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    Bookitty and Towcrazy: When you guys say invoice, do you include the Ad Fees?

    We've discussed this before, but I still don't know what to make of them. I know they appear on the factory invoice, but I don't know if they are actually assessed against the dealer by DC or if instead they are pure profit to the dealer.

    Just curious since my deal's done.
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    The Sport sticker will come off easily witha hair dryer and a little care. My work Dakota is a Sport model and they were removed immediately. From what I heard, the Ram wheel pattern is totally different than the Dakota, so they probably don't match, but you should be able to find something from the aftermarket that would be similar.
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    Soon as I get the white sport, will remove the decals, (dark navy blue). Think it will look cleaner without. Also, don't want people to think my name is sport, or that I am a sport, or that I pay support.
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    Good Tim, don't pay support, pay homage.

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    Kyle - Guess you couldn't wait till the 01s? Which dealer did you use? Are you absolutely locked in to getting this truck?
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    tiltboy. Personally I wouldn't pay a penny over invoice, especially considering the truck is essentially a year old model 2 months after you drive it out the door.

    lmeyer1. When I negotiated my purchase price on my Quad ($160 UNDER invoice} the dealer never mentioned any advertising fee. If you consider the farm bureau rebate, I got mine Quad for $660 UNDER invoice less the $45 to join Farm Bureau. The only other fee I had to pay was a #39 documentation and Titling fee which they would not budge on.

    I guess the deal you can work out depends on demand and the part of the country you live in. I guess I'm fortunate to be living in Ford and Chevy country. I've got a relative on my wifes side who is (was) a devout Chevy Owner. After having 2 3/4 ton Chevy diesel 4x4 pickups back to back fail to survive harsh farm duty him he tried a Ram 4x4 diesel and has really been satisfied with its endurance. Rick
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    If you look at the actual factory invoice from Dodge, you'll see (at least in my region of the country) ad fees of a few hundred dollars. What I can't figure out is whether the dealer actually forks this over to DC or keeps it as profit.
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    Just a bit more on the "ad fees"... I can't speak definitively on DC, but I CAN say that Ford dealership financial statements include line items for advertising expense (monthly) and advertising PNVR (per new vehicle retailed).

    I believe this is a function of BOTH dealer-incurred expenses for such things as newspaper, direct-mail, radio and TV (as applicable) plus co-op advertising (dealer and manufacuterer co-funding of primarily direct-mail).

    It's a legitimate cost-of-sale item that's spread over the dealer's unit-sales for the month. Of course, the argument is that if you're buying, say a Neon versus an LHS, ad fees should correlate with the MSRP... Not sure how that works, but I'll be CERTAIN to find out and report back by the end of next week!
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    I may be in the minority here but I think the "Sport Dakota" decals as well as the "Dodge 4x4" on the tail gate look great! For one it breaks up the body color and there is a lot of it. Plus I'm proud to display exactly what my rig is. DODGE DAKOTA SPORT QUAD CAB 4X4.In fact what do you all think about matching jackets? HE,HE..
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    Yes I know it has been a short while since my last post but I wanted to wait until the final fix on a few things by the dealer. The center console was angled off center a little and the wipers, while on delay, were not consistent whether on slow delay or fast. The outcome: The console was centered slightly better, (any final adjustments I will do, {picky picky me},) and the wiper delay module was replaced and it seems to have remedied the problem. I was given a Neon to drive while the Quad was being worked on and for the most part I would have to say I received quality service.
    Thanks for listening. 2000 miles and still Quading.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the input. We did this deal over the phone, so I'm not obligated in any way. They screwed up and forgot to cancel the order. The advertising fees were on the invoice. A28 Atlanta Zone- PPA $160 and T28 Atlanta Zone- PPA $320. Anybody have any comments on this? I think I will start at invoice and see what happens. I think the ad fees will be hard to get around. If they don't want my deal, I will wait to get a 2001. They said it should be there in about 2 weeks, but I'm not holding my breath!!!
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    Just an update and a little venting. Finally got my rear bumper replaced from when I was hit a 4 weeks ago. It looked like it was shifted a little to left but then I realized my bed is probably off a 1/4". Not enough to worry about.

