Tundra vs the Big 3 Continued IV



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    Do you need a 4 wheel drive truck??? What kinda room you need in the rear? Alot of passengers, kids?

    Silverado - most rear seat room

    2wd silverado (2000) vib problems is the major complaint.

    I know my 1500 Z71 ext cab is great no major problems.

    I know alot of people will start talking bad about ford (door cracks - piston slap) chevy (vibs - ping) dodge (trans) tundra (size hehe - vibs)

    You have to realize it doesnt matter what model you get they all are not immune from things going wrong. Mechanical and electrical devices do fail.

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    Toyota has high resale, great reliabilty and excellent ergonomics. Tundra is as good or better than Ford, Dodge, and GM. What is the best? Test drive them all and buy the one that fits your needs and is your style. To justtheone: You say you are still working your 52 Chevy. How many horsepower does it have? What about rear legroom? What is the payload capacity? How many miles per gallon? Is it bigger than a Tundra? You said earlier that Toyota was not capable of being a work truck, yet your underpowered, small, ancient 52 Chevy is a work truck. I guess if Toyota decreases the horsepower, makes the Tundra smaller, decreases the quality to 1952 levels, removes two doors, pre-rusts the truck, and builds the truck in Mexico or Canada like GM, Chrysler, and Ford do then it will be the work truck of your dreams.
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    "What say on them hi-lux
    ones now? Good luck on this one now!"

    Coming up on 400,000 miles on that 1978 now, Rube!
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    1000 POSTS....Oh No!!!!

    Wait a minute..."erkme73 has made 540 posts by himself, and what's this..."Chrietzberg" has made 323 posts. You mean to say 2 people account for 873 posts. I see 2 others have 40-50 posts to their credit. Hmmmm. Could Quadrunner be blowing this whole thing out of porportion? Is Quadrunner, the chevy salesman, really after the facts? Will quad's swollen prostate flare up again when he reads this? Tune in again tomorrow and learn the answers to these and other mildly unimportant questions!!
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    Man, did I get the Chevy packers riled up! 55 posts since less than 24hrs. ago - the vast majority from Chev packers! You guys have WAAAAAY too much free time. It sure is hard for the packers to face the hard facts: Chevy = Expensive Junk.

    BCO - 8 posts. First of all - I'm sorry that I hurt the wittle boy's feewings. I'm still laughing! Here is a simple problem (maybe not for BCO - he can't even spell "ideological") Try your best:

    If a truck manufacturer produces 100,000 trucks per year for 1.5 years, how many trucks are produced? Hint: The answer is NOT 75,000. The self-proclaimed "prof"? What a hoot! Did you really post "mr. rough nuts"? HAHAHAHAHA! If nothing else you are very entertaining!

    Justtheruns - 8 posts! Shoot Fire! YEE HAWW!
    All incoherent jibberish. She just doesn't get it and never will. If she really DOES have the grammar and spelling ability of a 3rd grader - maybe she really IS a third grader. She sure has me fooled if she isn't. Reminds me of the wizard of OZ scarecrow "If I only had a brain". LOL Moparbad - don't waste your time on Libby.

    Ryan - 13 posts! I'm sorry I called you a mascot. I think Cheerleader fits you better.

    Quad - 4 posts. I think that his truck inferiority complex has finally pushed him over the edge. All he seems to be able to do now is cut and paste articles from www.tundrasolutions.com. to the Tundra vibration topic. Why is he in the Tundra Vibration topic? Does he own a Tundra? Has he got anything constructive to add to the topic? Only Quad knows. Shakerundra? Can't Quad come up with something A LITTLE more original? I guess not.

    I'm sorry that J.D. Powers and Consumer Reports beats up on little ol' GM all of the time. It's not fair! It must be all of the advertising that Toyota does with them. LOL These reports contain something that the Chevy pack abhors: Facts.

    Chevy - -90% predicted reliability. (Consumer Reports)

    Chevy - ranked 26th in quality (J.D. Powers)

    '99 Silverado - Used Vehicle to avoid - already! (Consumer Reports)

    These were the result of surveys filled out by Shakerado owners. It seems that Chevy owners in general are not very happy with their trucks. (That just isn't fair!)

    Tundra: Winner of the 2000 J.D.Powers quality award for full-size pickups.

