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Mazda MPV



  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    Anyone else care to report on the reliabiility and repairs of their MPV thus far? So, far we have been very happy with our 2004 Mazda MPV LX... purchased new. Thus far it has proven to be a quality and reliable vehicle, knock on wood. We did have two coils replaced under warranty, which has been a problem for a lot of MPV's. Had the trans fluid flush at around 27k miles. Coolant flushed last year... filters changed on schedule. Oil changes around every 3k or 4k miles. Engine lags sometimes when you punch it hard to accelerate, but other than that very good performance. Original brakes are still good. On our second set of tires, Goodyear Tripletreds which are great in rain. We have nearly 60k miles currently, and planning another Florida trip for this summer.
  • We bought my wife's '04 MPV LX new in June of '04. It just broke 80,000 miles this past week.

    Last month we had the back 3 ignition coils and fan control module replaced for about $650. One ignition coil had already been replaced under warranty 3 years ago. We still have the original brake rotors and are on the third set of tires. The OEMs didn't last that long, but Yokohama AVID tires have worked well for us in terms of cost, road noise, durability, and traction here in So' Cal'. We flushed the transmission fluid around 60,000 miles, and the tech said it needed it again. Hmmm-- I'll check into that. I flushed the coolant around 45,000 miles, so it's probably due again soon. We change the oil about every 5,000 miles.

    We preferred the Mazda over the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna because we didn't want a big minivan. Now that I have leased a Subaru Outback we'll probably be taking my car on more vacations and giving the MPV a rest.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Well, it's a great unit but it's had a terrible track record going back to 2002. There's a reason they quit making it in 2006. Oil pan leaks, transmission failures, check engine light fiascos - catalytic converter issues, coil issues, sensor issues, paint issues. Other than that my 2003 LX with 120K miles on it up here in MN. has been a great value...excuse me, I'm coughing terribly! Latest was the replacement of the oil pan gasket - apparently the boys thought that metal gaskets would never warp and leak....wrong! $450 later, I have an 'updated' flex gasket that contours to the pan. What an idea! Oh yes, I had the check eng. light come on a few times last winter and had it turned off. Seems they wanted to replace the catylitic converter for $1200 but I said NO and so far it has not been an issue. I think I'm on borrowed time with my MPV anyway. That's my opinion and I don't think I'm alone. The posts here back in 2003-2006 were all pretty negative. People are getting rid of these boxes now so not so many posts.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    but it's had a terrible track record going back to 2002

    That's not true. The MPV had a great track record up until late 2004 or 2005. It was one of Consumer Reports top recommended minivans, and reliability was listed as one of the best. The transmission "shift shock" issue hurt it's reliability rating, but that was a minor problem that was corrected with having the TCM reflashed.

    I've only heard one or two issues with the catalytic converter at the MPV Club, about 3 or 4 trans. failures, no paint issues, and maybe one or two issues with oil pan leaks. The main problems have been with the ignition coils and the PCV hose.
    Which is a cheap fix if you are a DIY'er.

    There's a reason they quit making it in 2006.

    Mazda quit selling the MPV in the U.S.A because sales weren't high enough. People were more interested in the bigger Honda and Toyota minivans. The MPV is still being made and sold in Japan and parts of Asia... doing very well I might add.

    The posts here back in 2003-2006 were all pretty negative

    Actually if you go back and look most of the posts are positive.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    It's true that they are still making it overseas, but it did not do well here due to reliability issues (and the size). I liked the smaller size and sportier look. That's why I bought it. But if you were to peek at the thread for MPV Problems and go back in time, there were MANY people complaining about the tranny issues - that were NOT being fixed by the dealers after SEVERAL visits. I beg to disagree strongly that it was a RELIABLE vehicle. The dealers around here no otherwise and have come just short of admitting that there were design flaws and mechanical issues. I'm glad I only had a 'few' of them. I know more that had handles falling off, power doors no longer working after a short time. I myself had an extended warranty on mine and burned up over 2K of it by replacing the front rack and other steering and suspension components due to squeaking in the steering wheel and creaking when going over things like speed bumps when the temp was under 30 degrees here in MN. I'm glad you like your MPV and wish you all the best. I just know that Consumer Reports changed there tune in 2004 after all the input came in from the previous 2 years when they put the new engine in it and changed some of the cosmetics. BTW. RUST has been a big issue as well. I had my lower door panel replaced in 2004 due to rust coming thru the bottom of the passenger door! Unbelievable. I baby my unit too. It has more wax on it that water flies off it. Again, there were MANY that use to be on this thread that had major concerns that may not even be around here any more due to selling them off. BTW also, when it's time for you to replace the rear license plate lights, good luck. The dealer does mine and curses me out when I come in to have it done. You just don't pluck the lense off like the manual says....