    Now the venting. Took my truck in a week ago to get a Line-X bedliner installed. Well the idoits never clean the filter on their gun so guess what happens. One side get clogged and I'm stuck with a liner that won't hardened. Took it back in Wednesday its supposed to be done today, Friday.
    They have to peel the whole thing back out. The bottom part stuck very well and isn't peeling very easily. All I can see is it better be right when I pick it up or there will be hell to pay ie. a new bed. Now I feel better, TGIF.
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    First, those ad fees sound a bit high. Mine were $390 in total.

    Second, as to whether they're really part of the dealer's cost or pure profit, haven't been able to figure that out, but look at post #221 from Towcrazy who has some thoughts on the subject.
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    I'm looking at some rather shabby intstructions from Westin on installing the Safari Bar on the front of my Quad... The instructions say "Remove plastic trim clips that retain cover under and behind front bumper, then remove cover."

    Crawled under the truck in the rain to scope it out... In better weather, I doubt there will be too many problems. Just thought I'd ask the group whether any of you have removed the front bumper fascia on a Sport model... If so, any tips or cautions???
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    Interesting HP Numbers that were posted on the DML

    Here are some interesting numbers from the January 2000 Four Wheeler magazines "Pickup Truck Of The Year" competition, which the Quad Cab Dak won
    of course! They tested a '00 Ram w/360, '00 Dak Quad Cab w/4.7, Nissan
    Frontier Crew Cab, and a Toyota Tundra TRD w/4.7. All were 4x4's obviously.
    What I found interesting were the published horsepower figures in relation to
    their actual dyno figures.

    Ram 360 V8 mfg rated - 245 hp 335 tq Dyno at rear wheels - 215 hp 294 tq
    Dak 287 V8 mfg rated - 235 hp 295 tq Dyno at rear wheels - 218 hp 246 tq
    Toy 285 V8 mfg rated - 245 hp 315 tq Dyno at rear wheels - 198 hp 245 tq

    The only caveat is the Ram and Tundra auto transmissions and the Dak had the
    NV3500 5 speed manual.
    Looks like the 'fierce' Tundra has torque and horsepower numbers that are a
    little on the 'liberal' side....
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    Well, folks, I made a big mitake today. I went out and test drove a 4.7L and then a 3.9L QC. The only thing I can say is Whoeeee! The 4.7 is not bad, not bad at all. As much power as you could want, comfort, styling - Mercy! Seriously, the 3.9 is ok, but kind of lugs down if you need a little oomph at 60-65, all right in city driving, but a little strain going up a fairly steep hill. Of course, the 4.7 had no problems - very smooth, no clunking, etc. I have just made it a lot harder on myself. Now I see what you guys have been talking about. The Tundra (4.7L) was nice, too, but with the extra room and style of the QC, well I know what I want.
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    Anyone know when the 2001 Dakota will be available?
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    Don't know exactly when, but I do know that it is too late to order a 2000 (at least according to my dealer and his district manager).
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    Because of home computer problems, I'm rarely successful in getting to the "posting" end of any edmunds topic and therefore have been silent for a while.

    Glad to hear the good news on both bookitty and tpmiller1. And a hello to ace62.

    Did want to note that I recently received the "Big Orange Book" for the Dakota 2000 series. This will allow me to back-up bpebbles from time to time but he's always first.

    In the third week now and I'm noticing how easy the wheels spin in first gear (have LSD). More chirping than all out smoking. Stopped listening to the radio. Anywhere around 2,000 rpm's is "music" to my ears.

    Now with the "fleet" down to four vehicles (I got the truck) and four drivers (two teenage sons), I'm only paying $3,224 / year for insurance. It would probably be double that if I lived down bookitty's way.

    And yes, my wife is very happy with her two new kittens.
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    Treated myself to another ride this morning and managed to get past 300 miles on the clock. Again, I'll say that this Quad is like night-and-day in comparison to the Ram! It feels GOOD to enjoy driving again!

