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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • 2 weel dr., v6, 3.0 L. when I got my emitions done I got it back saying there is a problem with my "ignition coil B primary/ secendary circuit" at that time it was running but it had lost alot of power. I had to take it on the highway and it started loosing more and more power untill i couldn't even break 10 mph floored. after I turned it off I havn't been able to start it again. What would be a good first step to getting it started, and if someone has the heart and the time if you could email be some details on how to go about changing the coils and/or replacing anything else that could be causing these problems.

    Thank you.
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    if i took mine to have it fixed and it came back like that i would take it back to them and demand they fix it, if it was running fine when you took it to them then it's up to them to take care of the problem
  • i would get the alternator and the starter checked.
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    check your exaust and make sure it isn't restricted, have someone to start it! then put your hand over your tail pipe to see if the exaust is comming out ok. if it's ok check your fuel pump. happy hollidays
  • fortee9erfortee9er Houston, TXPosts: 128
    I have a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT Supercab and I would like to replace the bench seat with bucket seats. A former co-worker had a 1992 Ranger that had really nice bucket seats that had an extension for better thigh support looked like period Recaros but were stock. Does anyone know what years those seats were offered in the Ranger and what did Ford call them or the interior package? Were these bucket seats offered in anyother Ford car or truck?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316


  • joe200joe200 Posts: 1
    need to put tranny fluid in a 1998 ranger wher do i put it is it under the truck
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    there should be a dipstick tube right next to the firewall on the passenger side of the engine sometimes it is a real short tube so you need to look close.
  • I have a 2001 Ranger 5 speed. Several months ago I had the clutch master cylinder replaced with an O'Reilly part because I could hardly move the gear shift. It worked for a couple of months but then the same thing happened. The mechanic said I should put a Ford part in which we did. It worked for about 1 month and now it is again hard to move the shifter. A friend told me that there is another clutch cylinder on the transmission. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • Did you replace the pressure plate with the clutch, or just the clutch disc itself ? The pressure plate could be your problem not the clutch disc. Another possibility is the slave cylinder and throw out bearing.
    This should have been changed when the clutch was changed as you have access to it all while the tranny is out. And yet another is that you have air in the hydraulic line and nothing is wrong with anything. I would start with bleeding the clutch line if thats not it go to the slave cylinder next and so on.

    Good luck & let us know how you do.
  • The clutch disc was not replaced, only the master cylinder - twice. The last time it was replaced I was told that there was air in the system. At the moment it is working fine. I suspect the air entered the system during the first master cylinder change. We'll see how it goes.
  • My 95 Ranger XLT has had a few start/run problems. After getting it running i had it checked and found the Crank Position Sensor was bad. Replaced the sensor and ran fine for a few days then started it one morning...engine shut down about a minute later and now all i can get it to do is crank over. Seems like it's not getting spark. Thought of a fuel problem and tried starting fluid with no luck. Any suggestions on what might be wrong. Also this is the Distributorless model with no Ignition Control Module of the Ranger XLT.
    Many thanks.
    P.S. Also changed the Coil Pack with still no starting results.
  • i changed the coil packs and the plugs but the truck is still missin do you have any suggestions on what it could be it is cutting out bad. it is a1994 ranger 5 speed
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Bad plug wires and/or plugs?

