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Oldsmobile Aurora

Welcome to the continuation of the Oldsmobile
Aurora 2
topic. Those of you joining us from that
topic are welcome to continue your discussion.

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  • dslay2dslay2 Posts: 11
    my 95 starts up fine in the morning, however the next time I try to start it up, it takes about 15 seconds or more to start, sounds like its not getting fuel. has anyone experienced this problem.
  • Consider me a missionary, supporting our cause among enemy ranks.... here are two of my posts from the Infiniti I30 board:

    As for switching to the I30
    from the Aurora, at the time he was in the market
    for a car, the V8 Aurora wasnt available yet, which
    was what he wanted. So next was the TL. Beautiful
    car, and just as fast, if not faster, but more
    expensive than the I30. I am trying to convince him
    to sell the lease on his I30 and get the Aurora
    again. Not because the I30 is a bad car, but
    because the Aurora was much more fun to drive. the
    I30 doesnt have the quality that the folks on the
    Aurora board ike to call aROARa, i.e. the beautiful
    sound of a V8. im trying to think of a catchy
    phrase like that for my summer car... can anyone
    think of one for Monte Carlo? anyways...

    post 2:

    he is also having trouble finding tires for the
    car. $160 Michelins are the only ones so far... we
    were told the Toyo's were only available at the
    dealer. i gave my dad my two ideas: 1) Buy the 17
    inch rims... they are probably easier to find tires
    for, therefore cheaper in the long run. 2) Sell
    the lease, get a black on black Aurora... no more
    tire problem.
  • Considering buying a '99 Aurora with 22,500 miles on it for the wife. She wants a Toyota Solara. I'm out of arguments. Her main issue is trips back to the dealer, which her Toyota friends tell her are non-existent. She uses it for work and puts on lots of miles. Any responses would be appreciated!
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Is the Solara a V6 or four? If it is a four, forget it, the Aurora has TWICE as many cylinders. Have her test drive both and show her what all the Aurora offers over the Toyota. If she says trips to the Toyota dealer are non-existent, ask her why they have a service department that is full of vehicles, just like every other car dealer does. Also, if she often has more than 1 other passenger in the car, the four door Aurora will be alot easier to get in and out of than the two door Solara.
  • I must be lucky! I have three Oldsmobiles: 96 Cutlass Supreme Coupe, 98 Intrigue, and 01 Aurora.
    I haven't had anything go wrong with any of them! And they are getting better.
    They are comfortable, trouble-free automobiles which I enjoy driving. In my opinion, they are good cars. Not perfect, but good. But good is not enough these days. From looking at the Olds sales figures ( Olds is having its worst sales year since 1952) and many of the chat comments, Oldsmobile isn't long for this world.
    What a shame, what a shame.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    Zinc1 - thanks for the congrats. After your post about the number of people visiting your site, you understand why I like seeing this board grow.

    RedSkin24 - as far as the post on a name for the Monte, it would be hard to come up with one without driving the car. aROARa came to me because I love the sound of the engine under full acceleration. I always wished that the back tail section of the car would light up like the "Millenium Falcon" from Star Wars whenever you hit the gas like that. That would be an AS-KICKING special effect! (However, it would also tip off the cops to what you were doing.)

    DECISIONMAKER1 - The 99 "Classis Aurora" would be a good choice, at the right price. The Classic is basically a cold car as far as the general public is concerned, so the discount should be pretty steep. That being said, it all depends on how your wife drives. If she is not the type of person that takes advantage of the power of the car to pass and cruise, the Solara may be the best choice. I have found that my car rides best at about 90mph, which is well above the speed limit. (However, I have the Cadillac performance chip in my car that probably causes the "sweet spot" to be this high.)

    As a V8, the aROARa will defintely burn more premium gas than the Toy car. If your wife is going to be doing a lot of stop and go driving, the Classic she will know where every gas station is on her route to work. However, the heavier weight of the car will probably give it better traction in the snow. I can say that the traction control system in the car is nothing short of excellent.

    Trips to the dealer do not appear to be as much of an issue with the 99 as it was with other years. In Classic (no pun intended) GM style, they stop making a car once they get it right. Am I right about this 99 owners?

    I have not driven the Toy car so I can not compare the two from personal experience. What would be the price difference between the 2 cars, and is it worth it? With a 4 year 50K on the Classic, the warranties are pretty much the same (given the fact that the Aurora costs less).

