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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • bessbess Posts: 972
    If you change your oil ever 3k miles, either is just fine, offering similar protection.
    There are some dino oils that are actually better than some synthetics..

    I'm currently using Amsoil's full synthetic 5w-30, changing the oil every 15k and the filter every 3k. This oil is rated for 25k miles or 1 year. I'm getting ready to do an oil analysis at 8k to make sure Amsoil's really working as well as it claims.
  • newf250newf250 Posts: 4
    I have a F250 psd 4x4, 158"wb. I experience a bas rear axle/prive shaft vibration between 5 mph and 13 mph. Has anyone experienced this? I have head of similar problems in excursions...Any suggestions?
  • bemisbemis Posts: 5
    Watch the metal cover that forms the top of the cupholder/ash tray in 2000 F250 (and others, I presume). This piece sits just forward of the cupholder when the unit is open and slides in with the cupholder when you push it home, presumably to keep hot ashes from the ash-tray from burning up the instrument panel. The front edge of that piece of metal is sharp and will cut your finger.
  • lilelmolilelmo Posts: 144
    I have a 2000 250 Super Duty 4X4 with V10 and auto. The truck has 28,000 miles and the springs started making noises about four months ago. The dealer replaced (they said) the spring tip isolators in the front and that stopped it for a while. They replaced the complete spring assemblies in the rear and that stopped that, pretty much, but it still squeaks some. Anybody got any ideas on what causes this annoying problem and what might fix it? Thanks for any help.
  • rsabakarsabaka Posts: 8
    I have a 2001 F250, 4x4,SC, Diesel w/6 spd manual transmission. I just took it in for my first oil change (4950) and I'm currently getting 20 mpg. Needless to say, I'm definitely pleased. Anyone else getting this kind of MPG?
  • rsabakarsabaka Posts: 8
    Has anyone had this problem...I have an F250 SD,4X4,SC. I went to pick up a load of grain and when the kid jumped from the loading dock to the tailgate, a good portion of the tailgate dented in. When I spoke with the body shop guy at Ford and asked what the tailgates were reinforced with, he said "nothing". My '78 F150 has never done this and it's been through a whole lot more than this. Looking at the '78 from the side, the tailgate is about 1/2 as wide as the '01. When I sent an email to Ford's customer service and suggested they reinforce it with the same white, dense, styrofoam looking stuff that's behind their car bumpers, they merely answered that my problem was not a manufacturer defect, and to contact my insurance company. I feel it's a design problem because the void between the layers needs some kind of support. It's almost twice as deep as my '78. Anyone else have any problems?
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    I've actually had good luck with my superduty tailgate.
    I (with a friends help) accidently dropped a 300lb+ log on the the center of the tailgate.. Granted we didn't drop it far but the whole weight of the log was on the tailgate..
    I thought for sure we would have bent it, but its as straight as new.
    Needless to say, when I unloaded, I took the tailgate off..

    I do have a tailgate protector, like black corregated plastic, on the tailgate to keep it from getting scratched all to crap when sliding stuff in and out.. Maybe this provided a little extra cushion.
  • Hey everyone hats up? I"be got a 2001 F-250 CC diesel with auto tranny.My truck is in the shop for the 2nd time for the same problem,which is the transmission. The first time they told me it was a bad solenoid and the fluid was dirty. As I pull up to a light or stop sign the motor stalls and they tell me the transmission is not downshifting to low gear but staying in a higher gear thus stalling the motor. It"I like letting the clutch out in 3rd or 4th gear from a stop. Anybody else having this problems? I"be only got 1300 miles on this rig and I"I very fustrated. Why pay 1095 extra for a lousy tranny. Where"s the alliyson tranny when you need it?
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Had the same exact problem on a corsica I owned. The solenoid went out and it wouln't downshift after coming to a stop. Very frustrating for such a little part to cause so much grief.
  • rlloyd2rlloyd2 Posts: 4
    I have a 1999 super duty ford f350 My truck makes
    the same creaks noise I. had it in 4 times at ford
    and it is not gone a way at all. and it is going
    back to ford to get it fix
  • rlloyd2rlloyd2 Posts: 4
    1999 ford F350 super duty 4X4 v10 .My truck makes
    the same noise .Had it in the shop 4 times at ford and is not fix it is going back to ford to be fix thay can not find out what the noise is
    I love the truck but not the noise
  • djpstmandjpstman Posts: 39
    I have a 2000 F350 CC LWB V10 and feel it idles too high when stopping. When I take my foot off the brake it moves without me accelerating. Is this normal or is there an adjustment to fix this?

