Tundra vs the Big 3 Continued IV



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    Went to drive my Tundra today. Noticed a lot of rust startin' up. Then I started it. It cranked and cranked, took forever to start. Next I backed out of the driveway and there was a big clunk in the driveline. I started down the road and a real bad vibration started up, like the world was comin' to an end. Then a Chevy Silverado passed me by quick, even though I had the accellerator buried(I think I saw Quad, BCO and ryanbab was in the back with his head going up/down like them little toy dogs. That's about the time the head gasket let loose and that cheapo Lexus/Landcruiser engine rapidly diassembled into little pieces of mexican potmetal shards. Next, I suffered great humiliation, as yet another powerful, quality built Silverado pulled up and asked if I needed help. As the HUGE, MONSTROUS Silverado started to pull on my tiny tindra, I heard a little snap (like a rubber band breaking). The entire truck collapsed in a heap of rusted, thin tin foil and bailing wire. Took the parts to Toyota service. They informed me that there is no problem, normal, they all do that, etc. I was out on the road weepin' and sobbin', when who should role up in a 52' chevy. Why it's ol' rube offerin' me a smoke to ease my pain. Your right about that Tindra Rube!!!
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    That tell be almost as good as them dave40 tells now! Good luck on this one now!
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    "and ryanbab was in the back with his
    head going up/down like them little toy dogs."

    Dude, if Ryan was doing that I don't eeeeven want to know where red, Tim and oby were!!!!
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    .....I don't wanna know either!

    .....on a need to know basis......and I don't need to know!


    - Tim
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    I state a few facts about Shakerados and the Chevy pack gets all defensive and upset. What a bunch of sissies!

    Its a shame that the Chevy pack chose their runt(BCO)to be their spokesmutt. Doesn't even know what ideological means or how to spell it. As bugs would say: "What a maroon!" I guess Libby is the team cheerleader. Ryan is the mascot. Quad just wants to follow the pack.(It makes him feel important.) Swo is BCO's designated yes man.

    You found some negative posts about the Tundra. How shocking! I guess that out of 150,000 Tundra owners you found some unhappy ones. Amazing!

    Now what was your point? Does this information magically make your shakerado less of a heap? I don't think so.

    I guess I must state some indisputable facts again. I don't expect Libby or Ryan to understand these points - in fact I am probably wasting time on the whole Chevy Pack. Chevy had your number and still does. Chevy could put a bowtie on a turd and the pack would say it is the best thing since sliced bread.

    1. The Tundra won the J.D. Powers award for best initial quality in a full-size pickup.

    2. J.D Powers ranks Chevy as a manufacturer 26th in quality (Hyundai will pass them soon). Toyota is in a tie for third with BMW.

    3. Consumer Reports predicted reliability for the 2000 Silverado was -90%. Off of their charts! The 4WD version is even worse! Tundra had the best predicted reliability. This is based on surveys filled out by owners of the trucks in question. Where were all of the unhappy Tundra owners when these surveys were filled out?

    4. The '99 Silverado is already rated as a used vehicle to avoid by Consumer Reports. Good Luck, Quad on unloading that LEMONADO of yours. And your warranty is up! Who is going to pay for all of the major repairs now? My suggestion - get rid of that POS quick and get a real truck - a Tundra. You have to get over that raging case of tic (truck inferiority complex) of yours and come back to reality. Your Lemonado was built a heap and will remain a heap.

    5. Libby doesn't know her '52 Chev from a hole in the ground. It IS a much better truck than the current Chevs however. She should trade the '52 on a truck she can work - the Tundra. She should know that you can't work a truck that is in the shop most of the time like the current chevies.

    6. GM sales are declining. They are losing market share. The word is out. There is a limit to how many gullible purchasers they can sucker into buying Chevies. Toyota sales are better than ever. I wonder why?

    Now, as much as you Chev packers want the Shakerado to be a Toyota - it ain't gonna happen. The shakerado is expensive junk. Face the facts.
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    "Dude, if Ryan was doing that I don't eeeeven want
    to know where red, Tim and oby were!!!!"

