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Oldsmobile Aurora



  • crj1crj1 Posts: 70
    Anyone interested in a set of wheels and tires of of a 2001 Aurora? 16" silver only couple thousand miles.

    [email protected]
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    did you see that now Olds has 5/60 std. warranty on their cars....maybe that would ease your concerns on the warranty?

    Would that sway you one way or the other?
  • Hey there, as I mentioned in the previous email what they are offering is not really a warranty (as in the 3/36 that comes with the car by default). It's a short-term marketing trick to get people to the dealership and into an Olds. They try to make it sound like a bumper-to-bumper (e.g. Volvo, BMW, MB, etc) but it's purely a Mechanical Protection Plan. Still, pretty good but not _exactly_ a warranty. The emphasis is not so much on what it does/doesn't cover but more on the "how much do we stand behind our cars" ... which remains the same ... 3/36 is all they're meant for.
  • Hi. I am about to purchase a 1995 Olds Aurora with 54,500 miles on it, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what problems (if any) to check, and watch out for in this model year. Also, there were some buttons & a little red light on the roof above the rearview mirror, what are they?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I agree with Zinc, also check to see if any work has been done on the radio. I would go to an olds dealer and have them run the vin# so that you can see the repair history on the car.

    ZINC - What little red light on the roof above the mirror? I know about the gree light below the mirror (auto dimming switch) but no light on the roof in my 1995.

    Also as I tell anybody getting a 1995, be sure to investin a new cupholder with the double rubber lip design. Just ask the parts department for a new cup holder for the 1995. Its about $50.00 and will make the cupholder actually work.

    Also the 1995's are well under $10,000 as a selling price at the curret time.

    P.S. Don't let Zinc's Classic page scare you. Its a good car. If anything, watch out for the 97's.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Oh, I almost forgot, if you really want to know how much Zinc likes his car, scroll back through the Aurora 2 postings.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I don't have a garage door opener. Perhaps the light only comes on if you have a garage door opener.

    Joe - Got the package. It will be awhile before I mail it out, having a little knee surgery tomorrow. One of the benefits of being a true Aurorite is that I have a GREAT relationship with my dealer. I Will be able to drive the Classic to the dealer and leave it there until the surgery is over.

  • Hey! Watch out for the '97? How come, Henry? That's my year and I am doing very well with it! Anyhow...just curious. So I have the garage opener feature as well...I thought it was standard with all Auroras, but maybe not. Anyhow. It's great. Zinc, do you have a sunroof? Henry? Maybe there is something with the sunroof that changes the configuration of the garage door openers. I have a sunroof, so it may be different. Anyhow...Personally, I would never purchase a '95. Nothing personal with the car itself, it just that I got burned by GM with the first year of the Malibu. I bought a '97 Malibu and it was 100% crap! They stated that they needed to work the bugs out because it was a first year. That means that GM KNOWS that first year releases are quirky. The '95 Aurora is a first year model, so I wouldn't buy it. 54k miles is OK but you have to think long term. the car is in it's golden age now, so it wont be cheap to fix when it breaks. If you purchase any used car, you must SERIOUSLY consider getting an extended warranty of some kind. Do the research yourself (like reading these posts) and you will arrive at the proper conclusion.
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    is part of programmable factory garage door opener, that can store up to 3 different codes. I guess thats why there are 3 buttons. Perhaps it was added later in 95 production year. All of the early road tests I have read on Zincs site refer to a cubby to store a remote as opposed to an actual factory installed remote.

    Henry: Good luck with the surgery, but beware of crazy anesthesiologist. I Do not have dealer I've developed a "good" relationship with yet(Thankfully). When I do need dealer warranty work I will probably use a local dealer that sells both Olds and Cadillac, especially if its engine related. Dealer we bought car from is a Chevy dealer and 30 miles out of town. I think a dealer that services Caddys may have a better understanding of the northstar engine.

    On a side note the Olds Club of America National show is in Denver this summer. They even have a class for Auroras. Must be a member of OCA to show, but anybody is welcome to show up and check outg the Olds iron. Originally I was going to show my 73 Cutlass Supreme, and 4 speed 71 442. The 442 will probably stay at home now, since it is non a/c, and starting to show a little wear (it was restored in 1989). Besides that I love the Aurora-So Far.
  • check to see if the a/c compressor has been replaced too.

