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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fdogs1fdogs1 Member Posts: 6
    Thank you Wildred, I finally took delivery of my pkg 12 Sienna, paid 500 over invoice, no problems everything was straight forward. Even the F&I guy was no pressure. Would highly recommend. My experience in south bay in regards to pricing was sticker or $1000- 1500 above invoice. The Sienna is selling as soon as it hits the dealerships. Good luck and thanks!
  • nixxy311nixxy311 Member Posts: 2
    Any hints on buying a Sienna in Georgia? Does anyone have any factory-to-dealer incentive information?

    I'm trying to get this model with only the DVD Ent Unit installed - no other options and no leather or anything.

    The dealer (Mall of GA Toyota) said they could give me a price of $28,819 (with the options),
    dealer fee - $499.50 and then Sales Tax is 7% - so a total drive out cost of $31,391 (which I think is too high).

    Did anyone get something like this for less - invoice is only 25k so I think they are adding too much on - the DVD unit is only $1499.

  • vanquestvanquest Member Posts: 14
    found $500 for a 7/75 and $795 for a 7/100 from kc summers in mattoon, illinois. that is the best i've seen.
  • wildredwildred Member Posts: 43
    Congratulations fdogs1! And welcome to the owners' club!

    It's truly my pleasure being able to help. I'm so happy that you got what you wanted at a very good price. Enjoy your new Sienna!
  • mathai1mathai1 Member Posts: 2
    Grand rapids, Michigan...Its with the only dealer who has these on stock...I am sure you can look it up
  • gabbygabby Member Posts: 2
    My husband just brought home our new sienna xle with package #19...awesome toys, we paid invoice. What a great experience having edmunds to help. We had to fight for the invoice price and only found one salesman who would do it. One actually said he would not sell a sienna right now at that price to his mother- glad he is not my kid, and I pity her. We bought at Toyota of Grapevine and it took too long to sign the paperwork even though the deal was made over the phone, they pushed add ons but, just say no! We are really happy with the sienna and will be making our first road trip tomarrow to Florida!! Thanks to all!
  • texasmomtexasmom Member Posts: 114
    Thank you gabby. Please tell which dealer in Grapevine. You can name the dealership, just not the salesperson. I think the only way you can name the salesperson is via private email. For now, I'd just like to narrow it down to the dealership. Thanks again!
  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Member Posts: 50
    Great deal. How did you negotiate at-invoice pricing?
  • skinnytonyskinnytony Member Posts: 121
    gabby, do you mind detailing/itemizeing what you paid? By this I mean not just the total amount but the components. Thanks.
  • texasmomtexasmom Member Posts: 114
    Please tell us which dealer and itemizing when you're rested up from your trip. Thanks!
  • siennanjsiennanj Member Posts: 1
    Could you please tell me the name of the dealership you used in NJ - we are looking for the XLE AWD with option #17 also and no one has come close to the 33,300 so far.
  • rip2rip2 Member Posts: 1
    Our price on an LE was $24,300 which turned into close to $26,000 because of floormats, taxes and a $500+ 'transportation fee'. Dealer insists the transportation is not an add-on and that everyone pays it. True or not?

    And..does anyone have a source for floormats so we don't have to fork over $176 for that?
  • rorrrorr Member Posts: 3,630
    There IS a $540 Destination Charge for all Toyotas. I have no idea what package/options you've got on your Sienna LE.

    Go to the "New Car" section here at Edmunds and use it to determine the invoice price and TMV (including the $540 Destination Charge) for a Sienna equipped the way yours is.
  • weili327weili327 Member Posts: 4
    We are thinking whether we should buy a 2003 XLE with leather, moonroof, running board, dual power doors and, 44K miles for $21K OR a new 2004 LE with #7 for about $5K more. The 2003 XLE is in great shape. Is $21K for the 2003 considered a good deal? The flat 3rd row seats is not a dying feature for us since we rarely have to carry large things besides two kids. Thanks.
  • lao1lao1 Member Posts: 5
    what is the model? LE, AM etc.?
  • heywood1heywood1 Member Posts: 850
    I'd go for the new LE. Unless you're paying cash, the finance rates will be much more favorable-- not to mention the new-car warranty.

    If you ARE paying cash--and the seller is a private party rather than a dealer-- you may be able to 'steal' it for far less than $21K. Most buyers don't have cash, and private party sellers are at a disadvantage for the same reasons mentioned above.
  • momof3momof3 Member Posts: 9
    You should also check for signs of sludge. The old body stlye Sienna had an engine that was prone to sludge buildup. If this is a private individual, 21k is way too much. It is Ok for a dealer, just as long as it is "clean/perfect" and they can offer a comprehensive warranty.
    Check for accident history also. Signs of paintwork, etc.
  • heywood1heywood1 Member Posts: 850
    My mistake. I thought you were talking about a used '04 with 44K. $21,000 for an '03 is too much, with or without certified factory warranty. I owned an '03. It was a wonderful van, but a little small. I bought it because of the $5,000 incentives at the time, smug Honda dealers, and no Toyota dealer could/would tell me anything about the all-new '04. Engine sludge is not a problem with the last of the old model run. Just make sure oil changes were done in a timely manner. But I traded my '03 for an '04 and haven't looked back. Get a new one with all the latest safety features and fold-down rear seat, unless you can steal this '03 for $18K or less. Trust me, original owner didn't pay more than $28K--even though MSRP was $32K+....
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyMember Posts: 6,064
    Gabby, you must have just escaped from a mental institution...OR, you've just made the best deal on a new 2004 Sienna I've ever seen on this board.
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  • vinsonavinsona Member Posts: 13
    I posted this a week ago but we just took delivery and we love the van so much I had to post it again!

