2009 Acura TSX

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Automotive news reported that the new TSX will be available with Honda's new diesel.


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    The Bluetooth system works well. The microphone is located next to the sunglasses storage bin on the roof. There is a blue LED light indicating it is working. As soon as the car is turned on, it will connect to my phone. When there is an incoming call, the music will stop, and the speaker will sound the ring tone, which is just a regular telephone ring. The call quality is no better or worse than a regular Bluetooth headset.

    The car has voice recognition capability, and it can store phone numbers for voice dialing. Some other features and settings are also driven by the voice system. I found myself talking to the car the first day I got it. The voice system can be used for GSP navigation input if the technology package is chosen.

    The trip computer can show MPG gas mileage, outside temperature, tire pressure, and engine oil life. It has built-in maintenance service reminder. The trip computer display is inside the speedometer, and the needle for the speedometer looks like floating on the gauge, which looks very cool. There is a lot of technology built into this car. Technology is a strong point for Acura cars, and gadget freaks like me will definitely like this car. Some people are intimidated by the number of buttons in the cabin. I joke to my wife the inside is like a space shuttle cockpit. However, I find all the features very easy to use.

    The fuel economy is very good. Combine highway and local driving can have 26 to 27 MPG. Highway driving should be 32 MPG or even higher. This is as efficient as our Honda Civic. It is hard to find such a fuel efficient car in the luxury sedan segment. However, the manufacturer says premium gas is required to achieve the indicated performance. I do not think gas with lower octane level will hurt.

    The car we get is the base model of the TSX. It does not have the Technology package, because we do not really need it. Because it is a new model, some Acura dealership do not even want to sell it below the MSRP of $29600 (including $715 destination charge). We cannot negotiate much, so finally we get it for $28700 with free tinted windows ($300 option at the dealership) plus $300 anti-theft option then plus taxes and title. The dealer says the manufacturer is not giving incentives at this moment for them. It is not a bad deal, but next year it probably has a better deal.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with the purchase of this car. It meets all of our requirements, offers the comfort and performance we need, and it costs thousands of dollars less than its competitors. This car is a great value offered by Acura. It only costs $2000 over a similar configuration Honda Accord, but it packs a lot more quality material, technology, and style. The design looks cool and sharp both inside and out. I like this car more and more, and eagerly wait for the weekend every week for my turn to drive it.
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    any other information available on it? Like what it might look like? And if they will offer a 2-door version this time, as some have speculated they might?

    Edit...here is a little bit of info, courtesy of our friends at TOV. Looks like a minor styling update, although I believe those huge chrome door pulls are a departure from the current model, yes?


    I would like to see this model still have an NA 4-cylinder with a 6MT for a base powertrain, but I am probably the only one?

    I am glad Honda will put a 50-state diesel in it when it comes this fall - I hope they get a high enough take rate to offer diesel options in other models too. TOV says there will be a lot more info available on 3-4-08 from the Geneva auto show.

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    Might want to stop by the Diesel TSX in 08 discussion!
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    With the arrival of the 2009 TSX in a few months, is it time to create a forum dedicated to the new model?
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    Most of the current discussion points to an updated K24 as the base engine with a 6MT. Dealers are already ordering the TSX with an April 24 debut. The TOV article says a summer availability in Europe but if the past is any indication it will be sooner - in line with US debut. Honda already said the diesel will be available in CY 09 not MY09 - not this fall. And it didn't say the diesel would be in the TSX but in an Acura model - of course the TSX is the obvious choice.
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    The word they have been bandying around elsewhere at Edmunds is that Honda specifically said the TSX would be the first model to get the diesel, and IIRC I actually read that someplace too.

    As for CY '09 vs MY '09, thanks for the correction. ;-)

    I am glad they will still offer an NA 4-cylinder with a 6MT as the base powertrain.

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    Any word when the 09s will be in the showrooms?

    I am torn between getting an 08 this spring or waiting for the new one.

