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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • San Francisco bay area.
  • Hiya,
    Anyone in the NOVA/DC area purchased a 2009 C300 Sport + Pkg1 + Multimedia. How much did you pay for it?

    If I'm given a quotation, how low you think I can go? $1500? $2000? off MSRP? or Invoice? Given times are tough, I hope to get a good deal. Please help! Thanks in advance.
  • I am working on getting 2009 c300 Sport 4matic + P1 + metallic paint + iPod kit from NOVA/MD dealers. Invoice is 37,500. Every dealer is quoting 35,700 which they say is temporary employee pricing. Please suggest if you saw a better price.

    Given the economy I am wondering if MB will start offering incentives lowering the price further. Wait ... not ... wait ... not ... still trying to make up my mind :-)
  • Any one from NY/NJ/CT get a good price for '09 C300 Luxury 4-Matic, P2, MM ? What exactly is the 'temporary employee pricing', is that national, anyone know?

    Thanks! :shades:
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    I am about to pull the trigger on this deal. Hope this pricing helps out others out there.

    2009 C300 sport 4 Matic
    Premium 1
    I Pod intergration kit
    Multimedia package
    Metalic paint

    MSRP is 42,500

    I have a quote for $38,600 plus $399.00 dealer handling.

    I am in the Denver area. I got this quote on the phone and I am driving there today to buy the car. I hope this is both for real and a good deal.
  • Yeah. I've also got a price around that quotation too. Not sure if its because of an "Employee Pricing". I think that could be a sales pitch. Also, I think you have to consider there's word out that after Oct 1, 2008, Mercedes would increase their prices. So we maybe getting one that was on the lot before Oct 1st which I don't mind/care at all as long as its a 2009 model and a good deal. There are also news that Mercedes sales have drop about 25% but it said it was for the S class. Times are bad I guess.
  • Searching the net on MB employee pricing, there seem to be two groups - one group gets 12.5% and the other 25%. The price quoted to me was more like 10.5% off on MSRP.

    Then the recent price increase is $800 for c300 4matic sport. It is not in thousands.

    Mercedes C-Class October sales dropped by 40% and E-class by 50%. Read more here:

    I think there will be more incentives coming from MB in the coming few weeks.
  • Ready to purchase/lease the following. I believe it's an excellent deal and would like comments.

    2009 C350
    Premium 2
    Panorama Roof
    Multimedia package
    18" 5 Spoke Wheels
    MSRP - $42,485
    Purchase Price - $38,614 ($3871.00 Discount)
    MF - .00064
    Residual - $22,517.00 - 53%
    39 month lease of $512.25 (includes 7% tax)
    Nothing due at signing. I will try and push for the ipod connector.

    What do you think. This is employee pricing which will expire at the end of Nov. Need your comments ASAP
  • Misunderstanding, dealer forgot to include multimedia pricing. Will update quote after receiving new numbers.
  • Including Multimedia with equipment mentioned above with nothing due at signing, monthly is $522 which includes 7% tax. Offer is only good till end of month, actually this Monday. MB may extend the "employee pricing" into next month, but dealer doesn't know yet.
    Would like to hear comments. :)
  • i think tat a great deal. where i live(ohio), that package is qouted around $40,000. so I think you should go ahead and pull the trigger
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    I purchased my 7 years 100,000 miles Extended Warranty from Mercedes-Benz of Colorado Springs, 730 Automotive Drive , Colorado Springs, CO 80906. The dealership was straight forward and sent me a quote listing the period of time and miles before asking for payment of the extended warranty.
  • lewis3lewis3 Posts: 25
    What did you pay for that warranty if you dont mind my asking. I was thinking about getting it but I am just not sure.
  • e2009e2009 Posts: 23
    Around $4,000.00 the best time to buy is before the end of the month and within the first thirty days of purchase. Anytime after your are subject to a 15% surcharge by MB not the dealer. This was for a 2009 E550.
  • Treat yourself to Mercedes-Benz luxury at a special employee incentive!
    It’s easy! Start by getting a control number:

    Go to
    Enter your first and last name, home city, state, zip code, e-mail address and Corporate Account Number (CAN): 006101
    Click “submit” and print the FEP Incentive Form that is generated with your name, CAN, control number and company name.
    Next, go to your local Mercedes-Benz dealership.
    Select a vehicle.
    Negotiate your best price.
    Present the dealer with your FEP Incentive Form and proof of employment.
  • Mike - If your proof of employemnt is not with Mercedes Benz how will this form work and if it does work - how much off your negotiated price is it good for?
    Looking to purchase...thanks
  • I just bought the following
    White C350 2009 with all options:
    P2 package
    18'' AMG wheels
    Ipod thingy
    Pano roof

    MSRP 46,126
    managed to negociate it (was hard) for 45K out the door
    I bought it in bellevue WA.

    that makes the price 40,600 before tax + lic , nearly 3K below invoice

    Took me a week and a lot of arm twisting to get there tho.


