2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lanceqlanceq Member Posts: 16
    Was $16977 with an automatic transmission? Either way - What a deal! Congrads.
  • sunny12sunny12 Member Posts: 9
    I am looking for 07 Camry LE too. Which dealer you want to buy from for $19,300?

    Thanks in advance!
  • toyotasalesg1toyotasalesg1 Member Posts: 15
    CC a fair price on the LE V6 is $1,000 over invoice plus tax and license in the Seattle area. (This was the Costco Pricing at a couple of different dealers). If you want a better price you may be able to negotiate a few hundred dollars off that. Good Luck!
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    If you pay more than $400 over invoice in the Seattle area, you have money to burn.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 197,853
    Dissing? Sure.. dis all you want.. others may feel differently, and from the replies, it seems they do..

    Stereotyping? I didn't read that into it.. No more than your post about Olds and Chevy dealers.. ;)

    But, this forum is about Prices Paid & the Buying Experience.... so, lets get back to it... :D

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  • olt1892olt1892 Member Posts: 12
    Thank you both njerald and toyotasalesg1 for the info.

  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Check with Toyota of Kirkland, Internet Sales Manager for the best price in Seattle area.
  • maryb1maryb1 Member Posts: 5
    What are people in CT area paying for the Hybrid loaded. I live close to NY, Ma and RI. Who has the best deals?
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Check the Hybrid forums.
  • olt1892olt1892 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks again, njerald, for the lead.

  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120

    No need to pit one dealer against another. My experience is as follows:

    1. Boch Toyota IMHO is dishonest when they quote you a phone price.

    2. Boch Toyota charges $100. more for the documentation fee. Why is this? they don't do any additional documents

    3. IRA will beat Boch's phony prices.

    4. IRA charges a lower DOC fee.

    5. IRA is much more friendly to deal with and when they quote you a price, that's what you pay, unlike the high pressure robots at Boch.
  • mmccardellmmccardell Member Posts: 2
    Avoid Toyota of Lake City. They gave me a dishonest internet quote today.
  • eric2006eric2006 Member Posts: 8
    I am living in Boston and shopping around a 2007 Camry. Could you shed the light the detail of your deal? My post was deleted twice since I left my contact information to you.
    Thank a lot.
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689
    Avoid Toyota of Lake City. They gave me a dishonest internet quote today.

    They were the clowns who when I was getting numerous quotes from $300-500 over dealer invoice, quoted me MSRP +$2,000.
  • zaku178zaku178 Member Posts: 15
    Whats the lowest price anyone has gotten for a fully loaded SE V6 without NAV?? Even though the dealership kept BSing they never mark the price lower than MSRP I manage to get them to lower it to $27777. They say its the lowest price they sold the SE which I consider pure BS. I left to see what price anyone else can get for the car. They claim their invoice was $26600 and wanted to match Edmund's price. Anyone care to share their SE V6 pricing experience??
  • tweliyingtweliying Member Posts: 23
    I got this quote for SE V6 full loaded in the beginning of May. Here is the message from dealer:

    I would sell one like you requested for $27,087.

    Your total out the door cost then would be $29,218.66.