    Tundra: Best predicted reliability for 2000 full size pickups. This is based on Consumer Reports surveys filled out by Tundra owners in '99. I wonder where all the dissatisfied Tundra owners went?

    Check out Toyota Tundra - Recent Buyers - Vibration Pbm? (Topic #2038) as Timothy Davis suggested. Virtually all of the posts to that topic are by Chevy owners! In four months, there has been only one poster who owns a Tundra with a vibration problem. Where are the hordes of Tundra owners having vibraton problems?

    Now look at the Chevy vibration topics at Edmund's - over 2600 posts so far this year. Not one by a Tundra owner! It seems that Chevy has a far more severe problem. I could spend the next few months copying and pasting negative Chevy posts like BCO and Quad are fond of doing, but - as I have said before - what is the point?

    GO to http://agmlemon.freeservers.com/ - check it out for yourselves. I don't feel a need to copy and paste all of the posts here. I am willing to bet that most people will be able to follow links and find the articles for themselves. Why clog up the bandwidth of this site?

    Although there are certainly vibrating Tundras out there, they are relatively few. They are so few that the Chevy pack has to go to other sites to find negative posts. Hmmm - I don't have to go to other sites to find negative Chevy posts. What is the deal?

    Could it be that the Chevy packers are taking a small Tundra vibration problem and trying to make it look big?

    This is a concept that is beyond the understanding of the Chevy pack - that if you want to maximize your chance of having an unreliable, low quality heap - you need go no further than your local Chevy dealer.

    Chev pack - try as you will - you will never be able to make the Chevy into a Toyota. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
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    chevy drivers should never talk about other models of trucks rusting. if you drive a chevy they are going to rust.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240

    Bama who has way to much free time? Counting everones posts???


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    bama...still personal attackin' and such. gonna have to go back to callin' you king tundrat until you start cryin' 'bout that again. here's a good one now...

    "If a truck manufacturer produces 100,000 trucks
    per year for 1.5 years, how many trucks are
    produced? Hint: The answer is NOT 75,000."

    you are correct, sir. congratulations. NOW here's one for you:

    if a truck maker produces 150,000 trucks and only 77k are sold, what does that (51.3% of those produced are sold) tell you about what folks are thinkin' 'bout old jd powers now??? LOL...c'mon back with all your broken record wonders...guess what? john q. public ain't buying it...literally!!! LOL!

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    hmmm...dan reincarnate? oby? could be...

    just remember where you read it first...

  • bcobco Member Posts: 756
    what happened to you? i USED to enjoy reading your posts because they USED to contain some semblance of truck-related material. now...you've just lost it. what happened? truck got the shakes again??? LOL.

    by the way, through 13 pages of tundra vibes, i've got...33 DIFFERENT folks complaining of some sort of vibe that wasn't fixed by a good wheel balance (which is why i DON'T count you in this tally)...

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    Them limited ones be 32% smaller than them big3 ones. They be shoutin on that quality of them toys, yet when usin your eyes and lookin about, there aint no older ones too be seen. Aint heard of 1 of them ones workin em yet, and when was the last time ya seen one of them ones on the farm? Keep hearin bout this JD Power, but is he workin em any? Nope. It be funny how them yuppies be arguin on em, when all they no bout workin em is that shine, they just aint gettin it now. Sure be glad when this fad done passed on by. Good luck on this one now!
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    Let me first apologize to the legions (bamatundra, maybe moparbad, and rwellbaum2) of Toyota fans out there for my blunder in trying to say "does not equate to reliability and cost effectiveness." We all make mistakes typing. And I my first post was not intended to be a grammar lesson, but simply a wake up call for those who make our job of reading more difficult with their southern vernacular and overuse of the almight apostrophe.

    Excellent posts Moparbad. All the points you made were valid especially the horsepower bit. Are you a Mopar fan or not? I get the impression you are pretty fond of Toyotas. This is good, don't get me wrong.

    Bamatundra, I have seen your posts before and, as usual, you offer more than enough to digest. Good work on pulling on those statistics and information. Of course, you realize that the chevy guys are going to simply dismiss all of it by saying you have too much time on your hands and other assorted excuses.

