, if I were building trucks and wanted to compete with the big 3 I would definitely have built it the same size as one of the Big 3 or larger. Just common sense to me! But, I get the feeling that Toyota wasn't trying to target the main core of the truck market, just the niche like me who really is not into the size thing. I can only guess that they needed to stir the pot a little bit about it being a full-size. Good for sales probably, it sure has this place fired up!!

    As far as the CLAIMS by "trucksrme" about the Tundra not being as tough on a farm. Don't know about that claim and neither does he I'll bet! But it appears he likes to stir up the pot with his own deviated opinion. But, nonetheless it's his and he is entitled to it. You probably won't see the Tundra on many farms because most farms are passed down generation after generation and they probably buy what the family has always bought...Ford, Chevy, or Dodge. Not that nothing else isn't more reliable, it's all they know. Think about it and it'll make sense!

    I am tired of all the BS from both sides. My Tundra works for me, his Ford works for him, his Chevy works him, and his Dodge works for him. Nothing else matters, beside all of the trucks have their own problems. When they make a perfect anything, I'll take 2! I don't care what brand it is!!!

    I've been very long-winded on this post and I don't plan on commenting anymore about the Tundra vs anyone! It's gotten plain BORING. Because you don't know what to believe, I swear I think 60% of you tell lies, just to support your on agendas!
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    that was very reasonable, wellspoken, and made a lot of sense to me. As before I will never pick fights in this forum and will always be more than hapy to listen to what people love about their trucks. But I don't back down either.
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    Got to agree with ya on them 2 points now. First, ya be right on that size of them tundras, they be alot smaller than them big3 ones. Second one ya be right on is we wont ever have no tundra on this here farm for sure. Now if that cliffy just be admitin too them tacoma parts sharin, we be hearin nothin but truths at last! Good luck on this one now!
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    If everyone really want's to know anything about
    the problem of vehicles including trucks just
    go to this website www.nhtsa.com and you will find
    out all the info you want from recalls, customer
    complaints, defects etc. Those of you who are
    concerned about the head of V6 Tacoma that problem
    happened a long time ago and was corrected. I do
    not know how many times TRUCKSME is going to use
    that one but that is true and was listed on the
    National Highway Traffic & Safety Administrations
    BBS. The facts are there are more CONSUMER
    THE TUNDRA. I do agree it's smaller then the BIG3
    but, to each his own.
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    considering they sell roughly 800,000 F150's a year and about 100,000 Tundras that doesn't suprise me. And I also agree about that last part. To each his own. But don't fool yourself into thinking that because the Tundra meets your light hauling and commuter needs and seems superior based on skewed statistics and biased magazine reports that it is the best or most capable truck on the market.
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    Cliffy1, if you have a second take a look at the picture of a true four door Tundra at


    Just click on "News".

    Do you know if this thing is for real?
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    Hi Everyone,

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    I am going to go everywhere and tell people that they are wrong and I am right. I don't have much of a life, but don't feel sorry for me. I am on a mission to tell everyone that I am right. I like domestics trucks, so logically I should go now to an import truck chat room to tell them how right I am. I need to go now, I am in trouble because my 2nd grade report card said that I do not know how to get along well with others. My diaper needs to be changed and I want my bottle. Waaa!!!
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    Heard weepin from folk like ya for many a year. Aint got the fact so ya be doin the weepin. Be it so, still dont change the fact none. Them tundras aint no "full size" truck, and it dont do no good to compare em with them big3 ones. They aint got no haul in em, that be there basic flaw now. For the yuppie this be fine, but the workin man needs em a real truck with haul. Some folk just dont get it, and judgin by ya post, you be one of em. Good luck on this one now!
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    this is not an import chat room. This is a pickup posting board with a section to comment on imports. Tundra owners can either go on and on about Toyota reliability, Consumer Reports, 0-60 times, and whatever at a Tundra site where big 3 owners dont even post or you can say what you want here and be prepared to have others respond to your comments when you put their trucks down just because they have a different nameplate than yours.
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    Trucksrme, why do you say the Tundra's tow capacity does not even compare to the big 3's? According to the latest comparo in Motortrend, the tow capacity of the Silverado is 8000 lbs, F-150 is 7400 lbs, Ram is 7250, and Tundra at 7100 lbs. Do you see a big difference there? And yes, all trucks are with the biggest engines. The Silverado is the highest, so does that mean the F-150 can't pull as much as the Silverado? No, it's just the manufacturers towing capacity rating, mostly based on what there lawyers would agree upon. Actually the brakes probably pay more of a roll then the engine does. Fact is, if the Tundra has the power to keep up with the others in a 0-60 drag race, and the torque is comparable, then it's gotta be a better-than-average puller. Besides, I think most people know what they're gonna tow before they go out and buy a truck, so they probably will never even reach the limit of what it says the truck's maximum pulling capacity is, they'll buy a bigger truck than what the job calls for.

