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2013 and earlier Lexus RX 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Just be patient and the dealer will accept your offer close to $30K. They will be more motivated to sell close to the end of the month to meet their monthly target. So try to drag it out and contact them 1-2 days before the end of the month. Do not rush, and you will get a good deal. Keep us posted.
  • I was told by a dealer in Fairfax, VA that this area only has thr RX 350 AWD vehicles. Does anyone know if this is true???? I was trying to get a good deal but he only quoted 7000 below MSRP.
  • basamxbasamx Posts: 17
    Anyone have a price paid on the 2010? Are the dealer discounting off MSRP?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Has anyone bought an RX 2010 at a discount; if so how much?

    Has anyone offered and been turned down for a discount?
  • anybody knows how much is RX 350, 2009 selling in Michigan area? I could really use some advice as I am looking to buy anytime now. My current car is dying.....
  • degirldegirl Posts: 45
    Hi ,
    Did you puchase from Len Stoller? If so what vehicle, options etc? What was the MSRP and what was your purchase price before TTL?

  • I got quoted on a 09 rx350 fwd with msrp 44026, price of 34730.

    on a lease 36 months 582 with tax, 1k per year, 49% residual in calif with 2000 total drive off.

    car has nav, rem, not sure what else, how does this deal sound?


  • can you tell me what dealer please?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What discounts are individuals being offered on 2010 RX with navigation?
  • jddddjdddd Posts: 3
    Hi, there,

    I got a quote at $32700 for msrp $42700. It that a good deal? Should I take it, or try get $11000 off msrp?

  • daddydaddy Posts: 21
    Never accept the first offer. It does not hurt to make a counter-offer and see how low they can go. It is a buyers' market. Try $11K off and see what they say.
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    What is considered a fair markup (over dealer invoice) for a $50,000 vehicle.
  • Find out what the invoice price is from the dealer. The difference between MSRP and invoice is "markup". Fairness is a matter of opinion. I personally will not pay over invoice. If this is a 2010 RX, expect to pay for the priveledge of being one of the first to own a 2010. If you wait six months, you might get a better deal, or purchase a new 2009 at significant savings, $10k off sticker. The decision is yours, buy a new model at sticker or buy a 2009 for $32-34K. You can take the 18K in savings and buy a smart car as well. Good luck. ;)
  • glfanglfan Posts: 13
    There's definitely some level of discount on the 2010 model and everything is so much better. Be on the lookout that some dealers just wanted to get market intel. I was tricked by a So Cal dealer, Longo Lexus, into passing on an offer from another dealer with a promise that Longo will beat the other dealer's price. They repeatedly tried to get me pass on the offer in writing from another dealer. What happened was that they just simply wanted to get the competitive info. They turned down my offer and never heard from them again. What happened was that they used the evidence to make a complaint to Lexus corporate on excessive discount offered by another dealer. The last time I checked, it's still a free country. They violated numerous federal laws on price fixing. What a great Lexus service by dragging a customer into their dealer politics! Longo is supposed to be the largest Lexus dealer in the country! I ended up getting the 2010 RX from another dealer with a good discount. However, the entire experience makes me less likely to buy another Lexus in the future.
  • would you mind letting us know which options your car came with and the price you paid?
  • wowlywowly Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if Lexus will increase the marketing support on the 2009 RX 350 up from $5000 soon?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    I would appreciate knowing the MSRP and the discount. My experience is very little discount so far. Numerous vehicles including some Lexus vehicles are being sold at invoice, while dealers are not very flexible so far on the the 2010 RX.

