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Dodge Dakota - IV



  • brookziebrookzie Posts: 5
    Called DC today on the latest status. They said that it is being loaded for shipment by rail to PA then on a truck to NJ. Should have it be Fri 5/19 or early the next week. I can't wait. Seems like everyone is getting their QC's all of the sudden. Thanks to everyone for all their input on what to look for when this baby arrives. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on mileage updates, etc. Bookitty, glad to here that it's finally here. Good luck with it and keep up posted.

  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    Lt Driftwood 4x4 Quad w/ T/H group - Had a local shop install a Penda liner and TekStyle tonneau cover (Quad cover has 3 cross bars). Put the $12 mud flaps on myself. (Anybody care to measure how much their front and rear mud flaps hang down below the lower edge of the wheel flare???) Looks great except for the tons of tree pollen every morning.

    Next week, the dealer will replace the apron, plastic below the bumper, because they installed a front license plate (dealer ad plate) which I gave specific instructions to not do. I had it written into the order, the salesman knew it and told shop and they did it anyway. Since a front plate isn't required in PA, I refuse to be a rolling advertisement (rear license plate holder, tail gate decal and on the front license) for any dealer.

    After the new apron is installed, I'll take a hole-saw to the fog light recesses to accommodate a pair of Catz MSC fog lights. (Anybody care to post how they cut out the fog light recesses to install their fog lights???) Still waiting for the rear tray / floor mat.

    tpmiller1 and bookitty - once you're behind the wheel, I know you're posts will be less frequent 'cause its better driving it than writing about it.
  • spike50spike50 Posts: 481
    BTW - As part of the deal for me to get the Quad, my wife was allowed to get 2 kittens. They're tearing the place up. Do you thing it was a fair trade?
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
  • snowedinsnowedin Posts: 58
    I believe I read a while back that an exacto knife was all that was needed to cut out the fog light recesses.
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    Spike50- The K & N that I purchased is a replacement filter. It fits into the factory opening. It just enhances air flow; i.e. power. It still pulls air from the same opening in th RF wheel opening.

    I have heard mixed performance reviews on the "ram air tubes." Some say they provide up to 20 H.P. while others say that there is only about an increase of 5 H.P., like the K & N element in the factory housing. Based on my understanding of how the cool air tubes work, it stands to reason that they will provide better performance than stock, but the question really comes down to is the additional performance worth the cost. For example, the K & N filter costs $43 while a cool air tube runs about $200.

    themacguy - Thanks for the calming information about the 4.7l. I called Flowmaster and they told me that I have about another 3 week to wait for my cat-back. I will keep you posted.

    devil1 - the 4.7l is fairly quiet and smooth. I have a clubcab SLT which claims to have "Deluxe Insulation."
  • njt15njt15 Posts: 20
    Thank you for the information. I assume that PN 300-117 is a cool air intake tube with a K & N less restriction cone filter on the end?

    I have heard that the Airaids metal tube will actually hinder performance because it does stay or keep the air cool that is traveling into the engine. It makes sense that metal in the engine compartment would get warm. However, it also makes sense that the air is moving too fast, form outside to inside the engine, to significantly cool. Any thoughts?
  • atcsacatcsac Posts: 2
    For all of you looking for an intake kit for your dakota's, theres a big dakota fan in Calif. who fabricates them. I just put one on my 4.7 a few days ago and can guess that maybe there is a 5-10 HP gain.Its just a 3 in. polished stainless steel tube about 4in.long. It comes with A KN cone filter and everything else you need. It hooks up to the airhat where that flexible tube was.His web site is
  • I am interested to hear what the QC owners think of the extended warranty. With all the concerns over transmissions, I wonder if it is good insurance. Normally, I think the extended warranties are a waste.

    themacquy: I hear you are in TX and wonder if you have any dealers near San Antone who will sell for invoice or less. The best price I have so far is 500 over invoice.

    thanks for the advice.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Picked up my truck this afternoon and received VIP treatment right to the nines. I was offered the D/C top warranty at a very reduced price of $650.00 to make up for previous problems. Had no contact with my salesman and even that was more contact than I desired, but the sales manager was absolutely super, and made the purchase a comfortable and pleasant experience. Absolutely
    l-o-v-e this truck. Although I haven't put very much time in the seat, it is a superb vehicle and worth the wait. This dealership has Quads in stock, so if anyone is interested, Email me with a list of specifications and I'll see if any truck there would meet your requirements. If it does, I'll give you the name of the sales manager and you can contact him on a direct basis. They are located in Eastern Pennsylvania, so if it makes sense, contact me.

