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Dodge Dakota - IV

meredithmeredith Posts: 577
edited April 2014 in Dodge
This topic is a continuation of topic 1636....

Dodge Dakota - III. Please continue these
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  • robusafrobusaf Posts: 4
    Stationed in Korea, thinking of ordering a truck through the military exchange, but I can't touchy-feely all the options available,so I have some questions...

    Are the Mopar runnning boards shown on a Club Cab in the brochure available for the Quad? If so, how do you think they compare to aftermarket bars?

    What's the general opinion on the 5x7 mirrors vs. 6x9 mirrors?

  • 4daughters4daughters Posts: 24
    I am not one to answer for the running boards but as far as the mirrors I would say it is a matter of need. I do not pull a trailer of any sort and am for the most part a mild driver. Sooo I opted for the 5 x 7 power mirrors. I do wish they were made to fold :( If you are to be pulling / hauling frequently I would highly recommend the 6 x 9 power / folding mirrors. Just my 2 cents.
  • bobemotobobemoto Posts: 29
    crazycanuck, Some of the pictures you took seem to show wheel flares and mud flaps on the same truck. At one point someone mentioned this wasn't possible. Do you know anything about this?
  • bobemotobobemoto Posts: 29
    robusaf, I went with the 6x9 mirrors because they fold. I was in the exit line off a highway in a full size truck (with big mirrors) when a U Haul truck (with big mirrors) came reealll close and whacked my mirror. It folded back with almost no damage. I've had similar experiences with trees (roles reversed). I also wanted the heated elements to de-ice in the cold. I didn't think the 5x7 had that option.
  • tiltboytiltboy Posts: 63
    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody has any more input on Sport colors for the Quad. I have located white, black, red, green, and amber. I really like the bronze, but i don't think it comes in Sport colors. Second choice would be Patriot blue, but ditto on the Sport. I have a Ram Quad sport (emerald green) and I like the solid look of the Sport. I guess I may have to go with the SLT to get the colors I want. And yes ZONK, I got your last e-mail. I think I will wait until summer to order a 2001 Quad, 4.7, 4X4, 5sp. Thanks
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I too remember someone saying the the wheel flares and mud flaps didn't go together. I talked to the parts dept and they mentioned that they had a specific mud flap for the flares. Molded for $43 and then the plain flat ones for $13. This info was just over the phone.

    I also ordered the 6x9 heated mirrors along with defrost in the back window. Here in south central PA, we get at least 4 months of morning frost and occasional snow. Also I don't plan to putting a cap on it so I can be using all mirrors to back-up. Too bad they put a finer heating element into the front windshield so we and others would have to scrap.

    I would have gone with the 5x7 if they folded and were heated. The 6x9 look a little bit like elephant ears.
  • littlejuanlittlejuan Posts: 16
    I too have the 5 speed, 4.7L, SLT, and have no problem with stick. My wife is 5-1 and handles it like a pro. I am 5-8.

    I also just had the mud flaps from the Mopar catalogue put on. They were $12 pair and have a Dodge ram's head in metallic. The were put on in no time and look awesome. They are put on with screws, and are fine with the flares.

    I am working on setting up some pics for your guys to check out. My wife just bought a digital camera.

    By the way, nobody answered the questions from my last post! You all got so excited about the pictures. Man, imagine if someone put a naked babe on a quad?! We would have silence here!

    697 miles and counting...
  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    The 6x9 mirrors were the last option I added to my Quad and I am very happy with the choice. They do look a little big but I have not noticed any real wind notice associated with them and the folding feature is great.

    If you are set on the mopar running boards I would advise that you try to negotiate them as part of the deal on the front end. Probably will save you some money. There seems to be quite a few after market products becoming available and there will probably be more in the next six months.
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    Crazycanuck - The 5 speed interior is basically the same, with obvious modifications to the counsel to accommodate the shifter. The cup holders are still in the same place. With The only difference that you may have to make is you may haved to be a tad closer to the steering wheel & shifter. The manual calls for you to be in a more active position to drive. Much like the dudes in NASCAR; they have to be in a position to reach everything comfortably. Now th good part-- it is definitely quicker.

    By the way great photos of the trucks and Lab. I have one who could be his brother. Their dog hair sticks to the Dakota interior like glue. Plan on vacuuming a lot.

    According to the customer service guys at Gibson & Flowmaster the single 3" exhaust has less back pressure as it has fewer bends in the system to create back pressure. I am certain that there is more math involved in it than simple volume and resistance, but the common sense application will serve.