    What have others offered for discounts on this vehcile that may have been accepted or rejected.
  • jddddjdddd Posts: 3
    Thanks for the suggestion. Just an update so others can benefit. I ended up getting the RX at $10500 off msrp ($42700). I could've gotten $11000 off msrp if I weren't too picky on color.
  • murfemurfe Posts: 9
    I just purchased a new 2009 RX350 In Peoria,Ill. last week and I can tell you the inventory is very limited. In fact they had to trade a vehicle to a dealer in Omaha to get the color that I wanted. If I were you I would not wait for the offer to go up . The sticker price for the new 2010 is what you are going to pay as they have a waiting list for them.
  • jeksjeks Posts: 3
    Would appreciate some thoughts on NAV vs no NAV. From what I've gleaned on this chat, it sounds like I could get an '09 Premium Pkg without NAV for around $31k, but with Nav, the lowest I've seen seems to be around $36k. $5k sounds like quite a bit for Bluetooth and a navigation system (and the part that I really care about is the Bluetooth anyway). Does anyone have any thoughts on the utility of the Nav system? And am I reading things correctly that the Nav would effectively raise the price by about $5k? (on the Lexus site, it lists Nav as costing about $2500)
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    Frequently a vehicle with nav will have other additional options. Although Nav option is about $2500, there are probably additional options for $2500.

    I own a portable Garmin unit which works just fine, however, my next vehicle will have the nav built in as it also has blue tooth and more nav features, I believe. If you rarely require nav, however, would probably not be worth $2500-$5000 more. Maybe your dealer can locate a nav car with few or no additional options.
  • rx2020rx2020 Posts: 1

    can you provide the dealer's name and is this vehicle an AWD? Thanks
  • When test driving my wife and I noticed the limited visibility when bacing up due to the large rear pillar and raked rear window. For these reasons we chose the Nav system which also includes the back up camera, a huge safety feature. I owned a 2001 RX300 and purchased a 2009 in December.
  • Good advice. Do you have any details on the RX options and the deal?
  • rparisrparis Posts: 368
    On your 2001 RX-how many miles did it have and did you trade? If so, how much was the vehicle appraised for?

    I own a 2001, great condition, but 110000 miles and the dealer has offered only $6000.
  • My 2001 RX had 89K miles. Dealer offered $8K trade, so I sold it to a private party for $8,500. Edmunds trade in value was $9,000. Dealer retail was over $13,000, but at the time they had a lot full of used RX's and I figured they didn't want another one that bad. A win for all of us.
  • huey4huey4 Posts: 2
    To replace my 01 Acura 3.2 TL, I am looking in Michigan for a clean pre-owned 2008 Lexus RX 350 AWD with navigation, moonroof and leather, with 15-20K miles on the car. From a buyer's perspective what is a fair price to pay for this car with navigation? Whats a fair price for this car without navigation?

    Since such a car will have up to 35K miles of manufacturer's warranty remaining, I doubt that I need to pay the extra $1000 upcharge for Lexus Pre-owner Certification.

    Any thoughts from Forum members will be greatly appreciated.

  • bikerrnbikerrn Posts: 6
    The 2009's Rx 350 is becoming a scarce commodity because of the discounts offered by Lexus. I just picked up my 2009 Rx 350 yesterday from Lexus of Tampa Bay. I searched 5 dealers in the Central Florida area and every dealer either had none or they had 1 left and then that was the fully loaded model. I ended up with a premium package with a few other options for $31,900, the dealer would not budge another penny after holding out for almost a week. When I picked the vehicle up yesterday which was the last one on the lot my salesman told me that they have been getting calls for the 2009 right and left and are having a hard time finding them. I have to say the 2010 was in the showroom and really looked sharp but lot more money! I lOVE my 2009 and think I got a good deal. Dealer tried to get me a better rate than the 3.99% that I got thru the credit union but could not beat the rate. Good luck to those of you trying to get your hands on a 2009.
  • Laury Let me tell you my story. I bought 2007 Sequoia because of the discount. Then 2008 came out it makes me hate my Sequoia and also myself. Every time I see the 2008 I can not stop looking at it and blame myself for being stupid. We also just bought a 2010 RX350 0n 2/22 for my wife it is a great car. Everything is better than 2009 and if you are buying 2010 you are a year ahead of the game. So please buy 2010 don't be stupid like me. This is how I feel about my Sequoia" I sleep with my wife but I love another woman" :-) Viet
  • jpzy3jpzy3 Posts: 11
    wish i saw this sooner. kbb doesn't show any discounts for lexus.
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