    Haven't had the squeak problem yet. Only a coolant leak.
  • dlmayersondlmayerson Posts: 1
    This is a heads-up/request for additional information. I bought a used 1996 F250 powerstroke with auto transmission with about 70000 miles. The transmission failed within 5000 miles. Examination indicated that at least the torque converter had already been replaced before that time. After another 30000 miles, the transmission failed again. I have been hauling a 26'/8000# 5th wheel very very carefully for those 35000 miles that I have owned it, and have maintained the vehicle according to recommendations. Anyone have similar experience?
  • lilelmolilelmo Posts: 144
    Had the springs "fixed" for the third time and now the squeak is back. A friend who owns a 350 SD said he heard some aftermarket company was making a spring tip isolator with grease fittings, but didn't know who it was.Any idea out there as to who it might be? Thanks.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Does it tow the fifth wheel with ease or can you feel it back there? The reason I ask is that its possible that the weight is in spec but trailer brake malfunction could be causing additional load.
  • adam36adam36 Posts: 1
    Hi my name is dam and I live in the northwest and have become very interested in a 96 or 97 crew cab diesel with an automatic cranny. I have heard rumors about the trannys having problems and sometimes the motor,so if anyone knows anything bad or good about them please help me so I don't make a 25,000 dollar mistake.
  • beolsonbeolson Posts: 8
    I have a 99 cc 250, v10 with manual transmission and 3.73 reared. It has 18k with no off road use. Its principle use has been to tow a horse trailer (less than 4,500 pounds loaded) or a boat and trailer (less than 3,000 pounds), the latter often with a light (1,200 pound) popup camper in the bed. Overall, relatively light use for the truck. Excellent truck.

    Last weekend drove 200 miles to a lake with the boat/camper combination. The trip home was hot, in the 90s. Kept the speed at a comfortable 65 mph, 2100 RPM. Soon after arriving home I noticed oil spots on the boat. My first thought was that the engine was blowing oil. Looked underneath the truck, and saw that transmission fluid (red) was dripping from the case. Before I take it to the dealer, has anyone had this experience?

    By the way, the three year warranty was up 3 days ago. Lucky me.
  • i have a automatic 2wd f150 w/ about 25,000 miles + or - a few. about 1 1/2 or 2 weeks ago i was driving around a curve when the truck died and steering wheel locked. fortunately i had enough air in brakes to hit them before landing in someones front yard. this truck is only driven by me and my mother, which isnt much. the ford dealership just found out that the tranny prob was due to the idle being stuck- might just have it checked out. the truck also had probs w/ a HUGE miss in the gear shift, and there wasnt an exect code for either, and they didnt catch it until the truck ran really crappy and died a few times on them. tell them- maybe thats your prob
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    When you looked at the transmission and found the leak did you get under your truck or just look under it from the side of your truck?

    I had an old 71 F-250 that I kept losing transmission fluid from and thought I had a bad seal. I got under it, and sure enough, there was transmission fluid on the transmission itself. Then I noticed there was also some further toward the front of the truck under the engine. I found that one of the transmission cooler lines that went to the radiator from the transmission was lying up against the engine oil pan, and, apparently, over a period of time the vibration of driving it had rubbed a small hole in it. It only leaked when it was being driven, and since the hole was against the oil pan it didn't leak much, but would leak down over a period of time. Check where the oil stains start to be sure it isn't one of your coolant lines rather than the transmission.
  • mesazonemesazone Posts: 51
    Did everyone get their recall notice on the 2001 F250? I don't think it was limited to a specific cab setup.

    I have the 01 F250 SC. The recall was about the front outboard belts. It said that when the belt is buckled in a slow manner, the red button wouldn't pop back out all the way indicating a complete catch. I haven't tested mine (I buckle too fast I guess.) I have the seats where the belt is in the seat instead of hanging from the ceiling (a mid-2001 change.) Maybe only these are affected?
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    "Safety Recall 01S21 effects, among other vehicles, approximately 178,191 Super Duty F-250/550 trucks built at KTP (Kentucky) from 4/17/00 until 5/27/01 and at CAP (Mexico) from 5/16/00 until 6/19/01 and approximately 23,104 Excursions built at KTP from 4/17/00 until 10/2/00."

    "Seat belt tongues that are not inserted into the buckle firmly may not latch properly. Owners will be notified by mail with letters sent between 7/25/01 and 7/27/01. "

    "Drivers can help assure that the seat belt is buckled properly by firmly and rapidly pushing the tongue into the buckle and then wiggling it to confirm a solid latch. Drivers
    should also check visually to ensure that the seat belt buckle release button has returned to its full up position. The recall affects both the front driver's seat and outboard front passenger's seat."

