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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Guys,
    I search all this forum. the best deal 09rx350 with premium version is 31053+TAX.: I live in LA, california. confirmed with some dealer. I can get the price RX350 with Navigation package . so far is $37200 out door price.many dealer like to give me 37500 out door price. i can pickup today. i am looking for the price is 36500 out door price.
    I donot understand why some guys got a very high price this time. please be awared, some dealer maybe is in this forum.
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    When you mention the price here, please specify the MSRP and the dealer asking price before TTL (that is tags, tax, and license) for us to evaluate your deal. The out of door price varies state to state.
  • GCN71GCN71 Posts: 9
    I want to buy a 2009 RX 350 AWD with 18" tires, heated front seats and rain sensing wipers, Nav system, Premium Plus Package, Towing Prep Package, and Wheel Locks ... who has the best price within 50 miles of Arlington, Va?
  • AMRX350+Navigation: MSRP is $44715, The price given by dealer is $34802+TTax+doc Fee and $34604+Tax+Doc Fee. I am looking for the price is 34000+tax+doc Fee. Is that possible? I will going to buy this weekend. please give some suggestions. I live LA, california.
  • hvatohvato Posts: 8
    How much did you paid for the MDX and what package? Please let me know the sale and the dealer in Houston as well. Much appreciated.

  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    I got $9800 off the MSRP very easily when I purchased at the end of Jan. With the 2010 out, you may be able to get your target price. Just wait out a few days and strike close to the end of Feb when the dealers would be more interested to close the deal. The only problem waiting is you may not get the color and options that you are looking for unless your dealer has plenty of them.
  • I looked at the website and it says up to 10,000.00 off and the MSRP is $47,000 and some they have the price inflated..
    I am looking for an Rx350 with premium package and need some advise. I have 2 internet quotes with MSRP at 40,000 but offering me 34,750.00 not incl. ttt.....I think I can do better, does anyone have advise for me? I'm a woman buyer and don't want to be taken advantage of. Appreciate any help I can get.
  • where r u located at? are u here in jersey? my advice is u can go haggle the 34 750 to 34k..depending on the package or other options that's in the car...if your here in nj try warnock lexus nj...but you have to get one as soon because they r runnin gout of 09 rx 350
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Don't pay more than $10,000 off the MSRP. Do all the negotiation via email. Do not go to the dealer until you agree on the price. Don't fall for the line "come on down and we'll work with you and give you the best deal...". If possible, try to play your dealer against their closest competitor. The auto market is down and there is no reason to pay the high price your dealer is asking. Your target price should be $30K + TTL.
  • Many dealers in the DC area are matching prices. 10,000 off MSRP is common. I was quoted the price down to 33900 for an AWD RX 350 without Navigation and I was able to get the AWD RX350 with Navigation and Premium package at 36,181+TTL.
    Watchout they are going fast.

  • daddy:
    You are correct. I bought an MDX 3 weeks ago and it was the easiest buying experience I've ever had. I've owned 6 cars in my lifetime. I emailed every dealer in 25 mile radius. Makes sure u know exactly what u want, color, options etc.. I took the lowest bid and replied to each dealer and asked if they could match or beat it. Of course reading this forum helped in regards to what people are paying.

    Anyway, i went to lowest bidder, got some extras when i got there (never hurts to ask) finished paperwork in 1-2hrs.
  • majchmajch Posts: 1
    Wanted to let everyone know we purchased the '09 RX350 out of chicago on presidents day. We got black on black w/o NAV.

    MSRP was 42,500 and we paid 32,700 + TTL. We walked out the 1st time at $33,100 but came back and settled on 32.7

    Chicagoland dealership are running out of '09's but are still willing to deal with the 10's around the corner.
  • hvatohvato Posts: 8
    may i ask where you are located and how much did you paid for your MDX and what package? Tech/Sport/Base/Ent? I'm in houston, i got quote from internet manager that OTD: Sport package. 43.7. Please let me know.
  • I'm trying to purchase an RX 350 '09 AWD with Navi and Premium Only (perhaps some other basic pkgs if you can't find one without them)....Can you recommend a place in NY or NJ that has more than just one or two and willing to do business @ invoice minus $5k cash and carry? i'm in NYC, but willing to do a little driving for a great deal...Thanks! :confuse:
  • T+hanks for the advise. I'm located in central florida and the lowest I have been able to get any of the dealers is $31,900 that a decent price? I got financing for 3.99%
  • GCN71GCN71 Posts: 9
    Thanks, that's a big help. Which Lexus dealership were you working with.
  • Hello GCN71,
    I worked with Lenstoler Lexus and others like Pohanka and Rockville mathced the prices. Lexus of Rockville also have some free package called "the Edge". Check with them.