    My dad had a 95 and a 97. the 95 had a cubby for the opener and the programmable buttons in the 97. so maybe the one you are looking at is mislabeled as a 95.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Actually, the 5 year 60,000 mile Major Gaurd PP is bumper to bumper with 0 deductible. So while it is an extended warranty, it's basically no different that the car's standard warranty as it is backed by GM.

    evilgreco, the buttons and light is for the programmable garage door opener. My father's has this feature and it's very nice as it eliminates the clip on opener remote.
  • odrakeodrake Posts: 1
    are there plans to keep making the aurora thru 2004?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I never thought the "little red light" would generate 10 postings but . . . let's make it eleven.

    Zinc has the 1995 and he has the programmable garage door opener installed and he has the sunroof. I think therefore the two were a package deal. I would have to check the options packages in the sales brochures to see what other option came with the Astro roof.

    (with the surgery, what else do I have time to do?)

    In any event I don't have a sunroof and just a cubbyhole for an opener. The lack of a sunroof is something I lamented at first, but since I plan on keeping the car until my son inherits it. It is probably best that I do not have one since the rubber seals will become an issue over time.

    VWBUS1979 _ My comment about the 1997 comes from three sources. 1) a guy posting on here that was ALWAYS b*tching about how much time his spent in the shop. 2) I meet a guy with a 97 that said one side of his engine (4 cylinders) had failed and extensive work had to be done to fix it. 3) When I investigated the suspension system on the on the car throughout it production (95-99) the 97 model year had a different suspension for that year only. I therefore ASSUMED that the 97 change was an attempt to fix the body roll that did not work well so GM changed it again for 98 and 99 (granted this is speculation).

    Not trying to insult a fellow Aurorite. I was thinking about getting another Classic (in black) and was avoiding the 97's for the above reasons.

    VWBUS, your reasons for avoiding the 95 are valid as a general course of action. However, my 95 has not been a huge pain as far as repairs. The radio (CD player skipping), bad ignition wire, update of cupholder, vent motor (my lack of heat problem), stepper motor (stalling problem). Considering my 4 years of ownership, not a bad history.

    I have a good relationship with the dealership because I work a lot with their mechanic on possible upgrades to the car and my inital problem with the check engine light that took forever to diagnose and fix (Software glitch = no problem at all). Apprantly, the sofeware was not designed for my then over 100mph commutes. I have since calmed down on the speed.

    I also brought them a 6 foot sub for lunch in appreciation of their excellent service. Because of their service, I was considering buying another Olds. I still want my 2002 TransAm. If they become a Pontiac dealer, I would be real happy.

  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    I believe Zincs car is a 96. So if a 95 would have the programmable remote instead of the cubby, it would probably be a later production car.

    Glad to hear surgery went OK. I did not mean to imply anything negative about "having a good relationship with a dealership", only that I have yet to need any repair work. We've only had the car for 4 weeks!

    Actually when I run out of warranty and extended service contract I would be very interested in picking your brain on suggestions for performance upgrades.

    Finally, at the risk of sounding entirely ignorant: What is the Aurora "ATS"?
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Never heard of an Aurora ATS, sounds like a Cadillac moniker. My father's 95 has been pretty trouble free. The only major problems have been the traction control modulator and the A/C evaporator coil. The cd doesn't skip, but at times it has started acting like it doesn't want to eject your cd immediately when you push the button. I guess he's just about worn it out as he's always had a cd in the car whenever I've driven it.
  • I have a 95 with 180,000 miles with the common problems. stereo cd player is flaky, traction control now broken (thank God!!, don't like anyway) and a leaky seal on one of the back windows. (nothing major though) Do not have a little red light though. Was Onstar offered then? However, My sister owns a 1999 Aurora and mine has always had a stiffer ride and WAY better acceleration. Now I find out I have a Supercharger on my engine today!!! Honestly, this is the first car I've owned in which I do not even crack the hood open. I just drive it. Has anyone ever heard of these cars coming with a Supercharger??? I know there is the Autobahn package, but I have stock rims. Any help would be appreciated. Also, if anyone knows where to get aftermarket products for the Aurora, please let me know. PS I love my Aurora. Way better interior than an STS or Eldo. and, yes I also replaced the cup holder on mine to the better model. Thanks, Rich
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    Zinc; I've been in OCA since the late 80s when I was restoring my first 442. Obviously I feel it is worthwhile. Yes, they are geared to the older cars. The most prevalent being mid size and performance models from 60s and 70s. Yes there are still the 40s and 50s cars, but they seem to be dwindling as time moves on. In a few short years however, all Oldsmobiles will be "older". The monthly newsletter (magazine) is very nice and probably worth the price of dues by itself. Good articles, and a nice classified section. The national show is in a different location every year (last year it was in New Jersey). There is always a good cross section of cars from all eras including modern iron. I am sure there are some local OCA chapters in the SoCal area, OCAs web site will probably have a listing for such. A local chapter is who you would contact about local shows going on. The OCA web site is www.oldsclub.org
  • unless you or the previous owner put on a supercharger, this engine does not have one. is it possible that maybe someone put a Grand Prix GTP engine in that car too?
  • I’m posting again after a long absence – still love my 1997 red Aurora, but boy, it can be a real pain for a 4-year old car with 45K on the odometer. In the last year I’ve had to fix the rear window trim, replace the water pump and the air compressor. All covered under warranty that expired last December.