  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I was glad to hear about your good experience bookity. I just called and mine is on restriction. T&H group. The guy I talked to said that they had rejected the last shipment from the supplier. Good that they inspect the shipments, bad that it holds me up. He also said that there were other restrictions and that some were being lifted. I think he said that the V6 was on permanent restriction. I assume that meant they built all the V6 2000 models and are concentrating on the V8s before the 2001 models.
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    Would assume your first order not on lot? While it's nice they gave you a warranty discount, I'll bet they made more on the 1st truck you ordered than the discount they gave you. But, that's just us cynics in the back woods. I truly hope you never have to see them for more than routine maintenance for the life of the vehicle.
    Enjoy. (I haven't picked mine up yet).
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Tim, when do you plan to take delivery of your quad? Actually, my truck sat on their lot for a while, and may still be there for all I know. The sales manager was very nice, and as I posted previously, the red carpet was rolled out. This is one cool truck, and tomorrow the A.R.E. cap, bedliner and Westin side bars will be installed. I am very pleased with the Amber Fire Pearl. It is a color that you either love or hate. There is no middle ground. My wife chose it from a very tiny color chip and was worried if I would like it in large amounts, but I do. Lots of good fortune with your new truck. This color is fairly bright. By that I mean that you can see the truck in Shamokin when it's passing through Selinsgrove.

  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Posts: 215
    Congratulations. I hope you get years of trouble free enjoyment from your truck.
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    If you enjoy your Quad 1/2 as much as I enjoy mine.I KNOW that today you are one happy man."Congratulations". Now as far as the color choice well.....As you said "love" or "hate".I am still on that "Amber Fire" fence.
    Good luck.
  • ozarkozark Posts: 124
    Good things(amber fire quad, 4.7 purr, 5spd fun)come to those who wait.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Thanks guys for your good wishes. I'm really happy with the truck as well as my wife's choice of color. Allen, now I remember why I didn't marry you. It was your difficulty to decide on a color.

  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    "Tears of joy dost the angels bring
    with noble thoughts and deed that spring,
    in the hearts and souls of men that try
    to loose the bounds of earth and fly.

    He who treads light and will thus spread
    good humor and patience to man it's said,
    shall return the stead to earth and learn
    that a Quad's rear wheels will really burn!"

  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    Best dealer I could find (out of a couple dozen) is in Lampasas - not as far from you as it was from me (from Midland it's 350+ miles). Log on to [] and talk to Pam or Brigitte. Best price and customer care - at least for me. Tell em Jack from Midland sent you - and says Hi!

    Also financed it through [] - better rates than my Exxon credit union by 1/2 point, and USAA by 3/10'ths. Had a "blank" check in hand 14 hours from credit check. 14 hours! :-O
  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    All - Sorry I've been away for awhile. I've apparently missed about 300 posts. Bad news is my life is in complete shambles right now (whose isn't). Good news is I've had to spend the last 10 days (& nites) straight in the Quad - and have driven over 5,000 (that's thousand) miles... with no major problems other than a faulty relay for the cooling fan (fried), and crappy mpg. Highway mileage about mid teens - high was 18 low was 14+. 18 achieved at 65 mph at night, 14 "in a big hurry" from Midland to Plano hospital (North Dallas). Back to-u-soon, and I'm (truly) very sorry for any missed questions from anyone.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Jack after such a wonderful and apropos poem, you certainly don't have to apolojize to anyone. Finally got my truck, and love it. Thanks for all of your help guidance and support.

