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    It cracks me up - people have been saying this since 2003. Acura already makes a V6 TSX - it's called the TL.
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    Actually the grill wouldn't be the thing I would worry about. If the snow is high enough to take out the grill, chances are you ain't going to get too far with the TSX! :P And even if you do, some of the underbody parts may take a beating more than the grill.
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    Now that Acura supersized the TL, there may just be room in their lineup for a V6 TSX.
  • I didn't realize that adding a V6 to the TSX would make it mysteriously grow 9 inches in length. Now that the TL has increased in size and price, a V6 TSX could fill the spot vacated when the TL grew larger.
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    The previous generation TL left a gap that doesn't need to be filled.

    No growth in length, but the added weight over the front axle would absolutely change it's dynamics for the worse.

    The nimble handling, good steering feedback, and quick revving I-4 are what characterize the TSX's personality. Without these traits, it would lose it's playful nature and become an also-ran like the previous generation TL.
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    If they add a V6 option to the TSX, it still means people who want the "nimble handling" can still buy an I-4 TSX. And I think there is a gap to be filled. There are a lot of buyers who want a torquey, V6, semi-sporty sedan that has urban-friendly external dimensions. I can grow to accept the new TL's styling, but I have trouble getting over its size. Why would I want to lug around a supposedly sport sedan which is bigger than a lot of SUVs and wagons, but without the corresponding interior and cargo room? It just doesn't make sense. The car feels big from the inside, and it looks big from the outside. I've always thought the ES350 looks bulky, but the new TL dwarfs it! I just don't see the purpose of the additional bulk and weight, especially when we're in a time when everyone is trying to cut excesses.
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    A 240hp V6 would give the TSX a nice bump in power, but it wouldn't exactly be a torque monster. And with only $5,000 separating the two cars, there isn't a lot of room to squeeze in a tweener car.

    How many people would pay $32,000 for a 240hp TSX when for $35,000 they can get a TL?
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    "How many people would pay $32,000 for a 240hp TSX when for $35,000 they can get a TL?"

    I would, as I'm sure others will. $3K is $3K. Why pay more for something you don't want? Hell, some may even opt for the smaller and tidier TSX even if they were the same price!

    Prices can overlap. It happens with almost all manufacturers. For example, the new Venza is squeezing in very tightly between the RAV4 and the Highlander, with prices overlapping both. Another example. The BMW 1 series' prices overlap the 3 series', and you can argue both cars target more or less the same market.
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    . . .nimble handling, good steering feedback, and quick revving I-4. . .

    This is most certainly true (Lutheran thing).

    I've been driving my TSX for most of a year now, and it's much fun. All it lacks is RWD, but the transmission linkage almost makes up for it -- it's smooth & clicks into the desired gear (literally clicks -- I like that) very nicely.

    Good car & an excellent placeholder until BMW, Audi or MB (in that order) imports a 1.9 - 2.5 litre diesel with a manual transmission. I'm thinking this "placeholder" will need to last me many years, given what I've seen over the past decade in the diesel and manual transmission arenas for any cars, let alone German sport sedans.

    We'll see.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
  • I am planning on buying the 09 tsx in July or late June, but I saw on another site that the Acura 09 tsx production will be cut. I am concerned about getting the car that I want. Should I aim for a June purchase instead.? I was hoping for a good deal on a tech 09 since the 2010's would be arriving in Aug./Sept.
  • I'd rather pay $32k for a V6 TSX. The only reason I'd move to the TL would be to purchase the SH-AWD version - I consider the FWD version completely uninteresting.

    Although you may not be a fan of the 3G TL, it would outsold nearly every car in its class at its peak. The Jan. 09 sales numbers show that the TSX outsold the TL, which was unheard of a couple years ago, so many consumers obviously appreciate the smaller size and better styling of the TSX.
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    I would opt for the V6 TSX too, though I saw a new TL at work, and it was the AWD model. I asked the man how he liked it, and he stated it gripped the road so firmly through the snow. He loved it! I said, I bet! I would get the TL, but with the TSX being so much bang for the buck, and no need for me to have a bigger car and V6. Though, the V6 in the TSX would be amazing fun! But, if you get the TL, I am sure its worth the cost, even over a few of its competition.

    I will admit the TL looks better in person than it does on a picture.
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    I guess I just can't stand all the upsizing that manufacturers are doing. The Civic is so big now that Honda had to give us the Fit.

    The original TSX was so good, I hated to see it go.
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    " I just can't stand all the upsizing that manufacturers are doing"

    Then you can't possibly advocate the new TL over the TSX, at least not the FWD version. I think that's why there should be significant interest in a V6 TSX --- there are a lot of people who didn't want the TL to be upsized so drastically.
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    I'm not advocating the TL over the TSX.

    I'm saying the 1st gen TSX was about as good as it gets in a FWD sport/lux sedan. The current model is already a step down, and adding a heavy V6 over the front axle will only make it worse, IMHO.
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    What about a smaller V6 in the TSX? That would give it some much-needed torque and still keep the weight down. After all, the 3-series (and even the 1 series) models all have 6 cyl motors and are not lacking in nimbleness.
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    What do you propose, maybe a brand new 2.5L V6? Lexus has a nice one in the IS - it makes 185 lb ft peak torque compared to the TSX's 170. In a 3500 lb car, you'll never feel the difference.

