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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • crvexcrvex Posts: 23
    my new crv need a long time (about 4 secnds) to turn on the engine, sometimes i just need to do that twice to make the engine on, is that normal for crv or my car is in troulbe.

    i bought this car last month.

  • kizhekizhe Posts: 242
    No, it is not normal, check with your dealer.
  • Let me get this straight, you are spending $23 grand or more on a CRV, Honda (though a quality car) provides only 3/36 coverage. You are keeping the car 10 years or 200K miles and you do NOT feel spending $800 or so on a bumper to bumper warranty is worth it? I use to feel this way about Toyota. Engines never go on a Toyota right? Tranny's never go either? Well they did of my wife's '96 RAV. Thank God we had the extended warranty. Nothing worse than paying big bucks for a better quality can and getting stuck with a huge repair bill on car that will be described as an 'abberation'. Now if you are keeping the car on a few years I can see but to assume your Honda's NEVER going to have an expensive repair over 7 years may be crazy. What's a warranty , say $800 over five years? I think of it as added insurance. Good luck either way but I can tell you a new AWD tranny is in the thousands as is a new short block engine. Even a power window switch replacement is in the hundreds. And while the odds may be against a Honda having such an issue just be aware it CAN happen, and does. Good luck wth your V.
  • automaticautomatic Posts: 41
    How do these extended warranties work? (specifically the Hondacare warranty)...If your window switch goes out at 99K, can the dealer say that the switch is designed to last 90K, so it is not a defect and is not covered? Some things fail on a car after several years, but not all of these failures are due to defects...some (many?) are just due to the part being normally worn out at the end of its service life. Or do these warranties cover anything that breaks or wears out (short of wipers and oil filters). What about worn seat fabric at 60k miles?
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    Anything covered under the warranty will be replaced. The only issue is wear and tear, but those items are not on the warranty (tires, etc.) Read the fine print to see what is covered.

    In your example, the window switch would be replaced for free (assuming you bought the zero deductable).
  • mariacherie, I bought my '03EX from Honda Carland in Alpharetta, on Roswell Road/Alpharetta Highway. They gave me the best price in town, and none of the other 4 local dealers I went to would match that price even without detailing, pin stripes, or floor mats. I had a good experience with them as far as price goes, so I can recommend them for that. Just make sure that you check the financing paperwork, since it took them 3 tries to get mine right. Oh, and tell them that you are an "internet" customer and they give you no hastles, just the best price, no "mandatory" test drive or "let me ask my manager" run arounds.
  • mariacheriemariacherie Posts: 19
    Sounds great...thanks for the info. I'll definitely check with them on pricing.
  • hcmmikehcmmike Posts: 19
    it has been awhile since I've been on this forum...I have a 2002 CR-V used for city driving in the off-road stuff...typical four season weather...a little over 40,000...I have to buy new tires TODAY (the dealer told me they are surprised I haven't had a blow out)...the dealer is recommending Michelins but they are too pricey...any recommendations from those who have been there?...thanks..
  • crvexcrvex Posts: 23
    i went to honda dealer last friday. the manager told me that it is not normal, however, he had no clue at that time what might cause that problem.
    he filed a report to Honda tech., however, i have not received any reponse from either him or honda yet.
    the engine problem become even more serious now, is there anything i can do to figure out what's wrong and how to deal with it?

    thanks a lot
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    The most popular choice in replacements so far seems to be the Yokohama Avid T4. They are relatively inexpensive.

    A step up in price would be Bridgestone Turanza LS-T.

    Original equipment on my '02 is Bridgestone Dueler 684HT. Not a great tire, but pretty cheap.. I'm at 30K miles and mine are ready for replacement.



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  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    I replaced mine with Yokohama Avid Touring tires. I looked at the T4s but liked the specs and reviews of the Tourings better. The Avid Tourings also have an 80,000 mile treadwear warranty, as compared to 60,000 for the T4s. I also live in in the midwest.

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    You also might want to pose your question in Ask Connor at The Tire Rack.

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  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    I bought a set of Yokohama Aegis LS4 based upon Consumer Reports tire tests. While not all of CRs car tests are objective, their tire tests are. I wanted a tire that would be good in snowy Michigan winters and wet springs.

    They are a HUGE improvement over the stock Duelers and a very good price. (Somewhere around $42.00 a tire at The treadwear warranty isn't as good as that on other Yoko's but, the trade off was better ice and snow performance per CR.
  • Well at about 3500 miles my abs light came on they reset it and then about 800 miles more it came on again they changed out the entire unit and so far haven't had any more problems with it. Knock on wood. I just wanted everyone to know this is the best vehicle I've ever owned. There is plenty of room and it gets better gas mileage then the 03 elantra I traded in. I love sitting up high. I wish the windshield wipers had more speeds to choose from but besides that its been great.
  • tntitantntitan Posts: 306
    I replaced the tires at 37K with Michelins from Costco for $350 after instore rebate. Much better tire than original Duelers which I couldn't stand even when new.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    Which Michelins?