    At about 6 years and only about 45,000 miles on my 94 I noticed 'static' on the FM radio. Changing to AM, there was even more static. Although the plugs are supposed to last what, 100,000 miles, I went ahead and changed them with the wires. Took one wire and plug out and then replaced both. No chance of messing this up. This cured my 'static'. If there is static, you are loosing voltage to ground instead of firing the plug.
  • I have a 95 ford ranger 5 speed. A while back , it started making a noise which I thought was wheel bearings. or brakes rubbing. I just changedthe wheel bearings , and still have the noise. Checked the new brakes, rear end fliuds , trans fluid. I jacked the rear of the truck up and put it in gear. I heard the noise. WHen I am on the road , I can push in the clutch and the noise is still there, driving in gear , still there . Does it sound like a clutch problem , or a trans problem? Other than the noise, it shifts nice.
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    is it a roaring sound? or a chatter? what type of sound is it?
  • bestpibestpi Posts: 5
    i had a 1993 ford ranger 3.0L V6 that my family has had for 9 years and on 3-5-09 i was driving and hit some ice doing 30mph and rolled my truck my girlfriend was with me and we are both okay but i totaled it and now i have gotten rid of it. and i will be getting a new ranger eventually and i will miss it until i do :cry:
  • rick136rick136 Posts: 3
    I have a '01 Ranger 6 Cyl std with 77K miles. Several months ago the gear shifter became really hard to move. If I pumped the clutch it helped a bit. The clutch master has been changed 3 times. It worked OK for about 3 weeks and then the same problem recurred. Last week they changed the slave cylinder but there was no sign that there was leakage or that the slave was the problem. i think that the problem will come back. Any suggestions as to what to do? Thanks
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    you might want to have the clutch pressure plate checked if it is weak, replace it that will cause your problem
  • cniemanncniemann Posts: 9
    Does anyone know if you can use a 3.0 motor out of a torus in a 3.0 ranger ? My truck has a 3.0 flex-fuel motor in it with bad crank bearings. Was told a motor out of a torus would work but would have to use my intake,exhaust, and oil pan. Has anyone tried this ?
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    no, the block is differant where the trans bolts up and motor mounts go also the sensors are differant from the ranger
  • bestpibestpi Posts: 5
    what year is your ranger and where are you located i have a 93 ranger 3.0L with a 5 speed and i rolled it but the engine and drivetrain are still in good shape if you are anywhere near Virginia i was thinking maybe it might help u out
  • cniemanncniemann Posts: 9
    I thank you for the thought but i live in Bastrop, texas. close to Austin so it would be kinda hard getting it. thanks anyway. chris
  • jmehoffjmehoff Posts: 3
    I am having problems when i shift up into 4th and 5th gear. It seems like the engine cant give the truck enough power to go in those higher gears. Also if i push the accelerator to the floor, the whole truck seems to shake and want to stall. Although it doesn't stall... it just decelerates usually about 10mph then stays steady... Any HELP? i just bought this ranger! and love it! Also i'm tryin to do this work myself if anything major is needed.

    Its a 92 ford ranger 4cylinder 2WD
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    check your exaust and make sure it is clear and also check your plugs and wires i have had 2 vehicles that lost power like that. one had a bad exaust , the other was my s10 truck it bogged down very badly, the plug wires were so bad; 4 out of 6 crumbled when i took them off to replace my plugs! needless to say i put new ones on now it has plenty of power. hope this helps
  • jmehoffjmehoff Posts: 3
    I just bought new plugs and wires yesterday. I won't have the time to put them in till sunday morning. So hopefully thats all it is. ^^ if not i i'm hoping for something simple
  • cls74cls74 Posts: 1
    I have replaced the alternator the sylinoid, but when I got to start it. It just clicks, could it need a new battery I can jump start it and it will run good, once turned off I have to re-jump it to get it to run again. I love my little truck just bought it, and I want to keep it. Could someone please give me some advice on this problem. :cry:
  • Have an 02 ranger with the 3.0 v6 and it has started to cut out under load recently. We have done a complete tune up and it runs great other than the cutting out. It has 104,000 miles and this is the first problem I have had. It seems like the Governor is kicking in because it does not throw any codes or engine light. If I drive around under 3,000 rpm's it runs prefect. Some days it won't cut out at all..some days every time I get on the freeway it cuts out. Can anyone help or have any suggestions?
  • Sounds like you could have a bad battery...but did you clean your battery terminals. Also, if you have a volt meter, check the voltage at the battery when the engine is running. It should be about 13.6 volts DC to charge the battery properly.
  • wookie1wookie1 Posts: 116
    you may need to replace the ground wire from the engine to the firewall sometimes they do go bad and will cause problems cutting out. i use to be a mechanic, worked on vehicles about 40 years and one person that taught me said never overlook the obvious! he said the problem could be right in front of you but hard to see. hope this helps some
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