    Well, I forgot about them! Seems I remember them sitting on each side of Ryan (that Silverado back seat is like a huge, cavernous loveseat)
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    We bought a 2000 Tundra V8 FWD with access Cab in White.....This has been the BEST VEHICLE we have ever owned. The ride is unsurpassed, the quality and beauty of the Truck is verified by the number of people who go out of their way to tell us "how pretty our truck is" Have taken it to Florida, twice and have no problems in the nine months we have owned it...Tested GMC Sierra before buying and the vibration in that truck was unbelievable...TOYOTA HAS DONE IT AGAIN...RELIABILITY & QUALITY...THAT SAYS IT ALL FOR ME!....
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    Seems all the tundra guys can come up with is personal attacks against us. Pretty lame if you ask me.

    haha toyota sales better than ever this may be true but but whats the ratio of silverados to tundras being sold? I rest my case. Plain as day

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    Oh yea. Why is the silverado sales decreasing??? Maybe because there are a bunch of people that are waiting for their 2500HD and 3500HD but you tundra guys wouldnt know about a "real" truck now.

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    Direct quote from them ones who be fillin out them JD Power ones:

    This has been the BEST VEHICLE we have
    ever owned. The ride is unsurpassed, the quality
    and beauty of the Truck is verified by the number
    of people who go out of their way to tell us "how
    pretty our truck is"

    Yep, that be explainin why them limited ones be ratin so high on that JD one for sure. Them that work a truck aint got no time for its shine. They aint got no time for no JD Power one now. They just work em hard, they aint doin no "highway" haul with em. If chasin that fad, get ya a limited one, if ya goin work that truck, get ya a big3 one for sure. Thats the fact on that one, dont let no yuppie tell ya otherwise. Dont be gettin tricked by that shine, get ya a big3 one now. Good luck on this one now!
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    I think my truck is the best truck ever does that mean its the best truck out there for everyone no. This has been the BEST VEHICLE we have
    ever owned. The ride is unsurpassed i beleive this and most would for whatever brand vehicle they have. Who acutally fills those darn surveys out anyways. Most discard them cause they mean nothing.

    So whats the ratio chevy silverado 1500 (ill limit it to that to make it fair) to toyota tundra any answers???

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    When I buy a truck I sure don't want comments about how "pretty" it is, and as far as the ride quality being unsurpassed, I need a truck capable of handling payload and unfortunately this means having something that rides like a truck or it won't be stiff enough to handle the ride when loaded. The toyota rides like a car and how do you think it handles when you put over a 1,000 pounds in the back or 2,000 pounds? Right, no suspension.
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    Ask any "real" contractor what truck he would rather have a Chevy, Ford, or Tundra. His first choice im sure 90% of the time would be ford then chevy and he would probably laugh at the tundra not even considering it.

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Unless maybe he was the foreman or main guy who didnt acutally use it for work and only to drive around

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    Has anyone ever read a consumer reports review of any "big 3" full size truck that they liked. I'm serious about this question. I don't mean when they says things like "the truck did an adequate job of ...." . Have they ever liked any of them?

    Testing a truck should have different criteria than test a car or dishwasher. Reading thier tests (and I have), one gets the distinct impression that they don't have a clue as to why a person buys a truck or how a person uses a truck.
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    ..it is pretty lame to go into personal attack...kinda like F150 did...

    as I've said before...come on over to my site if ya wanna let it hit the fan.....

    ...but we know Tundra fans have never been that brave..

    ..as said before....i will put any Toy against any Chevy..
    - Tim
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    re: #586
    "The toyota rides like a car and how do you
    think it handles when you put over a 1,000 pounds
    in the back or 2,000 pounds? Right, no suspension."

    just ask the tundra owner who bottomed out rolling over speedbumps at home depot with a measly 1,080 pounds in the bed! LOL! there's your smooth ride for you!!!

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    glad to hear you've had such a wonderful experience with your tundra. this may not be the best place for you to get info on it though as it tends to be more of a "war-room" than anything else. join the fray if you like. if you do though, try to stick to objective facts, as opposed to the personal slander and attacks of your tundra brethren bama and rwell. ratboy's a good role-model. very level headed and objective.
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    good work on hitting up putc for sales numbers. that was my next stop this morning. i thought that bama was exagerating a bit. almost two-fold is about right for him. no big shock there, molding numbers to fit his needs. funny how they tend to minimize the number of tundra vibrations (denial) and maximize tundra sales (hopeless optimism) to make themselves feel better.