    04 Sienna LE w/#7 (BW), Z1, WH for pretty much invoice price (their invoice price sheet was $200 over Edmunds invoice price) and the vehicle was delivered in less than a week.

    Also go to a discount for being a repeat customer so our financing rate was in the low 4% range!

    As stated by others on the board, I could not have done so well if it were not for the GREAT people and information found at Edmunds.

    I got the deal at Conicelli Toyota just outside of Phila, PA. They were great to deal with and did NOT try any "funny business" during the deal (Yes, even the Finance Manger was cool). Paper work took 15 - 20 mins to complete.
  • junkitjunkit Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2004 XLE AWD w/ package #17 and carpets/mats. It only had 11 miles on it. Price was $33,899. Bought it at Hudson Toytoa NJ...very nice sales guy and manager...they were willing to negotiate. Today, I went to total of three in Lincoln. I was trying neg the 04' LS v6...wait for 15 minutes...I'm OUT of there. Hate it when they play games with you. Second was the 05' Pacifica touring. The sales guy was not willing to neg...screw him.
    The price was 33,899 that include temp plate and another $100's fee...gotta look at that paper.
    Finance my self...3.7!!! Toyota can't beat that.
    The only problem with this vehicle I'm concerning are the tires. Will there be any problem if I change all the tires to a regualr tire?
  • xtremebargainxtremebargain Member Posts: 5
    Is this a good deal? XLE FWD with pkg 14 for $30,430 + $249 doc fee = $30, 679?
    Has there been anyone who DID NOT have to pay doc fees at all?
  • mathai1mathai1 Member Posts: 2
    that sounds like a terrific deal
  • flgirlfiveflgirlfive Member Posts: 17
    We were dealing with both Odyssey and Toyota dealers this past week. Unfortunately, the 04 Odyssey is so discounted (I know you get what you pay for) that my husband chose the Ody. However, I had a great experience with Marietta Toyota in Atlanta, GA. If anyone needs the contact name, let me know. The gentleman I delt with was great. I told him upfront that I was dealing with the Odys and the Siennas. It didn't matter. He was unbelievably professional, got me answers quickly and quoted a great price as far as I can tell.
  • minivanseekerminivanseeker Member Posts: 17
    Where do you live? I think you can save several hundreds more. You should be able to get near the invoice, or at best $500 over invoice.
  • minivanseekerminivanseeker Member Posts: 17
    Are you buying a dealer or a van? For me, dealer doesn't matter at all, and you can find great prices everywhere.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyMember Posts: 6,064
    flgirlfive said she thought she had a "great" price on the Sienna. Some people don't like dealing with pushy/obnoxious salespeople.
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  • bd21bd21 Member Posts: 437
    My brother just picked up his Sienna in New Orleans for $25,000, which included all dealer fees, excluding state tax, with no trade-in. He is an Alabama resident in the Military, so he was able to register it in AL and only pay the 4% state tax rate. His entire cost including all fees, state tax, tittle, and registration was exactly $26,000. I helped him do some research and he got the $500 military rebate. I'm still amazed how much over invoice most Sienna's are selling for. I've always bought cars under invoice, but I think that is impossible on this high demand van.
  • spikerspiker Member Posts: 4
    We have been looking at the 2004 Sienna for the past 2 weeks. We went looking for a 2004 LE with the BZ package and the best deal we got was $27,200. The salesman did say that a silver 2005 Sienna LE with BZ package will arrive to the dealership on Sept. 7 and I could put a deposit down on it. His offer was for $27,700. I know there is no difference between the 2 model years but only a $500 difference in price? Dealers are going to get stuck with a lot of 2004 unless they drop the price on them. Should I wait for the 2004 price to drop or get the 2005 for roughly what they are offering the 2004 model price noew?
  • ctsangctsang Member Posts: 237
    If the prices are similar, would you get a 04 or 05 at this time knowing 05 is coming out in a few weeks? Let the greedy dealers get stuck with the 04 vans especially with the 05 doy coming out soon. When 05 ody comes out, there will be good deals on sienna.
  • minivanseekerminivanseeker Member Posts: 17
    Oh, right. I'm curious about the great price flgirlfive got. If she can give us more specific info about the trim and option and the price, then we can tell her whether her choice over her husband's makes sense. In my case, the exactly same thing as hers happened, and I won over my wife.
  • david179david179 Member Posts: 6
    I worked with "the internet guys" at Maplewood Toyota. Good experience so far. My wife and I were also debating between the Honda or Toyota. We chose the Sienna because it seems more luxurious inside (which is what she was looking for). The interior of the Honda is very bland...
  • autoguy1autoguy1 Member Posts: 87
    Wow, I'm very surprised that Hudson Toyota was willing to negotiate. I hated them. Their sales rep was rude and their manager was even ruder. I'd go jump off a building before purchasing from them.