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    The official on sale date is 4/24. We may see the car in early April, but if Acura follows true to form, we won't have pricing information or powertrain specifics till the car arrives.
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    I have a 2004 TSX and just love it. But am getting in the mood for a new car. The new Lexus IS 250 looks gorgeous. However, I am a Honda man and I can't wait and see what the new TSX will look like. Any chance we will get twin turbos!? Anywhere we can find pics?
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    New spy shots on temple of VTEC....
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    Rumor for the 2009 TSX are saying 2.4L naturally aspirated with about 230-240 hp and the same 164 lb/tq, no sh-awd with the small I-4 engine.

    There might be an I-4 turbo diesel in 2009 or 2010 (not an "if" but "when")

    There also might be a Turbo 2.3L I-4 and/or V-6 (3.2L?) with sh-awd by 2011.

    Also, a coupe and/or convertible were talked about during the 2011 or beyond model years.
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    I vote for a 4-cylinder turbo diesel wagon (with a 6MT, of course).
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    New pics...

    New Euro Accord

    Also Google translated:

    I made the white one my screen background. Trying to like it... think I might be starting to like it.
    - white Euro Accord
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    The car reminds me of a reduced-size version of the 2009 mid-model change Acura RL. I believe the initial engine will be a circa 220 bhp 2.4-liter I-4 engine--possibly the first engine to use Honda's new Advanced VTEC next-generation variable-timing valvetrain technology. Honda will likely introduce the 2.2-liter i-DTEC turbodiesel engine on this car, rated at around 170 bhp but with a very high torque peak.
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    Very cool. First pic i've seen of the TSX, beyond the taped up version that's been floating around for sometime. Any other shots from the side, or back? Where did you manage to find that pic?
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    Jalopnik.com has a larger version of this picture. The vehicle will be officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show next month, shortly after the original version--the European market/Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Honda Accord--is unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show.
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    I don't think you are going to get 230-240 hp out of the n/a 2.4L. My guess is a 10hp increase, at most. Also, it will only by FWD, and no turbo.

    Anyone here see a little Toyota Camry in this? High fender flares, headlamps that bulge out. I'm not too crazy with Acura's new "shield" grille.
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    I'm not feeling the new design yet. It might grow on me after the official release in a few months. It does not seem to look that much different from the current North American Accord?

    I think my biggest disappointment is only having a NA 2.4L I-4 as the only engine choice until the diesel is ready. We are going to see a lot of threads about 09 TSX -vs- 09 Accord V6. I've checked out the new Accords and they can give the current TSXs (04-08 models) a run for the money on interior looks.

    If this is the final look of the 09 TSX, I rather keep my 06 TSX and wait for the all new TL.
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    Acura released that picture today. This is the first time they have released images of a new vehicle before it's debut. This must be a result of the fallout after the 09 RL was introduced. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it certainly isn't bad looking either, a nice evolutionary design. As far as powertrain options go, that is a big unknown. They may offer an updated 2.4L or they may offer the Turbocharged 2.3L from the RDX with SH-AWD. We will have to wait and see.
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    I'm sure it has more to do with dealer inventories on the 2008s. If dealers have too many cars, they hold the pics to give us time to sell out the current model. Once there are no cars ('08s) left to sell, they need to "freeze" buyers until the car comes out so the show the photo.

    I think is is possible that SH and Turbos may come later, but based on what we've ordered, this is not in the cards for Aprils cars.
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    I don't think you are going to get 230-240 hp out of the n/a 2.4L. My guess is a 10hp increase, at most. Also, it will only by FWD, and no turbo.

    If Honda can get 240 bhp out of a 2.2-liter I-4 engine (the F22C used on the S2000 sportster), they could easily get around 230 bhp out of a new 2.4-liter I-4, especially if they use the new Advanced VTEC valvetrain that was announced back in the fall of 2006. And unlike the F22C engine, the use of Advanced VTEC means you don't need to rev the engine to high RPM to get decent power.

    I personally think the Acura TSX may become the first US-model Honda to use such an engine.
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    "unlike the F22C engine, the use of Advanced VTEC means you don't need to rev the engine to high RPM to get decent power."