    It's a dying cause to try to make a valid point with the so-called "American" guys. They see things from only one perspective whereas most toyota buyers are more objective and have owned chevrolet or chrysler products and made the switch because of their experiences. I have met or read of few chevy or dodge fans who have even test-driven a toyota product. Their fear of being labeled a "wuss" or "rice burner" most likely has kept them from even nearing a toyota dealership.

    I was raised on ford trucks, which are great and generally reliable (small problems here and there), but I just don't have a need for a full-size truck, and my family has owned GM trucks and dodge rams which have exhibited less than admirable qualities, mainly those which tended to strand us on the side of the highway. I can't understand why chevy owners can't just be honest, at least, about their products. They can ignore all the stats, write off J.D. So and So, but they cannot ignore proven chevrolet or chrysler experience. I don't have a problem with them snatching up 7 or 800,000 silverados, but to just hear one of them own up to their truck's shortcomings is never going to happen.

    This will be my final post. I realize I have only made a few, but in that time I have been so berrated (sorry, might have misspelled that one) that I am really discouraged from making any further arguments. I'll continue to read the other posts from time to time and might jump in on one at a later date, but I suspect that will be much later.

    Good luck to all the toyota owners out there and don't let the GM and chrysler guys and gals get you down. Make choices with what's between your ears and not with what's in your pants, and you'll always come out ahead.
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    Expect tp be berated when you wholesale jump on another brand (bashing). Some of us do it for fun ,but you seem to be serious. By the way, I think you are sadly mistaken about the number of us that have driven toyota. I owned a toyota truck and for a compact truck it was great (gutless but lasted forever). The tundra meets a lot of drivers needs as a good, mid size, truck. They got a good product for a lot of people unfortunately they mistakenly marketed it as a full size truck. It probably would stack up well against the old chevy 10 or ford f100.

    Use your eyes on this one now. And if you don't believe your eyes because toyota told you different, then use your butt and try getting in and out of thes trucks. Perhaps its you that hasn't tested the competition?
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    Someone had mentioned I'm objective. I think I'm not. I just don't slam what someone else have because it's different. Well I would if I knew anything about the other trucks. Shoot I don't even know my own truck! Been getting information about it from here and other sites.
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    Ok my stance is

    I dont hate the tundra by no means. I have driven it and it doesnt suit me. My stance is that toyota people (trust me i have a few in my family) think their vehicles are so perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. But in my grandpas case for the first time something did go wrong ewith his camry very bad vib problems which were fixed. he has since stopped talking "trash" about gm. He does like my truck. Thinks my seats are just like his lazyboy.

    So you can see im not anit tundra just trying to get across some reality in that NO VEHICLE is perfect and problems do occur.


    Ratboy you are very objective
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    Go to Tundra Solutions and read the posts under "Unusual model Tundras."

    I sincerely feel sorry for them.
    First they have to put up with the problem, then they have to endure snickering from the peanut gallery.
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    you ARE the peanut gallery!!

    http://agmlemon.freeservers.com/ -
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Sorry Ryan,
    I like talking trucks also. BCO had a cut and paste fetish awhile back, but stopped after I showed him how annoying it was to take up huge chunks of space repeating info (just post a link and let the reader decide if they want to go there).
    Now all quad does is cut and paste. Needless to say, I scroll past any posts with his name. I try to inteject some humor from time to time and wouldn't make fun of you (head bobbin' like a toy dog) if I didn't think you were an alright guy. I think Ratboy and yourself are the only real examples of civility on this topic.
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    we shouldn't pay any attention to rwell anymore...he can't even spell "interject"...

  • bcobco Member Posts: 756
    the only time i typically post links is as a source of reference. i find it hilarious that you guys can totally ignore the vibrations that tundra experiences. nor do you have an answer for the "ratio issue". that is...if toyota produced 100k tundras in the first year (and only sold 77k of them) you're obviously going to hear/read fewer complaints than the big three who make (and sell, oh by the way) many more trucks each year. but you guys just want to sweep those complaints under the rug and hope that no more surface. keep hoping...reading tundra solutions, i see LOTS of tundra owners who are very timid about doing anything "rough" with their trucks for fear of incurring the dreaded "tundra vibe".