    The inspection procedure will involve the use of a special dealership tool developed to identify potentially defective buckles. Actual defect rate is believed to be less than 5%."

    I've noticed mine opened up once in a while, but I've usually had a bunch of junk on seat (bench) next to me. Thought that I leaned going through a turn or something and pushed release on the seat belt somehow. Guess I'll be going in for service sooner than I thought.
  • fordtuffordtuf Posts: 101
    This is similar to lilelmo's post's.

    (By the way lilelmo do you use Akins?)

    They have mine again! Actually I should say still.
    They have tightened the cab bolts twice... still pops.
    They have replaced spring isolators twice...still squeaks.
    When they "fixed" that they made the front end pop when turned to the right, they replaced the entire drag link set up, spindal to spindal. At least I got a free alignment.
    Then I tried to pick it up for the third time and the cab still pops.

    About a year ago they fixed the clicking transfer case, this happens when you shift from drive to reverse. It took about 6 weeks for them to get the part (that reads lock-tite) that Ford recommended. It now has a strong vibration from 78 until 85 mph. I have asked them over and over to fix it but they keep telling me this is not a problem, its normal on our trucks. I have finally put my foot down and said it wasn't this way til you "fixed it", I will not accept it back until its fixed right. I told them this is there 4 th time and if I need to I will let them keep it. They know what I mean now. I even got a friendly call from the shop manager.

    Anybody else have Ford to tell you this was normal?

    The best part, if there is, is that Akins gives you a free loaner car. I've had a 2000 F150, 2000 Taurus, 2001 Ram 1500, currently driving 2001 Escape.
  • balsdonbalsdon Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone could please help me out with a problem I am having? The problem is: I bought an '04 F-150 with the 5.4 engine. When I start the truck up in the morning it idles between 1250 - 1500 RPM's and doesn't settle down, to around 750 RPM's, for about 15 - 20 seconds. I took the truck back to the dealer, and they said that it is okay. But I have never owned a truck that did that before. They usually start up, and settle down right away. Does anyone know if this is right or wrong? Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thank you for your time.

    See ya,

  • Has anyone on this board had their leather steering wheel replaced yet? The leather tends to loosen over time.I own a f250 s/c v8 almost 24k truck is still awesome nothing but compliments when im getting out of the vehicle, I still love the truck and wondering now if i should go for an 02 lariet..Mileage is about approx 13 city 15 hwy
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    That a few have had their steering wheels replaced because of the leather, mine loosens up on the back side, lower portion, but I can live with it, I'm afraid to take it in for a replacement of them breaking something that's not broke. I read in the paper last night that Schmitt Bros. Ford in Saukville, Wi. won the highest service award for the Chicago Marketing Region for April,May & June. I tell you that I have received nothing but the worse service from these guys and then they reward them, you get to thinking how lousy their competition must be. Got 23K on my 2k SD, only complaints so far has been the popping and the front springs and a clicking noise by the rear driver's side door which the dealer caused more headaches and the noise is still there. I really like the Truck, but the service really %#$@ from ford.
  • bessbess Posts: 972
    Good to see you again.. Is there any chance for you to go to a different Ford service dept? I've found that they are not all equal. That doesn't make it 'ok' but just an observation..
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    I'm going to try a differant one, will never go back to the one I bought it from, I have decided that already. I'm trying to decide if I should buy an extended warranty for peace of mind or if maybe a new truck is in the future. My wife & I have driven a number of new trucks, the ride and the quality of the interior haven't come close to the SD. We test driven the new Avalanche, rides good, has get up & go, but I expect the people that buy those will never really lay that devider down. Over the weekend I was holding dirt and rocks, I couldn't see those those in an AV. Drove a 2500 & 1500 HD crew cab, the 2500 seemed like something was holding it back, it had the 6.0 in it but it just didn't drive right, for 37,000 the interior seemed real cheap, plus I can get along with buckets of gm, the arm rest are integrated in the seat, unlike fords which are on the outside of the seat, on the gm you lose 4 inches, and none of them have the room of the SD. I doubt if the new dodge will compare either but we will test drive that too before deciding.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Gordie Bouche Ford in West Bend, WI. is having a sale on SD at INVOICE. I saw they had CC and EXt. Cabs with PSD, these are 2002 models. Was very tempting.
  • With only 6K miles on it, the transmission in our 2001 F250 SD Power stroke completely failed. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Ford is sending a new one -- we've been waiting fourteen days now. This isn't the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
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