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Dodge Dakota - IV



  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Just curious, have you gotten a ship date yet? Et Tu Bookitty?

    Ernie said mine arrived in Newark, DE via train. After that it dropped from Ernie's radar screen and I'm now checking through the dealer for the local delivery. Maybe late this week or early next.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, Ernie tracked mine as enroute to Twin Oaks, PA. From there, it travels via car carrier truck and Ernie is trying for an update. I'm really getting anxious now that I have passed along my Expedition to my successor and am driving my bride's Wrangler. Fun to drive, but difficult to transport items larger than an envelope. Tried to order a Class II receiver hitch from J.C. Whitney that accepts a 2"X 2" insert, but it is the worst site that I have visited, and there is no follow up. Wasted money on "dropped" calls to customer service. At this point, I don't know if I ordered 1, 2, or no hitches. Just venting. You will be driving your truck very soon. Have fun.

  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    Mine's been shipped and should be passing through themacguy's mystic Texas railtour anytime now, enroute to PA. (I ordered the extra rail dust). I see bookitty might get two classII hitches, guess he's going to mount 'em on top of each other and start an east coast trend. Two class IV's will max you out at VIII, until the aftermarket ups the ante.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    The fluid could be a puke, but it sounds like a lot of fluid. Best way to check the fluid level is when cold - run the engine a little above idle for a few minutes and then check the level (on the cold side if you have two ranges - I have a stick so I don't know if there is cold and hot on this beast). Agree with themacguy that dealer should certainly be asked to check it out, if only for warranty CYA. The hard shifting is more likely to be symptomatic of the fluid itself than the quantity, the higher the lubricating ability of the fluid the smoother the shift - and ultimately the shorter the life of the tranny.

    Crazycanuck - yeah we're getting a 'bonus' cheque - $200 of our own money coming back to us - why don't I feel more excited about that? Oh and the cheque's in the mail - apparently it will arrive around December / January!!!

    No doubt the whole of North America will be rushing to Ontario now - ever since July of last year the average Joe Ontario even kept more of his money than he paid in taxes - what an honour.

    The ferries - hey maybe I can get a consortium together to buy one with our refund cheques!!!
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, have to stack mount the hitces in order to tow the rail cars carrying the Quads. It's not an easy task.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, have to stack mount the hitches in order to
    tow the rail cars carrying the Quads. It's not an
    easy task. The hitches are for the Wrangler. Never tow a really overweight load with your own vehicle. Always employ someone else's unit. An old Hertz joke is; "What's the best offroad vehicle?" "A rental car."

  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Thanks for your input guys. I have a 4.7 Auto/tran
    The tranny shifted hard ,on occasion, before I had the dipstick problem,between 2nd and 3rd.It
    did have a hard clunk between Park and Drive once!
    The truck has 4300 miles on it now.
    I will take it to the dealer as was suggessted.
    It may be more than the dipstick !Johnboy9
  • 99slt99slt Posts: 14
    I've been reading this forum for months now, but was just now able to register (it was a cookie thing). I have a 99 SLT, Std Cab, 5.2L, 5spd, 3.55, T&H, Emerald Green with 17k miles. I love it. Not one problem...EXCEPT.

    My key ring also has on it a long GEO Prism key. It has on three occasions got caught in the recessed hole behind the steering wheel. This happened while making a left turn then straightening the wheel. It has happened three times. The key gets caught causing the steering wheel to jamb momentarily. Luckily I have been driving slowly when it has happened.

    I've "solved" the problem with a piece of duct tape over the hole. I've thought about writing D/C so they could make an engineering change, but then I thought this forum is probably just as good for getting the word out.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    It makes an ideal steeing wheel lock!!!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    From memory that 'hole' is probably something to do with the tilt steering, but thinking about it it does seem quite large. There must be a reason though, I mean the appearance would be better without it, and I can't believe that cost is a major factor on that little plastic - any one got any ideas?
  • jimbuckjimbuck Posts: 16
    The tranny leak might be the vent hose the is off or pinched. That was the problem with mine. Dealer spent an hour on the phone with DC to fix it.
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    Twice I heard something during hard left turns but had the music so loud I wasn't sure what it was and had no luck trying to recreate the noise. Now I will be looking for it. How often do you hear it?
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    E-town Dodge will have it prep'd for Thursday (tomorrow) night pick-up. That's great but by Friday at 4:30 pm, I'll be off "Boy Scouting" with the troop's newest 11 year olds for the weekend. Going to be a difficult wait until Sunday afternoon to drive it again.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    E-town Dodge will have it prep'd for Thursday (tomorrow) night pick-up. That's great but by Friday at 4:30 pm, I'll be off "Boy Scouting" with the troop's newest 11 year olds for the weekend. Going to be a difficult wait until Sunday afternoon to drive it again.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, don't sweat the scouting thing. Tim and I will happily exercise your truck. Tim can do some PA mountain off roading, then pass it on to me for beach buggy duty at the Jersey Shore (not Jersey Shore, PA). Problem solved. When can we pick it up?

  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    I'll break it in correctly and return as is but I can't vouch for bookitty as it appears he wants to double up on every accessory and I personally think two caps will look stupid.
    I'd invent a badge for Quad riding.
  • edermaredermar Posts: 10
    snowedin: I've heard it a couple times. Normally I try not to turn the wheel to it's max.Would probably hear it more often if I did. Still curious as to what it is. Ed
  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Went for a ride in my 00 Dakota 4.7 the other day and when I got back noticed that my radiator and oil cooler were covered with bugs. It seems that the big fancy ram grill is a bug catcher! It has several large openings in the grill that suck in the bugs. I know it helps keep the engine cool, but it is not going to stay cool with the radiator core filled with bugs. Thinking maybe I should put some kind of mesh over the openings to help trap the bugs before they get to the radiator. Is that a good idea or should I just scrape the bugs off the radiator every time I drive the thing???