    This includes all taxes, title and license fees.
  • sycwsycw Member Posts: 2
    The lowest quote I got in my area (San Francsico) for a LE V6 + moonroof + carpet before tax is $22668. Is it a good price? The total out the door cost should be $25000 including the ridiculous high CA tax...Thanks
  • dhgdhg Member Posts: 9
    I found one dealer in northern California selling a fully loaded SE V6 (EJ,RF,VS,QC, SR) with a MSRP of $29,654, for $26,572. This is supposed to be $200 above invoice. I can't get the KBB nor Edmunds to give the correct invoice to reflect this. Most other dealers will not even come close, another said maybe $500 over invoice. I think this is a great deal what do you think. How do I get the exact invoice?
  • zaku178zaku178 Member Posts: 15
    Sounds like an okay deal, but I think if you pressure them more, they'll give you a better deal. Just make sure that you're in control because they "NEED" you to make the sale. There really is no exact invoice like Edmunds say. The invoice price dealers put up are no where near accurate because it doesn't take into consideration heavy discounts they get for making X amount of sales per month and the Volume pricing they get. Its really a no brainer that dealers tend to hide those details and make up a lot of BS that if they sell below invoice they're not profiting but in reality they profit no matter what.
  • lnllnl Member Posts: 3
    But considering 2007 camry is quite hot now, how hard can we push the dealers to get a better deal? I am looking at a 2007 camry LE 4cyl auto. The best quote I received is about $19500 before TTL which they claim is the invoice price. I live in Chicago area and the sales tax kills, 7.75%,Uuuuugh! I have over 30 dealers around where I live, I am not sure if I should expand my search radius further for a couple of hundred dollors. Any advice?
  • zaku178zaku178 Member Posts: 15
    Even though the 2007 Camry is still hot, the LE 4cyl auto models are quite common compared to the SE/XLE models. The best way to negotiate the price further down on one is to go into the dealer on a slow day such as a weekday. If they have a lot of LE Camrys on the lot then you have a great chance at bargaining the price down a bit. Dealers have to meet quotas so they have to sell those Camrys one way or another. So make a price you're willing to pay for a Camry give it to the sales manager if they are unwilling to give it to you at the price just walk out, they'll come calling for you in a few days to negotiate the price again to get you back in.
  • fathomfathom Member Posts: 1
    You paid a good price. I just purchased the same car from Fort Lee, NJ dealership for $19,250 + TTR (no graduate discount). I think you can if someone sticks to their price you can get it at $18900 + TTR at this dealership.
  • gc77584gc77584 Member Posts: 65
    Doesn't really matter what part of the country you live in. Camry Hybrids, loaded or not, are going for MSRP or more because they're relatively scarce. Some dealers are attempting to get up to $5000 over MSRP. A couple of people have managed to get maybe $500 off MSRP by going through Costco, but they've had to fight for it.

    As suggested, go to the Toyota Camry Hybrid forums for more information. The TCH - Order Process forum has a number of pricing-related posts.
  • dhgdhg Member Posts: 9
    "Sounds like an okay deal, but I think if you pressure them more, they'll give you a better deal." I can not believe $ 200 over invoice is only a OK deal. I have called 10+ dealers in northern California from San Fran to Monterey, no one can comes close. Every dealer I actually go into is nice at first but when I show them I can buy the fully loaded SE V6 MRSP of $29,654 for $ 26,572 equals $3079 off MSRP and can they even match it, they soon say, "have a nice day, I leave my number, they never call. One salesman said, "these cars are in such demand,why would that dealer give them away at that price when we sell them for full MSRP." Anyway, I will probably buy it, due to the fact the dealer was up front about his price and not playing the usual games they play, he even offered to drive the car to my house, over 100 miles away. I said no thanks, I want to be the first to drive it.
  • nguy1nguy1 Member Posts: 5
    I am replacing my wifes 92 ford taurus finally. I like the Camry SE becaus of the fog lights and good price. Does anyone know if $350 over factory invoice is a good price? The Dealer has to order it since they dont have it in black. He also mentioned that invoice may be different if you factory order it versus buy it at the lot. Does anyone have any experience with factory order. I am buying an SE in black with VSC and with ash interior.
    Thanks alot everyone.
  • alamocityalamocity Member Posts: 680
    For anyone in the Texas area interested Charles Maund is selling the LE model with floor mats and trunk mat for $18,995.00 and a drive out price of 20,412.77.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    I can not believe $ 200 over invoice is only a OK deal. I have called 10+ dealers in northern California from San Fran to Monterey, no one can comes close

    At this early period in the life cycle of a model ( 8 wks old ) there are no incentives from Toyota to the dealers. If you can get a $3000 discount off a vehicle and no one else is interested in even discussing it why aren't you driving it already? Just by them telling you 'Have a nice day' should indicate that yours is a killer deal.