    All the best!
  • texsteelertexsteeler Posts: 9
    Thanks to all for their inputs. Reading everything I can about the MPV, I get the impression many owners have had the same experience. Vehicle runs great for approximately 4 years/50K miles. Then the check engine light comes on and from then on it's nothing but O2 sensor/cat converter/oil pan/engine coil/PCV valve etc etc etc with a big risk of transmission failure. Mine has 82K miles; my neighbor, who is a master mechanic with 30+ years has had it in his shop for a week and still can't figure out what the heck is wrong. If this was a normal sedan I would have traded it in a long time ago but I hate to give up a 6 year old minivan. Tough decision.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I hope I didn't come across too negative. But I know that there are issues with these units that Mazda has not stepped up and taken care of. There were many posts here about Mazda Corp. bucking out on supporting major issues with these vans. I even had a faulty gas gauge that had to be replaced due to not reading properly. They are/were a sharp small mini and had some great potential features. Too bad that things like 'the drivers power window going up at a crawl when the temps are colder' had to happen. I am going to baby mine for at least two more years. I tend to keep my vehicles about 8 years and then sell them off. I had the notorious Dodge Caravan before this Mazda. THAT had tranny issues too. Not sure why these issues just keep coming. Right now my MPV is in good shape after putting 500 dollars into a new oil pan gasket and seal. That's another story why it was leaking! I have 120K on mine right now and am holding my breath that it will keep functioning for a while. I DO know that the same like vehicle (Toyota or Honda) with 120K miles on it would not have these conditions. I should have spent the extra $5K at the time and went that route! Good luck! TCC
  • Could some of the "transmission problems" the dealers can't identify possibly be misfirings due to bad coils?

    Whem my first coil went out maybe 2 years after we bought our 04 MPV, the car felt really clunky in reverse. I thought it was a tranny problem and took it to the dealer. The tech couldn't find anything, and since the coil problem was intermittent the code reader didn't find the problem. It took two visits until they identified the problem properly.

    Last month we found the MPV surging and feeling choppy at times, so we correctly surmised it was another coil issue. This time two of them weren't firing off and on, so sometimes it felt like a transmission problem.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Good point. I really don't know. I'm not a mechanic and never had that coil thing hit on my MPV....that I know of. My check engine light has come on due to water getting into the spark plug well on the front during several different rain storms I drove in. Once after I washed the engine off it came on for about 4 days and finally dried out and turned off. The other times it was due to a catalytic situation. That seems to have gone away now since the warmer weather came. I had it turned off - the light that is - at AutoZone for free. I hate to be such a debbie downer about the unit. I DO like so many things about the old tub...but I know it's days are numbered. I am backing off on the miles now so maybe it will last a bit longer. I use to drive it quite a bit - hence - the higher mileage. I went thru the whole tranny deal back in 04 and since then it's been ok. Some funky shifts but not that unusual. Tranny's are so complicated now with all the electronics involved. They are sweet when they work though!
  • westk1westk1 Posts: 9
    My 2000 MPV LX has 95,000 miles. It has major engine problems. For the last several years (3 to 8) it had a very subtle occasional cylinder miss. For the first several years of ownership, the miss was almost unnoticeable (or I would have taken it in for warranty repair). The last three years, the miss became more prominent and frequent. I have taken it back in for diagnostics at and independent mechanic and at the Mazda dealer. I have personally replaced most of the electronics (ignition coil, spark plugs, wire set). The Mazda dealer ruled out the fuel injection system, emission control system, etc. The conclusion is that it is a major engine problem which would require taking the engine head off to inspect everything. We are starting to talk about over $1,000 in labor just to inspect and find the problem. The engine also has a pervasive coolant leak that has been hard to isolate.
    I am very happy with the entire car, other than the engine. I has been a major disappointment. I also have a 2003 Protoge5 with 75,000 miles and that 2.0L engine is an absolute gem. My 93 Miata has 180,000 miles, another gem. My conclusion is the Ford Duratech 2.5L V6 is major disappointment.
  • mityfleamityflea Posts: 1
    I DO know that the same like vehicle (Toyota or Honda) with 120K miles on it would not have these conditions. I should have spent the extra $5K at the time and went that route! Good luck! TCC