    My newest problem is occasional backfiring why decelerating on the highway. It is a somewhat mild “pop, pop, pop” sound. Acceleration is not as smooth as it used to be as well. The “backfiring” occurs most often when backing off from 60 – 70 mph to slow to a highway off ramp. The problem has become apparent with my latest fill-up – no evidence before that. The car idles just fine and for most driving around –no problem. I hate to take it to my mechanic for the $1,000 “look around” I’m afraid to expect.

    I have not yet had my repair guy clean the injectors, throttle body, etc. The fuel filter has also never been changed. Are spark plug wires a possibility? Ideas and thoughts are appreciated.

    Also, I just replaced my original MXV4s with a new set of Energy MXV4s – awesome!


    LoveOlds 1
  • Well, I checked out the '95 Aurora again today, and there are 3-buttons and a little red light, and yes it has the moon-astro-sun-roof (take your pick of the name, heh). Also I did check the VIN, and it is a 1995. So there must some version in '95 that did offer it. With all that said, I pick up my Plumb colored '95 Aurora on Monday (w/ a 3 year full warranty)! Can't wait!
    My new question (sort of of subject) is:
    This is my first car in a LONG time that wasn't a P.O.S. that I beat on unmercifully, and I wanted to know if anbody uses any additives, or special fluids. I remember when I had my '87 IROC-Z I used Slick 50, and Mobil 1 oil. What are the suggetions for the Aurora, and does anybody still use Slick 50? Thanks for all the help!

    - Evil (But in a good way! Heh Heh)
  • how much is the car? how many miles?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    The Aurora ATS is my way of recognizing the performance chip from the Caddie STS engine tha was installed in my car. ATS = Aurora Touring Sedan as in "Seville Touring Sedan"

    Additives - The manual for the Classic does not recommend the use of any additives in the engine.

    Traction Control - I have not had a problem with the traction control system. However, I have learned that there are times that I need to turn it off. Those times are when I rock the car to get it out of the snow and when I need to "power my way" into a space over a snow mound. In these instances the traction control works against me and had started to smell from all the times it was kicking in.

    99 weaker than 95 supercharger - This is news to me. I have not heard anything about a supercharged engine in the 1995. Zinc & VWBUS you guys know anything about this??

    Litttle Red Light - Guys this topic is starting to sound like a Seinfield skit.

    New Tires - I have the Toyo Z rated tires on my car. Oh What a Feeling!

