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Dodge Dakota - IV



  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    and the photos particularly Big Al's truck. Maybe that's cause it looks like mine. That Big Al has good taste. But I have to admit, if the bronze would have been available in the Sport model I would probably have bought it. It's a beautiful color. Course I kinda like the green and the white and the patriot blue,and the garnet, etc.....Still undecided on Bookitty's Amber Fire Pearl :-)

    Thanks again for posting the photos. These are all beautiful trucks. I am still amazed the attention the Quad gets whether I'm on the road, parked near my favorite trout stream, or parked at Wal-mart. This truck looks as good as it drives.
  • baditudebaditude Posts: 19
    Yes its true you can now have your free pix of baditudes- BadQuadCab. This Intense blue 4x4 sport is extremely custom. for your free portfolio email BadQuadCab[email protected] and your set is on its way!
  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    To whoever owns the black quad with those really different looking running boards in cannuck's pictures. Could you please tell us where those running boads came from! I will be insatlling a body lift in about 3 months and if I am right, those running boards should fix the problem of being able to see the frame under the cab with the body lift installed. Thanks!
  • yank2yank2 Posts: 49
    The running boards you are looking for are the same ones I have. You can get them at I hope this helps.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Resolved my IE-5 / Edmunds multiple-post problem. The Quad is in the driveway and running great. I have one on my wife's new kittys sleeping in my lap. See my five brothers, etc. at the big birthday party today for my two sons (20 and 17). I'm happy.
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Brothers (or sisters) and birthday parties for sons (or daughters). As much as I like talking about the QC, that's what it's really all about. Have fun.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Been awhile since you installed the K&N replacement element and the Flowmaster cat-back exhaust. Has the Flowmaster made a significant change in the exhaust "tone"? Has it been load enough to prick the curiosity of the local police? Any statistically significant improvements in gas mileage?
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Earilier you were exploring a system to carrying canoes / kayaks on the Quad. Have you made any discoveries? As the flood waters subside here in Pennsylvania, it will soon be safe and fun for water sports.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    I bring this up again with reservations. Realize that evertone has their own opinion on this.

    I think you mentioned that the your "truck" shop installed the "box" that enabled your headlights to become day-time running lights. Any luck on finding out what the box is and where I might be able to find one? Hope I'm remembering right.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    Spike50, why not see if one of our Northere Quad brothers has a shop manual for Canadian Built Quads. It might be simpler to install the Dodge parts and the have a system tha has been engineered for our trucks. Rick
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (spike50) Nothing special is needed on the Dakota to get DRLs. It is PROGRAMMABLE! According to the shop manual, there are several "programmable" features within the Dakota computer system. These include enabling the UPSHIFT LIGHT and the DRLs.

    Your dealer can enable theses features using the shop computer that communicates with the Dakota.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    Hate to disagree with you but the shop manual states "The Daytime Running Lights (Headlamps) System is installed on vehicles manufactured for sale in Canada only. A separate module, mounted on the cowl, controls the DRL." Wiring diagrams are on pages 8W-50-6, 7 & 8. If the connector is present all it may take is plugging in the DRL module. Connector and module are behind left headlamp and battery. Wife has my truck so I can't verify if the connector is present on mine. Rick
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Keep forgetting that I should look in the "Big Orange Book" (BOB) first. One can see the placement of the DRL Module on page 8L-18. Just looked at that spot in the Quad and there doesn't appear to be an unused wire and jack for a DRLM. If the dealer is open today, I'll get their spin on retrofitting this into the system (splicing wires) and that all important cost.

    bpeebles - When you mentioned that the dealer could re-program things such as the "Up-Shift" light, I can't readily find a section on re-programming in the BOB. At present, the "Up-Shift" light appears to be either disabled or non-existent. Upon engine start-up, no arrow light is tested as are all of the other system lights.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    The upshift light only applies to the wimpy, er I mean lower torque motors, the 4.7 does not have one per "Orange Book" Rick
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    This is a repost (with one typo corrected) from the latest quad cab topic for anyone who doesn't populate both Dakota topics:

    Macguy (Jack), Bonnie and I had a very positive
    e-mail conversation yesterday, we should see some
    progress this week. One of the reasons for the
    delay is that Edmunds are trying to get the brand
    manager or equivalent to become involved.