  • wow..thats a damn good deal.
  • Same here I just got a good deal ( I think) with my 2009 C-300 over the weekend

    2009 C-300
    Package II
    Metallic Paint
    AMG Sports Body Stylin
    AMG 18 wheels
    Multi Media
    MSRP- 44,xxx

    Got it for 38,556 plus TTL,Im currently leasing the car for 575/month including tax 8.25 % CA,12 k miles/yr,39 months term with zero out of my pocket..
  • Picked up the car Saturday. 2009 C350 White, P2 ,Multimedia,
    18'' AMG Wheels, Ipod, Panorama Roof

    MSRP $45,840, Paid $41,486

    39 month lease, MF .00064 Payment including 7% tax $555. Dealer will make 1st month payment. (I will make the other 38). Zero due at signing, TTL, Acquisition fee, etc. all built into the monthly payment. I believe it was an excellent deal and hope these numbers helps others in their negotiating.
  • algavalgav Posts: 1
    Can you tell me the miles per year, and what state are you in. How long did it take to negotiate the deal, and was the car in stock.

    This is the same car I am considering.

    thank you
  • The car was purchased in Athens, GA - and the lease was 12,000 miles. The sales people were great and everything was done over the phone. They car was located in South Carolina and they paid the trucking into GA. I understand the MF MB Credit is offering has increase somewhat this past Monday. If you need any other info. let me know. Hope this helps.
  • hi, what dealer in ca did you go to?
  • severan, i am getting ready to get a C350 at MB Bellevue, WA as well. Looking at the same options that you have. Wondering if you can share the sales guy name with me. Thanks!
  • Thanks for all the information I exchanged on this website. I pulled the trigger yesterday:

    c300 4matic Sport
    P1 package + Metallic Paint + iPod Kit
    27 months, 15k miles/year
    Residual 65%, MF .0025
    MSRP 39500, Sale 34400+Tax+Title
    1st payment $571, monthly $571.

    I had the option of taking 12k miles/year with 67% Residual, coming out to be $543 monthly with $543 1st payment. But for $750 more I was getting 7300 miles, which is 10 cents/mile. Purchasing later would be 20 cents/ miles. Thought would go with peace of mind.
  • Nice deal! Can you tell me where you got it? I'm looking for a similar setup and also in CA.

  • denebjdenebj Posts: 16
    Hello guys,

    I am looking at some C350 Year 2008, I saw one with P2, multimedia at 40k, do you think I can get it at 32k OTD ? I am seeing a couple of 6k off MSRP on 2009 models on this page so for me it would be 10k off MSRP. Am I dreaming ? I will pull the trigger on a new car probably end of january, so if there is still some 2008 out there it could be realistic ?

  • 10k off MSRP could be a feat. I got 5k off from MSRP (on a 2009) and it was like pulling teeth for weeks. It almost appeared to me that additional incentives from Mercedes may be needed for the dealer to bring it down further. Who knows, that may be coming up due to weakening economy. Not sure about your area, I couldn't find a 2008 C-class in DC Metro area.
  • PowerFx drop me an email : severan AT
  • I have been reading all these postings about such great deals on this forum page, but no one is letting the true consumer know where to purchase these great deals. I would like to know where these numbers are coming from on this forum page since not one list where thy bought from or who sold them this car. I think that most of this information is nothing but wishfull thinking from poor consumers who are sent out trying to purhcase/lease with similiar parameters that never existed. How much BullS#*t can you produce on one subect. Why isnt there a truthful statement on this site rather than false expectations and eronious numbers?

    Where is the TRUTH??? I have waisted several days driving from store to store with not even being close to what is posted here.

    Good luck to those that are in the market but beware of the B.S. listed below!!!
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