    How about we say to everyone in here that they should just be happy they have a new truck to drive around in, instead of an old beater.
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    yea...but that's no fun...
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Member Posts: 381
    Dont know what that MT had to say on that haul. But here some facts on it:

    Chevrolet 1/2 ton max tow: 9500
    tundra 1/2 ton max tow: 7100

    Unlike them tundras, them big3 be offerin what be called the "options". With these here options, folks can get one equipped for the haul.

    Now for some more "little" facts:
    That tundra be usin the trannie out of that t100, and that rearend be out of that tacoma, and that transfercase be out of that tacoma. You really think them compact truck parts be holdin up to real truck work now? Figure this one out for ya self now. Good luck on this one now!
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    Neat picture if it is real. Toyota does not tell us everything that they are planning on building but I haven't heard even a rumor of a crew cab Tundra. OTOH, I didn't hear about the 4 door Tacoma until about 10 weeks ago either. Now I have pictures and preliminary specs on that one so I wouldn't put it past Toyota to have a crew cab in the works.

    On another note, our resident "farmer" likes to point out that the Tundra has the transfer case and transmission of a T100 and the differential of a Tacoma. Have you ever heard of problems with any one of these components? I didn't think so. Toyota uses what has proven to work and there is not shame in that no matter what is came from.
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    They are taking driveline components from lighter duty vehicler and putting them on heavier vehicles that wil probably be put to harder use.
    Kinda like If Ford decided to save money by putting several components from the Ranger on F150's. Compact truck guts doin full sized truck work? Or maybe Toyota never intended for the Tundra to take the load full sized work trucks take. Now there's a novel idea. Maybe they knw Tundras would be used mostly for light duty recreaional needs and so owners wouldn't have to pay for delivery. Whoa, there's a concept.
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    ...the Tacoma and T100 have/had stronger components than it needs at least in the transfer case, transmission and differential. I have no idea but all I know is the Tundra does everything I need it to do.

    In fact, I finally got a chance to tow the new boat this past weekend. This thing weights around 4200 pounds on the trailer and the Tundra handled it perfectly. It was rock solid with no sway. Acceleration was better than expected. I was able to merge and pass with no problems. Braking was strong with no fade(of course disc brakes on both trailer axles don't hurt there). I wont say I couldn't even feel the trailer but I really didn't feel a drastic change from being unloaded.

    I realize that 4200 pounds is not the most heavy duty use but it is as much as I will ever use. After seeing how it handled this job, I have every confidence that it can handle much more.
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    I understand the argument of having lighter truck components in a "Full Sized" truck but fact is everyone who uses this argument against the Tundra is speculating just as much as we as Tundra drivers speculate about their reliability. We won't know if these components will hold up for quite a few years. Personally I think Toyota tends to over engineer everything they do in an attempt to keep their image of ruggedness and reliability. I also know plenty of people who have done things to their T100s and Tacomas that have no right to be done to a small truck. Shocks go out but I have yet to see a Trans. or Differential fry. I do concede that we are not going to know until a few years of hard work are used as a test.

