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    I would not be worried, as my mothers 08 Jetta does the same thing. She will start the car, and it will sound like she is pushing on the pedal. only lasts about 15-20 seconds. Other VW Jetta's have done this on their lot too. I am assuming this is a way to get the engine warmer faster. The Acura apparently has taken this feature into their models as well. I also would assume it helps the engine, that they the would put this option on their cars.

    I would still ask the dealer about the feature to atleast see what it is called.
    It does this every time she starts the car. Normal.

    I am a little suprised no one else has said anything about this.... Anyone else have this on their new 09 TSX.
  • My 09 TSX has the same issue too, but I do not worry about it. Most car in winter does similar thing.

    I feel the transition with light throttle from first gear to second gear is not that smooth, I can feel it, does any one else feel that?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I really want a TSX! It looks like alot of fun! It sorta reminds me of a Jetta.
    I am really thinking of leasing one instead of the Accord. Because this would be even more fun.
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    Traded my 06 TSX for the 09 and was the worst mistake I could have made. The 09 feels cheap, handles poorly, makes a wheezy noise going up hills and shifting feels sloppy. Mine also has an odometer problem that nobody can get to the bottom of. I have complained to Acura and they twisted my words to say that I love the car and am dissatisfied with the dealer when the exact opposite is true. Total piece of junk. My second and last Acura purchase. I cannot wait to get rid of this car.
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    almost traded my 06 tsx in for the 09 model but decided not too. I love my 06, bought new 11/17/06. It now has 63,523 problem free miles. Still has the original OEM tires but will be replaced before xmas. The last time I was at dealer for service on 9/22 they told me under ideal conditions my tires would last to at least 70,000 miles. I get them rotated and balanced every 6,000 miles and check the tire pressure regularly.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I will take over your TSX. I want a honda Product back...lol Even with your issue. I love Hondas.
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    We bought a '08 TSX about four months ago and LOVE it !!!

    The only problem we have is ... the front leather seats have started to wear abnormally. This has occurred on both front seats. On the side upper panel closest to the door.

    I was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this??

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    I had the seat covering replaced by the dealer under warranty due to a defect.
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    I read (believe it was in the TL forum) that the TSX is slated to have an optional 6 cylindar engine starting in 2010. Any truth to this? Given the new TSX's much sportier look than the '09 TL, I would think the TSX will take over as the most popular sold vehicle among the Acura line. Would be interested to know if there's any truth to this.
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    Well I think the new TSX is a hot looking car. I love it! I am really wanting this car over the accord. If they honestly put in a 6cyl, that would amazing, though, I am not sure I would buy the 6. The 4 would be good enough for me, with the new paddleshifters.

    I plan on getting this car with the tech package. I love the seats in the car, they are quite sporty, and the interior looks really upscale. The car reminds me of the Jetta, it has that whole zoom zoom vibe to it.
  • A Jetta? have you ever seen a Jetta?
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    The only engine option to be added will be the diesel. If you've seen past/current trends and know the Honda philosophy you'd know rumors of a V6 in the TSX to be just that, rumors.
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    Any word on when the diesel will be available? I'm ready to buy.
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    better chance of a turbo engine than diesel IMHO.
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    Honda has already confirmed the addition of the diesel for MY10 - the only question is when. I'd guess late in 09 during the regular MY change over. Details should come out during the car show circuit about to get under way.
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    I stand corrected - wonder how much power and how much better gas mileage it will get. All we can do now is speculate.
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    I assume close to the Euro Accord diesel numbers - somewhere around 35MPG combined. The EU diesel is rated at 148HP and 258lbft of torque. The mileage will depend on how they change the tuning of the engine for the US (probably for more power) and if the extra smog controls hurts mileage.
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    A friend of mine was told by an Acura GM that he expected the Diesels to be here by Spring.
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    Great news for those of us who need the economy, but are scared of VW quality & maintenance costs. I'm driving 55,000 miles a year and a reliable diesel will save me a couple hundred bucks a month.
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    Well that plan has been scrapped for now. The Manual passed emissions but the Auto model has failed for some reason. So they felt that by not having an auto version sales would be compromised. They should just offer it with a manual anyways. So far it may be canceled or delayed indefinitely.
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    A v6 model is confirmed at an undisclosed model year. Maybe MY2010.
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    I totally agree. As a previous owner of diesel vehicles I would prefer manual transmission.
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    Rumor: TSX diesel delayed indefinitely; V6 is coming, though

    Date: October 23, 2008 22:30
    Submitted by: Jeff
    Source: Anonymous
    Credibility Rating: 6

    Earlier this year at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui announced that 2009 would see Honda's first clean diesel engine to be sold in the USA. Though it was stated that the diesel engine would appear in an undisclosed Acura model, it was all but common knowledge that the TSX would be the first model to get the diesel engine.