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    Who came in 1st and 2nd in that JD Powers initial quality survey? -just curious.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    J.D. Power and Associates 2000 Initial Quality Study(SM)

    Top Three Vehicles Per Segment

    Car Segments Truck Segments

    Compact Pickup
    Best: Mazda B-Series
    GMC Sonoma
    Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

    Fullsize Pickup
    Toyota Tundra
    Ford F-150 Light Duty
    Ford F-250 Super Duty

    Mini Sport Utility Vehicle
    Best: Honda CR-V
    Toyota RAV4
    Subaru Forester

    Sport Utility Vehicle
    Nissan Pathfinder
    Mercury Mountaineer
    Toyota 4Runner

    Fullsize Sport Utility Vehicle
    Best: Toyota Land Cruiser
    Ford Expedition
    Chevrolet Suburban GMT800

    Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle
    Lexus LX 470
    Infiniti QX4
    Lexus RX 300

    Compact Van
    Toyota Sienna
    Plymouth Voyager
    Dodge Caravan
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    i can't remember if it was here that someone was asking or not. but...i think for 2001 toyota tacoma will be available in a crew cab configuration (similar to ford supercrew) with a 5 foot bed. no word on whether tundra will be or not. i know s-10 will offer a "quad cab" type option in 2001 or '02 also...not sure on bed length on that one...

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Yes the tacoma is coming out with a 4 dr crew

    Also the S-10 is too. The bed length of the S-10 is real small. I beleive off the top of my head its 4.5 ft.

    They will be coming out soon.

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    Or should I say, the Power Ranger Mobile?
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    to me the frontier and avalanche front ends have a similarity anyone else see this???

  • ratboy3ratboy3 Member Posts: 324
    I guess the son or daughter of some big guy at Nissan got to design the new trucks.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Member Posts: 594
    They already have a vehicle specificly designed for kid and grocery hauling - its called a minivan. Trucks are designed and built for hauling and towing. They don't fit in parking spaces as well as minivan nor do they bee-bop handling of a minivan. By the way this is toyota's second attempt at a full size truck. The T-100 was supposed to turn the pickup indusry upside down. I've see maybe 2 in 5 years a nd I live in the chicago area where there is a lot of everything on the road.
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    Only a few here will recognize the difference between eminently and imminently to give you a hard time over that. Me? I give everyone a hard time over typos -- especially those, like yourself, who begin with grammar/language critiques. Of course it is most embarrassing when I (inevitably) mangle the language/grammar/typing myself.... ;-)
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    I tend to agree with you on your punctuation statement. Some posts are hard to read. I do think you need to work on your math, however.


    "and I can't believe anyone would fault the
    Tundra because it only tows 2-300 lbs less than a
    similarly equipped (that reads "larger engine
    having") big-three truck."

    Seems to me the GM trucks can tow around 1900 lbs. more than the Toy and the Ford has about a 1300 lbs. advantage.

    Your quality statement has always baffled me when spouted by other Toy owners. My favorite quotes have been, "Sure, the bed of my truck has disintergrated from rust but the engine sure purrs like a kitten." Or this quote, "So what if my truck blew a had gasket, at least Toy fixed it and gave me an extended warranty."

    My friend's T-100 caught on fire for an unknown reason. Toy denied anything was wrong. There's a similar post here where someone's Toy did the same thing. The difference is(we're back to math again.) is if Ford and GM sell 15 to 20 trucks to Toys 1, there will be 15 to 20 times more problems reported.
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    great post. in one post you've managed to state absolutely nothing new.

    let's see, staying in the "cooler heads" theme, here we go.

    1. some feel that the big 3 vs. toyota is america vs. "the [non-permissible content removed]" as you would say, but those that know realize it's not. tundra is made in america and while it is japanese owned, dodge is german owned, so how's that any better?

    2. i'm fascinated how you can write off toyotas flaws, but hold others' flaws against them. hmmm, you didn't mention blind brand loyalty, so i'll throw that one at you to chew on.