    Let me say that again. Edmunds are trying to get
    the DC Dakota brand manager, or an equivalent
    person to be a part of the owners' forum. WOW!!!!

    I don't know what progress has been made so far,
    but if this isn't a sign of the commitment that
    Edmunds has then I don't know what is.

    So now we are close to getting our own club, and
    we are close to having a voice that will really be
    heard where it matters. This is our opportunity, I
    am sure that the oft referred to respect and
    helpful attitude taken by posters has helped our
    cause, but there are other views out there that
    need to be heard.

    This is a call to all the lurkers - come post on
    these boards, you know from reading that you will
    get a great welcome, and if you haven't yet signed
    up to Edmunds then that will help their statistics
    - so come on in guys and gals - the water's
  • astaasta Posts: 122
    Hey guys - looks like I'm finally going to make a decision regarding this nearly one year pursuit of a new truck. And the winner is: The Quad Cab! Don't ask how I finally came to this decision after I was mere minutes away from putting down a deposit on a Supercrew. Call it a gut feeling that the Dak is the truck for me. Or maybe I just wanna sample all of America's Big 3. First car was Ford Mustang, next cars were from GM, and now good old Chrsyler, with a Daimler in front of it. 2 Queries to all Dak owners out there: 1) What's the latest info on ordering from the factory. I want to place an order this week and I'm wondering if I'll get a 2000 or a 2001 model year truck. Should I wait another month or so for the 2001 model year to see if any adds are made to the model line?? Which brings me to my next question: really want a sunroof in this puppy. Has anybody cut one into their quad cab yet? Can you still put racks on the roof if you cut in a sunroof. How about ballpark price - the dealer I probably will order with says his dealership does it for 2K! They do good work he said, but ouch, that's way too much. thanks for any info in advance.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Thank you for your (collective) efforts in bringing forth this most needed group. You guys are doing all the work, and I for one appreciate it.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Asta, at this point in time it is too late to order a 2000 Dakota Quad (or anything). There are some available either at dealerships or units that dealers have on order that have not as yet shipped. I took my Quad in for service today (failed air bag module) and saw some Quads in their inventory. The dealership is in Eastern PA. If you are interested, email me (see my profile) and I'll let you know with whom to speak and furnish a telephone number.

  • ted61ted61 Posts: 6
    4.7,4x4,auto,3.5,lsd,tow pkg,hvy duty and power.
    Just put on 4,000 miles driving thru N.M, and Colo.on vacation. 15-19 mpg, up to 75mph.
    Handles and runs as good as any truck i've ever ridden in. I can see a stick shift for off the road, or as a work truck used extensively for towing, but for day to day driving as a family vehicle, auto and cruise are for me. Anybody have any ideas as to where I can buy some leather seat covers? Grand children and ice cream and cloth seats makes for a grumpy grandpa, plus the feel of leather seems more comfortable to me.
  • 2drive2drive Posts: 90
    I have a similarly equipped Dakota, except for a 5-speed. Averaged 20 mpg on a 500 mile trip last weekend, 70 mph cruising. I agree about cruise, wouldn't be without it, but not so about an auto transmission. The availability of a 5-speed with the Dakota was the decision maker for me. Bought my last AT 30 years ago, and since then I'd never go back, unless someday, it comes to no choices!! It's something intangible, about "driving" the vehicle, sort of like the appeal of a sports car. But if one doesn't "feel" it, I agree, it's certainly not the way to go.
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    Hey guys, help answer asta's questions ASAP - I know from his personal e:mails that he really, really agonized over his decision. I can't remember the website one of you posted on the sunroofs - I believe they had slider rear windows available as well - could someone help point him in the right direction. I believe they were about $500 raw cost + a special trim piece for the 'rippled' top strengtheners on larger roof vehicles like the Quad. I decided against the roof for 'quiet' reasons, but if I remember correctly asta is in LA or on the West Coast somewhere and those guys have to have more sun in their cabins. ;-)

    Now, if we can only save balser, etc.
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    There is a roof rack for the QC in the Mopar accessory catalogue. Don't know if it would work with a sunroof, however.