    Fast forward nearly 10 months, and we've received an anonymous tip asserting that the i-DTEC TSX has been delayed indefinitely (if not cancelled outright). According to the anonymous sources, the 6MT version of the i-DTEC TSX has successfully cleared emissions certification, but the automatic-equipped version has been unable to pass certification. According to these sources, Acura believes that the demand for a TSX diesel would be greatly compromised if it were only offered with a 6-speed manual, so the decision was allegedly made to put the TSX diesel on indefinite hold.

    That's the bad news. The good news is that a V-6 version is said to be coming soon - it's supposedly being "fast-tracked" to make up for the missing diesel. We're still seeking any details we can uncover on that powertrain.

    "I would say that 90%+ of the buyers would want the auto - but the 10% who want the manual tend to hang out on Edmunds. Noticed the same phenomenon when it comes to BMWs. Acura probably agrees so their is no point in producing a deisel engine for such a small demand"
  • A V6 TSX with SH-AWD for 2010 would be golden. Considering that the TL's increased size and controversial styling could reduce TL sales, I could see an upgraded TSX being Acura's top seller.
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    "A V6 TSX with SH-AWD for 2010 would be golden. Considering that the TL's increased size and controversial styling could reduce TL sales, I could see an upgraded TSX being Acura's top seller."

    Just what we need, a TSX that weighs 300 lbs more and is $4000 more expensive. I'd save the $4000 and get a Subaru Legacy instead.
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    I just don't see a V6 diesel in a TSX. The bigger diesels were meant for the bigger cars and SUV - not the TSX.

    This also means that the I4 diesel is also delayed/dead for the USDM Accord.
  • A V6 TSX with SH-AWD would be what the new TL should have been. A comparably equipped Legacy GT would only be a few thousand less than a TSX, which is not unreasonable given that Acuras have a nicer interior and slightly better image than Subarus.
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    I don't think it will have SH-AWD. It might have it. I think they will use a 3.5L v6. The J35 has so variations that they can easily set the power level and be good to go. It's already engineered so it's already in their parts bin. The SH-AWD TSX with a v6 would be quite competitive. Maybe the v6 will have 260 to 270 HP.
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    "a v6 would be quite competitive. Maybe the v6 will have 260 to 270 HP. "

    Competitive with the TL maybe. :confuse:
  • Before everyone gets their undies in a bunch about Acura dropping the diesel... the source of the rumor is an anonymous poster in the MotorTrend Forums. Also, technically, it is easier to get an automatic tranny to pass emissions than a manual because of the computer control vs. human factor. And finally, if you do a search on Acura's site, you will see that they still have it on there as coming out in 2009.

    Honda has invested far too much to fail bringing it to market - and the Euro emission standards for 2011(?) are tougher than California's and Diesels make up 50% of Honda's European sales.

    So please remember the source or the rumor - an anonymous poster... that would be like me coming onto the boards and saying that Honda will no longer have gasoline engines in cars produced after 2009 and will have an all electric/hydrogen fleet.... Neither rumor has much credibility.
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    But after the emmission reason rumor came out there was a bit more believable reason - they haven't been able to get the costs of the engine down enough.