    Congratulations! I ordered mine from Route 22 Toyota for $517 over invoice on XLE LTD FWD but unfortunately, I had to order. 8/13 to be exact. A Friday (knocks wood).

    Whether they can get me a 2004 or 2005 I don't really care. I know from reading SiennaClub that there's a possibility of power passenger seat and memory for driver. Things I could live without.

    Now, the dealer hasn't mentioned to me that they're gonna give me a 2005 but the contract said 2004 and if they do, they better charge me my existing price.

    Oh boy, I'm getting worried again. My doc told me to be less stressfull (so I've been looking at the aquarium a lot recently) so hope this doesn't get my blood pressure rising.
  • steve8steve8 Member Posts: 4
    I see their ads every week in the star tribune. they seem to have good inventory. My wife likes Toyotas - our Camry has 92K on it and runs like it was brand new. do they have multiple internet sales people? whom did you work with? Were they willing to negotiate? thanks for the response!
  • autoguy1autoguy1 Member Posts: 87
    Just an FYI for you guys. Manufacturing for 2005 models starts next Tuesday, 9/7. And there are rumors of power passenger seat & memory for XLE/LTD.
  • carshopper5carshopper5 Member Posts: 4
    Where did you get this price? That is the van I am looking for although in the St. Louis area they want to take $1000 off sticker and they think they are doing you a favor.
  • slam8slam8 Member Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy the Sienna. What is the fair price for the 04' or 05'top of the line,with fully loaded(DVD). I live in TX, 75075.
  • billmacbillmac Member Posts: 1
    Hi. We paid about 5% over invoice for an LE with the AM package. Our dealership is hawking Toyota financing. Anybody use this? Are there any hidden fees, etc?
  • david11david11 Member Posts: 6
    I just started looking for a Sienna and the dealers are telling me I will need to pay invoice plus agreed profit for them and also a regional Toyota advertising fee. The Fee is a couple hundred bucks. Have other experienced this fee? I am in upstate NY region.
  • lao1lao1 Member Posts: 5
    Just bought a Sienna 04 LE Fwd, 8 pass. with Am pkg (#1) with $24,200 not including any fee. But when I picked it up, it had 250 miles on. Is it a reasonable deal? Thanks.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyMember Posts: 6,064
    I believe it has been debated in many posts here whether the advertising fee is legit or not. See the dealer advertising link when looking under the Sienna True Market Value page for more info. I was quoted a price without an advertising fee on one Sienna, and a $600 fee on another. My opinion is it is bogus and is thrown in to boost profit margin on a hot moving van. Does anyone know if Toyota has this advertising fee on their other lines?
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  • davenowdavenow Member Posts: 171
    Accept 25 not 250. a demo maybe?
  • lao1lao1 Member Posts: 5
    Thank you.
    Was told that it came from West Virgina.
    I am near Philly. Is it too late to do anything?
  • yaniyani Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone has got a good deal on Sienna XLE FWD in Washington or Oregon area? I checked with one dealer and he is not ready to come down from MSRP.
  • vanquestvanquest Member Posts: 14
    st. louis dealers are impossible. don't waste your time.
  • ram1ram1 Member Posts: 3

    We are looking to buy the exact same vechile. 2004 Sienna LE with BW package. I am in New Jersey but dont mind going to Conicelli Toyota to pick the vechile. Can you give me the name of the sales person you worked with there. THANKS. I will pay cash for the vechile and think that you got a great deal getting the van at invoice price.
  • acdunkeracdunker Member Posts: 2
    A vehicle with 250 miles could have just been dealer traded, a practice that is not unusual to get a vehicle you would like to purchase to where you would like to purchase it. A demo would have a lot more miles.
  • ram1ram1 Member Posts: 3
    We are looking to buy 2004 Sienna LE with BW package. I am in New Jersey but dont mind going to Conicelli Toyota in Philly to pick the vechile. Can you give refer me to the person you worked with you there. THANKS.

    If anyone else in NJ has bought a 2004 Sienna LE at near invoice price, please let me know the dealership name and whom to contact. Thanks.
  • acdunkeracdunker Member Posts: 2
    Toyota and all other manufacturers charge dealerships and advertising fee according to which region of the country they are in. This fee is included in the invoice price of a vehicle as a seperate line. When the dealership pays off the vehicle to the manufacturer, they have to pay the invoice price.
  • heywood1heywood1 Member Posts: 850
    250 miles on the odometer is brand-new enough for me. Dealer probably traded it with another, and didn't want to pay for trucking--so it was driven instead. If you weren't told ahead of time, I'd ask for a free oil change or similar. It's not a huge deal, especially on a mass-produced 'commodity' vehicle like a Sienna LE.
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