    Aftermarket Items - I have added KYB shochs in the front, put in the Caddy sway bars to reduce body roll, and the Caddie STS performance chip. there is also a guy that put in a Borla or Bilsten performance Cat-back system. I am also assuming that you can put in a cold air induction system on the car. My mechanic told me that the K&N air filter for a Northstar engine is a waste of time and money. Also, got the better cupholder from Olds (double-lip design).
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    I have just received and have been reading through the 6000+ pages of the GM service manuals for the 2001 Aurora. I have discovered that the steering effort can be dealer modified. There are "more firm" and "less firm" settings in addition to the factory setting. The GM scan tool is required to change the setting, but the manuals speak of doing this in response to customer request (i.e. "just because I want it"). This car is awsome, seven internal sensors direct the HVAC system!
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    My father's Aurora is a 95(build date 05/95) and it does have the integrated garage door opener. I know that Olds says they added this to 96 models and that 95s didn't have it at first, but they must have made a running change and added it. Now, has anyone ever seen a 95-99 Aurora with cloth seats?? This was a no cost option for those who just don't want leather and I have yet to see one with cloth. Have any of you?
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
  • I wrote awhile back about engine surging problems that I was having. This post is to provide an update for anyone interested. Keep in mind that this vehicle was purchased as the 'car of my dreams' after extensive research and test drives of just about everything on the market. I brought within my budget but would have paid more if I felt it was worthwhile; ie, the Volvo S80 T6 or the Audi A6 2.7T but I couldn't stomach the Audi's rear styling or the Turbo lag and service problems of the Volvo. Not to knock these cars...just not for me.
    Back to the Aurora: mine is/was a silvermist V8 with heated seats, Bose, 12 disc and chrome wheels. Seeing the car for the first time after it was delivered from the factory (special order because I didn't want a sunroof) was the cat's meow. After driving the car I knew I had made the right decision. But then a seemingly minor problem turned into a major one.
    What was happening almost from day one was that when the engine was cold and I would step on the gas in drive then let off- the whole car would surge and buck like it was going to stall but never did. The oscillations would last about 6 or so times then the car would even out and return to a normal idle. I could not dplicate this with a fully warmed engine although the service department at my dealership said they could. This surging was unnoticeable if I accelerated with an even pedal- only when I stepped on the gas then quickly let off. I noticed this first while at a light and starting off; only to quickly back off the gas with someone coming the other way. Then, I could duplicate this everytime because I knew how. Mind you, I wasn't looking for trouble but found it nonetheless in these circumstances.
    A couple of trips to the dealer netted the following. The first trip was a diagnosis in which they could easily duplicate the problem but could not fix it. The second trip involved an upper tier technician who came in and couldn't fix the problem either. The car has the latest software download as it was made in October and all looked OK on the computer diagnostics. I brought the car in for checking on the 13th of Dec. and on the 15th a decision was made to stop work as no positive results were achieved. Within a few short days of this, I was informed that GM was buying back the car and getting me a new duplicate. A nationwide locate produced 2 cars the same as mine but they were in the south and midwest and because I live in the northeast, a fresh vehicle was ordered from the factory. I should get it in the next 2 or 3 weeks.
    Some observations: My service rep reported that GM had 2 other cars with my symptoms and they could also not be fixed. I never lost my cool or ranted and raved with frustration but I didn't want to be 'deadended' in a long drawn out ordeal so I kept pressuring the dealer and service department for a solution. As it turns out, not much pressure was needed. I'm surprised that GM didn't offer to replace the engine as I'm sure that's what Chrysler would have done in the same situation (after having had 4 problematic Jeep Grand Cherokees). Supposedly GM plans to take my car and tear it apart to find the problem but the good news is that I don't have to make payments on it while they do. As well, GM is footing the bill for an '00 Deville while my new car is coming- they offered a Grand AM but I wanted something comparable. The response to my request for the Deville was a quick yes.
    The long and short is that although my 'dream car' had a major problem, along with a few other minor fit and finish issues, GM is absolutely supporting and backing their product. I understand that my new car will automatically come with th 5/60 warranty so thats a nice little bonus also. Believe it or not, I look forward to getting out of the Deville and into my AV8 when it comes. The Deville is a super car but a little too big and boaty for my tastes. Will post with updates or more info as I remember.
  • carbuyer66: it is $13,000 with 54,000 miles. I realize this is a little high, but I am getting at a dealer, and it comes with a 3 year full warranty. (I needed to buy from a dealer becasue my credit isn't so hot right now).

    zinc1: Yeah, its Purple. Very slick looking.

    To All: Not sure if the car has the owners manual, so if anyone can tell me, what does GM suggest for oil?
  • I posted about this before but it got overrun by some other posts and I never got any thoughts ... I started noticing it again recently and it's really pissing me off ... at first I thought it had to do with the A/C doing its maintenance cycle (cooling off/defrosting depending on the weather) but now it makes the noise even when I don't turn it on at all. The problem again is that it's making this ticking noise like a clock and it seems like it's coming from well behind the steering column. I haven't checked where the actual A/C is so I don't know if it's nearby. The reason why I think it's the A/C is because the moment you turn the A/C on the noise stops. Sure it could be something peripheral but I'm going with the easy answer. Anyone hear this in their car? I had two cars before this and I can't say I ever heard this noise. Usually during the A/C maintenance cycle you'll hear a relief/sighing noise from the A/C when it starts to redirect the cold/heat to itself (air ducts probably switching) but this ticking is a first for me ... hope someone can shed some light. Thanks.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Glad to hear your situation worked out for the better. The new one with the better warranty is certainly an added bonus.

