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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    Not KIA, EPA.

    Lab v. real world seems to me (based upon experience and this board): 16-18 city is norm with 22-24 hwy. The numbers on the sticker should be more like 17 23, imho. ymmv
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    I agree with hoyahenry's estimates. Much more realistic than EPA figures. Our most recent tank was 70% highway @ appx 75 mph, 30% 'city' with lots of 60 mph cruising in there. No AC. 1 adult, appx 200-300 lbs cargo, 10 starts, avg temp 60 degrees, 87 octane, presumably NOT the winter-blended gas yet here in Michigan. Fuel economy was 21.95 MPG.
  • excelent3excelent3 Posts: 197
    The following numbers are from contributors as per my unofficial survey conducted on this board early this year. Keep in mind most vehicles were not broken in, and it was winter. Highway mpg only.

    1-06-02 JONDOT 23 mpg post # 431
    1-07-02 JLNGWV 24 mpg post # 433
    1-07-02 HOKUM 21.8 mpg post # 438
    1-08-02 JIMJPS 24.5 mpg post # 444
    1-08-02 RLB8 23.5 mpg
    1-12-02 KORLING 23 mpg post # 463
    9-24-01 SMAHLE 25 mpg post # 72
    10-11-01 MEOVERS 25 MPG post # 142

    The average highway MPG was 23.725

  • Wow! Sounds like we don't have to worry. The Sedona is probably gonna beat the Windstar in this category as well!

    Owning this van just gets better and better.
  • excelent3excelent3 Posts: 197
    I have a 2000 model year Windstar on its 4th recall. I will NEVER buy another Ford, EVER, so much for "Quality Plus" > The dealer is working with me, however. I complained loudly about the poor paint job on my van, (lot's of dirt, dust in the paint)and would not accept delivery. They asked me what it would take to make me happy. I took delivery under the following conditions WHICH YES, ARE ALL IN WRITING, I get FREE detailing once per year, FREE brake work ( I had them spin the rotors last week because of pulsation) , FREE exhaust work, FREE tire spinning, rotation and balancing, FREE oil changes every 3K, FOR AS LONG AS I OWN THE WINDSTAR. Better yet, they come to my house to pick up the van, and deleiver it when they are done. I wish I would have thought of transmission oil changes every 30K, I know I would have got that too. I work with a special customer service rep at a large Ford dealership in Madison, WI and they are treating me very well wouldn't you say? It's the product, not the service that is poor. EX3
  • I am having trouble getting the dealerships to respond to me via e-mail. I really want the Kia Sedona. All the other vehicle makes respond very quickly via e-mail when you do a quick qoute. I am wondering if, the Kia dealers do not like to deal online.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try a fax blast.... (link)

    Steve, Host
  • Okay, I've read the holdback discussion and I admit I am still stumped.
    Should I pay the holdback fee? I don't think I should. The way i understand it that is money between the dealer and manufacturer.
    Am i off base here?
    Also, the marketing allowance? What is that for? Negotiable? To what extent? How far have others cut into this percentage-wise during negotiations?
    The climate here is that there are a bunch of 2002 Sedona's around (35 or so within a 40 minute drive).
    I think I'm in the driver seat on negotiating, but I need some understanding of these costs to aid in the discussion.
    Dealer said he would sell at invoice, which he sent me, minus rebate, but I don't like the holdback and marketing allow. I would rather spend my money on options.
  • colodriver see post 2380 for my experience with the dealer holdback and marketing fees. I don't see why the customer pays these fees anyway.
  • what options did you have for that price you posted in 2380
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I ran across this Holdback article yesterday but forgot who was asking about it. Hope it helps shed a bit more light on the subject.