    Really? Are you sure about that? I've had a 2001 Honda Odyssey needing a new transmission twice already. Turns out that Honda installed defective transmissions on the Odyssey from 1999-2004. The Acura CL, TL, MDX and Honda Accord suffered similar problems. The Third Generation Odyssey hasn't reported major transmission issues in case you're wondering. I've heard a rumor that it shares it's transmission with the Ridgeline. As for the Second Generation Sienna, it's had quite a few problems too. From electrical problems, to door spot welds constantly breaking. So if you think buying a Toyota or Honda is anymore troube free, think again. I personally would trade my $4500 transmission troubles for all of your minor problems any day.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Well, maybe there are a few bad apples out there with the Honda emblem on them....but I know of a person who owns a 2003 and they love it and my sister has a 2004 Sienna and it is very solid after 160K miles on it. Maybe I should have only mentioned Toyotas are better in the long run. I know the Blue Book on both Hondas and Toyotas are stronger in the long run than Mazdas! My 2003 MPV with 122K on it in excellent shape is around 7K dollars. The similar Sienna is worth more! Sorry if I mispoke for those of you having troubles with your Hondas. I know there are more bad apples with Mazda on them out there....I could go on about the Mazda 6's from 2003 -2006 - people I know that had those vehicles were not real happy.
  • sm00vesm00ve Posts: 1
    I only have one pet peeve with her. I can't find a manual for the van. NO one seems to carry one, internet or otherwise. The van is 5 years old, so surely someone should've taken one of these apart by now and wrote some notes or something. Haynes & Chiltons are starting to dissapoint me greatly...
  • linda424linda424 Posts: 1
    I just took our 2002 mpv into the dealer to get checked out because we had a loud noise near the catalytic was the flex exhaust pipe.The dealer put it on the "scope" to check for any other problems...he said there was none. 3 days later the van was running horrible..bouncing and erratic rpms...we had the exhaust hose replaced...much quieter but now engine light is on and it seems to have some sort of misfire....when the rpms get really low the breaks seem to harden and its hard to stop unless you go to the floor with the pedal. Shouldn't the dealer have noticed the brakes....they did have the tires off when we went to pick it up...not sure why, if there is a brake problem. Is it still safe to drive with the engine light flashing on and off until I can get back to the dealer? Van was fine until we got to the dealer...
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    We bought ours NEW in July 2002.
    We have the 3.0 v6.
    Here is a list of things that have been repaired the last 7 years.

    1. IAC valve - replaced part of TSB recall 2005
    2. IAC valve - replaced again in 12/2008 after CEL came on.
    3. Mass Air Flow sensor - cleaned in 5/2008 after CEL came on
    4. Mass Air Flow sensor - replaced in 10/2008 after CEL came on

    Other than that - there's been no problems.
    BTW - the hardest part is diagnosing these things ---- some mechanics just make guesses ... others are more knowledgeable than others. I used an independent mechanic for items 2 -4. I had to 'help' them understand the problem by giving a detailed history and telling them what I have heard from this board. True enough ---- I was right!
    He initially wanted to replace either the O2 sensors or the coils.

    Right now - my MPV is in the shop ---- the fan is not working causing the engine to overheat. But after 124K miles --- and a cross country trip thru 100+ degree weather and wintry blizzards - it is difficult to complain.

    I do change my oil every 6-8K and use synthetic or semi-synthetic.
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    What were the engine codes for the CEL?

    My past engine codes have been PO171 and PO173.
    I've had a few more ... but previous experience has been the following:

    1. IAC or EGR valve
    2. Mass Air Flow sensor

    The EGR valve leak produces very rough idling - if not jerky driving.
    The Mass Air Flow Sensor problem (usually either very dirty or worn out) - results in poor acceleration and low HP especially from 3rd gear to 4th and 5th and poor mileage.

    Most mechanics will blame the O2 sensor or any of the coils. They can charge a lot for the labor for these ... so be aware. Read the codes... read the codes ... and research them carefully ... some mechanics are just as naive about these codes as any layperson --- yes, even the newbie mechanics at the dealerships!
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    BTW .. just got back from the mechanic ...

    My two fans are not working ... something due to the wiring.
    If the two fans are connected directly - they run perfectly fine.
    The fuses are OK.

    I will bring the van to an electrical shop.