    evilgreco, that price seems too high for a 95, even with an extended warranty. Ask some questions about the warranty too, like does it cover EVERYTHING or just major mechanical components and is there a deductible? The Aurora is a great car, but they haven't held their value all that well so a 95 should be able to be had for less than that.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Market for a 1995 is around $7,500 with say 60K miles on it.

  • the blue book value for a 95 Aurora, with 60,000 miles and a moon roof is $12700. dont believe me? check www.kbb.com. NADA lists it for $12800. so if your paying $7500 for it, your getting a steal. Heck my car is worth more than $7500 and its 14 years old.
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    Probably depends on local market, and how motivated seller is. I bought my 98 from a dealer for $500 over what Edmunds claims is trade in price. Using this formula, a clean 95 with 54K and a moon roof would be worth about $9400. However, the true value depends on the buyer and what he is truly willing to pay.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    No payments, No money down and Zero interest in all models until 2002!

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    ZINC -- How did you know that evilgreco's car was purple? The colors purple and teal (light green) are rare for a Classic. I saw one in purple and it was lust at first sight. I think they only offerred the color in 1995. Okay, oh wise one, so how did you know the car was purple?

    Joe - Got my son to mail out the stuff to you yesterday, you should get it in a few days. You're in Kansas? Hmm, open road, no cops and a Classic (with Autobahn), life just doesn't get much better. ;-)

    Market Value on 1995 Classic - Yes, the price will change based on local market conditions. So I guess I should I should limit my market price of $7,500 to the New Jersey/New York area. I had spoken with an independant car dealer and he told me that the 95's are cheap in this market because it was the first year for the car and there is not a huge demand for Auroras overall.

    There was one guy in here that had found a 1998 (45k miles) for around $13,500 at his local dealer. Prices do vary by market, I wish I could get a loaded 98 for $13,500. Talk about a no brainer.
  • HENRY- I note in your posting of 27 Jan, #269 that you have installed Caddie sway bars (plural) in your Aurora. I knew that a 2000 Seville rear sway bar is a direct bolt in (GM part # 25666234) and that gets you a 22 mm rear bar. My 96 Aurora came stock with a 17mm rear and a 27mm front. I have already installed the 22 mm rear bar. Is there a front Seville sway bar that will fit? I know I can put in a 98-99 Aurora bar which is 29 mm but if I'm going to do it I might put in bigger if something is available. Thanks in advance for your info.
    To other readers: I also put in polyurathane end links and center bushings on my sway bars F & R and you could tell an immediate difference. Also KYB struts up front. Would recommend both the struts and bushings to anyone who wants to tighten up his classic Aurora.
  • My market would be Upstate NY, Buffalo. $12750.

    The prices i quoted were retail value, not trade in. Retail value as defined by Kelley's and NADA is " a price you would expect to pay while shopping for this vehicle at the dealer".
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    SWAY BARS - the caddie sway bars are as you indicated. The front sway bar for both the caddie and the 97-99 Classic are the same size. If you put in the thicker front Aurora bar you have gone as thivk as you can go, as far as I know.

    ZINC1 - Duh
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    Henry-I do believe you when you say the classic is dirt cheap in Jersey. Last summer(or early fall), a friend of mine bought a 99 classic on an internet auction for $16,100 from a dealer/wholesaler somewhere in Jersey. It cost him another $700 to have it shipped here. The car only had about 13K miles, needed cleaned up, and the speedo, odometer, etc are all in kilometers(a Canadian car?). Still $16,800 is a great deal on a 99 classic.
  • drzoom1drzoom1 Posts: 86
    Does anybody know if the Aurora (2001) has side air bags? It appears the Intrigue does not. Has Olds decided to skip SABs since production will be ending???
  • one2oneone2one Posts: 626
    Aurora comes standard with side air bags in both V6 and V8 trim.
  • Well the prices around here (Boston) run around $13,000 to $15,000 for a Clean low mile 1995. This dealer wanted $14,000. I got it for $13,000 with a full bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3 years, my choice of mechanic, and a $50 deductable. Plus it was worth it for the purple color! It looks sharp! I will have pics soon (of course).
  • joeoldsjoeolds Posts: 39
    I always thought when referring to a color it would be spelled "plum" like the fruit, which is purple. Where as "plumb" means straight or level or square, like in using a plumb-bob to build a wall. That plum car on the link zinc put up for evil is very pretty. Sorry I got off on that tangent guys.