    Go for it and enjoy. :D
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Member Posts: 218
    Anyone who pays sticker for a non-hybrid is getting hosed. Yes, SE's are harder to come by, but if one is willing to look around & be patient & perhaps drive a little ways, any non-hybrid model should be able to be purchased well below MSRP.
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Member Posts: 139
    First of all - The fog lamps are not the reason to buy this car. Factory installed fog lamps have been worthless on every vehicle I've owned w/ them. That being said... I have a black SE on order. $350 over invoice is a great deal - be prepared for a wait if your order is unique. Because I wanted black w/ charcoal leather & NAV it's taking 12 weeks to get it.

    In theory, the price should actually be lower if your order a vehicle - it's sold the minute it lands - therefore the dealer has little to no floorplan charge. My pricing did not vary a penny when they had to order it.
  • ieee_raiderieee_raider Member Posts: 20
    Glad to see that the folks at my local dealership here in Paris treated you right! Congrats on the new Camry.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    I posted my buying experience with the SE V6 back on May 16, message #3036, I believe. I ordered the car from Caldwell Toyota (NJ) for approx. $50.00 over invoice. According to the dealership, the car was slated to be built today and should arrive in mid-to-late June. This car may be in short supply, but you can still order one through the Internet manager. I would be interested in knowing if the dealership quoted the same price to anyone reading this. The list on the car is $30,300.00. The purchase price is $26,838.00. :D
  • jaydolljaydoll Member Posts: 120
    Why settle for $19250, or even $18,900. Listen up, you are paying to much.
  • zaku178zaku178 Member Posts: 15
    Hey concertkey, I got a similar pricing to yours. Thanks a lot, you're the best man!!
  • tweliyingtweliying Member Posts: 23
    I just made deal today. Here is the detail:

    2007 Camry SE 4-cyl
    MSRP $24,709
    Dealer invoice $22,144
    Price I paid $22,244 plus 6.5% MN sales tax and $328 title/registration/doc fee

    comments welcome :)
  • nifty56nifty56 Member Posts: 279
    Any Canadian members here?
    Looking at a V6 LE What did Canadians pay for this model + LE B package..
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Member Posts: 139
    Something's wrong w/ the dates... My dealer assurred me that they usually receive their cars within ten days of the build date. Mine is due to be built on June 5th and they expect it by mid June. NJ isn't that much further from KY than Columbus,OH - unless it's the regional distribution that slows down the process in NJ. You should ask why it's taking that long to arrive.
  • eric2006eric2006 Member Posts: 8
    I know you got a great price. Did you get it from IRA? Which location and the phone number? Thanks a lot!

  • thetxstangthetxstang Member Posts: 28
    Where do I begin? This is my first post here, but I first want to thank everyone who has posted within this thread. In preparation for my new 2007 Camry purchase, I read every post over the course of this last week, starting from the first on page 1. Your collective insights and experiences have been very helpful. :)

    I picked up my brand new 2007 Camry XLE about two hours ago. While I already have fallen in love with it, my dealer experience was disappointing (more on that in a moment).

    Yesterday, I sent a quote request through Edmunds. An Internet Sales person here in Austin, TX, contacted me shortly thereafter by phone. She offered to sell me any Camry they had for $500 over invoice. I told her I was willing to pay $200 over invoice. She put me on hold for a few minutes to "check to see if that's acceptable," and when she returned, she said my offer was accepted.

    After discussing their Camry inventory with her, I decided on a 2007 Camry XLE with the following options:

    FE - 50 State Emissions
    HD - Driver and Front Passenger Heated Seats
    NV - Navigation w/JBL Premium Audio
    SK - Smart Key System w/Push Button Start
    VS - Vehicle Stability / Traction Control
    MG - Mud Guards
    CF - Carpet Mat Set (5 piece)

    She stated the MSRP on this car was $32,209 and the Invoice was $28,439. I could purchase the car for $28,639, $200 over invoice. I said this was fine and asked for her to fax me the factory invoice, which she did within the hour.

    I compared the invoice thoroughly against those provided on edmunds.com, kbb.com, carsdirect.com, etc. All of their invoices were about $900 lower than the one I received. I checked line item against line item, and soon realized the extra charges were for advertising fees, marketing fees, and other fees the aforementioned web sites had not accounted for.