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  • I just bought a 04 EX but I notice that standing at red lights there is a vibration in the steering wheel. I was wondering if this was normal or part of the EX desigen since the gearshift is on the dash. Any input would be highly appreciated.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,667
    I think it is pretty typical of most 4-cylinder engines with automatics. Between the automatic "slipping" to allow the car to idle in place and the load from the power brake booster, the revs drop slightly under 1000 RPM and the car shakes a little. Most of my experience is with Hondas, and it seems pretty normal to me... All of them do it, to some degree.



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  • It's far less vibration than I felt in my 2000 VW Golf. That engine shook like a washing machine. I'm still amazed at how smooth the engine in the CR-V is. It feels like flying in comparison. I do feel what you feel at some stops below 1000 rpm, but I agree that some vibration is inhearent in the 4 c. design. Still- much better than others.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I just purchased a very clean 2001 CR-V EX with the Honda AM/FM/single CD/cassette factory stereo. Unfortunately, the seller could not find the card with the radio code, and my local dealer tells me they can provide it if I give them the numbers on the rear of the unit. Can someone direct me to a site with removal instructions, or give me a general idea of how its done? I'm familiar with the basics from having replaced several car stereos over the years. Thanks!
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    Click on the H and A - Accessories sponsor link above. Navigate through several clicks to the 1997-2001 CR-V (Honda -> CR-V -> 1997-2001), select the Audio & Electronics accessories, then look for the "Single Disk CD Player." H and A posts the installation instructions as Acrobat PDF files, which in the case of this accessory includes the information on removing the radio (even though yours isn't the same as the example in the instructions).

    Good luck. :)
  • crvexcrvex Posts: 23
    It has been a week since my dealer admit that there is a problem with my CRV's igination system.
    however, so far, they still do not know what's to do and just ignore my phone call about that.

    is this the typical honda service or i need to be more patient.
    i am sort of disappointed right now. i bought a brand new honda mainly because it is supposed to be troublefree, at least for the first couple of years.
  • icvciicvci Posts: 1,031
    Nothing is typical at a dealership. They are all different. If you aren't being treated well, contact their service manager or, go to a different dealer.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Thanks for leading me to the instructions! It certainly doesn't look like fun - does anyone know if one of those adapters that plugs into the power socket and has a 9V battery clipped to one end will prevent the radio from going into "code mode" when the vehicle's main battery is disconnected? All I'd really like to do here is be able to replace the main battery someday without having to pull the radio to get the code.
  • frenchfrench Posts: 5
    I found this on another site.

    UPDATE Upon reading further down the thread that I found this tid bit in, I read that it does NOT work on Gen 1 CR-Vs. Yours is a 2001, right? So is it Gen 1 or Gen 2?

    Here's how to obtain the serial number for a crv radio without removing the unit from the dash. I can only confirm this for the 2002 radio/tape/CD player in our LX (had to do this on the wife's car). It may work for other years, maybe someone can try and add the years that it works on to this thread.

    1. turn the key to the on postion
    2. turn the radio on (the word "code" must be displayed....if it is not, unplug the batter for a couple of minutes OR leave the radio on for 1 hour and then start over at #1)
    3. turn the radio off but leave the key on.
    4. hold down the preset buttons #1 and #6
    5. turn the radio back on while holding down #1 and #6

    The radio should now flash two sets of numbers (4 digits each) and a letter. The forth digit is in the far right of the display and it is smaller than the other numbers. Those 8 numbers make-up the serial number that the dealers can use on-line to look up your code.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    My car is a Gen I, and I was told by the dealer that this trick only works on Gen II cars :-( But, the dealer who sold us the car just called me a few minutes ago with the code... they called the previous owner, who just happened to find the code stuck in his personal insurance file. Whew!
  • krishkrish Posts: 24
    I changed original on 39300 miles at Sams Club with Goodyear Allegra, 65k warranty, $58, driven 2k miles, haven't driven in snow, so far it is good - but noise is too bad on >70s.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Here's a link to Bosch's instruction page for replacing the cabin microfilter in Gen. I CR-Vs (as well as earlier Civics and Accords):
    Click on the "installation instructions" for a pdf document showing you how to do it. For those (like me) who don't own a copy of the factory service manual, this should do the trick. The 2001 we just bought still has its original filter at 22K miles, and even though it is a 30K mile item, I'm going to do it now - Houston air is pretty nasty.
  • chevy4lifechevy4life Posts: 20
    How do you turn off/reset the maintenance required light? I am done taking it to the dealer and paying through the nose for piddly work. Last time I had my 02 in for the 45k service, they changed the coolant, but didn't bother putting ANY in the coolant overflow tank (it supposed to have some).

    So, does anyone know how to make it go away so the next time it comes on, I'll be ready?
  • chevy4lifechevy4life Posts: 20
    After searcing through some posts, it dawned on me why the dealer sold me 6 oil filters for a discounted price: they were unloading them because Honda no longer uses them. I have one left. After that, I will be putting on the newer, smaller one.

    Can this filter be found anywhere other than the dealer? Is there a cup or band wrench (aftermarket) for it? The dealer wants $30 for the wrench!

    These carmakers are getting too proprietary with their cars. Pretty soon, we'll have to buy Honda gas and Honda oil!
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