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Dodge Dakota - IV



  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Well after spending four hours in the dealership
    for what they said was a "kinked vent tube",the
    leak is back ! I checked the vent tube and it was
    bone dry,so that means theres another problem .
    It is on the drivers side and is leaking down between the engine and the tranny.The dealer said
    they added fluid....guess what it was a quart low
    when I checked it, after a full warm up.Now that I
    added it, it has started leaking again!I`m getting a small puddle under the truck and it is dripping off the tranny housing and the exhaust pipe.I`m going to take it to another dealer.I`ve
    had it with Desert Dodge.
    The dipstick is staying in place ,now that I wired it to the hose clamp I installed.
    Not a happy Quader ! Johnboy9
    P.S. 4.7/AutoTranny
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Nice trucks, happy good looking dog. Wish I could get my 12 year old Keeshond to sit still enough for pictures. He's too interested in coming over and licking everyone. BTW, anybody know where I can get a keeshond puppy - he would make a good buddy for our dog and might make him feel younger. Sorry to get off topic, folks - no offense intended.
  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Johnboy9 - Didn't really think it was leaking at the dip stick with that amount of fluid loss. After you said that, I checked mine and saw that it pushes out a little also after seating. However, after a long drive I checked mine and there was no leakage at the dip stick and the fluid was still at the full mark. Obviously they haven't found the cause of the leak and it sounds like they are not trying too hard. I think you did the smart thing by taking it to another dealer. Good luck on getting to the bottom of this problem and hopefully it won't sour you on the Quad.
  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Themacguy - We are going to have to agree to disagree on the subject of daytime running lights I am afraid. Don't want to get into one of these pissing contests that are so common on the other websites.

    P.S. My first motorcycle was a Harley, maybe that's what is wrong with me!
  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    It's good that we bring different viewpoints to the table. As long as we remember that the truck is the main reason for our discussion. Heaven knows I'm probably more quilty than most in getting off topic. Now how do i fit in [non-permissible content removed] bikes...hate government mandates...more libertarian than liberal....oh yeah... guess I'll have to go take a drive in the truck and think about it. :-)
  • dmdbitdmdbit Posts: 23
    I have a question for those that traded in.I was wondering if you had a good or bad experience with trading in on a quad you had to order. I prefer a 2wd 4.7 5spd. Of course that is a special order(at least in the atlanta area) I was quoted $2000 below black book for my trade which is a nice truck(96 full size gm). I just haven't figured out if the dealer doesn't want my truck or order an oddball truck.Anytime i mention a 5spd they think I am current truck is an auto.i probably just need to go to more dealers but was curious to the experiences of others.
  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Thanks for your input Mailman54,I`m glad you checked yours.The owners manual even tells you the dipstick should fit flush to the fill tube to keep water and dirt out,makes sense!I`m really worried now that I have a bigger problem.I don`t
    want them to pull the tranny,unless they really have to.What ever it is, I don`t think it will be an easy fix.There is no room to work on it and it
    appears to be leaking on the engine block then
    running down the outside of the tranny case.There is no oil coming out of the drain hole at the very bottom of the tranny housing,so I don`t think it`s a seal.Well tommorow I will take it to another dealer and see what they say.Thanks for
    your input and I welcome all others. Johnboy9
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    I had some little weird noises etc. in my 4.7 / auto tranny a while back. Or so I thought. Anyway, I took it to a tranny specialist who assured me it was normal. He had worked on a couple of the '99 Jeeps and said I'd have to get used to what I thought was slippage. It wasn't and he was right. Might be worth a trip to a specialist to see if he can visually determine where the leak isor might be - without tearing into the tranny. Then report to the dealer - having done his job for him.

    mailman54 - I'm not sure we disagree at all on the daytime running lights. At least on cars. As for bikes, I use them to (help) keep people from turning left in front of me. I'd do it without a law as well. I really don't need (or want) the government forcing me to do it. Same with helmets. I posted a longer response over in our continued Topic 1871. Same goes with airbags, etc. I would rather have a 'choice' to use them. As long as the insurance liability or safety of the vehicle doesn't affect me - I'm all for individual freedoms. A lot of our ancestors fought and died for those freedoms. It's pure disrespect to have our 'leaders' repay that debt by making bad law. And then have bad lawyers propagate it. Of course I have freedoms too (as opposed to rights) - and I don't want someone to step on mine. Sorry for any confusion, been real hot down here - 110 this weekend. -- Bet you wish you still had the Harley though. They're worth a chunk of change today. --

    BTW - Wouldn't removing the passenger airbag fuse on the left side of the dash (open driver's door and about waist high there's a little compartment you open) allow you to 'disable' the passenger airbag? Or has someone already posted on this? Does bpeebles or someone with a manual know something?
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Johnboy9: While I think you need to find a dealer that will make you happy and solve your problem(it can take a while, but they are out there), you might look at how snug the dip tube fits into the transmission housing. It is a press fit and if not tight enough, could cause the fluid loss.