    Here in Motown, those of us who've made our living in connection with the auto industry for awhile have a sort of "cars are cars" attitude... Doesn't matter what badge is on the hood, they're all kind of "the same."

    Not so with the Quad... It truly is a remarkable piece of work! And in comparison with the Ram, it feels as though I'm driving a doggone Porche!

    Nuff said...

    Again... Anyone removed the front bumper fascia on a Sport model? Getting ready to get out there and do it, but would appreciate any cautions/advice!
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    well, i have been house hunting in northern virginia and havent posted in awhile. congrats to bookitty, my wife even got a little teary when she heard the news, she was so happy for you.

  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Robert, thank you (and your bride) for your nice wishes. I certainly hope that you will like Northern VA. I have friends who lived in Mannassas
    and really loved the area. It's a great place to live, especially if you can avoid I-66 in the morning and afternoon. Good luck.


    PS Love the truck, and am getting many compliments
    regarding the Amber Fire Pearl paint job. Only glitch has been the air bag light and chime. Lights and chimes at random. Thank goodness that it hasn't deployed
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    I think that I have read most of the Quad Cab postings over the past 2 days and finally feel ready to jump in. Your info has helped me - I REALLY need a quad cab!

    I am trying to buy a quad cab here in BC and am having difficulties with the lease company which we are still tied in with (lifestyle change before the lease is up). They keep saying they have found a vehicle for us but all vehicles seem to have what we do not want and missing what we want. Gave up on V6 (apparently "none in BC") But it sounds as if the 4.7 will better suit our needs anyway and is not much more to run and not much worse to the environment emission wise. Other than the occassional use for business and shopping, the vehicle will be used on weekends for 4 adults + 1 child + 1 dog + gear (in canopy) + towing 12' boat. Test drove the 4.7 yesterday. Felt even better than the rental 5.9 I had taken for a 100 km spin at a cost of $14 for gas.

    Also gave up on the ABS all around. Also "none available in BC". Uncomfortable choice though, since the Windstar we now have has been good with the ABS - gotten out of a few bad situations thanks to it.

    Dealers keep finding the extras we do not want/need which cost more money [why is that? :-)]

    How do I find out the invoice price for here in BC (Canadian $'s)?

    Still trying to sell our windstar privately in order to not loose $4,000. Read an article in local paper that private sales within 7 days of purchasing a vehicle can save the cost of sales tax! Lots of work, but then so is earning $4K after taxes :-)

    Problems needing your input:
    - Wait until September 2001 or marked down 2000 when Windstar is sold privately whichever comes first? Price change for 2001's? Loss in trade-in September? Or worse still wait until May 2001 when lease is finished and one year older without Quad Cab and 12 months of BC interior fishing.
    - ABS all around?
    - Bite the bullet and take on the cost for overhead and CD even though we do not think we need them?

    Thanks for your patience with this newbie.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Member Posts: 552
    Anticipation can be a good thing, If there is no problem with your Windstar why not wait until next May and get exactly what you want. I would at least wait and order a 2001 to your exact specifications. If you settle for something thats close or has more options than you want, will you be as happy with the truck or end up with buyers remorse? Look at it this way. If you wait till next May you will have a brand new truck that has been built especially for you while all of us who have our Quads now will be driving 1 year old trucks. Did that help? I've felt more alive these past two months waiting for my truck to be built and delivered than I have in a long time. Maybe Bookitty can provide some input here. Rick
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    Things seem to move very quickly since last post. Had a buyer come and look at windstar and offered in our ballpark. Only thing left is all the paperwork by tomorrow. We don't mind the smaller loss by finding a purchaser privately. Nice people - we win they win and dealer doesn't quite get as much profit. Rods are ready and waiting for sunshine next weekend! Vehicle does look awfully special. Husband is already talking about fun additions. Thanks for listening.
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    my 99 4x4 ranger lease will be up this fall and i'm looking at the dakota for my next lease or possible purchase. my question is this: does anyone here have the available full-time transfer case? where i live it is usually snowy in the winter and side streets are frequently slick and snow covered. but, the highways are well taken care of so i find myself having to shift in and out of 4x4 frequently, which is annoying. the full-time transfer case would eliminate this headache. however, is their any reliability data that suggests whether or not that unit is durable. i know it is virtually the same as the one in the jeep grand cherokee, but there have been many problems reported with that vehicle. i friend of mine is also looking at a durango and would appreciate any info you can provide about that particular transer case. thanks...
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    I haven't posted since January, but I thought I'd document my pain. I absolutely love my 2000 Dakota Club Cab. So it really hurt to watch it get hammered after only 5 months of ownership. I live in east central Wisconsin, and we just had the worst hail storm that anyone can remember. I watched as golf ball and baseball sized hail pummeled my truck for about seven straight minutes. The body is really screwed up, and the tonneau cover is destroyed. I get to go to the catastrophe claims drive up area tomorrow. The truck hasn't even been up to my cabin yet. The body shops have about a five month waiting period already, so it looks like I get to drive a Forest Green Dakota with a chicken pock finish all summer.
  • 2drive2drive Member Posts: 90
    You have my sympathy. We new truck owners all live under that fear of Mother Nature destroying our pride and joy each day that we have to leave our new baby parked outside at the mercy of the elements.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Once again, for those of you who need information to access Daimler/Chrysler customer service, I am posting a link that not only will help reach D/C, it will offer the status codes as well. I suggest that once this appears, that you "cut and paste" to a word processing page for reference. Here goes