    Steve, Host

  • My red LX was without any options.
  • I live in the 15146 zip code. I did a search on edmunds and for the Sedona EX - I got a price of 20675 invoice and 21130.00 for TMV and that was for Leather, ABS and Two tone paint. The internet mgr called me back and was totally ignorant. He said my #'s were totally off. I told him where I got my prices. and he said you have to watch cause those internet sites are always wrong. What BS! I am so disgusted. I don't even want to go with KIA now. I got a quote of 19975.00 invoice and 20446.00 for TMV for the EX sedona without leather, but with abs and two tone paint. Now when my husband stopped at the dealership a few wks ago he called me on the cell ph. I was at work at my computer and qouted my husband the exact price and I gave him the invoice price. The salesman (who wasn't the internet mgr, was curious if, I was right) he went and got the invoice and guess what? I was right on the money! The salesman couldn't believe it. When I went down later that wk. The salesman shook my hand and said, so this is the smart woman with all the figures. You guys have no idea how pissed I am. I feel like if, my husband would have sent that email, he would have never said such a thing. I have the printouts. I should go wave them in his face. Then, I know they are having a 1000.00 rebate on 2002's and there is a 3% holdback from kia on the invoice. He was basically telling me I didn't know what I was talking about. I said I wanted a pymt. around 300.00. He told me there was no way to do it, but I got approved for a loan from eloan. I did 72 mths cause I figured the warranty is good on the kia. He said there is no way I can get a pymt around 300.00. He said my figures were wrong. Ahh, no you idiot, I worked for a bank and work for a company that makes fin. software for banks. I have access to this amazing invention which do all people - a Loan pymt calculator. Guess what, you put in an int rate of say 6.14, 72 mths and for 19000 = pymt of 316.00, for 21000 = 349.00 and for 20000= pymt of 333.00 - Ok, are those amts. not around 300.00. I even told him it could be a little over 300.00. Maybe I am just being a dumb, female blonde here, but to me those pymts are around 300.00!!! Sorry to be so sarcastic, but I am so mad. What do all of you think of what he said. Try putting this info. in here and at car prices and see what you come up with. Please I need your help and advice. If I am full of you know what go ahead and tell. Then, maybe I won't be so mad at that internet mgr. But I just got the feeling that because I was a woman, he didn't even want to deal with me. Maybe I should take my father with me. he is much better at haggling. My husband just goes along with whatever the salesman says and it really tics me off. My husband would probably pay above MSRP!!! If he gets in and likes the vehicle, forget it. It has been me that has gotten the good deals on cars. Please help, though. Thanks.
  • excelent3excelent3 Posts: 197
    Might be a good idea you have to take your father with you and keep your emotions out ot it. I negotiate for my 3 daughters often. It's never a perfect world. Also I would flush that dealer, and find a dealer that will treat you with respect. Make them EARN your business.
    Good Luck EX3
  • I called another dealer and gave them the info. I found on edmunds. He said those prices are really low. I said i got the same or around the same quotes from car prices, stonehenge, autobyte... I even went to Kia's site. MSRP on the ex with no bells and whistles, no leather is 20995.00 I gave him that price. He said that's low. I told him to go to and look for himself. Finally, he broke down and said to come in and bring my research with me and they would deal with me. He said he believed me and they would try to get me as close to the prices I got on the internet. But most of all, he treated me with respect and did not disregard me when I started quoting the other prices given to me by the other web sites. He was willing to listen to what I have to say. He was willing to deal. My father in law went to this dealership and got his new optima there. He tried the 1st one that i did and had no luck either. They wouldn't budge a bit. But I wanted to try them b/c they are closer to us and I wanted to give them the money since they are in our town. I guess they didn't want it. Oh, well.
  • bvolksbvolks Posts: 10
    I had a similar experience as I was ready to purchase a 2003 Sedona EX with everything and was told my numbers were off. I showed my salesman a print out from Edmunds with the 2002 MSRP/Invoice and True Market Value figures. This sheet was taken to the sales manager. The salesman later returned and showed me the 2003 MSRP and Invoice prices on the Sedona...indicating that most of the prices had increased. The printed MSRP on the 2003 Sedona EX with everything was $300.00 more than Edmunds' 2002 prices. Unfortunately, I was only shown and not furnished a copy of the 2003 invoice/MSRP prices--else I'd pass it on to you. Incidentally, I did look at other car web sites (MSN,; and did several KIA Sedona internet searches) and could not find KIA Sedona 2003 pricing. I ended up ordering a specific Sedona EX with everything--in a new color sage green, for $900.00 under MSRP to be in sometime by next week. I wanted to do better than that with the pricing but they gave me another $600.00 dollar trade-in on my car as part of the negotiation. In fact, they gave me $4800.00 more on my trade-in than the local Honda dealer offered (don't get me started on that Honda experience!%@#$!!). Based on my KIA experience, I think there may be some truth in that there was a price increase, but not a steep one. I also agree with the follow-up posting...get another salesperson. Sure these are great vehicles at a great value but KIA seems to still be getting a solid foot hold in this market and the economy has been better. They also have alot of competition with all the low APR/rebates incentives from other car manufacturers. I would request that they too show you the invoice and MSRP prices. Best of luck in your negotiation.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Usually the service departments could care less where you bought your car - it's in their interest to get and keep your service business (they get reimbursed by Kia for any warranty work done).