    dmdbit: I never trade in to a dealer. Some people have had good luck, but I consider it a rip off. On my 91 F150 that I am getting ready to replace, it is worth $8000 for me to find a buyer and the dealer book price is $3000. In defense of the dealers, they have more liability and other factors involved. The low book price also allows them to give good deals on popular makes, but that five grand would look better in my pocket than theirs. The only advantage with trade in is the timing. If you sell yourself, it may take a few weeks or even months, but like I said, the reward is worth it.
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    well i have good news. after i hit 10,000 miles on my new dakota quad my mpg went from 15mpg at 70 on the highway to 17mpg at same speed. i havent posted in awhile getting ready to move to virginia and we are finally going up there this weekend to house hunt, but i will post when i can.

    4.7, auto, 4x2, 3.92 and loaded with a rollnlock tonneau cover and fenderflares.

  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Thanks for your input guys . I brought the truck in this morning to another dealer.They didn`t have
    anything good to say about the first mechanic at the other dealer that looked at it.For my own satisfaction I checked the fluid level before
    bringing it in today,it was a quart low ! The first mechanic said he added fluid....BS
    As suggested,I had already checked the fill tube
    where it goes into the tranny.It was not lose and
    there was no fluid around it.I`m waiting for a
    call from the{second} dealer.
    I agree there are good mechanics out there,I just
    have trouble finding them .It would be nice if they let you go and talk to the mechanics at the
    dealership,however you can`t because of "insurance". If I still have the problem after this I will take it to a specialist.
    I`ll keep you guys posted. Johnboy9
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    You can't talk to the mechanic. I haven't encountered that here - maybe it is because we aren't quite such a litigious society yet.

    It probably also depends on the dealer I guess - my Jaguar shop is only to enthusiastic for me to sit down and have tea and biscuits with my mechanic - gotta justify the costs I guess.

    More seriously I am really surprised that you can't talk to the mechanics - whilst I am no expert, I always feel a lot more comfortable working with the mechanic to diagnose the problem and then let him or her take over to actually put it right.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    johnboy9; if they do not allow you to talk to the mechanic and they are bad mouthing your old mechanic before they tell you what the problem is, I would be real leery of them. I chuck the dealer I bought my F150 from and found a great dealership. They don't bad mouth and I chat with the mechanic while he works on the truck. And I always get the same mechanic. They may have regs about customers wandering in the bays, but a good mechanic wants input. Good luck and happy trails.
  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    Well,I got a call late yesterday afternoon and was told the tranny pump seal went out.Now they have to pull the tranny,which I did`nt want to happen.It looks like I`m the first one on this
    on this web site with a tranny problem....just
    my luck !
    I feel exactly the same way about talking to the
    mechanic ,you can help him diagnos the problem
    when you tell him the symtoms.I guess I`ll just
    have to see what happens. The good news is I get
    a rental car because I bought the extended warranty. I`m thinking of extending it to 75,000
    miles instead of 50,0000.I love this truck but my
    comfort level has dropped.This is my firstDodge.I had a 90&96 Chevy before this and never had it to the dealer one time.I`m catching flack from my friends now .Wish me Luck boys ,keep you posted. Johnboy9
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Sorry to hear about your problems.

    The last Chrysler product I had was a 1971 Plymouth Valiant with the slant six. Even an idiot like me could work on it. And it just wouldn't die no matter how much abuse I heaped on it (although my girl friend's mother at the time did manage to put it down in pretty short order after I gave it to her in a misplaced fit of generosity).

    The QC is just what I need in terms of design, a fact that the posts in this forum have confirmed. The ONLY reason I haven't ordered one is because I am worried about it falling apart. My wife keeps saying just order the damn thing and if it breaks get it fixed. Easy for her.