    For what it's worth, I called Thule a while back and they said accessories for the Mopar rack were being looked into.
  • tpmillertpmiller Posts: 45
    I can't find that url either but I went there and they are supposedly sending me a brochure. I'm interested in the electric rear window slider, which Dodge should add as an accessory on the '01's. Will post as soon as receive.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Although I saw one in a Quad at the Harrisburg, PA Auto Show from a local dealer my dealer said its a "no-no". Said that in class, the Dakota has reinforcement steel in the roof and one shouldn't mess with it. I have no personal knowledge just second hand.
  • astaasta Posts: 122
    Hey Macguy and all - thanks for the quick replies. Macguy definitely has some juice on this board! Posters respond when he sends out an SOS for info - i love it. wish real life (i.e. bosses, managers, clients) worked as quickly and efficiently. as to the sunroof, I spoke to my dealer about it and there is a company in Santa Ana, CA (not that far from me) which is the largest sunroof installer in the country - they are called ASC. anyway, my dealer said the same thing as spike50's guy - it is a no-no because of the reinforced steel across the roof (hence, the bowed look of at the top of the cab, I assume) Rear window slider with an electric switch upfront is a 2nd option, although not as desirable as the sunroof - you're right macguy - it does get hot in LA! But we actually need those roof hatches to mount our GAM systems and take out anybody who may be coming at us from above! hah! this place really is a war zone!

    but, seriously, my dealer here in so cal said 2001 ordering should begin end of june, early july - no more 2000 orders being taken so as to fill back-up production, then begin the next model year line. He told me that he thinks there might be a sllight, and I emphasize, slight change to the look of the Dakota grill for 2001. Has anyone else heard this? Either way, I'm still stoked to order mine in a month or so - just waiting to see if they add any new colors to the 2001 line.

    I'll keep y'all posted on my progress now that I've stopped spending so much time on the supercrew board! :)
  • tswittetswitte Posts: 4
    Been lurking for several weeks and want to thank so many of you for detailed and honest info that is helping me greatly with my QC purchase decisions. Planning to buy 2000 or 2001, 4.7, auto, 4wd, plus options.

    Friends who've driven trucks forever have suggested that I'd never regret ordering the 3.92 rear end ratio in the long run for the pulling power, accelleration, etc... It also seems to compensate for the larger tires on the 4wd.

    However, I'm also watching gas prices in Chicago creep up over $2/gallon. And, the 3.55 rear ratio seems to be the only truck that area dealers have on the lot.

    Potential uses for my truck:
    Mostly - light duty on regular days. Also towing #3000 boat/trailer on weekends (300 miles, 10-15 x per year)

    I'd welcome any comments and advice. thanks.
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    For what it's worth, I'm going with the 3.55s, because of the mileage. I know it probably won't make much of a difference, but I'm looking for every bit I can get (also why I'm going for 4x2). I will be towing pop-up, but it's small (about 1,800 pounds wet), and I won't be doing it too often (which is too bad in itself).

    With a 3,000 pound trailer it might be a bit different, although it's hard for me to believe that you'd have any serious problems given that your getting the 4.7.

    However, others on the board have a lot more experience than I do, which is to say they've actually driven the darn thing, so see what they say.
  • tpmillertpmiller Posts: 45
    I struggled with that decision also, occasionally haul llamas in a small 2 horse trailer. Might max out at 3.5k hauling a mule or horse. After discussions with dealers and friends who tow, opted for the 3.55. All my the towing will be local. I'll let you know if I did the right thing within the next couple months.
  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    My wife was shoping at Target today and found a toy dakota quad cab. This thing is really cool! It came in a pack of three trucks, a jeep and a durango are included. The three trucks are 1/64 scale and are jacked up with big tires and really neat off road equipment. The manufacturer is Funline merchandise Co. Inc.
    Monrovia, Ca 91016
    and the item number is 9338.
    The one I found is a blue sport so out will come the airbrush to paint it white to match mine.
    The really cool trick is if you pull back on these trucks they take off and even do wheelies.!! My 5 year old and I have been racing all day! :')
  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    Fabtech motorsports now offers a 3 1/2 lift kit for the 2wd quad cab dakota! The kit includes upper control arms new coil springs and shocks with add a leafs and new shocks in the rear. I did not get a price yet. The only real drawback is that the factory wheels cannot be used as 3 3/4 inch backspacing of the wheel is required.
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