    I had them check the brakes ... after 124K, the brakes are still at 50% !!!
  • rgb2rgb2 Posts: 31
    I bought 04 ES in Jan 05. Loved it last month. Took it in for last oil change and inspection before warranty expired in Dec 08. The "full circle" inspection said everything OK. Then in May I noticed oil stains on the driveway. It's due for an oil change anyway, so I take it to the dealer - and get the "leaking oil pan" and $500 quote to replace it. Since the car has 46K miles only and been regularly maintained at the dealer, I complain. The dealer says will get back to me, and a couple a days later call and says that Mazda will cover 50% of labor and new gasket, but not new oil pan. Take to another shop to double check - they say the front crank seal is also leaking. Go back to dealer, after some haggling he agrees there are 2 leaks. So after a lot of wasted time, energy, and $250 I got a couple of new gaskets and a shaken belief in Mazda reliability and dealer expertise. Still love the MPV but having second thoughts about keeping it for 10 years as I originally planned.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    Mazda replaced a ignition coil that was under mileage warranty, but a few months over the 48 month warranty, without a hassle. The oil pan problems seems as if it is becoming more prominent lately. We've got a little over 5 years on our MPV... hoping to get 10.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I had my oil pan gasket replaced for 360 at a local garage I trust. The problem is that the gasket is a METAL one that get's warped and causes the leaking. You can't tighten it since it is warped. Poor design to start with -dah! You'd think that engineers would learn?? Anyway, my new gasket is a different material that conforms to the pan and will not warp under heat. I had a bad leak too and had a mess on my garage floor and the undercarriage area. Good luck! These MPV's are nice when they are working but have many little bugs waiting to bite!
    I have 124K miles on my 2003 - I am the original owner and have gone thru all the fixes thru the years. I do change oil every 3K miles too.
  • lg2207lg2207 Posts: 28
    I would've taken the offer for 50% from Mazda since your out of warranty (IMO)-- to save the headaches of running around- anyway our '02 with 57,000 which is serviced regularly by an independent shop recently had to have the plan replaced- as one member indicated the pan and the gaskets wore out. We needed the new kit which had updated gaskets recommended for this vehicle. It cost us $435 in between the $360 the other member mentioned and the $500 quoted by the dealer. I hear you on Mazda reliability- we have an '07 6S Wagon that has had numerous problems (way more than anything we've had over the past 7 years on the MPV)
    Take Care
  • mcadrechamcadrecha Posts: 46
    Tonight, after returning home and parking the car in the garage, when I turned off my engine, I could not remove the key from the steering column. I can't get the key to rotate all the way back to the off position (it stays on the accessory position). Has anyone ever had this happen before??


  • mcadrechamcadrecha Posts: 46
    Oops, forgot to say I have a 2002 Mazda MPV.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I have a 2003 MPV with 126K miles on it. Sometimes mine will get stuck for a moment but I jiggle it or shake the steering wheel and it comes around and out. It could be a worn tumbler or worn key too. How many miles on it?

    Other issue for me - I keep having the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT come on and have had it cleared about 10 times - no kidding. The message comes up that my 2nd Bank has a Catalytic problem?? Replace converter? Ugh! Runs fine and no change on mileage for gas. I'm just leaving it for now. They said it would just keep running fine but I would not pass emissions testing if we did that again. Anyone ever have THAT issue with these lovely beasts?!?
  • jdelgjdelg Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 mpv, and I have replaced 4 ignition coils, and the mass air sensor. Everytime it seems to have happened while raining, or just after raining. From what i've seen this is common to the mpv. will this just keep happening? or is the flaw in the original coil, and trouble is cleared with replacing the part. I really can't afford a new van right now, but I'm worried because my wife uses it to drive my young children around. I'm just not trusting it anymore, as it has broken down from this trouble. Anyone relate to this? Any advice? Has anyone ever found a way to waterproof these coil/plugs?
  • I have read that the rear coils generally go out 1st because of the heat, when mine go out I'll replace all 6 at the same time.

    I haven't read much about the MAS and I'm not sure it's related.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I have a 2003 and it's common. I just let it dry out and it seems find until the next major rain or I wash the engine off. I had it checked a couple times. They said one of the front coils could be replaced - about $200 labor and parts...but I put it off. It runs fine 90% of the time. It's happen since it was new. Drove in a terrible downpour and it started sputtering on the ride home. I just lived with it for a couple days and it dried out. I think it's a combination of the compartment design and what they are. My more major issue is my catalytic converter and it's related sensors. I've had my check engine light come on numerous times due to a 'left front bank #2 issue with a mix/lean cold something. I have it cleared and it pops on about once a month. I will not replace the catalytic converter until the car quits. My mileage contines to be the same - good and it runs smoothly. We'll see. Lot's of crazy things with these MPV's.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    The front coils (#4,5,6) are easy to remove, shouldn't take 10 minutes. You could do it yourself for the price of a $69 coil bought online. The $200 price you speak of probably includes the dealerships diagnostic fee of $99.