    Anyway, I do hope things turn out well for you. If the mechanics are competent, they should be able to put it right and get you up and Quadding.
  • johnboy9johnboy9 Posts: 35
    I think you are waiting to see what kind of problems crop up on the Quads.I must admit I like
    this truck better than any other I`ve owned.I like
    the power ,the ride,the four doors,the look and
    the size of the truck. I have never liked Dodges
    but I`m impressed with this one.Like I mentioned
    before I just don`t have the comfort level as far
    as dependability.I sure don`t like the dealers
    and the service. My truck sat at the dealer from
    8:00 am yesterday and was never looked at till today sometime. I asked to speak to the mechanic
    and was told to call back in a couple hours it
    was`nt in the shop yet.Thats not good service !!!!
    Meanwhile I have a 2000 Dakota Sport loaner,so I
    can`t complain.Keep you posted. Johnboy9
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Johnboy9, I know what you mean about service and switching to Dodge. I am a diehard Ford(rules)fan. Heck, I got a better relationship with my F150 than my wife(that opens up a lot of joke possibilities). The Dakota Quad is just a perfect vehicle for my current needs and I think (hope)the Dodge quality is getting better. I went through several Ford dealerships before I found one I trusted and it's 130 miles away. The local Ford dealer couldn't do an oil change on the day they promised and never did the job to my satisfaction. Of course, being a college town, I have not found any dealership here trustworthy. The Chevy and GMC dealers have even worse reps. Keep looking tho, good dealerships do exist and are as precious as gold.
  • raptor01raptor01 Posts: 45
    John, e-mail me on the side and I'll give you the details on my trans leak and how I resolved it with DC.
  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Took my 00 Dakota 4.7 auto in for my first service and free oil change last weekend. Had the clicking noise TSB done, although I couldn't hear any noise but my wife did. I'm deaf, what can I tell you! Also had some minor paint touch ups done. Had them check my auto shift lever because it wouldn't drop into drive without downward pressure. Seemed to be hanging up just above the slot until you pressed it down manually. I may have created the problem myself since the shift lever sits very close to my right knee. I'm 6'6" in a R/C without tilt steering. I also have a 91 R/C Dakota auto that does not have this problem. Told them about a hesitation in hooking up I get when flooring it (feels like turbo lag). They hooked it up to the computer and it said the gear range sensor was bad. They ordered the part and said that it might also help the hesitation I'm getting, but I'm doubtful about that. Can anyone with a technical manual please check to see what the purpose of the gear range sensor is other than telling the computer when it's in gear? I would appreciate getting the skinny on this. When finished with the service, I started home. While driving down the freeway, I noticed the hood was bouncing up and down. Since I have had a hood come up on me once before, I knew what it was. I made a bee-line for the side of the road and stopped. Sure enough, they forgot to latch the hood. Luckily, the safety latch was on but they can still come up if it bounces around too much. You got to love it! I told them I would have to hold off on their survey until I had a little more experience with them. Forgot the first rule of taking a vehicle in for service. Always go over a routine checklist before leaving the dealership.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Keep us up to date on the K&N and Flowmaster combo. I've seen a lot of K&N's posted here but was wondering if they are in a housing that draws the air from the fender hole. If not, are there other units that do and does it really make a difference?

    Interesting place, crawling around under a clean truck finally seeing how its all laid out. Oil filter changes look like they'll be interesting.

    bookitty and tmiller1 any good news yet?
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Spike, Tim and I continue to portray the role of "Quadwaiters." We were wondering how you got your truck before we got ours. At first we thought that it was because you and Ernie share the same surname. Ernie said it had nothing to do with that, it was the large sum of cash and the promotion that you wrangled for him. I guess Tim and I are in the same boat. Waiting for truck transport. I think it may still be this week. At least I hope. Thanks for thinking of us.

  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Just when I thought it was safe, I subscribed to the Dakota Mailing List.

    I was thinking that one way to avoid some potential problems with the Quad was to get the 5-speed instead of the new auto.

    However, from what I can gather from the DML, the NV-3500, which is what DC is using in the Quad, has been a problem.

    One guy said he was aware of at least four of his friends having the tranny replaced with less than 20,000 miles. Another guy, having confirmed that it was indeed the NV-3500 in his Dakota, said he had decided to buy the 100,000 mile warranty, apparently with the expectation that his tranny wouldn't last that long.

    Don't want to make too much of this, but does anyone know anything more about the NV-3500's history? Thanks in advance.
  • devil1devil1 Posts: 74
    I am looking for a crew cab pickup and the Dakota's are pretty nice (looking at least). I want to test drive one but no dealer seems to have many of the 4x4's. If they do they are all the 5.9 auto. I really want the 4.7 mated with a 5-speed because I think their funner to drive. However, I keep seeing in different reviews (including consumer reports) that the Dakotas have been slipping in the past coouple years for reliability. I don't want to spend 25-30K for a junker.
    My other choice when it comes out in October is the Tacoma Double Cab. I like the looks at least as much as the dodge, and Toyota is better quality (I'm sure that some will argue that, but it's a fact). I just wish Toyota has those engine choices.

    My Question since I haven't test driven the Quad Cab:

    What does the engine sound like (4.7)? Does it have the burbly deep sound??
  • hillflahillfla Posts: 90
    Guess what I discovered this past weekend while driving downhill on the I-75 freeway in GA? Yup - the fact that although my 4.7 auto Quad Cab speedometer is marked up to 120 MPH, it only lets you get to 100 MPH! (honestly - I was just trying to see how fast it could go - I don't usually drive that fast!!) And it really lets you know too - it almost feels like it puts on the brakes as well as cut off the gas. I did it twice just to make sure I was not mistaken - and I wasn't. But hey - 100 MPH is fast enough for me. Scared the heck out of me the first time though - its a pretty big jerk!