    Doesn't sound like much fun to me.
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    Acura press release with all the info for 2009

    l2009 TSX at world.honda.com
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    Not a word about the diesel. Oh well. . .
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    They have already announced the Diesel for 2009..... Ca lander year 2009 which means it will debut for the 2010 TSX in the fall of '09
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    Thanks for the link.

    Interesting that the press release states an increase in performance, but it looks like all they did was trade 4 HP for 8 lb ft TQ. I'm guessing that we'll see a lower redline in addition to the other minor tweaks (valve timing, compression, etc).

    I'm also guessing that the added size and chassis strengthening is going to add weight.

    Lower redline, a higher curb weight, and more luxury means the new TSX is following in the footsteps of all the other lux sport sedan manufacturers. I hope I'm wrong...
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    Yeah, well the new Accord didn't get significantly heavier even with the ACE structure (higher % of high strength steel), and I'm hoping the TSX will follow suit. Having said that, I did place our last Arctic blue 6-speed on hold. I need a car in 1 1/2 months when my S2000 lease is up and the '08 might suit me better.
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    As a current TSX '06 6spd owner, I am disappointed with the specs of the new car - mainly in terms of power. I was looking forward to the new TSX dreaming of SH-AWD and 260 plus horses.

    If this is a strategy where they will introduce a type s model with the specs I mentioned above later down the road to maintain interest in the model I am not sure if it will pay off. I imagine a lot of TSX owners were waiting for the new TSX to trade up at least in '09 once the first year model gremlins were worked out. These owners might get tempted with other market place offerings...
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    Honda can get 240 bhp out of a 2.2-liter I-4 engine (the F22C used on the S2000 sportster), they could easily get around 230 bhp out of a new 2.4-liter I-4, especially if they use the new Advanced VTEC valvetrain that was announced back in the fall of 2006

    I'm not saying they can't. I'm saying they won't. Honda does have an issue with not being able to achieve and represent able torque numbers. An S2000 weighs only 2864 lbs, a TSX weighs 3268-3356 lbs depending on what tranny you have. The torque output is not good enough to really get the car going. People that buy a TSX don't want to hang out at 7,000 rpms all day to get power. I have always praised Honda for wonderful hp out of these 4 cyl VTEC engines, but they just produce no torque. In the lux market, you need a more balanced 4 cyl engine, like Audi has in the A4. Yes, I know, it's boosted, but, you can't blame Audi for not taking advantage of the technology available today.
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    I may be a bit late to the party, but I found this article on the TSX

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    The 09 TSX will debut at the NY auto show and will be in late April.


    TORRANCE, Calif., U.S.A., February 11, 2008- Designed and engineered to reaffirm its place as a desirable and affordable entry point for entry-premium buyers, the all-new second-generation 2009 TSX is larger, more agile, more performance minded and even "more Acura" than ever before. Carefully crafted to honor the original TSX's vision as a world-class sports sedan, the new TSX has significantly evolved to offer more comfort, convenience, driving performance and safety. It does so with expanded luxury and electronic features, a wider stance for more agile performance, and advanced safety systems.

    The 2009 TSX is expected to appeal to current TSX owners, young professionals and other image seekers who will appreciate its innovative styling, technical allure and total performance - while also valuing the outstanding customer treatment that owners have come to enjoy at Acura dealerships. Extremely brand conscious and eclectic in their tastes, buyers will find the TSX as satisfying for driving colleagues to lunch as it is for weekend snowboarding trips or vacation travel.

    An all-aluminum DOHC i-VTEC® in-line 4-cylinder engine heralds a pair of firsts for the TSX model, including dual balance shafts and a direct ignition system. Along with improved performance, it is also cleaner as it now meeting the EPA's aggressive Tier 2-Bin 5 and CARB LEV II Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) standards for the first time in TSX history.