    The intro of the diesel is no small thing - once used, the support must be there for decades to come. If the diesel doesn't work out after a couple of years Honda will be stuck with support costs for years to come - even if they never sell it again.
  • Which interior color looks the best with the glacier blue metallic? The taupe or the ebony? Actually how does the taupe interior look? On some pics the taupe interior looks like a light colored gray, but I always thought that taupe was in the beige family. I figure that the ebony would be easier to maintain.
  • Can anyone give me some opinions regarding the best interior/exterior for the 2009 acura tsx? Which color seems to be the most popular and why?
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    I think the black looks great, and so far the only colors I have seen on the car in person. I have seen the navy blue color, looks okay, a bit too casual for me, but I have never been a big fan of navy blue on a car. I would think the pearl white, red, gray, and the overly popular silver color probably look really nice. The black had tan leather interior, looked very sharp, the leather was a rich creamy tan. Higher upkeep, but the black/black looks very sleek. I could totally see the car in red with black interior! That would be hot! So, lol, not sure on what you would pick, but if you pick a color, go all out in this car, because it deserves a bold color to keep up with its outgoing exterior. Picking silver is okay, but safe, and typical.
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    I'm partial to the Polish Metal/Taupe combo myself. Black always looks good when it's clean. But I've had a black car once, but never again. I'm too old to be a slave to it to keep it clean!
  • Thanks I like that polished metal too. Didn't think about the taupe interior though. I keep thinking about light gray on the Accord and I not a fan of that. Could you describe the taupe for me? I was considering the black interior. All I know is, I don't want the new Accord. It's a nice car, but I am from a small town everyone and their uncle has one. Besides coming from an Accord I want and deserve a change I love the Honda brand and I just want an upgrade.
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    I think the taupe is sort of like a sandy, beige color, but my description may not be 100% accurate. I also don't like the black interior. Just too gloomy looking, and I think a lighter color interior makes the car look more upscale.
  • I like the light interior too, but I am just scared about keeping it clean. I can see myself marking my interior with an ink pen while writing something or my teenager's blue jeans staining the seats. Any suggestions on protecting those light seats?
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    "Any suggestions on protecting those light seats?"

    Require that all passengers ride naked!

    Just kidding! Actually, leather is fairly easy to clean with a good leather cleaner and conditioner. But I agree than a light color leather will show dirt, but to me, that's a small price to pay for the added aesthetics. Of course, it's easy for me to say since I almost never have teenagers riding in the car except my 18-year-old son, but he's so house broken...... :P
  • If you live in an area with hot summers, I would be hesitant to buy a car with a dark interior. Unfortunately, I used to own a black car with a black interior in South Florida. The inside of the car used to be so hot after sitting outside all day that I would burn my hands on the leather shifter and steering wheel.
  • Thanks for the advice and yes I live in a south eastern state. I like the light interior but I just figured that the ebony would be easier to maintain. A question regarding that taupe color interior. In the brochure and on the web it looks like a light gray color, but I always considered taupe more in the brown family. Is it more light gray like in the Accord? I do think the light interior looks classier, but I just hate that gray leather in the new Accord.
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    Now that I've thought more about it, I think the taupe is like the color of putty, a bit darker than sand/beige. Unfortunately my dealer didn't have any taupe interior on display when I was down there.
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    Try Lexol to preserve & protect the leather. Easy to use, works great & very reasonable cost; and if you ever do need a cleaner use the Lexol cleaner.

    I've used it for years & the leather always looks great. 126,000 miles on my 06 Avalon & not a crease, wrinkle or blemish on the drivers seat.
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    my tsx has ebony interior. I live on the southeast coast of North Carolina. Yes the shifter gets hot-it's metal on the top but I do not think the interior does. It still looks excellent after 2 years and 67,000 miles. I clean and condition the seats and the car is garage kept.
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    It's pretty much a fact that a dark interior will retain heat moreso than a light interior. Maybe not by a lot, but it will to some degree (pardon the pun!).
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Posts: 811
    I agree but from personal experience it does not feel any hotter than the gray interior we have in another car. We have black interior in our white truck and that seems to stay the coolest in hot weather,
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    Perhaps the white exterior of the truck over-compensated, so to speak, for the dark interior by reflecting the heat away.
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    Well with a black car is does take a lot of work to keep it looking great. I think I could do it! lol.

    But, get this, I saw this beautiful black 07 Accord V6 EX-L at my work parking lot, for a while it looked amazing!! Wing Spoiler, tinted windows!! Clean, shiny. It is owned by a much older man. I came in to work one day, and saw it in the parking lot ( I always admired it), with swirl marks all over the cars finish, spider webbing shining brightly in the sun!!! I was WOW!! What happened to the car! I cringed, because it looked so clean and glossy, no swirl marks before! It literally has them all down the sides of the car, all over. See,lol, I had to just walk away. Dang, that was such a good finish too, and just to think I saw him buy the one right off the show room floor, and the finish is ruined. I wonder what happened, I bet he let is grandson or someone wash it with sandpaper, or buff it the wrong way! I was disappointed that the Honda looked so bad. I no longer admire it. I am not jealous of it anymore...lol With a black car you have to be very careful, The less contact with the actual finish, the better it will look! Oh well, not my car.
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    A metallic black will minimize the swirl marks, but any black color is generally a maintenance pain in the [non-permissible content removed].
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    I agree-owned a 1998 black eagle talon TSI-AWD-looked sharp when clean. Very hard keeping it that way.
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