    Henry-The package arrived today. Very Cool. I have not had a chance to examine in detail, but thank you very much, I really appreciate it.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Is it purple pearl or dark cherry red? I pulled the 95 Aurora brochure I had and those two colors fit the description. I've seen a few in the dark cherry red and under certain conditions it could be considered plum. However, I don't think I've ever seen an Aurora in the purple pearl. If thats the color in discussion here, then it must be a rare car.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Joe - U R welcome

    Evilgreco - I did not realize the price for the car varied so much across the different markets.

    Etharman - I don't have numbers on how many purple cars GM made but judging from what I have seen on the road, it is VERY RARE. I have only seen two. The only color that is rarer ((<--is that a word??)) is that teal or iced green. I have only seen the iced green car once.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    On the way to work this morning (I-95 S from Maine to Mass) I passed a plum colored Aurora Classic. Can't say I've ever noticed this color before but your discussions here had my eyes peeled for the rarity. With the day being cloudy and most cars salty and dirty, it didn't stand out much but it sure looked (plum) nice.

    Have a great day

  • Gulped hard and pulled the trigger on a new 2k1 AV6 yesterday. It is a base (no options) car with a sticker of $31,139. Net of $2000 rebate I paid $25,895. I had some reservations about build quality and buying an "orphan" (with the division going under) but I come from a Olds/GM family and really like the way the car looks and drives. I also see very few on the road, which I like - but it also makes me wonder. Time will tell how reliable the car is. Probably wouldn't have gotten over $5000 off the sticker if not for Old's demise. I'll continue to check this board for posts from other 2k1 owners to see how their cars perform - I'll share my experiences also.
  • jwadlejwadle Posts: 12
    I am wondering what types of modifactions you all have made to your Auroras. I have a 97 and want to do some "things" such as new struts (to firm up the ride). I have not found any place that sells firmer struts for the 97.

    Thanks for any help, my e-mail is [email protected]
  • mali1mali1 Posts: 1
    What kind of gas milage does a 98 Aurora get? City/Highway?
  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    Is around 25K the best we can do? I have a 2000 Intrigue but would definitely love to "move up" to the Aurora if the opportunity arose. I heard that in an auto show auction they were having trouble selling the 2001 Aurora for more than 15K! Man, that'd be a total steal. I already have the 3.5 so I know what an excellent and smooth performer it is. When I visited the dealer recently he said he couldn't keep Oldsmobiles on the lot this month because of all the incentives. He said other dealers were calling him wanting his inventory. I dunno. Is that kinda hard to believe? Maybe I should wait awhile and see what happens as the end of Olds nears.
  • First, to reply to jg28, I have been trying hard to get a new base (no options) 2k1 for $25,000, to no avail. I approached my local dealer with a newspaper ad for new Auroras from $25,358. Of course this included the $2000 rebate, $1500 Olds owner loyalty rebate, and a $400 recent college grad rebate. I only qualify for the $2000. I faxed a letter to all the dealers in my area stating $25,000 is the max I would pay. Dealer X (who placed the $25,358 ad) called with a price of $25,897. When I told my dealer I had a firm price under $26,000 he came back with $25,895 (=$5244 under MSRP). That same day Dealer X withdrew his offer (of $25,897) saying he felt foolish but there was no way they could stand by that price. So, I iced my dealer for a few weeks to try to get him to $25,000 but he wouldn't budge.

    Now, for my question. The cross-town dealer that has a car I had my eye on wouldn't trade so my dealer is still searching for a car. One possibility is an earlier build car (June, I think) that lacks OnStar. Aside from not having On-Star, has anyone heard of problems with earlier build, pre-OnStar cars? Any opinions whether such cars should be avoided? The base price of this earlier car is $30,800 vs. $31,139 on newer cars. It has $1065 in options on it. Dealer offered to add only $200 to my $25,895 deal for the car. Deal looks good other than not having OnStar - except for my concerns about it being an "early" car. Any opinions on early build cars?
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