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    I need an advise. I have a 1991 Dodge Dakota LE, Extended Cab, 6 Cylinder, 2 tone, 3.9 liter, 79000 miles, no problems or rust, garage kept. What is worth? I went to the dealer, trying to trade it in for the new one... he offered me $3500. Is is fair? If not, what would be the fair price?
  • ron35ron35 Member Posts: 134
    Alex - Go to - this is the site for the Kelly Blue Book. It will give you the worth of your truck both retail and wholesale based on your section of the country and the truck's equipment and mileage. It is easy to use and will prompt you for information.

  • themacguythemacguy Member Posts: 417
    for what it's worth... I used to chase twisters in in Tx and Okla (I know, I know I've already been told I'm sick), and down here the' hail thing' is a real badge of honor. Just tell everybody you're a weather watcher or severe weather spotter and you like to chase twisters in your spare time! Or what the heck, go out and try it now that you don't have anything (other than your life) to lose! Believe you me, people'll stay clear of you.
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    (emale) The serious drawbacks (false security of traction) of the Dakota full-time 4WD have been discussed at length in these forums previously.
    It is a simple OPEN differential within the xfer case. (I will not re-hash that here...please just search and read yourself)

    The ShiftOnTheFly system (that is standard) combined with the LSD rear-end is perhaps the very best traction combonation you can get from the factory on the Dakota. That was my selection on my 2000 Dakota and it made this winters 2-foot snowstorms FUN to drive through. (Normal cars could not move all day in one storm and i drove 80 miles thru it!!)

    One correction to your append.(And I will repeat it here because this seems to be a common misconception) THE DAKOTA FULL-TIME 4WD IS NO WHERE NEAR THE SAME AS JEEPS LEGONDARY 4WD SYSTEM.
    (please ref
    for a descriptin of Jeeps 4WD system.)
  • emaleemale Member Posts: 1,380
    if i decide to go with the dakota i think i'll opt for the full-time case and limited slip rear-end. where i live i frequently have to shift in and out of 4x4 which i find quite annoying. while the 4x4 system in the dakota may not be the equal of jeeps, at least it is probably more reliable due to its simplicity. the redesigned grand cherokee has had all kinds of driveline problems from what i've bee reading here and other places.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    emale, you might consider the part time shift on the fly with LSD. As a rule, full time systems such as offered by Dodge and Ford have the tendency to decrease MPG and increase tire wear. Having had experience with both types, I opted for the part time 4WD as offered standard on the 2000 Quad Cab 4X4. Just my opinion and $.02.

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    Sorry everybody. My god! I haven't been reading for about a week and I feel like I missed a year.

    I have posted new photos of Quads on my little
    web a few new graphics to try
    out. Let me know what ya think. And what you
    think about the trucks...

