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    Well after a delay at the factory, they couldn't get my 2001 R/T built before the cutoff. The customer service guy said I did everything right as far as getting it in in time there was just some problem. They offered me to have it built as a very early 2002 and keep the price the same, I thought great but what about the $2000 rebate? Well they couldn't give me a positive answer so I told them to cancel it. They I found something better anyway 180 miles away. I got a used 2000 solar yellow, regular cab, R/T with only 11,000 miles for just under $17,000. It has really exceeded my expectations over the last week. I love the yellow, it is so effortless in acceleration, and it handles as good as any car I've had (including a 98 neon sport, and 90 beretta GTZ) For around town driving, 0-45 MPH, it is just killer. It's so easy to launch and just go with that incredible low end torque. It will roast the tires pretty good too with to much throttle, depending on the type of pavement. The rear end will slide around a bit if you try to launch into traffic from a side street, but it is very controllable. I also am glad for getting a 2000 vice a 2001 or 2002 as they have been changing the emissions lately and they haven't been putting out as many mods for the 2001+'s. I think the first mod will be the MP computer but I want to get some pure stock baseline runs first so I may wait until next spring to change anything.
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    I am looking to switch my 15' wheels for the 16' that come in the 2001-02 models. I would be interested in purchasing good condition used wheels. If there are any available please reply to the address on my profile.
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    Hey dakotacr,

    Check out this ebay auction... 4 brand new 16" rims and tires for $385.

    I have nothing to do with this sale... just saw it while browsing


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    thanks for the tip, will look into it.

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