    I do think Toyota developed and built this truck more for the personal use segment. I really believe that if they were going for the heavy duty work segment they would have released a bigger truck and possibly made the option of one of their over seas diesals. This is also just speculation.

    My Tundra does everything I ask of it and seems like it can do 100 X more. She only asks for some regular gas now and then and an oil change every once in a while. I love my Tundra. I have filled the bed up pretty good but have yet to tow anything. If I ever do I will be sure to post what happens. I have no problem posting the good and bad as these forums should give people some real information now and then.

    I just hit 8000 miles and my MPG seems to have gone up a tad, maybe one MPG or so.
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    Thanks for the reply, as always.

    Hate to ask for more information, but do you know whether the new Tacoma Double Cab is built on the same frame as the Tacoma Xtra Cab? I'm wondering because the preliminary specs I saw had the Double Cab about 4" wider.

    Thanks, again for any help. Wish your dealership was located closer to me.
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    Them tacoma parts started out on them little 4 cyl ones. Then they started puttin in them 6 cyl ones, and now, them toys be sharin it with them 8 cyl ones. You tundra folk ever eye-ball that pumpkin? It be about the size ya be findin under a sub-compact one for sure. Them little trucks from that big3 be havin more hefty pumpkins for sure. Yep, I just bet that little "over enginerred" pumpkin be lastin a "long" time when it be put to work. Course, since no folks who really work them trucks be buyin into them tundras, it be a while before we be hearin on it. It be kinda like them head-gaskets, sooner or later than goin pop now. Good luck on this one now!
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    You're one step ahead of me if you have seen dimensions. From the picture, I don't think there will be any more width. Could you have heard that it is 4" longer? That would make sense since the bed is a little over a foot shorter. Add that extra foot and the extra 4 inches to an extended cab and you have room for a full back seat and door.

    The Tacoma is not due for a complete body style change this year. I though it was but I just got a product update on 4x2 and it is little changed. They are calling it a 2 wheel drive face lift.

    On another note, Toyota has a new accessory coming out. The new double cab Tacoma will have a bed extender similar to the Ford and Nissan. This extender will be available in May for both the current Tacoma and the Tundra. So those of you who want to load sheet rock into an Access Cab, you now can with tailgate protection.
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    These weren't published when I bought my Tundra, but I'd have to say I agree! And to all you Tundra bashers who say Toyota paid off a magazine dream on baby.....

    Consumer Reports......Top Pick:Full-Sized Pickup
    Motor Trend...........Truck of the Year
    4-Wheel & Off-Road....4x4 of the Year

    Could there be something about this truck the critics like?..........hmmmmmmm....
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    I read my truck be best in them magazines, like Forien Reports, Car Trend, and Yuppie & Off-Road. Now I know for sure these ones be the best trucks ever! Who cares if they be usin sub-compact drive-train parts and such, when them magazines be sayin they be the best ones. Who cares if them big3 1/2 tons be ratin 2400 LBS more on that haul. Who cares if them motors cant be rebuilt, and that sheet metal be waifer thin now. They still be the best ones, cuz I read it was so. Good luck on this one now!
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    Does anyone know where I can find a Tundra forum that trucksrme doesn't know about? I'm trying to find some owner feedback on those trucks, but so far all I found was trucksrme's dirty comments on the Tundras. I understand that not everyone likes every truck but why can't he go to a Chevy or Ford or whatever site and share his thoughts with his fellows. I think it would be better for everyone.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Member Posts: 381
    Dirty comments? Speakin truths on somethin aint dirty now. Ya might want to try that http://www.tundrasolutions.com site, that be the site where all them tundra owners be back slapin each other on how smart they be for buyin them limited ones. This might be more to your liken, as folks here be debatin the good and bad on trucks, more than back slapin each other now. Good luck on this one now!
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    At least there not going up in flames like some
    of the Silverado owners have complained about
    happening at 1:30 am or F150 engine go up in
    flames while Father and son pulled into gas
    station to get gas.