    Thanks BigAl and Shelley for the photos.

    All for now.

    Warning....slow loading page.

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    Can anyone refer me to any Dodge dealers in the Southern California area who are giving close to invoice on Quad cabs? I can't even get most of these guys to call me back, let alone give me a price quote. One guy did tell me that they've stopped putting in orders on 2000 quads and won't take any until the 2001's come out, probably in early august. errrrrrrr - I don't want to end up with a Ford supercrew simply because I can't even find a dodge dealer who will take my money on an ordered truck. BTW: nice photos crazy canuck! I was wondering what the medium bronze looked like in the quad. it's a lot lighter than the brochure. still like the dark blue the best, but then all my vehicles have been dark blue. hey one more question for you quad owners before I congratulate bookitty on finally getting his ride - has anyone cut a moonroof into the quad? where? how much? any effect on cab interior noise, drivability etc.?
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Crazy, loved you page especially the puppy. Dogs are cuter than trucks. Thank you.

  • zonkzonk Member Posts: 208
    Nice site - flag, trucks, dog (really looks happy-must be because he gets to ride in his pet's QC), everything. Very well done. Wish I could do things like that, but I can't even get my printer to work. That medium bronze is much more appealing in the photos than in the brochures, as asta said. Guess my color choices would be red, bronze, or garnet.
  • 2drive2drive Member Posts: 90
    Nice site and great shots! I like the red with the aftermarkets. I'm thinking of similar items for mine now. Thanks.
  • ozarkozark Member Posts: 124
    and the photos particularly Big Al's truck. Maybe that's cause it looks like mine. That Big Al has good taste. But I have to admit, if the bronze would have been available in the Sport model I would probably have bought it. It's a beautiful color. Course I kinda like the green and the white and the patriot blue,and the garnet, etc.....Still undecided on Bookitty's Amber Fire Pearl :-)

    Thanks again for posting the photos. These are all beautiful trucks. I am still amazed the attention the Quad gets whether I'm on the road, parked near my favorite trout stream, or parked at Wal-mart. This truck looks as good as it drives.
  • baditudebaditude Member Posts: 19
    Yes its true you can now have your free pix of baditudes- BadQuadCab. This Intense blue 4x4 sport is extremely custom. for your free portfolio email [email protected] and your set is on its way!
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    To whoever owns the black quad with those really different looking running boards in cannuck's pictures. Could you please tell us where those running boads came from! I will be insatlling a body lift in about 3 months and if I am right, those running boards should fix the problem of being able to see the frame under the cab with the body lift installed. Thanks!
  • yank2yank2 Member Posts: 49
    The running boards you are looking for are the same ones I have. You can get them at I hope this helps.
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    Resolved my IE-5 / Edmunds multiple-post problem. The Quad is in the driveway and running great. I have one on my wife's new kittys sleeping in my lap. See my five brothers, etc. at the big birthday party today for my two sons (20 and 17). I'm happy.
  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    Brothers (or sisters) and birthday parties for sons (or daughters). As much as I like talking about the QC, that's what it's really all about. Have fun.
  • spike50spike50 Member Posts: 481
    Been awhile since you installed the K&N replacement element and the Flowmaster cat-back exhaust. Has the Flowmaster made a significant change in the exhaust "tone"? Has it been load enough to prick the curiosity of the local police? Any statistically significant improvements in gas mileage?
  • spike50spike50 Member Posts: 481
    Earilier you were exploring a system to carrying canoes / kayaks on the Quad. Have you made any discoveries? As the flood waters subside here in Pennsylvania, it will soon be safe and fun for water sports.
  • spike50spike50 Member Posts: 481
    I bring this up again with reservations. Realize that evertone has their own opinion on this.

    I think you mentioned that the your "truck" shop installed the "box" that enabled your headlights to become day-time running lights. Any luck on finding out what the box is and where I might be able to find one? Hope I'm remembering right.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Member Posts: 552
    Spike50, why not see if one of our Northere Quad brothers has a shop manual for Canadian Built Quads. It might be simpler to install the Dodge parts and the have a system tha has been engineered for our trucks. Rick
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