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Toyota Sienna Accessories & Modifications



  • quizzerquizzer Posts: 14
    I'm planning to buy the basic Sienna LE version and get an after market installation of GPS, RES, Backup camera with sensor, Bluetooth and Ipod interface etc

    Can somebody tell me how much will it cost approx and will it void the car warranty?

  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    Go to someplace like Crutchfield an look at the options. Getting the whole pkg including retaining steering wheel controls can top $1200 (your labor), but you get exactly what you want.

    You will not automatically void the whole van warranty, but you will get no coverage for anything that can be traced to the aftermarket parts, installation, or interaction damage between the new hardware and the rest of the electronics.
  • We plan to purchase a new 2011 Sienna, adapted for disabled driver. It needs 3 factory modifications: a dropped floor; a side-entry power-driven ramp; removable Captain's chair and front passenger chair. All these are Toyota-factory-modifications; then sent to Convert-A-Van types of dealers. We would love to know the price-to-the-dealer, so we can estimate how much profit margin he has. Otherwise, very difficult to negotiate with him. The prices that
    3 dealers have quoted, are all approx $ 55,000.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Ouch, that's spendy. Dodge also converts Grand Caravans, FWIW.

    If you can't find any more info, aim for similar margin discounts, i.e. about 10% off MSRP or so.
  • linealinea Posts: 9
    I have the similar modification but my modification was by Braun now bought out by IMS?. I afraid they have a monopoly so you really can not negotiate. The one thing I did purchase for my 2008 Sienna Van is extended warranty. When my navigational went out, it did not cost me $2,100 since I had an extended warranty. I check on the warranty for the modifications and it was too costly for what you get. Also I would run synthetic oil to extend the engine life. I would stick with Toyota since you can not afford to replace these Vans for many, many years.
  • I have an '07 XC90 with factory headrest DVD monitors. The picture looks funny if the viewing angle is 'off' a bit. The same problem exists on my 2001 Chrysler TC's aftermarket flipdown roof monitor.

    I am now shopping for a flipdown roof monitor for my 2010 Toyota Sienna. I am unable to get my hand on a system to see if they are any better than the ones from the past. Best Buy does not have them on the floor. I plan to buy it from the internet and install it myself.

    Any help out there would be greatly appreciated ... especially with the viewing angle.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I installed one in 2007 and the kids have never complained, unless the sun is super bright. Mine's a 12" Clarion, IIRC.

    I imagine modern ones are brighter and have better contrast now.
  • sky22sky22 Posts: 2
    I bought Sienna 2013 XLE with Navigation option. It says Tow Prep Package.
    I want to install Hitch Mount Bike Rack which requires 2 inch hitch receiver.

    I look at the bottom of my car and couldn't find hitch receiver.

    1. Do I have to install "Trailer Hitch Receiver"?
    - I have to go dealer to install? But, I couldn't find the accessory when I build my car from Toyota site.
    - I can buy from anywhere and go to body shops to install it?

    2. Or, it's already installed in the car, but I just do something to reveal it?
    - Since I don't know what the Tow Prep Package means.

    Any comment will helps. Thank you.
  • fibber2fibber2 Mid Hudson Valley, NYPosts: 3,780
    The tow prep package means that the engine has the external oil cooler required for actual trailer towing. Without it, you are limited to 1500 lbs. With it, you are good for up to 3500 lbs.

    Actual towing (or in your case bike rack) equipment, such as a receiver hitch and power for trailer lighting is something you have to add - this stuff does not come on the van.

    You can:
    1) Go to your dealership and have them add the Toyota brand 2" receiver hitch (around $350 installed).
    2) Buy it yourself (I happen to like the Curt unit available on Amazon) for around $150 and install it yourself (takes an hour or so) or take it somewhere.
    3) Go to a trailer place and just have them do the whole job.
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