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Toyota 4Runner



  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Good question. It comes down to cost. Certified cars come with a 100K power train warranty and the "wrap" is cheap, but it is only a gold level policy. Dealer cost is $270 and is generally sold for $700 to $800. Dealer cost on a 7/100K Platinum is $770 and is sold for $1200 to $1400.

    Warranties are a gamble. By not buying one, you are gambling that you will spend less in repairs over the term than you would have spent on a warranty. Personally, due to the MUCH greater level of coverage on the Platinum plan, I think this is a better gamble. The gold level does not include things like the CD player, key locks, wiring harnesses, moonroof cables (very expensive) and other, more fragile components.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    One of our salesman found this site today with a bunch of pics of the new Lexus. The thing I found most interesting is the side swinging door. I really hope that isn't something that will come on the new Runner.

  • buzzlightbuzzlight Posts: 44
    I thought you knew everything about the new 4 Runner. If so, you should know all the details including the doors, etc. I am still waiting for my apology. Maybe I will just drive by the (supposed) dealership where you sell cars and show you my 2003 4 Runner in a few weeks. You can apologize in person !!!!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Apologize for what? What have I ever said or done that would require an apology?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    On Monday or Tuesday, we will be getting our next allocation of cars and trucks. The cars allocated now will arrive in late March to early April. So... we have only a few more hours to speculate over this.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I couldn't finds those pictures you mentioned on that site??

    The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado/Colorado have rear mounted tires (I believe), and also have rear doors. I'm betting the new Lexus is built off that platform too.

  • jlduncjldunc Posts: 3
    I'm looking into buying a 4Runner. I'd like the truck to be from 1993-1995. Does anyone know of anything I should know about these trucks. is there anything wrong with them seriously that continues to come up. I've got a Blazer right now that has a chronic EGR problem. I love it, but I'd like something more reliable. Anybody have any suggestions for something in the $7500 - $10,000 range. I like Toyota trucks, and the 4Runner is a geat truck. Just wondering if there is anything I should know about them before I get one.
  • pr23swpr23sw Posts: 6
    - is buying a NEW Toyota the only time you can purchase a Platinum warrty. from Toyota?

    - Or can you still buy one ( a Platinum warrty.) when you buy the vehicle from a dealership if it's still under manuf. warrty.?

    I am going to buy a 4runner here in the near future and I can not decide whether to bite the bullet and buy a new 4runner and get the platinum OR buy a one or two yr old model and save 10K. I'm willing to pay for a new one since I will keep the 4runner for seven to nine years. I have had too many bad experiences with issues on vehicles where I am prepared to buy a platinum to cover myself for the next 7 years/ 100,000 bumper to bumper(basically).

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Platinum warranty can be purchased up until the basic 3/36 expires.
  • khuynhkhuynh Posts: 28
    Cliffy, you're right...What the heck do you need to apologize for? I for one appreciate your inputs on Toyota products. Keep posting, bro...

    I fail to grasp the importance of a few months difference in the projected release date of the new 4Runners. I guess there are people that just cannot wait to empty $40k as soon as possible.
  • buzzlightbuzzlight Posts: 44
    The new 4 Runner won't cost 40k unless you add the kitchen sink. You are right...a few months is not significant. However, now that my statements about an early release have been verified, Cliffy should admit his error and acknowledge that he was just guessing.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Your statement have not been verified, and I was not guessing. I have a long history of sharing whatever information I have and I usually tell the source so people can make their own determination as to the validity of it. None of which you have ever done. You will also note that I have never said you are wrong in a definitive sense. I have said that your information does not match with mine. I have also said that I would be happy if you are correct because I want to see this thing as much as everybody else. Its just that the evidence I have seen indicates that the Runner will not be out in March (again, we'll know for sure this week).
  • toyotas1toyotas1 Posts: 134
    with a 2-3 second glimpse of the new Runner? That would be a clear sign of an early release....
  • I traded in my 95 4Runner for a 2001. I have never had back problems and I have owned several cars and have never had a problem with the driver's seat. However, the seat in my new 4Runner is killing me!

    The lower (lumbar?) support feels like it is pushed out too far and I can't adjust it to go in any further.