    Finally, on a personal note, I am starting my own business, so wish me luck my fellow Aurorians/Aurorites. Did we ever decide on a name?
  • its an 87 Monte SS... dual exhaust(which needs to be replaced). the car rumbles, so it when i step on it it probably sounds like a race car... maybe this helps in thinking of a nick name... My favorite nick names for a car were attached to my brothers old 87 Thunderbird... one was Thunderturd and the other was Thunderchicken.
  • hardestyhardesty Posts: 166
    I added up the numbers from for YTD sales through October, and for the models still in production, Olds sales are not down at all. The Aurora, Bravada, and Alero are making up for the drop in Intrigue, and Silhouette sales are flat. The missing models account for all of the drop in sales vs. 1999. The reduced line-up puts Olds in line with Saturn (in terms of number of models offered) and its sales are similar.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Marcy42- Don't count Olds out of the game yet. They have an excellent line of cars and when the 2002 Bravada goes on sale next sring, I'd say Bravada sales will double. How do you like the 2001 Aurora compared with the Intrigue? Is is the 3.5 or 4.0 model? I have a 98 Intrigue and have enjoyed it alot over the past 2 years. Prior to that I had an 89 Olds Toronado. My father has a 95 Aurora which won him back over the GM after he had a terrible experience with a Pontiac 6000 back in the 1980s.

    Zinc 1- When your wife starts that Camry garbage again, just ask her which car is more fun to drive, more enjoyable to look at, and which one do you do you least mind making payments on each month? And ask her why Toyota dealer have service departments. The fact is their cars break down too. Actually, maybe you better not ask her that if you don't want to end up sleeping in the car:)

    redskin024- What do you think of the new Monte Carlos? Can you imagine an Aurora V8 stuffed under the hood of one.
  • gisomgisom Posts: 144
    A guy told me that the damper actuator motor under the dash that control the air could be the problem. I am off work today and will give it a looksie. Will let you know.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    My mechanic had guessed the same thing. Wierd that the only the driver's side would be effected on both cars. I wonder if this is not another "ghost in the machine" like the radio gremlins.
  • Zinc is right. I've had my Aurora for 2 years now
    and I STILL get excited when I drive it. I just
    came back from a two week vacation. As I was
    snowboarding down the slopes in Michigan, I
    thought about driving my Aurora when I get back.
    It gave me a tingle in my stomach to think about
    it. Why? I don't ask why. I just drive it! Like
    Zinc said: What's the point of having an ordinary
    car? My wife also groans when I tell her "It's
    time for new struts...It's time to change the
    tranny fluid...It's time for a new a/c pump"
    But guess what? I still have the car! She KNOWS
    she can't take it away from me. She has her
    mini-van (*sigh*) and that's that.

    So this morning, I was driving on the 134West
    here in Glendale, CA when I heard this gutter
    hum...I looked to my left and I saw a 2k1 Aurora
    WASTING some little rice-rocket who got in his
    way. I just HAD to catch up to him to see what
    he was up to. He was a distinguished gentleman
    who obviously loves his car. He he...I gave him
    the ol "Nice" head nod and took off. My point
    is that even though the 2k1 doesn't LOOK the
    same as our classics, it still invokes that
    tingle in my stomach! And it ROOOOAAAARRREEEDD!!

    As for sleeping in the car...he he...Never slept
    in it. Ummm...Backseat is nice though...;)
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I am a very light sleeper and the only time I ever slept in car(other than when I was a little kid) was several years ago when I went on vacation with my parents and they rented a Lincoln Town Car for the trip(this was pre-Aurora days). Typically, I can't sleep in a car, especially if it is in motion. And if it's an Aurora, I want to be behind the wheel:) Several years ago when I was in college, some buddies and I went on a spring break trip to Daytona Beach and my father let me take his Aurora. I noticed that at one point on I-95, all three of them were asleep. So I had to do the next best thing, pop an AC/DC cd in the player and crank it up:)
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I don't know of any modern day car that ever surpassed the front and rear legroom built into my father's old 1970 Cadillac Sixty Special - the rear seat was more like a hotel room than car interior! (And no - never used as one!)

  • I have a 95 Classic and noticed little orange dots all over the roof and trunk lid. After a little investigation, I traced it to the windshield washer fluid container. It was FULL of rusty water. As the car was a recent purchase, I assumed the previous owner had cheaped out and just used H2O rather than the proper solution. So, I cleaned it out, reinstalled the container, filled it with washer solution, and forgot about it. This weekend, while changing the oil and doing regular maintenance I noticed the container going to rust again! This time I inspected more closely, and found that some GM engineer (spelled I-D-I-O-T) had designed a metal bushing to prevent collapse of the outlet port by overpressure of the hose clamp. Well, the idea was O.K. but then it was manufactured using some CHEAP galvanized pot metal which is now decomposing!

    Anybody else ever have this happen? What did you do other than just replace the container? The O.D. of the bushing is 13/16", what would happen if I replaced it with copper tubing or some other metal? Any ideas?
  • etharnon>>>> new Monte's are butt ugly... dont get me started on how GM butchered another classic, just like they did to the Nova and LeMans. The rear end looks like something with a load in its pants... ugh....

    coyboy>>>> my dad had this happen when he had the 95. it was a black one, so we new it when it happened. but we cleaned it out once and i dont believe it returned again....
  • Etharmon - I have the Aurora 4.0 It is a great car! Love the V8. I prefer it to the Intrigue just because. In day to day rat race driving, however, the Intrigue is a fantastic automobile, and probably a better value. Value is everything, it it?
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I don't necessarily think the Intrigue is a better value than the Aurora as they are two different types of cars. I will say that both the Aurora and the Intrigue are a great value when compared to other similarly priced cars in their class.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    There have been at least two postings since I have said something so . . . . .