    Displacing 2.4-liters and producing 201 hp and 172 lb-ft of torque (with manual transmission), the new in-line 4-cylinder engine produces its useable power across a much wider rpm range, while five percent more torque further strengthens the engine's pulling power at middle rpm levels. This allows the 2009 TSX to be more responsive off the line and out of corners, and stronger in the middle of the rpm range where the engine operates most of the time.

    This newfound performance and flexibility is due in part to a higher compression ratio, revised valve timing, and improved intake and exhaust gas flow. Further credit goes to the TSX engine's i-VTEC® "intelligent" valve control system, which provides the power characteristics of a V-6 without sacrificing the light weight or fuel efficiency of an in-line four. Likewise, a new rear-mounted exhaust manifold layout, a close-coupled catalytic converter design, and a Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system substantially reduce emissions levels. Estimated fuel mileage is 21/30/24 mpg* (city/highway/combined, 5 AT) and 20/28/23 mpg* (city/highway/combined, 6 MT).

    Two transmissions are available, both as standard equipment - a 6-speed close- ratio manual with new performance-oriented ratios for Second through Sixth gears, and a Sequential SportShift 5-speed automatic with a new lock-up torque converter assembly. The manual transmission features a short-throw shifter with a precise, light action that makes it highly rewarding to use, while the Sequential SportShift automatic permits fully automatic operation with intelligent features such as Grade Logic Control and Shift Hold Control, which make driving the TSX on hilly or winding roads more enjoyable. If the driver desires, the automatic transmission can also be operated manually via new steering-wheel mounted F1®-style paddle shifters.

    Body and Chassis
    The 2009 TSX body structure includes two firsts for the Acura division, including a closed-channel cross-braced roof structure and inside frame rails. Along with a stronger rear bulkhead, the closed-channel cross-braced roof structure yields a more rigid and vibration-resistant structure. The first use of inside frame rails for any Acura model help tailor the aerodynamics underneath the car for improved fuel economy, lower emissions and reduced noise. In addition, new A-, B- and C-pillar separators improve the TSX's quietness over rough roads and at high speed. Slippery aerodynamics also helps fuel economy as well as high-speed stability - all while lowering emissions.

    In addition to its 3.0-inch greater width and 2.6-inch wider track, the 2009 TSX has a 1.3-inch longer wheelbase and 2.4 inches more overall length. These dimensions combine to provide greater interior roominess, more agile handling and improved ride quality. Another first for Acura are the TSX's new dual-mode suspension dampers, which provide superior suspension damping characteristics at both lower and higher damper speeds. Using a unique deflector plate stack, the new dampers adjust compression damping characteristics to suit the vehicle speed, cornering forces and road surface. In creating the second-generation TSX body design, Acura designers sought to retain the crisp, dynamic design of the original and enhance it by widening the body overall and adding more muscular and distinctive cues to create a keen-edged sports sedan. Their key design goal was to create an aerodynamic design that evokes both emotion and tension with a decisively sporty flair.

    Outward visibility is improved with a slimmer A-pillar design, while an auto up/down front passenger window adds convenience and a reverse-linked passenger-side door mirror tilts down to help improve safety while parallel parking. The new TSX also has a wider trunk opening and a lower trunk lift-over height for more convenient loading.

    Functionality and refinement converge with luxury and style in the interior of the 2009 Acura TSX. Featuring a blend of sweeping, contemporary shapes, a high level of standard comfort and convenience features, widespread use of premium materials and an available Technology Package, this 5-passenger sports sedan offers the upscale modern interior that customers have come to expect from Acura.

    From the precision-crafted metal door sills to the satin-metal finish accents, from new leather-covered seats to the steering-wheel mounted controls, and from the premium 7-speaker sound system to the dual-zone automatic climate control, the TSX represents a merge of intelligent design and innovation. For example, Bluetooth® connectivity is standard and includes a HandsFreeLink® cellular telephone interface that makes communications easier and safer while en route.

    Typical of Acura, the TSX offers an exceptional level of standard equipment. Included are a standard power passenger seat, a new folding key with remote entry, new automatic headlight activation, a premium 7-speaker sound system with CD, AM/FM/XM®, Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® , and USB port music interface. A HomeLink® remote control system is also standard.