    First coil of mine went out in a torrential downpour, the second... not sure... may not have been raining.
  • You can also purchase the coil packs on ebay for $120-185 shipped depending on the manufacturer and both have received good reviews on the MPV forum, they also have a great article on how to do-it-yourself.
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    I HAD the same exact symptoms on my 2002 Mazda MPV back at 112K miles.
    I brought it to two different mechanics.
    The problem with OBDII codes is --- they don't really describe the root cause. They describe the problem / general area... which is a good starting point.
    But it is up to the mechanic to further do investigations.

    Anyway - the first mechanic replaced all the plugs, did a change oil etc ... and cleared the codes. The codes did disappear ... only to reappear after 9K miles.

    The second mechanic CLEANED the MAF sensor --- the codes disappeared.
    After 5K, the codes came back - I CLEANED the MAF sensor on my own (with instructions from the mechanic), the codes disappeared. He did tell me that if it appeared one more time, it was time to REPLACE the MAF sensor ... which I did 6 months later.

    The CEL came back again ... but it was for the leak in the PCV valve.

    The CEL come back ON/OFF when I drove at high altitude during a snow storm. It has disappeared and has never come back on again.
  • I experienced a similar problem a few years ago with my 2000 MPV. In my case it was an interlock that interfaces with the ignition switch. In my case the switch would go to the off-lock position if i disconnected the battery. I also note that there is a small cap on the plastic steering column cover above the ignition switch. Te cap should pop out and this should provide access to release the interlock manually and then you should be able to turn off the key. I believe the repair cost was ~$150 at the dealer. Although they originally tried to sell me an ignition switch, they eventually did the honorable thing and just replaced the interlock.
  • buzzkbuzzk Posts: 15
    we had the same problem w/our 2004 MPV; code reader [98 bucks from chain discount store - well worth it!] said it was #1 cylinder [most exposed to rain]; I pulled it, as it can be easily reached, & in my judgement the design was blisteringly stupid; it had a VENT hole, for cryin' out loud!! that is SILLY! - lets rain vapors get in there & short out the spark. I've worked on other, similar systems o&o over the years & they ALWAYS sealed the spark plug well against moisture; I cleaned it & plugged it w/silcone,which stopped the problem. then I got a complete set of new coils off e-bay [cheap] which seal around the raised lip at the top of the plug well in the normal, rational, manner & have not had the problem return. [we love the car but have other problems at this time - will ask abt them in a different blog]. Get new coils which are configured to cover, & seal, the raised lip at the top of each spark plug well. they're a pain to install due have to remove intake manifold, but,w/patience, easily done. it's worth it.

    Cheers, BK
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I've blogged on here in the past too about this issue. Everytime I drive my 2003 in a heavy rain or it sits out in a heavy rain, it has the stumble problem as your's had.
    I too went to a local garage and the replacement would be around $200 plus or minus a few with labor. It is the one in front that has the issue on mine. Sounds like you dug right in and got them all fixed with a better method too. It is just nuts that they had this design on all these MPV's! Common sense was not in their vocabulary among some other things on this vehicle!
    Like trying to change the rear license plate lights, or the headlight on the drivers side or other marker lights in front. Why can you not override the auto dimmer of the inside lights to keep them on?? They turn off after 3 minutes and then you have to shut all the doors and open again to start the time cycle over again - bizarre!
    And a kicker one - up thru 2003 - no auto door lock/unlock button on the passenger door! I've had power locks for 25 years and have always had a button on the passenger door as well as the drivers door in my Chrylser, Chevy, Dodge cars! Ugh!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    I bought a brand new 2001 MPV at your dealer Dufferin Mazda. At the same time, the dealer also sold me at $600 a life time rust protection program. During annual check of last year, the dealer found rust on my car and then point me to the provider of the coating product. Eventually, I got a written letter from the provider after their own check, saying no their product had been applied onto my car.

    The rust protection company was the provider, and they didn't provide the rust protection? They owe you a refund on whatever their take was from the dealership. Sue them in small claims if they do not reimburse you. Permaplate is the party you should go after. Might try calling the BBB as well.
  • I have been deceived by a Mazda dealer for years. I complained the case to Mazda Canada but no response. Second time I started with info request about a book so I built a connection with it, then I asked for help to deal with the dealer. But it quickly turned me off. See the communication between it and me.

    Did any one have similar experience and an idea how to have the dealer to compensate my loss?