    Other manufacturers have used 2.5L 6 cylinder engines in the past and moved up to 3.0L and 3.5L engines because the "small" 6's just don't make enough power by today's (North American) standards. BMW's 2.5L I-6 (sold in Canada in the 323i) makes 180 lb ft and 200 hp. Again, not worth the effort.

    You have to go back a few years to find more 2.5L V6 engines. Ford's hot-rod Contour SVT had a sweet 2.5L V6 engine. It was an even match for the TSX - 170 lb ft and 200 hp.

    Acura could put a small 6 in the TSX, but it wouldn't improve performance at all (it's already more than quick enough for what it is). A V6 would simply remove the "stigma" of being a 4-cylinder - which is basically the only problem the TSX has ever had.
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    Actually I did have in mind a 3.0 V6, like the one in the 1998 - 2002 Accord. I found that engine extremely smooth and flexible. And I would have to disagree with you on the improved performance. I think a small V6 will have a noticeable difference in performance. Yeah, you may not see a huge jump in the rated hp and torque numbers, but a V6 can be tuned for higher low end torque. I found the old TSX so weak down low (with an automatic) it was just no fun. Yes, it's better with the manual since you can wring it out, but that gets tiring fast, and I'm not interested in driving that way on a daily basis. You brought up the issue of the stigma of a 4 cyl. I wasn't thinking about that but you know that has been a criticism of Acura. I can't think of another luxury brand that has a 4 cylinder-only model.
  • Today's rumor on the Acura websites is that the new engine will be the current TL's 3.5L V6 with 280 hp. This engine weighs no more than the previous 3.2L engine and little more than the older Accord's 3.0L V6, so I doubt that there would be a significant advantage in manufacturing a smaller V6. Also, the 3.5L V6 will probably be the most cost effective option as the engine is already manufactured in volume for the Accord and TL.
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    A 3.0L V6 is not a "small" V6. The difference in weight between the 3.0L V6 and 2.4L I-4 was enough to make the Accord steer like a pig compared to the TSX in 2004.

    I do agree with you about the automatic transmission TSX though. My uncle had one and it's a complete drag to drive - might as well buy a Camry.
  • The rumor was correct and the new option for the TSX is indeed the 3.5L 280 hp engine from the TL. I was hoping for SH-AWD, but this new model might still be worth consideration.
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    Well, I don't think giving the TSX all the options as the new TL would be smart. That would cause some issues in sales. Which apparently they are already facing.
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    No problem, just bump the TL MSRP up $3,000. ;)
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    A twist of irony is that they just announced a $3,000 rebate for the TL here in Canada! I guess they are having issues with sales, as bvdj84 said. ;)
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    The new base TL aside from looks and a few tech goodies is so close to the Accord EX-L V6 that it is really hard to justify the additional 5-6K in MSRP. So raising the price 3K will just have more potential buyers opting for the Accord. We are leasing the TSX over the Accord because my wife who is the primary driver of the car just wants something a little less boring and it actually works out to be less expensive because of the higher residual and slightly lower MF.
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    I think the Accord EX-L V6 actually looks better than the base TL. The SH-AWD version, with the larger wheels and quad pipes, scores a few points for the TL. Of course, the TL interior looks better than the Accord's.
  • The TL SH-AWD would be a no-brainer for me if it looked like the TSX. I might even consider it if Acura tones down the grill to look more like that of the TSX.
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    I am considering the 2009 TSX and have a question. Wondering about the cost of scheduled maintenance? I will be leasing for 39 months.
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    I follow the oil life (maintenance minder) on my 06 tsx. When the oil life gets to 15% it will show service due soon and give a code (it explains them in the owner's manual. When the oil life gets to 5% it will show service due now. My tsx, bought new, 11/06, has 71,000 miles. I get all the service done by the dealer. The service included oil/filter changes, tire rotations/balances and cabin and pollen filter changes. It is not that overly expensive.
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    I need to get to the antenna plug, behind the radio so I can plug in a Y cable. Will I be able to do this w/o removing the radio?. If not, how difficult is that removal. I watched someone do it once, when they were repairing my CD changer, but I don't recall what they had to do.
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    My Subaru lease is up this month and I am thinking of leasing a TSX. My only concern is how the car does in the snow?
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    My only concern is how the car does in the snow?

    Depending on where you live, you may want to put on dedicated snow tires (on all four corners). The TSX will do fine. It may not start going so quickly as your AWD vehicle, but it'll steer & stop the same.

    Don't drink (all of) the AWD Kool-Aid.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    depends on how well you can drive in the snow. You should not have problems unless it is icy roads-nothing is good on them-just slow down
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    Anyone know why Acura removed the touch screen Nav in the 2009 TSX? Were there lots of problems?

    Also, what do people think of the new head rests in the 2009 TSX? They seem to have the Volvo headrests. Am I the only person that finds that kind of headrests gives you a neck cramp?