    EHARRIS3 - All those trucks and how many years
    they have been building them and they still can't
    get it right. Toyota may only put out 1/16 the
    amount but at least there done right the first
  • tundrasaursrextundrasaursrex Member Posts: 49
    Try www.tundrasolutions.com it's a good site and no punches are pulled. You'll read the good and the bad (although not much bad to write about on such a great truck)
  • tundrasaursrextundrasaursrex Member Posts: 49
    You still be a one trick pony......and you still don't know a good truck....I'm TELLING YOU it's a great truck. You don't need to take my word for or those magazines. Get yourself out of that rest home and DRIVE ONE. It got haul and alot more...good luck on this one BUBBA!!
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    Aint heard of no Chevrolets burnin now, guessin ya confusin that one with this here topic:

    Toyota Tacoma Fire (Topic #1783)

    This be the one with them burnin trucks now. Go take a read on it, got some good tells for sure. Good luck on this one now!
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    We know what you don't like. Could you tell me what truck you like, oh and why it's better than another (not why it is worse, this is an exercise in positive attitude, come on now be a good boy and play along)?

    I would also like to know the characteristics of a full size truck, is it bed size, cab height, wheelbase, cab size, capable of carrying a sheet of plywood in the bed, or tire size? If a 6'6" bed is full size, what is a truck with an 8' bed and why would a 6'3" bed not be full size?

    I know a couple people who tow 5,000lb trailers in their Land Cruisers without problem, ever seen the pumpkin under the Land Cruiser? Ever heard of issues with the V8 head gasket, hmmm?

    I am looking for a truck that has a bed over 6' long, has extra storage in the cab (not necessarily for people), can carry a half yard of rock in it's bed, rates very favoribly in total cost of ownership, rates well in the gas milage department, and can be suitably outfitted for running off-highway.

    I currently own a stock Toyota Compact Truck. It has been up motorcyle only trails and the like and I have only had to perform standard maintenance on it. I am leaning towards the Tundra instead of the Tacoma because I would like more space. Besides if I want more power and towing capacity I will get a TRD Clutch, TRD Exhaust (or Rod Millen exhaust), and a Rod Millen Supercharger (+100HP and ~+100lbs torque, when it comes out). Pretty much ought to let me do what I want.

    BTW the last few non good 'ol boy schtik replies answered several questions for me, thanks.
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    Use them eyes on what be the "full size" truck now. Dont need know more than that now. If ya be lookin for a truck to work it, then go with the big3, take ya pick on em. If ya be reachin for the fad, that limited one may be just what ya be needin now. If ya just be lookin to haul 5000 lbs, get ya one of them big3 little ones, they can handle that haul all day long. If ya be needin more haul, then move on up to the full size big3 ones, that Chevrolet 1/2 ton can give ya the haul up to 9600 lbs now. As far as lastin, we still be workin a 52 Chevrolet on the farm to this day. Good luck on this one now!
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    What is this bs about head gaskets? And, how do you know the back pumpkin of the Tundra is the same as the Tacomas? Do you just compare the size of them by looking at them from a distance and then just assume they are the same? And about the towing capacity you posted above, does that mean the Silverado can tow more, I don't think so! Now go feed your cows, I can here them bellowing!
  • lukacslukacs Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for the info.
    Even if you are speaking the truth, this is not the right place for it. You should go to a place where them Silverado owners are slapping each other on the back for their good choice
  • redfox1redfox1 Member Posts: 42
    In case you aren't aware of it, the title of this board is: "WELCOME TOYOTA TUNDRA - V". Question: and just answer yes or no- Have you ever driven a Tundra? If not, how do you know anything about the truck and its handling and other ride qualities? Since you are a Chevrolet fan why is it you don't spend your time posting on Chevrolet boards and spare us Tundra owners your dumb South Carolina hillbilly ranting and ravings. Good luck on this one now, Bubba!
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