    I'm 6'1' 200 lbs and like I said, I've never experienced anything like this. I love the truck, but I need to do something about the seats. Has anyone replaced their seats? Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

    Thank you in advance.
  • pr23swpr23sw Posts: 6
    When I first started looking at the 4runner I had a new car salesrep tell me that you could not buy a platinum unless you are the original owner. He said the gold warrty. was the only thing you could get on a used one off the lot. Then he started on about the after-market warrty.'s and I said "Thank you" and left.
  • kanerkaner Posts: 6
    Now, several new jersey dealers are telling me the 2003 will be released early to mid April. I guess Buzz was right afterall.
  • westbay1westbay1 Posts: 1
    NYCRUNNER I have the same problem with my '96 4runner. It has been a great truck, but the seats are a huge problem fo me. There are a number of good aftermarket seat manufacturers including Recaro and Sparco. Sparco has an adapter bracket, Recaro does not. I am told there is only one bracket manufacturer in the US somewhere in CA and they will drill a bracket to fit the Recaro(though many retailers may not tell you this). Unfortunately niether of these seats are cheap and they won't match in color. Perhaps someone else has a better idea. If so, I would love to hear it too.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    How does that make Buzz right? He swears it'll be March, not April.

  • loma1loma1 Posts: 32
    Speculation on another board is that the picture you see when you run your mouse over the icon for the magazine may be the new runner.

  • goltgogoltgo Posts: 54
    Joe -

    One thing you might want to look our for in a 4Runner of the vintage you mentioned is whether or not the head gasket has been replaced. I believe there was a recall for this problem. When I bought my '95 used, the dealer was able to look up my vehicle using the VIN and ascertain that it had had the gasket replaced as part of this recall.

    The only other thing I can mention is that I experienced a problem with the injectors when I first got the rig, but I haven't heard that mentioned as a consistent problem by other owners. One trip to the shop and they haven't been a problem since. Overall, the reliability of these rigs can't be beat.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    And we still have 2002s coming in. The latest one from this allocation will arrive in port on March 22, which means no 2003s this month.

    As usual, if I find more and solid information, I will share it.
  • glzr2glzr2 Posts: 70
    Cliffy1, as you know, I'm looking at ordering a 4runner. I was worried about having trouble ordering a 2002 if unit stock was down due to the slowing of production for the current model and ramping up of the new. I expressed my concern with my source within Toyota (whom I would place order through) and they confirmed my earlier posting. The 2003 4Runner will launch like all other OEM 2003 vehicles. Production starts in August, and vehicles will be on sale in September. As you also know, I work for a supplier to TMS. I thought that it would be good to have a second source to confirm this timing (isn't that what reporters have to do). I checked with our Material Controls department and they said that the 4Runner component sales forecast is unchanged for the next quarter (forecast comes electronically from TMS). Just to quantify, we are not supplying parts for the 2003 4Runner, so naturally our sales will stop when it goes into production.

    Luckily, I still have time to order my 2002.
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    With all of the different stories going around, I wonder if there is anything we can all can agree on. I know "buzzlight" says the new 4Runner will not be based on the Lexus GX470 and a few of us, including myself thinks the GX470 makes sense. Now there are different dates and I will know for sure, after I see a 2003 on the dealer lot.

    But, maybe there may be a few things ALL (scratch the "ALL"), let me say MOST of us may agree on. It seems everyone feels that their is going to be a V8, either as standard or as a option. The other thing I am assuming is that the new 4Runner will be a import. There hasn't been any talk of the 4Runner being built here. Do most of us feel, we can agree with both of these statements???
  • glzr2glzr2 Posts: 70
    It will be an import
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Agreed as well.

    Hey, this might be a record here at Edmunds. Three members who agree with one statement without qualifications doesn't happen very often.
  • olizerolizer Posts: 38
    Yes, but one of them is not the "dissenter"
  • hiluxsurfhiluxsurf Posts: 34
    I lived in Japan for 7 years and just came back almost 2 years ago. I just want to confirm thata the GX470 will definitely NOT be the basis for the next Runner. GX470 has been sold in Japan as Toyota Land Cruiser PRADO for at least the whole time I was there.

    To loma1, the writing on that spy photo from Japan on that link you posted seems to read "hiluxsurf" which is our 4Runner here. Let me review my hiragana. I'll get back with you on that.
  • Thanks for the info westbay. I hope others who share this problem post their ideas/remedies. Until then, I'll be shifting in my seat.
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    "hiluxsurf" it is good to hear from you again after a long dry spell. You used to post quite a bit when I first bought my 4Runner.
    You mentioned that the GX470 has been sold in Japan for awhile. I thought it was a new SUV that is not even out yet? Not to be confused with the LX470. The GX470 is considered a mid-size SUV, enough though it is about 4 inches longer than a 4Runner. Since you were over in Japan for awhile, could you shed a little more light on the GX470. Has it been out in Japan for years?
  • jparentejparente Posts: 9
    Hi, just bought a 2002 4Runner SR5 but didn't come with Fog Lights. Do any of you have recommendations on any good places to get these for a reasonable price?
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