    3. you state: "the Tundra will suffice in any
    chore and last much longer doing them" - you make this statement based off of it's whole one year of existence? the very next sentence you state: "I keep seeing J.D. power thrown around as if getting through the first 3 months of ownership troublefree is anything to brag about." duh, what do you think we've BEEN saying?

    4. you ask how we can fault tundra for "towing 2-300 pounds less than a similarly equipped (that reads "larger engine having") big-three truck." but then turn around and tell us how "it puts comparable (4.8L Chevy, 5.2L Dodge, 4.6L Ford)"American" engines to shame in work ability". hmmm...so which is it? are we comparing the "larger engine having" or the smaller engine having? the one that you feel best matches different arguments?

    i have a question for you. let's assume i have a 4.8L chevy. you can out-tow/haul/accelerate me but...since it's only a couple of hundred pounds or tenths of seconds, that's no big deal right? especially considering my gas mileage will be much better than yours and i will have more room for all those kiddies and groceries.

    don't like that one? well, how about this, i'll take the 5.3L chevy. then, i STILL get better gas mileage than you do, and get MORE power, FASTER acceleration, more towing and more hauling capacity.

    reliability? no one's answered that question for me yet. you stated yourself, "let's save
    that argument for 5-7 years down the road..." i agree. i'll be there. and i guarantee you, if you used the chevy and the tundra as grocery and kiddy haulers...they'll each last the same. use them both as work trucks...the tundra will fall by the way side long before any chevy will...

    the most dependable longest-lasting trucks on the road...

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    Make sure you read the topic listed below and the many other Silverado topics in this forum. If you still want to buy one after reading then.....God help you!!!

    2158 Vibrating Silverado Buyback
  • timothyadavistimothyadavis Member Posts: 322
    In all fairness then shouldn't they also read Toyota Tundra - Recent Buyers - Vibration Pbm? (topic #2038) too?

    Seriously, though the product slamming can get bad in these forums I was actually able to use the lack of still-valid complaints against the F150 in these topics as a reassurance. Now does that mean the Silverado and Tundra complaints are show-stoppers for you? I don't know. But, of course, you could just buy the F150 and be done with it.... ;-)
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    Yes...Rwell wins. I am convinced. I will order a new Tundra.

    I can't decide between the 4x4 Clunkerundra LTD with transmission thump, hyperactive cruise control and rough idle,

    or the hard starting V8 Shakerundra SR5 with warped brakes, vibrating console and ferret horn.

    Decisions, decisions....please help!
  • timothyadavistimothyadavis Member Posts: 322
    Quick! Trade your 1500 on an Ford immediately, before it shakes down the trade-in value any further! ;-)
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    They like too blow that smoke, talk on this and that, but what say too them head-gaskets popin, and them ones rustin out? If them ones be so "long lastin" where they all be? Where all them hi-lux ones now? Yep, just like them t100 ones, which be all used up, so it be with them tundras too. Who be the one who goin rebuild that mexi-engine at 150k miles now? Yep, just alot of smoke, no facts too be backin it up with. This be the way of them without the knowin of these things. Mean time, we still workin that 52 Chevy on that farm, day in and out. Facts is facts. What say on them hi-lux ones now? Good luck on this one now!
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403

    If they was so good, then where they be today? Ponder this one now. Good luck on this one now!
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    I posted on this site because I was under the impression we were debating TOYOTA Tundra vs. The Big Three. I own a toyota, so I thought I might support the cause. I guess I am the only toyota owner here, so it appears like all the "American" fans are simply whipping each other with their less-than-informed remarks.

    Here's some FACTS for you brothers:

    The max towing on the Silverado is 8300 lbs. (direct from Chevrolet website), however, once again Chevy does offer four engines on the 1500 and I stated that there was only one offered by Toyota and when compared to similar engines, chevy 4.8 and ford 4.6, it was superior. The Tundra handles 7200 lbs and that is a difference of 1100 lbs. I'll be exact from now on.

    Reliability was based upon the only models from Toyota that we have long enough histories, the original "the truck", the tacoma, and the T100, all of which demonstrated superior longetivity to their american counterparts except for the T100 which was a full size pickup but had no V8 and wasn't taken seriously by buyers. However, it did rank ahead of the big three in reliability problems reported for the years it was produced. And reliability is not worse for american trucks simply because there are more of them out there. Reliability is stated as a percentage of the total of a certain type of truck. For example, 10% of buyers reported having 5-10 problems in the first year with their mazda.