    The following is the communication between (in a reverse order); and all email addresses and phone numbers are removed according to the policies here.
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
    Subject: RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 06:28:00 -0700
    Hello Mr. Jiang,

    Upon reviewing your correspondence, it is regrettable to be informed of your negative experiences with Manpreet Moti. We appreciate any feedback our customers have about Mazda dealerships and we do review each concern carefully with the dealership's Management, however, matters between yourself and the dealership must be resolved with the dealership. We can review your feedback internally, but to have a matter addressed, you will need to address it with the dealership. Further, if your concerns are regarding a dealership which no longer exists, then we are unable to review further, as there is no one to review with, nor can there be any improvements made since the dealership is no longer in existance.

    Should you have any feedback with regards to your current dealings with Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda, we would be pleased to have you share this with us. Our reviews are internal with the dealership and as such, your matters will still need to be addressed directly with the dealership, but we appreciate your feedback.

    Mazda Canada Inc.

    Subject : RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date : Thu, 29 Oct 2009 04:08:23 GMT
    Dear Mr. Mazda,

    I can understand your dealerships are not your subsidiary companies. But are there any regulations to regulate their behaviors especially when come to your consumers?

    I doubt the change of ownership of Dufferin Mazda dealership is just a game to evade its responsibility.
    Why does it continuously check my car every year without notice of this change?
    They promised they would contact the PermaPlate (provider of antirust coating material) and let PermaPlate send a person to my garage to fix the rust when they found the rust. Later, manager Manpreet Moti always said she would contact their person inside PermaPlate to resolve my case. Every time when I finally reached her, she always said 'busy busy' and promised would call me back very soon, even once said within 15 mins, but she never did even once. She asked me all documents and personal info every time but never gave me any words in written.. Moreover she used to suddenly hang up the line claiming I was recording the talk.

    She never responded to my messages and emails. She never picked up my call before my several attempt and hours' waiting on line.

    Do you accept this kind of dealers as your terminal sensors to your customers? Do you acknowledge these fraud and rascal behaviors? Will you still just await there and see how this evolves on?

    Wish you do somethings to protect your image.

    James Jiang

    Subject: RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 11:19:29 -0700
    Hello Mr. Jiang,

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide information regarding Dufferin Mazda due to privacy regulations and we are unable to forward your concerns to Dufferin Mazda, as we no longer have any ties with them. Further, please note that Mazda dealerships are independently owned and operated.

    Mazda Canada Inc.

    ---- Original Message ----

    Subject : RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date : Tue, 27 Oct 2009 17:53:30 GMT

    Thank you, Sir.

    Please provide me some info about your dealer Dufferin Mazda, like owner name, phone number or email, so I can contact him or her. Or forward my message to him or her, let him or her contact me.

    We like this car. We brought life time rust program and life time oil change and maintenance program for the car as well. Please help to solve the case so we could still consider Mazda next choice and recommend to friends.


    Subject: RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 06:53:49 -0700
    Hello Mr. Jiang,

    It is regrettable to be informed of your situation with the rust protection. Unfortunately, Mazda Canada does not offer any form of additional rust protection or coverage and would not have any information on this. You would have to review with the rust protection company and the Management at Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda. We recommend your direct contact with the General Manager, Mr. Subhojit Das (people call him Das) at XXX-XXX-XXXX, as he would be in the best position to determine if Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda is able to assist you. We can confirm that Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda is under different ownership and Management than Dufferin Mazda and as such, records belonging to Dufferin Mazda are likely unavailable to Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda.
    Mazda Canada Inc.

    ---- Original Message ----

    Subject : RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date : Fri, 23 Oct 2009 20:26:28 GMT

    Thank you, sir.

    I will contact them for the book.

    Here is another issue. To simplify it is:

    I brought a brand new 2001 MPV at your dealer Dufferin Mazda. At the same time, the dealer also sold me at $600 a life time rust protection program. During annual check of last year, the dealer found rust on my car and then point me to the provider of the coating product. Eventually, I got a written letter from the provider after their own check, saying no their product had been applied onto my car.

    Now the dealer says that the owner changed and cannot find any records about the application of the product, and refuses to issue any paper as required by the provider, neither do anything to fix the rust.

    Right now, the dealer has a new name Yorkdale Dufferin Mazda. The others are same.

    Can you tell me what should I do and what can you do?

    James Jiang

    Subject: RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 12:05:35 -0700

    Hello Mr. Jiang,

    To locate your nearest Mazda dealership, please visit: Based on the provided postal code, your nearest dealership is Scarboro Mazda. Speak to the Parts Department.

    Mazda Canada Inc.