    Has anybody had any experience with a K & N air filter on this vehicle with a 4.7l? How about a cool air intake system? Better acceleration? Mileage? Torque/Horsepower?
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    Oops I forgot. The manual shift throws are fairly tight and close for a truck. It is easy/comfortable to shift. It is not super short like a Mustang nor tight like a gated Ferrari, but it is "sporty."
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    If I'm not mistaken, I believe you're looking for boards instead of nerfs (my preference also). If so, they (boards) are not available (yet) from Mopar. I found an outfit back earlier in the year and posted their e:mail somewhere in here: [] Several have bought them already, and they provide parking lot protection as well. GREAT splash and scratch protection along with the flares (you must add the flares to two wheel drive versions; you can order them installed on the 4X4's), BUT require some drilling to the undercarriage. The Mopar nerfs bolt on (and look fabulous), as do most other brands. Cost is similar for the Starboards and the Mopar nerfs: 5-6 hundred. 3rd party nerfs are much more cost effective - couple hundred. Hotchkiss Performance (primarily chassis tuners) are coming out - I believe - with some side ground effects soon - not nerfs and not tubes - just sort of slight body extensions. Hope this helps a bit.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Thanks for the feedback on Gibson's claim about their 3" system vs. Flowmaster's dual 2.5" type. Although we need much more info to prove / disprove their claim, that one aspect "less bends" does in fact reduce back pressure. It also goes without saying that the dual cat-back system has to have a longer run on the driver-side pipe, which creates more back pressure than a "passenger-side" only system. But these drawbacks of a dual system could be compensated for by using a larger pipe like a 2.5" - maybe.

    We may never be able to discern fact from marketing on this one without lots more data. One way to cut to the point of which works best is to see test results where someone dyno tested a Quad with all of the different after-market systems. Also, have real "road" results like:
    1. Ease of installation;
    2. Does the new system bang into the chassis where the manufacture got the clearances wrong and how to fix it;
    3. Sound vs. noise, which sounds the best (need 5 people's opinions on that one):
    4. Street-Legal because you don't want to be pulled over all of the time - you want to drive;
    5. Projected life under different driving scenarios like short commutes where the system routinely doesn't get hot enough to vaporize all of the moisture;
    6. Ease of finding and replacing bits of the systems years down the road;
    7. Life-cycle costs where the least expensive system may not be the best choice if you have to replace the whole thing every 2.5 years;


    This would be one for Consumer's Report but they may only pick the foreign systems as the best.
  • jtjohn1jtjohn1 Posts: 13
    Has anyone changed their own oil ina 4.7L dak?? If so is there a trick to removing the oilfilter without spilling oil??
  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    I use a one pound coffee can slipped over the filter after I loosen it. Then I unscrew it and let it fall into the can.That seems to work pretty
    good. Hope it works for you.
  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Posts: 43
    Bobemoto - sorry, I don't know much about the specifics of the flaps that were on them. All I know is that the rentals that I had personally,
    all had the flaps on them and they seem to fit
    perfectly. I believe one set had "dodge" on them and the others had the Ram insignia. Since Budget simply gets fleet orders from the local dealers, I would assume that they are factory installed/ ordered. Not much more I can tell ya. I want them

    Thanks Littlejuan and Njt15 for the input on the
    stick shift. Sounds pretty good and if it can save a few buck on repairs and fuel......

    Went by the local dealer today to see what new stock they 2001 rams is about all the fact that finance rates are great for reg. and Club. cab Dakotas but not the Quad. Even Rams are getting better rates. Anybody find the same where you are? Particularly in Canada???

    No word on the owners forum yet or ????
    I could be lost.

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Don't know what the rates are here in Ontario - I will try and find out - but don't expect much in the way of deals - the quads are just selling too well so they don't need to offer incentives. That may change for 2000 models when the 2001 comes out - but obviously you have to buy from stock at that point.

    In terms of the club, last note I had from Meredith said end of the month - meaning April. Well looking at my calendar I would say that we are late on that deliverable!!

    Not too sure what the delay is in setting them up unless Edmunds wanted to prove the concept first. We are 2nd in line after some mini-van group (I know, its embarrassing coming after a mini-van).

    Incidentally - if anyone is looking to buy imminently I see that Edmunds is offering the loan of a Palm Pilot to assist - look at the town hall front page for details.

    Gee I should get paid for this advertising ;-)
  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    you might want to not only watch the filter but also the oil pan drain as well. With the skid plates oil goes everywhere and involves some cleanup. You might want to fashion some sort of funnel to direct the oil flow.
  • hciaffahciaffa Posts: 454
    : Could use some help-- 97 Dakota 4X2 and I want to change the anti freeze but I can't seem to find the drain valve(petcock). Theres this funny looking thing that I tried turning but it turns only 1/4 and nothing comes out. Is this one of those vehicles that you have to drain by removing the lower hose. Any advice is apreciated.
  • jtjohn1jtjohn1 Posts: 13
    Thanks for the advice. Before draining the oil I removed the front skid plate (Just four bolts) but after I removed the handy oil filter cap I noticed that the hole that they want you to remove the filter through and the filter don't line up. I made a bit of a mess but I cleaned most of it up (I hope) I will try the coffee can trick the next time I change my oil.