    The 1995 Tacoma did have a blown head gasket, fixed under a recall, and that is the only known problem area of the Tacoma. Incidentally, how many owners do you think have more than 2 or even 300,000 miles on their tacomas. You might ask one sometime.

    And I don't give a F**k if you use your 52 chevy on the farm. How many miles does it have on it? Reliability is not how long something lasts, because if you throw enough money into a Yugo, you can get it to work 48 years, too.

    Do you ever read the fine print on the commercial for which all of your egos are based? The dependability (a subjective term at best) is based on the number of chevrolets still registered in a ten year time frame compared to all other full size truck lines. Registration does not equality reliability and cost effectiveness. It simply demonstrates loyalty which all you certainly have.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    They be rustin' in piece!
  • bcobco Member Posts: 756
    "I posted on this site because I was under the
    impression we were debating TOYOTA Tundra vs. The
    Big Three."

    bad impression, einstein. look at the title again "tundra vs. the big 3" not toyota...

    "I own a toyota, so I thought I might
    support the cause."
    you thought wrong. 'A' for effort; 'F' for execution

    "I guess I am the only toyota owner here..."

    nope, the other guys are just burying their heads in their hands wondering how they're going to dig your hapless butt out... LOL!

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    I like the truck picture! I remember when I was little that we had one of those.. brings back memories.. well actually it was a Land Cruiser before it became a 'classy' vehicle..
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    4 engines in the half ton???? The base truck has 2 i believe. There are 3 different engines you can get in a 1/2 ton silverado

    4.3 V-6
    4.8 V-8
    5.3 V-8
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    Back in them oldin days, that toy factory built em ones for the workin man. Them ones had no frills, and drove like a truck and such. But the workin man put them ones too work, and used em up quick. That workin man found out them ones rusted up, and busted up quick, so they worked them big3 ones instead. Use your eyes for the fact on this one. Now a days, that toy factory be trickin the yuppie, cuz that workin man be knowin better than to be gettin one of them limited ones. Thats why them tundras be smooth ridin and such, cuz that be what them ones fad chasin be wantin now. The gut buster be this: Them yuppies be thinkin they got that real "full size" workin truck like them big3 ones! But that truth is this: tundra=less truck, more buck. As them yuppies figure this one out, it stings, cuz that truth be slappin em hard. Soon now, them yuppies will be chasin that next shiny fad, and them tundras will be used up just like them hi-lux ones of yesteryear now. Good luck on this one now!
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    state the Silverados could tow 9100lbs with the 4.10??? If I'm wrong I apologize.

    Either way, 8300 is still not 2-300 lbs. more than 7200.
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    If ya chasin after that fad, them haul numbers have little meanin now. Things like that shine and ride be what them folks be after. If ya lookin too work one, get ya a big3 one for sure. For them chasin after that fad, get ya that limited one. Just dont be thinkin ya got ya a "full size" workin truck that compares too them big3 ones. Be happy with that shine, and work that highway with it. Good luck on this one now!
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    and now:

    Them Chevys got what it takes for workin that farm now. Good luck on this one now!
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    Post ya a pict of them hi-lux ones now, if ya can find one that aint used up that is. Use your eyes on this one. Facts is facts. So much for them forien ones lastin, and folks aint even workin them ones! Good luck on this one now!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    That was a great looking truck. Same one? More pictures!
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Nice looking truck there man

  • wheelesawheelesa Member Posts: 3
    Currently have a 99 Ranger, loaded, but need a bigger truck. I won't be doing serious hauling, except for sleds and such. Looking at, of course the 4 full size trucks listed on this forum, but also looking at the dodge quad cab.

    I know quite a bit about these trucks, but was wondering if you guys could list the known negatives of these trucks, such as Tundra's vibrations, dodge's recall, etc.?

    Any help/info appreciated. - Thanks!
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    That Ranger be the same size as that tundra one. Get ya a real "full size" truck for the haul, ya wont be regrettin it later like them folks who was tricked on them tundras now. Good luck on this one now!
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