  • I'd like to purchase an 09 RX350 AWD+Nav+Prem only (heated seats would also be great). Not sure what they are going for in the SF bay area. Has anyone gotten a great deal on one this week? I may need to just get FWD since I'd like to pay less than $35,000 before ttl. I've also seen some used 09's on dealer lots but I'm not sure what a reasonable price would be for one with about 10,000 miles? Any advice is much appreciated.
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Is that price $31,990 + TTL for a $40K MSRP car? If so, then it is very high. I would shoot close to $30,000 + TTL. Do not rush and get it now; give them a few days and contact the dealer again just 2-3 days before the end of this month. You should be able to do better than $10000 off the MSRP; somewhere between $10K and $11K off the MSRP.

    See if you the dealer can offer better than 3.99% financing. You can get that rate easily online at Penfed has great customer service.

    Hope this helps.
  • laurylaury Posts: 1
    The 2010 Lexus RX 350 with new design and features is out. I can buy a new 2009 RX350 at a great deal, but it may be subject to grater depreciation because of the new 2010 model. What should I do?
  • Hi all, I'm looking to get a 2009 RX350 with Prem Plus in NJ for no more than $31K+TTL. Is this realistic? Thoughts? Thanks!
  • jcg4jcg4 Posts: 4
    I'm looking for a 2009 RX350 (Prem NO navigation) in the TN area (or any surrounding states). The best price I've found is 33k. Has anyone gotten a good deal in this area or know of a dealer w/ a decent selection? What's a reasonable price for RX w/ Prem pack?
  • Laury, it depends on your financial situation. You probably won't get a good deal on a redesigned 2010. If you like the 2009, you can get a great deal, as dealers are having trouble selling them. I wouldn't worry about depreciation unless you plan on trading the car in a few years. Bottom line is: do want to pay around $32000 for a 2009 or $42000 for a 2010. Are the new features really worth $10000? I'm not a big fan of the new styling, if the redesign isn't a big hit, the 2009 may hold up well to depreciation. It's your choice, money in your pocket or first kid on your block with a 2010. Best of luck. :shades:
  • Report real buying experience
    Location: CA, Orange County.
    1.Got 2009 FWD RX350 with Navigation on last Friday
    MSRP: 44026. Price:34100+Tax+Fee
    Finance: 4.75%

    I negotiated all price by email and make sure no hassle when i met with dealer. Take me about 4 hours back and force to negotiate with two dealers. I told them if price is ok. i will pickup the same day. i actually pickup the same when deal is reached.

    Here is some info please be careful.

    Dealer give me 6.95% APR first (i have 730+ credit score). i say no, then they give 6.4%. I told them, i can not afford. i plan to leave. then dealer leads me to another finance officer. i got 4.75%.

    Done deal. good experience with this purchase.

    another agent names steven, He is very nice too. but his price is about 200 higher, i have to say no to him

    Thanks all of you in this forum who provide great introduction to lead me how to negotiate price.

    Wish my post can help you save your money.
  • Hi, my first time to this forum. DH and I are looking to replace our 02 Passat stationwagon and we drove the RX 350 Sat and liked it quite a bit. We live in Tucson. I'm checking with the Phoenix area dealerships as well. We are interested in the 09 FWD with only a premium option. One of the Phoenix area dealerships sent me the sticker on one with the list price of $40,000 or so (included upgraded tires) and says that's the price unless I want to make an offer. Should I walk or make an offer? Quick reading here suggests 10k less is not outrageously low to offer. Any thoughts appreciated.
  • ^^Now have 2 other internet offers from other Phoenix area dealerships for the same car. One is $31,845 and the other is $32,860. Should I try offering $30k to all 3?
  • daddydaddy Posts: 21

    Since the dealer will likely agree for the $30K, I'll start with $29K or $29.5K and see if they accept it. You will be able to get it for $30K anyway, why not start lower than that. Try to play one dealer's offer against another. Let us know how it goes.
  • I'd like to start contacting dealers regarding an 09 RX350. Should I be taking the $5000 incentive off of the MSRP or the Invoice? Just want to make sure before I begin.
  • Caltimes2:

    The dealer is getting $5000 cash from the manufacturer, this means that if the invoice price is $35000 he is still making money selling the vehicle at $30000 after he receives the holdback. Your strategy should be arriving at a sales price around $30000. Get several quotes then make an offer. It's a buyer's market. Good luck. :D
  • Thanks for the input! I got another offer from the first guy who didn't want to negotiate at $31,550. My husband also thinks we can do a little better so we'll see what we can put together today.
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