  • 4daughters4daughters Posts: 24
    Here in Washington State the Wiper delays are a necesity but.....the control of it in my Quad seems to be disengaged. In most other vehicles I had if you put the wiper on slow or fast delay it followed suit. In the Quad however the delay is so sporadic and goes off and on when it pleases no matter the setting. Does this have a rain sensor or something? Any others notice this or did I simply forget to read the manual on how to adjust it?
    The deceptive whining under the hood is still happening yet only on cool / cold days. On warm days it is silent.???
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    I can offer only feedback-I live in Syracuse,NY and use my wipers often (way to often)and have had no such problems..Rain sensor- I haven't heard of that..Not a bad idea though!!I'am sure that is in the works..
  • edermaredermar Posts: 10
    I asked a friend of mine how he likes his new Dakota and he had no complaints except for a crunching sound when he turns his wheel against the stops. I told him I hadn't noticed that in my Dak. Two days later, when giving the truck a hard left rudder, I hear this crunching type of sound.Has anyone else experienced this, and what would be the cause? Does it need servicing? Thanks, Ed
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    My wife has this problem chronically on her 1983 Toyota Forerunner. It is caused by the steering stops going out of adjustment. The dealer continues to repair it at no charge, as it is a defect that showed up originally under warranty. It has been okay for sometime now, and usually occurred when turning hard over to the left. It is more prevalent on 4X4's, even though the vehicle is in 2 wd high range. I believe that you are experiencing the same type of problem, but it really is a guess on my part. Talk to someone at the dealership, as they are probably familiar with this problem. Hope this helps.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Left out an "r" in erdermar

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (4daughters) Yes, there have been 'complaints' about the delay wiper system having a mind of its own. Mine infrequently does a 'double pump' but if I scrutenize its operation it never seems to do it. When I get tired watching the wipers... another double-pump occours.

    According to the DC shop manual, the upper-class (SLT?) Dakotas have a special timer that will double the intermittent speed above a specific road speed. (40 MPH?) The manual does not mention a 'rain sensor' but this feature comes pretty close.
  • brookziebrookzie Posts: 5
    I've been lurking for a while, reading all of the good information. Thanks. Ordered my QC on 3/28, 4x4, 4.7, Auto, 3.55 LSD, Sport Plus, Amber, HD & Trailer packages, etc., just got a call from the dealer and said that it is shipping 5/9 (live in Berlin, NJ - ordered from Martin Dodge). Not too bad, just can't wait to get it. Been reading what Bookitty is going though and hope the same doesn't happen to me. Thanks again to everyone for your valuable information.

  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Well heres my problem . I just got back from a
    trip to California.Total of about 700 miles.
    Today I noticed a puddle of tranny fluid under my
    truck. I crawled under and saw fluid sprayed all
    over the frame,tranny pan,exhaust pipe and on the
    engine block. I raised the hood and and noticed
    the tranny dip stick was not seated against the
    filler tube. When I pushed it in it would push
    itself backout about a half inch.I tried bending the dipstick to conform to the fill tube but it
    still worked its way back out. Then I noticed the
    outside of the fill tube was wet with tranny fluid and some splashing on the engine.
    I`m hoping it was just pressure that forced the
    fluid to puke out the fill tube. Has anyone else
    had a problem with the dipstick not seating properly ? I think I will take it to the dealer to be sure thats all it is . I have also been experiencing the harsh shifts others on this forum have been noticing. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks Johnboy9
  • 2drive2drive Posts: 90
    Check out post 544 in Topic 1685 for mess free removal of the oil filter using a pop bottle.
  • crazycanuckcrazycanuck Posts: 43
    okay....enough theatrics...

    Brookzie - you ordered the Amber eh? Wow! Is that ever a stand out color. Not sure if I could drive it but it sure is attention grabbing...good for you!

    Johnnyboy9 - do you have the 4.7? Auto or Man? Also, are the hard shifts while 2nd
    to 3rd etc...or are they from park to drive and vice versa?

    4daughters - does the whine occur during idle or
    only when the vehicle is in motion. Just curious.

    Andy - I agree you really are worth alot to this forum.....but're prov govt is giving you guys a "bonus check" aren't they? Better than
    B.C.....all we have are some crappy ferries!

  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    Yep, I noticed mine sticking out about an inch a couple of times early on - no fluid spray though. I've got about 9k on it now and after pushing it back in firmly the first couple of times, mine held. Guess I'm pretty lucky, but will add it to my next dealer list of things to check. You really need to have this corrected AT the dealer - and FULLY noted in the service history (including the dealer fix) so warranty issues can be avoided in the future.

    As for hard shifts - might be related to fluid loss or something. Dunno. However, loss of fluid usually makes an auto shift sloppily. Mine shifts firmly, but I'm used to Porsche 928S models with Mercedes 4 spd autos - they shift BRUTALLY hard, and have for over 100k each (I have two), and neither has had ANY problem to date, with some extremely (incredibly) abusive driving histories.
    And they don't even HAVE a dipstick. You gotta have the car on a lift to check tranny levels! :-O
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