    Also - had Mopar fog lights installed today. They did a real good job and it looks like they came from the factory. For the switch - all they did was replace my exisitng headlight knob with a new one that pulls out to turn on the fog lights. The front looks so much better now!

    My QC was pulling to the right so I had the dealer check the alignment - it was within specs. They cross-rotated the front tires but that did not fix the pulling. He then told me about something called "radial pull" which is a problem inside the tires and now I have to go to a Goodyear dealer to get them checked out since Dodge does not warranty the tires. Has anyone else heard of this or have any advice for me?

  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Don't know if this is relevant, but here goes. My current truck is a Toyota Tacoma ext cab (I know-what am I doing on this thread? My next truck will be a QC.) Anyway, my truck pulls right also and has had two alignments (both within specs, they tell me), but the pull is there and tire wear has reared its ugly head. But here is the common denominator - I have Goodyear tires, too. I was told radial pull also. Had to get my tires adjusted by the Goodyear and the guy said it was critical to keep rotating. I had been doing this anyway. I am not too fond of goodyear. By the way, the new tires are beginning to wear. Good luck!
  • themeatmanthemeatman Posts: 2
    Looking to order a 2000 (if I still can) or the
    2001 Dak with 4.7 Auto V8, 3.92 -LSD rear axle,
    HD Payload, SLT Package, RED,and was wondering
    what anyone thoughts were on the 4 wheel ABS as
    opposed to the standard rear wheel ABS...I live in
    South Florida where it rains alot and roads get

    I'll be carrying a heavy load -1500 lbs of
    steak/seafood in a mini refridgerated truck (a
    conversion co will take the bed off the Dak and put
    a fibergalss mini reefer on the back
    to hold product- any input on the 4 wheel ABS
    would be appreciated! Anyone have it and why did
    you get it?

  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Devil1, another thing to consider when you're thinking Double Cab v. Quad Cab: As I understand it, the Double Cab will NOT have a 5 speed- only an auto.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    So much juicy stuff to get my teeth into today.

    First off - Tacoma - just go look at the side impact rating on every Tacoma ever made - I have no intention of turning this into a Toyota bashing session - just look, it really isn't pretty.

    5 speed tranny problems - first I heard. Trawling the memory banks and I think that the tranny for the 4.7 is new - may have been in the Grand Cherokee last year, but pretty sure it's new in Dakota (the 3.9 5 speed isn't new). I suspect that you could do a lot of damage with this tranny - it will pull in 5th from 25mph, and will red line in first, second or third with no effort at all (fourth needs a little effort).

    Speed limiter - yep, its there - on US spec anyway, not sure about mine - haven't been there. But at the risk of sounding like a broken record (again) your tires aren't rated for those kind of speeds, and this is a truck. Lets be sensible out there!!!

    Goodyear rubber - yes, well. You won't find many driving enthusiasts of any sort who like Goodyear. It doesn't matter if you are off roading, circuit racing or anything in between, they just can't cut it. Balancing, rotating etc will help, but sooner or later you are gonna want a new set of boots.

    4 wheel abs - my views are well known and were expressed (again) on one of the Dakota topics a few days ago. There is also a fairly new topic in this conference on 4 wheel vs. 2 wheel abs. I haven't gone into it again here to try and save some posting space.

    Consumer Reports - yeah, great - nuff said.

    Dakota quality - well I would say that the views and experiences of people here is one of the better guides.

    Think that's it for now - did I miss anything?
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    From what I've been reading, it appears that the Chrysler automatic transmission gremlin has reared its ugly head again with the 4.7 in the Dak. While I believe that DC has a very well engineered vehicle in the Dakota, I continue to be skeptical of Chrysler's ability to select a good transmission.

    I took delivery of a 2000 Quad Cab (5.9/auto) on Saturday. I desperately wanted to order the 4.7 for its obvious technical superiority and mileage advantage, but chickened out and ordered the 5.9.

    Why? The transmission.

    I tow a rather heavy trailer, and have been driving a Ram pickup (5.9/auto) for five years. It's performed flawlessly.

    Now comes the 4.7 with the "trick" tranny... Very tempting! But in retrospect, I'm not sorry for sacrificing the gas mileage for an engine/trans combo that I think I can trust (knock on wood).

    No "moral" here... Except to suggest that those who do a considerable amount of towing might consider going with the 5.9/auto.

    Nuff said... And good luck to all!
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Thanks for your thoughts on the manual tranny. I wasn't sure what you meant, however, when you said you could do a lot of damage with it. Did you mean "with it" or "to it"? If "with it", how?

    Also, and I hope you don't mind my picking your brain, would you say that there was a better choice in rear ends (3.92 v 3.55) to extend the life of the manual?

    Thanks for any input.
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