    ---- Original Message ----
    Subject : RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385]
    Date : Fri, 23 Oct 2009 18:56:43 GMT

    Hello Sir,

    I have attempted several places but nothing found. I am living at M2J (postal code). Can you tell me where (Address and phone number) I can purchase it for my 2001 MPV LX ?

    Thank you.

    James Jiang

    Subject: RE: General Inquiries [INTR:076385
  • buzzkbuzzk Posts: 15
    we got a full factory shop manual from Mazda when we bought the car. Unlike manuals for our Toyota or our Subaru, the price was reasonable [I think it was abt $100.00 + or - & it's one large book]. VERY detailed, tho occasionally the trouble-shooting sections are not very realistic... but, IMHO [do most of my own work] WELL worth having...

    BTW so far the shift problem was fixed adequately by a software flash done for free by the dealer [after we found out abt it from a private owner - Mazda NEVER notified us!!!!] & the throttle position sensor cut out the engine but didn't give a code on either of my code readers [check engine light stayed OFF] had to use old fashioned reasoning & experimenting to get the hint it was the problem. The truely idiotic spark coil seals, that allow water in the plug well & short out the spark, were replaced by reasonable priced coils I got from ebay that have a [heaven forbid!] normal, rational, effective seal that prevents water entry.. the factory system is so utterly idiotic it beggars the mind.. they actually designed in a VENT!! which, of course allows water & particularly atomized water or steam from hot engine in rainstorm to enter & trash the spark [see my other posts] I'd advise NEVER use OEM coils unless they've improved the design. In any case, good luck!

    Cheers, BK
  • buzzkbuzzk Posts: 15
    A few yrs back I saw quite a lot of issues w/rust in almost of the major automobile brands; at least a major portion of it was caused by DEALERS selling aftermarket so-called corrosion prevention systems [ofetn quite a few hundred dollars - cost the dealer very little, like the upholstery "stain prevention" systems & "pinstriping"] not endorsed -or even desired- by the manufacturers; As I rercall, at one point Honda corp was quite unhappy w/problems caused by this; besidess being often truely un-needed, they also often gunked up the drain chanels all companies put in to prevent water accumulation, CAUSING [dirty?, salty w/road salt?] water retention &, in turn, causing the corrosion they were sold to prevent. Certainly other manufacturers also had this issue. On top of that if such were sold a lot in a given town, it would "prove" rust is a problem in that climate w/many brands of cars, giving a "reason" to sell even more harmful "rust protection." something to think about next some slick talking dealer's salesman tries to sell you a car. - Check w/the manufacturer before buying such garbage.
    Our 2004 MPV appears to have litle if any rust - the chanel in the bottom of the sliding door opening has a rather silly plastic drain plug w/a tiny flap that is easily stopped up to the point of uselessness - easy to remove, once you find it, [front of the chanel] to stop water accumulating & sloshing there... & we have NO aftermarket so-called "corrosion prevention" system..

    Cheers, BK
  • My 2002 MPV has served me well but the miles are high and I'm beginning to look for a replacement. If there were such a thing as a new MPV, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. Since there isn't: What the closest thing to an MPV now? I have tried a Kia Rondo, Toyota Highlander; looked at Mazda5. Nothing comes close yet -- especially in hitting the "sweet spot" for size, utility and flat-floor capability with 2nd row seats removed.

  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    Well, you may try finding a lightly used 20006 MPV.
  • Yeah a 2006 MPV is like a newer and improved MPV and I always see nice 2006 MPV's with 30-40k miles for $7-10k.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    My wife really likes our 2004 MPV LX with around 68k miles. We would also look into buying a new one if they were still available. They really are a one of a kind minivan. Excellent quality. I think if Mazda brought it back, currently being sold in Japan, with better mpg, it would be a sales winner.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    I have a 2003 MPV and wanted to replace the burned out light in the rear heater/AC control panel in the back area. Found out you cannot replace the bulb in it. You need to BUY A WHOLE NEW ASSEMBLY for $170 - part only!!! Another dumb thing about these great little minivans! I'm not sold on the 'quality' aspect of these. I have 130K miles on mine and there have been some quirky things thru the years; the tranny, the catalytic converter going out, the water problems with a poor design of the coils/spark plug covers, bulb replacement issues - rear license plate - tear door apart to replace! Front suspension total replacement. Etc, Etc. Sorry, I'm not a believer in 'bring back the MPV to USA motto. I had two Dodge Caravans in the 90's and they were similar in quality to this unit overall. Oh yes, the premature rusting of the front door on the bottom and around the rear wheel wells!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,746
    I have 130K miles

    That's a lot of miles for any car. The burned out light in the back area... not really needed. Agree coils were poorly designed... mechanically does have a few problem areas (mostly minor). Overall quality of materials, fit and finish, ride, handling are far above the Dodge Caravan.. and at least equal to that of the Sienna and Ody.