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    to the late, great Freddie Mercury:

    Da, da, da, da, another Quad hits the road
    Da, da, da, da, another Quad hits the road
    And another one down, and another one down
    Another Quad hits the road.
    Hey, they're gonna get to you
    Another Quad hits the road


    Congrats bookitty - finally the day arrives, the patience of a saint is finally rewarded - happy Quadding
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Andy, thank you for your little tune and your good thoughts. This is an awesome truck. So much room in the back. Our kitty, Boo, finally has gotten used to riding in the Wrangler (in his carrier of course) and now it is time to again adjust to new environs. He thought that the Expedition with his very own air conditioner and heater was the ultimate in luxury, and certainly befitting to someone of his importance. The Wrangler is too noisy for his taste, and bumps around quite a bit. If Boo likes the Quad, it is probably the highest endorsement possible. We'll see this weekend, if it passes supreme muster. Again, thanks to everyone for their support during those tough "Quadwaiting" days.

  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337
    So Boo!

    You mean I'm not the only one who selected the QC partially for its abililty to transport animals in comfort!?

    Given the realities of shuttling our St. Bernard and Great Dane on the occasional trip to the Vet, our dilemna was obvious. As I left the rear doors open Sunday while I came inside for a cold one, the dogs took it upon themselves to do a "test fit." Both were quite pleased with the space and comfort!... Though I was more than a bit dismayed by the additional time it took to clean their slobber off the rear glass!

    Hope you're enjoying it!
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    am allowed visiting privelages and will go inspect tonite. For financing purposes, paid top Mopar dollar for several accessories, only the tonneau (fold-a-cover) is not in, (KZOC status?).
    Am assured the truck is beautiful. White sport, black nerfs,black seat covers,splash guards, door entry and edge guards and black front bra which supposedly has a screen cover over the grill.

    Now I gotta take the wife out to eat tonite so she'll go along for the visit, she is my visual inspector.
  • towcrazy2towcrazy2 Posts: 337

    Won't hurt to have that second pair of eyes on the QC! My wife eyeballed it and found a couple of niff-naffs I didn't notice... Guess it's one of those "women are from Venus, men are from Mars" kinda things.

    Actually, though, you bring up a good point! In our enthusiasm for the vehicle, it's easy to "overlook" the small details... And helpful to have that second look from significant other or whoever!

    Enjoy the ride and dinner! I saw an amber job (regular X-cab) on the road today... If I weren't so hooked on the "black/white" theme, I just might have gone for it! Very nice!
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Today was the day to have the Duraliner, A.R.E. LII lid and the Westin side rails installed. The A.R.E. lid was in his shop as it had been ordered for the unit I refused, the Westin bars were in stock, and the Duraliner was to come in yesterday.
    As sometimes happens, the Duraliner does not show, and that shoots down the lif installation. I really needed it all today, so I called a Tuffliner dealer who had the under the rail liner
    in stock. Had the Westin bars installed, and when they went to lunch, drove to Burlington, NJ and had the liner put in the truck. Drove back to Willow Grove, PA and they hung the lid. A full day, but it turned out to be quite satisfying. Had the quad on the turnpike, and it is a runner. Absolutely love it and my buddies loved it as well. I am a happy camper.

  • Themacguy and all: just ordered my QC (4.7L, loaded with all options) for invoice minus the 500 dollar Farm Bureau discount. If anyone is getting ready to buy, try a yahoo search on auto buying service - they have some good deals with little haggling.

    themacguy - thanks and brigette and pam say hello.
  • ace62ace62 Posts: 1
    Boo, so glad to hear that you have taken delivery of your truck. I know that it is everything that you expected! I only wish that I would have been able to follow it through with you to the end, but things happen. Thank you and everyone else here for all the nice things that you said in the above responses--it was greatly appreciated. See ya guys later--ace62
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    awaiting tonneau at dealer. First thing she says is, "well this is a NASCAR babe magnet." Then she asks the dealer if he can "fix" the space between the bed and cab. Then she sits in the back seat and says "this is roomy". Then she about opens the driver's door into a table and I see the dealer clutching his heart. This is about the time I pretend she's not with me, I'm here for a chevy. (dealer has two dealerships, several miles apart, the Quad is in the chevy garage.) I like it.
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