    Adding to the already impressive list of TSX standard equipment is the available Technology Package, which bristles with leading-edge electronics that make driving much more efficient and enjoyable. These include an Acura Navigation System with Voice
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    they didn't mention weight anywhere in there, which I suppose has increased as they so often do when cars are updated. Power is about the same, at least fuel economy and smog emissions are a bit better, and direct injection should give more access to engine torque at around-town engine speeds. In getting bigger, there will be less and less to distinguish it from the TL, although that also gets an update this year so I suppose that could become truly gargantuan this year. Whatever happened to small light fun cars?

    All in all, it seems like a pretty light update, almost more like a midcycle thing than a full revision. Anyone else get that impression?

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    I didn't read anything about "direct injection." The article mentioned a "direct ignition system" but, please correct me if I'm wrong here, that's different from direct injection.

    I agree with your concern about weight. In addition, and also related to the weight issue, there's a tendency for each new generation to be wider than the preceding one. An additional three inches is a large increase, and it's a negative in terms of aerodynamics and, therefore, gas mileage. For me, the additional size and weight of the '08 Accord is the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back, in terms of my interest in that car. If I bought a Honda product today, it would be a Civic, but I wish that model had retained the double wishbone suspension. I like the idea of a luxury compact, but I guess my notion of what the TSX should be is best embodied in the Civic EX-L.

    By the way, I think the '08 Focus with the leather option is a viable alternative to that Civic, and, unlike many, I don't buy into the notion that the European Focus is materially better, if any better than the domestic one. Sure, it's newer, but from what I've read there are tradeoffs, and the older platform used in the U.S. Focus has an advantage in terms of weight and handling over the newer European one.
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    My current 06 TSX was a step up compared to my Accord. I'm not feeling the new styling, power, and features of the 09 TSX. I was really looking forward to a more aggressive design and bigger boost in HP/TQ.

    I will need a 2nd car in the garage next to the 06 TSX in the next 12-18 months. I have to wait for the all new TL and hope this car will not disappoint also.

    TSX: under powered engines (I-4 and the soon 2.2 L turbo diesels)
    RDX: poor fuel Eco on Turbo, needs a V-6 option
    RL: underpowered V-6, needs a V-8 option
    MDX: underpowered V-6, needs a V-8 or V-6 turbo diesel w CVT or 7AT

    I drive a 06 TSX 5AT between 5000-8000 feet above sea level, a V-6 and/or turbo would get me closer to my sea level TSX brothers/sisters in HP/TQ.
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    Let me just start out by saying that I own a 2006 TSX with a 6-Speed manual, and what are my thoughts about the new Acura TSX? MISSED OPPORTUNITY. I don't like the look of it in photos, but I'll reserve my judgement on that until I see it in person. The biggest problem is the basically carry over engine. Granted it has more torque but it lost horsepower. Most people only pay attention to the horsepower number, and 201 is on the low side for a car trying to compete in this class. Driving my 205 hp TSX I find the power to be more than adequate, but I'm driving a stick and can wring it out more with the additional gear and less weight. I love the TSX, the engine are transmission are a great team and it's a shame that many people water it down by getting an automatic. The soon to be released diesel engine option is a non starter. Most people will shy away from it due to ignorance and myth. Anyway that's my 2 cents.
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    Did Acura steal a page out of Saturns design book? What is with that shield in the front! Totally Saturn!! Way to go Acura, another fugly design!!

    link title

    Also, waaaaay to many buttons on the interior. Too many on the steering wheel. Not so bad in the center console, but, still. Looks like Honda did not learn their lesson with the complaints about the "busy" button stack in the Accord.
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    Car debuted at the 09 NYIAS. No plans for SH-AWD. Unless a new smaller fuel tank is installed. A larger more powerful engine will be installed. No Turbo this time.
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    What is Honda doing?? First, they screw up the Accord, and now this cheesy attempt at a TSX. (the one revealed at the NY auto show) I've been a Honda believer and owner for a while, but the only Honda-brand cars I would actually even consider now are the current generation TSX and TL...unfortunately, it looks like at least one of them is being replaced by a pretty poor attempt at a re-design.