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy from the good dealer in the next town and take it to the nearby dealer for service. Chances are your salesperson will be selling Hondas or refrigerators next month anyway, and won't be around to go to bat for you with the service department anyway.

    Steve, Host
  • I don't mean to be nosy. I was just wondering what area of the country you live in or country itself. What model you have and what you paid.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    For new cars, use this link.

    To access's Used Vehicle PowerShopper, please visit

    Steve, Host

  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    In Feb. 2002 we bought our 2002 Sedona EX with all options except rear spoiler - so that's two-tone paint, leather, ABS, homelink, and one more that I can't remember. MSRP was $23,930. Our price was $22,930. No trade-in involved.

    Prices on 2002s should be significantly better now, even before the $1,000 rebate.
  • excelent3excelent3 Posts: 197
    All Options (6)

    Leather, Two Tone, Homelink, Spoiler, ABS, Sunroof

    Including bug deflector, mudflaps, two touchup paints, 2 free oil changes. I also get free loaner car when my Sedona is serviced

    Price Paid : $22,700 No trade-in

  • hokumhokum Posts: 26
    All options except Homelink and spoiler.

    Houston, TX...7/20/01.

    Price paid: $22,250.

    No trade in.


  • 22,500 for ex two tone paint, abs, homelink, leather, well everything except for the sunroof, lifetime oil changes.

    I do have one recurring problem with the light in the tailgate, it keeps blowing and is just a nuisance. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • $19,272 with only options being CD upgrade, Roof Rack, Mud Guards, and Bug Deflector. This is the price BEFORE taxes (NJ), title, registration, and $1000 rebate. My walkaway price was about $19,600. Purchased 8/2002.

    BTW ... this was the internet price quoted at Langhorne KIA in Langhorne, PA ... absolutely ZERO HAGGLING and customer service was fantastic ... Salesman's name is Michael Frith.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    The online services often fail to list advertising, which the manufacturer throws in on top of everything else. Plus Kia dealers are charged holdback up front, then get reimbursed later, so the invoice reads differently for them than it does for the rest of us.
  • vanphanvanphan Posts: 41
    EX with all options except rear spoiler:
    Leather, Two-Tone, Homelink, ABS, Sunroof

    Price Paid : $22,458 w/ no trade-in ($23,930 sticker) in March 2002
    Including 12 free oil changes. I too get a free loaner car when my Sedona is serviced

    When anyone hears when K&N makes an air filter for the Sedona, would you post it? I keep checking their web site and so far all they make is the oil filter.

    Has anyone driven their Sedona through last winter with the Kumho tires? Mine seem very slippery on wet pavement and this may translate into poor snow/ice performance. I may be buying new tires long before I had planned. I've been looking at the BFGoodrich Control T/A M65. They seem to be a good buy and do well in the snow. Any other thoughts besides the other stock tires, the Hankooks?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Last week we were successful in having our dealer replace, under warranty, the piece of plastic trim that spans the width of the cargo area, along the back edge near the bumper. The original trim had a 2-inch crack caused by me dropping the right rear seat on it while removing the seat. Our local dealer ordered and replaced the part upon request.

    The new trim piece will surely show wear with time, but it is nice to have a new, unblemished trim back there. The original piece had plenty of scratches and other marks. Hopefully the replacement part will hold up better.

    For other folks who feel that various parts of the trim are wearing too easily, you may have success with simply telling your dealer the wear on a part is unacceptable and asking them to replace it.
  • mfbonomfbono Posts: 48
    EX with all options except rear spoiler:
    Leather, Two-Tone, Homelink, ABS, Sunroof

    Price Paid : $22,100 w/ no trade-in ($23,930 sticker) in Feb 2002... :>)
  • kams1kams1 Posts: 4
    On, I get a MSRP of 21,500 for 2002 sedonna with all options for an EX...has anybody bought it through How good is the service and what are the pros/cons buying through this site.....
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