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    bco: Check AutoSite Market Report Top Sales - Pickups and you'll see that the Tundra sold 22,710 Last Year to Date (1999 through September) and has sold 77,512 through September 2000. That's 100,222 without counting what they sold in the last 3 months of 1999. There has been some confusion on this, but it appears that they are not accumulating an over supply and are doing a good job of moving all the trucks they can build.

    rwellbaum2: I know that it is easy to take all of this bickering... er, I mean, debating... personally. But you and bco should try to back off of it. Read the first paragraph of your #650 again and I think you might recognize a tone and attitude that isn't really mature.

    Also, I am somewhat chagrined to have been left out of your list of those who you consider "the only real examples of civility on this topic." I will however, survive, I think....
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    but it is entertaining. Somebody said it earlier that some people have too much time and they're right!!!
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    Hearin lots of talkin facts, but that truth be sayin that them toys get used up quick. Aint seen no hi-lux ones workin, whys that now? Cuz they all be used up, rustin away somewhere now. Use your eyes on this one, ya got no need for JD Power for this fact. It be kinda like the size of them limited ones. Just use your eyes on that size, they sure be runts. That factory be givin ya that hint with that name now: Da Runt! Good luck on this one now!
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    for one of these:


    6.6l ls1 based motor, 6 sp manual tranny, 480 hp, 475 lb-ft torque. Might have a tundra killer here...

    full story here:

  • bcobco Member Posts: 756
    so they sold 100k. if we're REAL nice and say they sold 25k in the last three months of 99 (which they didn't) just THIS YEAR'S gm sales STILL outsells ALL tundra sales them 5:1. so duh, yes there's going to be more complaints about more trucks. and like i said earlier...25k is awful optimistic, and that's only comparing to gm sales THIS year. so 5:1 is being REAL nice. don't sweat it, you guys will figure it out sooner or later...(well forget that theory, it's OBVIOUSLY going to be later!)

  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    If they aint figured out that them limited ones aint even "full size" yet, they goin have an even hardin time learnin much else now. Some folks be hard too learn, even when ya be pointin it out plain too em. This just be the way it is with em. Good luck on this one now!
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    How the heck are ya gonna work that thing HARD? It looks like it doesn't even have any place to put a hitch on. Where are you gonna put the Yosemite Sam back off mudflaps? It looks like if you got the flaps on - they would drag in the dirt.

    And the thing has NO ground clearance, it would bottom out on the first furrow it hit when you tried to plow the field with it. Libby can't see through the tinted glass - but it better have a rifle rack - those should not be optional.

    Now 485 horses would certainly get ya to the feedstore quick - but how are you gonna load it? The thing looks like it has a covered bed. And the thing has no rear door handles! How are Libby's buddies gonna figure out how to get in it?

    And those tires! They have absolutely no tread! This thing would get stuck in the first muddy field that you tried to drive it through!

    How the heck are you supposed to get a real load of tobacky in it? The suspension looks like it is already bottomed out empty!

    Libby barely got her three speed tranny figured out - how the heck is she supposed to learn six speeds? And the horsepower peak is at 6000 RPM. Can you imagine libby trying to plow her field at 6000 rpm?

    I don't know Oby - it looks like ya can't work it hard like libby's '52.
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    Well, that Tundra probably won't pull my tractor, I sure didn't see a PTO on it, I bet it is hard to clean cow manure out of it, not enough room for all of my seed corn caps in it... I have not seen a Tundra on the farm because it is not marketed primarily to farmers. And anyone can see that it is not as big as an F150 and Chevy full size. Toyota is smart enough to know that most truck buyers do not need to pull a horsetrailer. Too bad Chevy is not still making those 52's.
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    Maybe if Toyota is willing to make some Tundras in John Deere Green, some farmers might be interested in the Tundra. Hmmm.
    How about a manure spreader accessory for the bed?
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    this ain't no work truck. this be a toy for me. still got the old '91 nissan to do the hauling.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Its actually 6:1 (just silverados) and 8:1 (sierras+silverados)

  • bamatundrabamatundra Member Posts: 1,583
    Does that mean that Chevy shipped more than a million '99 and '00 trucks with incorrect main bearing clearances? Wow, it took them awhile to figure that out.

    Don't worry if your engine knocks cold, it's normal. One MILLION!

    I hear that Chevy is claiming it is normal for an engine to knock! They are refusing to repair it! Remember - it is NORMAL! Chevy execs are chuckling all the way to the bank.

    And why won't Silverados run on regular gas? It gets expensive always running premium. I hear it is because ran the gearing too high, the ignition too advanced and the mixture too lean in order to increase gas mileage for the EPA testing.