    If there's one good thing about these photos, it's that the interior looks better put together than the new Accord's clunky heap of buttons.
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    This new TSX is simply ugly. It appears to be a blend of Toyota Camry, and Saturn whatever. I have been debating whether I should wait for the new redesigned TSX or buy the currnet one. I guess my choice is now clear as I am ready to make an offer on a 2008 TSX.
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    I totally agree. This whole time I thought that thumbnail pic was of a Saturn model. When I clicked on it, it was the 09 Acura TSX! Who designs Honda's cars nowadays? Are they ex-GM designers?

    As a previous 2004 Acura TSX owner, I've always thought that the original model (japanese/european version) with the original alloys were the best one.
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    I have to agree. The 1st gen TSX is a really sharp car. I do like the design, and they were also very popular, even with sales figures around 30,000/year. They are tough to find on dealer lots. I see a lot of design similarities between the 1st TSX and my Mazda6.

    Anyways, the new TSX looks like garbage. I really think they ruined it. If Acura is really trying to "advance" (hehehe) in the entry lux segment, they took a serious step backwards instead. Audi A4, BMW 3-series, Infiniti G35, Caddy CTS are all far superior.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Member Posts: 4,600
    Edmunds' comments regarding the '09 TSX suggests that this car lacks sufficient excitement for its segment. While its a good car, as one would fully expect from Acura, its not outstanding, in terms of the driving experience, and not enough of an improvement over the current model to justify four years to develop something more compelling.
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    Saw the TSX at the NYIAS today.

    Frankly it was under whelming. A bit bland both inside and out. My brother made note of the cheap looking plastic used around the dash. I'll drive it when it comes out next month. But unless the drive blows me away (and the new gearing significantly improves acceleration), I may wait until the TL debuts (The rep at the show had no specific information on the TL - just that it was coming this fall) or look elsewhere - perhaps the new Mercedes C-Class or the G35.

    I am curious what others thought who saw it at the show.

    By the way, we also looked at the Accord. Styling preferences aside, For 22K it's an impressive car.
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    I'm Otisnj's bro. In fairness, I drive an '07 bimmer 328i (and the crappy S-10 Chevy pickup that took us to the show- a "beater" is a wonderful thing to have to drive in NYC!). The Germans have almost always come up with interior designs (materials and layout) that are better than anyone else. That said, I was surprised by the rather cheesy look of the TSX's interior. For a couple of dollars more per car...

    To Otisnj: don't forget Bavarian Motor Works. And test drives are free.
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    Since the TSX was influenced by the Sports 4 concept and this car debuted back in 2006? I'd have to say that Saturn copied Acura's design. Anyway, except for ONE element, (the shield) they don't look alike at all.
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    I really dont see much resemblance at all from the Sports 4 concept to the production TSX. The S4 concept was a really hot looking car.

    I happen to think the shields look almost identical.
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    The Sports 4 and the TSX share the same design language. They have the same grill and 'shield', the same fender flares, the same lateral character line that intersects the front flares as it goes to the back.

    Anyway, it's a design theme that is adapted to each car. The MDX has the same basic shapes and the new TL will too. In fact, look at the shape of the lower part of the Sports 4 front bumper. Look a the current TL. See a resemblance?
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    If I remember correctly, the TL came out long before the Sports 4 concept debuted. At the auto show there was the new RL, which had striking resemblance to the Sports 4 Concept as well as the current Accord.
  • satoautosatoauto Member Posts: 22
    That is correct. My point is that design trends are typically set about 3 years before car reaches production. The 2004 has a lower air intake design that influenced the Sports 4. Lending credibility to the notion that when the next generation TL arrives, it will carry this theme into the 2009 TL. Of course it will also incorporate the new 'keen edge' language too, this means the fender flares, grill, head and tail light treatment.
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