    Would anyone buy a used 2008 TSX because of these issues? What would people expect to pay for one like this:
    2008 tsx Mileage 9,872

    What would people pay for a new 2008 TSX with nav? Such as this one:
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    Hi there. For pricing, you'll want to look at what others are talking about in the TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion. You can get good ideas of what others are paying over there.
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    Anyone know why Acura removed the touch screen Nav in the 2009 TSX? Were there lots of problems?

    Cost and long term reliability. Touch screens are more expensive and more prone to fail than non-touch screens. It's not just Honda, but all automakers are going away from touch screens. Another perhaps minor reason: software development - probably cheaper, more flexible and portable writing software for a non touch screen.
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    Noticed that I have to go very slow while going down driveway incline or front end bottom will hit concrete. Anyone else have this problem. Also, noticed the under of the front end is scratched from this, will this get worse with time.. should I repair?
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    It is a common problem with all cars with a front air dam, and sporty cars in particular. No much you can do except approach steep driveway inclines slowly and/or at an angle. If the scratches are not that noticeable (and they shouldn't be unless you got down on your hands and knees to look for them), I would just leave it, since it won't do any harm.
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    If you go to either the tsx club or acurazine website you will read how other tsx owners consider them 4 x 4's. They lower them. I love it the way it is.
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    Does anyone use non-premium fuel (lower than 91 octane) and what has been your experience? I just bought an 09 TSX and was wondering what fuel I should use.

    My previous car was an 01 Passat that also called for premium but based on the advice of other owners I used 89 octane and the car served me well for 115,000 miles.
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    I use 87 octane gas in my 06 6MT tsx. It has more than enough power and performance IMO- My car, bought new 11/06, has almost 87,000 problem free miles. Replaced the OEM tires at 74,000 miles, but still with the original brakes and battery.
  • I was test driving a TSX the other day and the dealer said that Acura officially has they do not require/recommend this anymore on the new TSX's. Sorry, I cannot remember whether his said require or recommend. So I will just use them simultaneously.

    My first question was: Is this in the instruction manual? His response "I dont think so in the 09's, but it may be in the 2010's manual. I haven't checked yet. But we did get a press release from Acura saying 'they no longer recommend/require premium fuel in the TSX's'"

    Anyways, I've been trying to find this "press release" online that shows this. Has anyone seen this or can confirm it? I was still planning to put premium fuel in the car, but if Acura has officialy stopped recommending/requiring it, I would reconsider.
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    I do not know but I use regular gas in my 06tsx. I do not tow, race or drive on hilly mountains. I have excellent gas mileage, with no loss in power or performance. My car, bought new 11.17.06, has 89,000+problem free miles. I have all service done by a acura dealer.
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    Yes I noticed the same problem. I also own a 2004 TL it hits the driveway as well when I back straight out. I have learned to turn the stering wheel hard to the right or left. That way I am backing out on an angle. That solves the problem. I've had the TL for over five years and I don't see any longterm problems. ? why they had to make that pannel so it hangs so low.
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    2009 tsx I have the rubbing grinding noise when i turn the steering wheel side to side at low speeds anybody know the reason for this problem.? this is 3 months after acura replaced my rack n pinion steering unit because the steering would occasionally get hung up in long s corners .4500 miles on car
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    The only engine option to be added will be the diesel. If you've seen past/current trends and know the Honda philosophy you'd know rumors of a V6 in the TSX to be just that, rumors.

    Looks like you really knew what you were talking about.
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    biker4 posted that comment last year when gas prices had spiked to over $4.00 per gallon and there was mass hysteria in the media.

    At the time, it was a very reasonable and likely accurate prediction of Honda's strategy.

    And really, do you need to come here trolling through old posts just to be a hater?
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    If I was a hater I would have also mentioned that you had made a very similar comment back then and questioned other's sources. No, I'm not trolling. I am researching a possible purchase of a TSX and was going through old posts to pick up on likes and dislikes of the 09 TSX which IS the subject of the thread.

    I do agree that biker4 may have made a somewhat logical assumption but it certainly wasn't stated as such. I just notice it when someone is quick to correct other people when they themselves are just guessing.
    If you know something for sure by all means state it as fact but when you take a SWAG because of high gas prices and then act like an authority on the subject I just think you should be called on it. If it's just an opinion.....state so, don't insinuate others are crazy.
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    There's no way to know anything for sure unless you work for Acura/Honda and even then upper management could change their minds all the time about some model (like the mess that is the NSX successor). So virtually anyone that posts anything on any car forum (related to upcoming models) is guessing and/or posing an opinion - some are just better than others. I certainly did not see the V6 happening and even now I don't see it selling in very high numbers. The decision to pull the diesel is somewhat short sided on Honda's part - the last/main reason they cited was economic - they couldn't offer the diesel at a low enough price. Based on the how well the TDI versions of VW cars are selling (with a large markup over the gas models) I think Honda made a mistake - which they may yet fix.

    Biker, who opines on all car related issues based on historical knowledge and some research. :shades:
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