  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    The New Monte's look like a 2 door Impala (as did the prior genration look like a two door Lumina).

    The REAL MONTE CARLOS had style. Afterall, it is the SHAFT CAR (Yes the black private DIC that's a sex machine to all the chicks). I noticed that in the remake of the movie, that was the car that new SHAFT drove.

    I could not help thinking while watching the chase scence in the Lincoln Town car . . . "If only they had an aROARa."
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    MT says the aurora V8 lacks torque. A five speed trans would help that dip between first and second.
  • I just read the "first drive" article about the AV8 and I didn't see anything bad mentioned. By the way, here's the link to what I read, please post yours if different:
    Even if they did say something bad, this is coming from the same people who named the PT Cruiser CAR OF THE YEAR ??? Low expectation mo-fo's!
    I do have to admit though that the engine _can_ be tuned for a more "performance type" of shifting. When playing games with others at traffic lights it almost seems like one will leave you behind until you hit the 30's. At that point it is an unpleasant surprise for them: Vzoom! Hmm, I guess it adds a little bit of suspense and disappointment for them ... I think I like that ;) Perhaps the Aurora engineers did that on purpose ... not!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Have to admit the new 2001 spoiler is softening me. I am really starting to like the loos of the new generation Monte Carlos a lot. Still prefer and Intrigue or and Aurora though.
  • gisomgisom Posts: 144
    Ahh the warmth of good ol heat blowing at you when it is 18 degrees in chi-town. Henry, the air mix door was stuck. I did have to go to the dealer to get it fix tho. Got charged for one hours' work. Heat is blowing everywhere now.
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    It's Like a Heatwave, burning in my heart. (Thank you Motown)

    I took mine to the dealer and was told that the motor that swings the vents open/close was burnedout. Price $259.00, but it was covered by my extended waranty. Let's hear it for Waranty Gold!

    Gisom, you want to bet how long it will be before someone else posts the same problem we just had? I say within the next 50 postings. Things have a way of happening in threes.

    "Keep it HOT HOT HOT!"
  • HenryHenry Posts: 1,106
    I parked in front of a Monte today. Actually, it did not look too bad. The 2000's are not bad to look at. However, the only chevy I would buy is the Corvette. I still admit to wanting a Trans Am and Eldoraado/Toronando convertible, as far as GM products go. No Ford product that I want comes to mind. Viper is it for the Chrysler crew.
  • the Motor trend article b4z is quoting is the 21 car car of the year test.that quote came directly from Motor Trends editor. it doesnt do articles on each car in the test, just a summary of the 10 tests they performed. and who would have thought that a chrysler would beat out a few lexuses, a couple Benz's and i think they threw in a Beamer, plus the Aurora and a Volvo or two.
  • I am a new Aroara owner. I have been driving a 1989 Olds Touring Sedan since 1992. It has 255K miles on it. Still running, but decided I wanted another car. The only car that satisfied me was the AroarA. I have had the car for two months now and starting to become disappointed with it. A miss developed after I purchased it. New plug wires solved that. Then the water pump started leaking that is now fixed, the TPS went out, fixed. And now the rear window defogger has stopped working and the rear drivers side window is not working. The car has 73K miles on it. Black on Black, great runner, great gas mileage, but I drive 120 miles a day. I need a car I can depend on. Someone please tell me that I will be ok and not nickeled and dimed to death on this car.
  • Henry...Same thing DID happen to me, but it was
    my AC. Same motor. Same Vent. Covered under
    warranty at the time. (Whew)

    Well...He he...It's too late to get an extended
    warranty (bumper2bumper), but you really should
    look in to a warranty contract of some sort. They
    all have their +/-'s though. Anyhow. This car
    WILL nickel and dime you. It's small change though
    You do have some wacky things going on, but the
    majority of the car will be there for you. This
    car is an experiment to own. It's VERY high tech,
    but like all experimental high-tech cars, they
    are expensive to maintain. Just having the Trans
    fluid changed cost me more because the trans is
    a breed of it's own. More fluid. More $$...You'll
    find this to be the most common factor with the
    car. It's expensive to maintain in the long run.
    But it's a collectors car. (not yet...Just wait)
    If you maintain it properly, then it will be
    worth your money later. Really. If you drive
    120+ miles a day, either expect to pay a lot for
    upkeep or put it aside and get a Saturn or
    some other vehicle that can take the mileage.
    Sorry for the grim news.
  • A toast to my Aurora who just turned 50,000
    this morning!

    "To another 50,000 of smooth elegant driving..."


    Thank you...
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