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Tim, make that two badges.

  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I didn't know exactly what both of you would say but I knew it would be different. I think if I'd actually take you up on your offers you would be more careful than I'll probably be.

    Over the last couple of years Boy Scouts have being pushing for new members. I think that the introduction of the "Quad" Badge would get the "right" adults back into the program. From what I've read so far we're a good bunch of people.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (edermar) I have had the 'crunching' sound on MOST of my vehicles over the years. When the front wheels are all the way to the limit, there are stresses on the front suspension. Often this is heard while reversing and a front wheel traverses a bump. My 2000 Dakota exudes this sound at times but I choose to ignore it. I have NEVER encountered problems on any vehicle that exhibited this 'problem'. They all went over 100K miles!

    I did have a VW that the steering wheel FROZE while I was reversing and accidentally turned to the lock. Anyone that has driven a MANUAL rack-and-pinion knows the upper-body strength that is required just to turn the wheels while stationary.(The manual steering rack 'jumped' off the pinion) ...imagine having to 'muscle' the steering wheel ALL THE TIME just to stay on the road!!

    The 2000 Dakota has a BRAND NEW DESIGN front suspension that includes a "rack and pinion" steering gear. This new design has a phenomenal range of motion as compared to other 4X4 trucks. (Tight turning radius)

    The simple answer is to NEVER turn the steering wheel to the lock at ANY time. It is a good way to burst power steering hoses. Many owners manuals warn against this.
  • 4daughters4daughters Posts: 24
    "4daughters - does the whine occur during idle oronly when the vehicle is in motion. Just curious."

    Primarily during motion. If it does whine during idle it is very subtle. It seems to be more consistent now. It is not real loud but simply "THERE"
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Good news for Ernie @ D/C; Bad news for us Quadders. Ernie has received a well deserved promotion, and will move up to the training division. Although the job description is not yet in granite, it involves training and familiarization for internal and external personnel. Ernie has helped so many of us on numerous occasions, so I know that you would like to join me in wishing Ernie much deserved success in his new position.

  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Well I just got back from the dealer after a four
    hour wait. I brought the truck in for the tranny dip stick and the fluid puke underneith.The service man told me there is a TSB for kinked
    tranny vent tubes . I showed him how the dipstick would not seat against the fill tube and all I got
    was a line of BS.I watched three guys looking under my truck and never saw a tool in their hand.
    It took them four hours to literaly do nothing.
    I am going to write a letter of complaint. If you
    are ever in Las Vegas stay away from Desert Dodge.
    When I got home I put a clamp around the tranny
    fill tube and wired the dipstick to it so that it
    wont work its way out and get dust in it.They
    wanted to shorten the dipstick at the dealer.What
    does that tell you about their mechanics ?
    Thanks for your help guys and check your dipsticks.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Seems like the dealer folks are the real "dipsticks"! Sorry, I couldn't let that pass! Seriously, sorry that those guys couldn't fix the problem.
  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    Go to
  • tecknoteckno Posts: 30
    Go to "" for information on tracking your truck on the rails. The site is aimed at Ram truck buyer/owners, but the info works for the Dakota too.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    I had a problem very similar occur on my 93 Dakota. I found a copper ground strap that was under the head of one of the screws mounting the windshield wiper motor to be loose. The motor is mounted on rubber isolators to keep vibration to a minimum. There is not a good path to ground if this ground strap is loose and the result is erratic delayed wiper action. If I remember right the regular setting did work OK. I tightened the connections and checked all others under the hood and that fixed the problem. Possibly this is the problem.
    In waiting for my Quad I have looked at dozens of Quads and have noticed the level of quality we would desire has not yet been attained by Dodge in their assembly of the Quads. I have seen bed bolts loose enough that their lock washers can be turned by hand, stains on the headliners, one actually looked like a dirty footprint, numerous crooked beds and misaligned doors and bumpers. Plastic plugs missing from those strange little oval holes in the floor of the bed (anyone know what they are for? pull the plug and there is nothing underneath). But, even with these shortcomings I can't wait for my Quad to show up. Rick
  • bobemotobobemoto Posts: 29
    zonk, I guess my position is I'm all for 4 wheel ABS based on the good performance from the car. It's what I ordered (but I haven't received the truck yet). But just having it on the rear solves the biggest problem (rear sliding around). On the down side of ABS, I've read that it can be detrimental at high speed off road because stopping in loose dirt or sand is quickest done by having a locked (or nearly locked) wheel pushing a dam of dirt in front of it. ABS prevents this. (At low speeds there must be a cutoff to prevent you from rolling forever at 1mph.) But this isn't a common application and certainly not mine (I off road on just two wheels).
    But by now you've probably already got your truck.

    Andy, hip hip for organization and faqs

    Ernie, congratulations

    gwizz, No clue on 2001.
  • bobemotobobemoto Posts: 29
    Meant that for 1685.
  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    You are right Zonk, they are "dipsticks" !What they
    did should have taken 10 minutes max to fix [kinked vent tube]The dipstick is not excuseable !
    Thats why I dred taking a vehicle in for service.
    No one seems to take pride in what they do anymore.I will right a nasty letter when they send
    me the "service questionaire"
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