    Other than having 2 coils replaced under warranty, our MPV has been problem free (knock on wood). Still on original set of brakes. The good thing about future generations of any car or van is they have a chance to correct those problem areas.
    So, bringing the current generation of MPV to the U.S would be a good idea, provided they can increase mpg as noted in previous post.
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    I have 133K miles ... drove it cross country at 122K.

    The problems I had are not minor - and have been due to 'wear'.
    1. Mass Airflow Sensor
    - This was frequenty misdiagnosed by many technicians as O2 sensor, coils, tranny etc. My friend's Sienna has his MAF frequently cleaned ... but after two cleanings, I finally replaced mine ... and the car runs like new again.

    2. Control Fan PCU assembly
    - There was a recall on this which I did avail of. So the lifespan of my control fan PCU is really only 70K ... which is on the low side but still attributable to the regular lifespan of an electronic pcu.
    - Now the car runs very quietly ... no more of the engine fan turning on/off which was quite noisy.

    BTW - 1 and 2 were replaced at 115K and 126K miles.

    Other than that - the rest were the regular maintenance issues.
    - Brakes - will have them replaced this week
    - Shocks and struts - will probably need one soon
    - Car battery
    - Spark plugs - replaced at

    I do use Mobil1 and do follow a 6,000-7,5000 mile interval.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    Thanks for the reply. However, I don't think 130K miles is a lot of miles on any car these days. I have many friends who think that it's in mid life at this point. Most are going for 200K miles. I guess I don't have friends who can replace cars every couple years like I use to. Kids in college, etc. Anyway; I do think it's nuts that you need to replace the whole assembly to have the control panel lit. My passengers in back can't find the controls during our long dark MN. winters! The Tranny issues, CATALYTIC CONVERTER REPLACEMENT? (minor?) are not reasonable issues. That coil design is not a cheap fix either and I hold my breath during every rain storm I drive in for it to happen again! 2003 was the 4th year of this unit and should have had some refinement by then. True the 2002 was the first year of the slightly revised model - new engine, front/back cosmetics and tranny.....but still! Don't get me wrong, the styling was why I bought the unit NEW over Toyota and Honda - plus it was $3K cheaper too. Maybe this is why? I'm hoping to get to 190K if possible. My Camry's - two of - had flipped the 200 mark and were good to go before I sold them.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    One more thing; the rust. My MPV showed signs of rust on the passenger lower lip within the first 24 months! Mazda did cover it with a lot of groaning at that time. They said that I would be on my own thereafter. Now, I may be picky, but rust on today's cars is becoming a very seldom thing. To have a virtually new car have the rust issues around those terrible joints in the metal and around the rear wheel wells is not right! I see many other MPV's from the 2000-2003 era here in MN. with rust in that wheel area. Sad method they used to wrap the metal in the lip of the well.

    Oh yes - one more item I've had - the rear heating coolant tubes that rusted totally away!! Mazda did cover their replacement but what the heck! When we pulled the liner out of the rear well we did not see ANYTHING there - the tubing was all gone! What are they thinking? I was losing coolant out the back for a while before I saw this item as a recall!
  • the driver side window just stop working. what do i do to fix it.
  • aa0526aa0526 Posts: 29
    Sorry ... my 2002 MPV has not had that problem ... well, I hardly use the windows anyway.

    But that sounds like an actuator issue or could be mechanical.
    Do u hear a sound when u press the up/down button?
    Are the gears engaging at all?

    If there is no activity at all, then the issue is not mechanical.
  • tcc21tcc21 Posts: 69
    My 2003 MPV's drivers window is VERY slow in the winter time - at going up. I had them check it a couple years ago and the dealer said it was the old 'normal' thing! Ugh! I swear some cold mornings - as I park in a ramp - mine won't go up either. It groans really hard. I heard that some Toyota Sienna's have had the same issue too!! WOW! The previous generation version. So, Mazda is not alone.
    I checked an 06 they had on the lot and it was a bit slow it's the way they're made I guess.
  • My 2003 Mazda MPV ES with 88,700 miles on it has started idling very rough, but only when warmed up. It starts in the cold fine and runs great after that, except for idling. My check engine light is on and the codes are P0171 and P0174, System Too Lean Bank 1 and Bank 2.

    The Auto Zone guy (who read the codes for me) told me it is probably the O2 sensors but another forum said it might be a vacuum leak. Thoughts?
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