    I don't know about you but I will take a 1mpg hit to be able to run regular gas without knocking. Sheesh!

    I got 19.5 mpg the last road trip I took in my V8 Access cab 4X4 SR5 Tundra. This was going 75 to 80 mph almost the entire way. I have run regular for almost a year without a single knock.

    DOHC engines with 4 Valves/ cylinder allow a more efficient combustion chamber design. This allows a higher compression ratio without knocking.
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    Yep, that Chevy sure aint goin work no farm now. Aint never seen no Chevy that fancy before now. How is folks suppose too work that one? Got that shine of a fad about it for sure. Hope they all aint gonna get that fancy, we need them trucks for workin them farms now. Good luck on this one now!
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    Guessin I got that mark on me for sure now. Good luck on this one now!
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    no knocking for me. Funny how you think they all do it 87 octane for gas.

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    bama - very closed minded person

    you dont see reality often do u???

  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    >>you dont see reality often do u???<<

    When a full size truck pulls along side, he does.
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Sorry for not including you in the civility group. Honestly, your posts are so mundane that I kinda forgot about you. Ratboy has a definite personality as does Ryanbab. Quad and BCO are interchangable in their posting style. I can never remeber who's who between mgdhman and modvtptl. Rube maintains a consistant persoanlity even while being a total fraud. BTW, why did you single out me and BCO as the main pervayers of flameramas, even though there are plenty more guilty? Is it because we're both in the military?
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    You accuse Bama of dwelling in a fatasy based delerium, while you shake, rattle and rock down the road listening to slim whitman and smiling cause' Chevy loves you!!
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    it's true.....LMAO!!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Rwell, you can't tell the difference between Mod and Tim? You didn't remember that Oby was going through the buyout process, and confused me with him.

    Unfortunately, your poor memory, and Bama's poor math skills illustrate why you two goofs can't be the same personality, despite others who think you are joined at the hip.
  • bamatundrabamatundra Member Posts: 1,583
    Let me get this straight - your truck knocks in the summer months? I guess your rods knocking take over in the winter (Cold Start Knock) And how many powertrain repairs have you had done? Too bad the Chev's warranty is up now. Better get rid of it quick (Before everyone knows about the '99 Silverados.

    You know you want the Tundra. That is why you spend all of your time in Tundra Solutions. Just unload that Lemonado now.
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    That factory be givin folks that hint on them limited ones, if folks would just use them eyes on it. That name tundra be really spellin out that name "Da Runt" now. What say too this one? Use your eyes on this one now. Good luck on this one now!
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    "If you really want to work a truck - get a toyota."

    Um how do you define work here? Going to the local Seven Eleven to get a coffee??? Or going to pick up some groceries at the local supermarket?

  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    I am curious what have you hauled in your tundra?

    Ill tell you what i have hauled in the back of my silverado

    1st summer project: pool deck
    25 bags of concrete, 4x4's, 40 deck boards, and other misc. boards

    2nd project
    Shed - plywood, 2x4's and a bunch of other stuff

    3rd project
    Fence - fence panels in the back - 30 bags concrete, 15 4x4's

    4th project ( i have no part in just picking materials up cause my cousins truck isnt big enough)
    Roof - 48 bundles of shingles first trip and 10 the second and roofing felt.

    5th project- ongoing through the winter
    basement remodel - drywall, 2x4's and more stuff to come

    Im not saying your truck couldnt do all this but do you or have you? Im curious.

  • ratboy3ratboy3 Member Posts: 324
    I'm hauling an old pair of Nike shoes everyday.. been in the back of the truck for months now.. too lazy to reach for it and chuck it in the trash..
  • ratboy3ratboy3 Member Posts: 324
    oh yeah and a kettle.. it fell off my camping bin.. it's been slippin and sliddin in the back there for weeks now too..
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    My work boots are in the back of mine. I wont let them in the cab they are to nasty

  • bcobco Member Posts: 756
    anyone remember the name of that putz tundra salesman who used to rant in here? the guy who said he likes the shallow tundra bed because it's easier to reach his fishing gear? man...imagine the quandary you'd be in, ratboy, if you had a big 3 truck with the "deep" beds that they have. you might not even know you had an old pair of sneaks back there... LOL

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