    Specifically, here is the breakdown of my invoice:

    $23,667 - Base Price
    $2,252 - Total Factory Options
    $269 - Total Port Options
    $635 - Delivery/Processing/Handling
    $449 - TAF (Toyota Advertising Fee)
    $319 - TMF (Toyota Marketing Fee)
    $550 - 2% Holdback
    $23 - PIO Holdback (Port Installed Options Holdback?)
    $275 - 1% Finance Reserve MSRP (Have no idea what this is.)
    $28,439 - Total Invoice Price

    Frankly, I was shocked at the TAF and TMF fees more than anything else. I haven't read a single post within this thread that listed these particular values as high as they are on my invoice. At any rate, I decided to be happy with the deal and proceed.

    So, I show up at the dealership earlier this evening to close on the car. I met the Internet Sales person I'd worked with over the phone the previous day. She was pleasant enough to work with and we began the process of filling out the paperwork. Once her part was finished, she handed me off to the F&I guy for the final closing. This is where the story takes a turn for the worse.

    I've always had problems with dealership F&I guys. I suppose many people do, since they frequently use high-pressure and manipulative tactics when trying to sell you additional options. (According to people I know that work in the industry, the F&I office is where the dealership makes the most money.) From the moment I met this, I knew I was in for some trouble. He was evidently having a bad day and was pretty surly from the moment we met.

    To make a long story short (sorry, I realize this missive is becoming lengthy), he proceeded to do what I'm sure every other F&I person does: Try to get you to purchase every dubious option he has available. Only this guy became more incensed and rude the more I declined his offerings. At one point he even pleaded with me, saying, "C'mon man, at least give me something!"

    After an hour of his pestering (and my consistent refusal to purchase anything extra), he had me sign the last of the contracts. This is where I noticed the final selling price suddenly was $450 more than originally agreed upon. He had added a list of fees including such things as a "$25 Car Wash Fee(!)," a "$50 Vehicle Preparation Fee(!)," a "$66 Dealer Inventory Tax Fee," a "$200 VIN Window Etching Fee" (my Camry doesn't even have this), and a couple of others that I'm still trying to put a mind block on. I was shocked and incensed, to say the least. Never in my life would I have thought I'd live to see the day where a dealer would try and charge me for preparing and washing a car I just purchased from them!!!

    At any rate, it took me some 15 minutes of arguing with him -- trying to get him back to the agreed upon price -- but he wouldn't budge. He insisted the fees were legitimate and were all true costs to the dealership. I finally said I was walking if he didn't return to the initial agreed price. At this point, he relented on all the additional fees except the $66 "Dealer Inventory Tax Fee" and the $50 "Documentary Fee." I was so worn out from the exchange and banter in his office that I went ahead and signed.

    So, what do you think? Did I get ripped off, or was the deal decent? Any other comments? :)
  • utexas06utexas06 Member Posts: 55
    I just got some internet pricing from Bob Howard Toyota in OKC for an '07 Toyota Camry SE V6.

    Extra Options:
    Leather interior upgrade
    Security system
    Moon roof
    Rear spoiler
    JBL 6-disc cd changer

    MSRP: $28,923
    Internet Quote: $27,395

    What do you all think about this offer? I'm thinking I could push them down to $26,900 and then use my $400 College Grad Cash.
  • utexas06utexas06 Member Posts: 55
    Hey man, sounds like a rough car buying experience. I'm in Austin, TX as well but about to move to OKC. I'm looking to get an SE-V6. Do you mind telling me which dealership you purchased your Camry from? I'm having to juggle with choosing whether to purchase my Camry in Austin or in OKC once I get there. Texas has a 6.25% motor vehicle tax versus OKC's 3.25% tax. So if I can get the price low enough in Texas it might be worth it. I'm still waiting on some other internet quotes in Oklahoma City.
  • ssvp22ssvp22 Member Posts: 4
    IMHO this whole thing seems like an advertisement from Caldwell Toyota.
  • thetxstangthetxstang Member Posts: 28
    Hey there. I actually purchased mine from Classic Toyota in Round Rock (I live closer to them than to any other Toyota dealership in the Austin area). If I were you, I'd see what kind of deal Charles Maund Toyota would offer you. I've heard good things about them. If I could do it all over again, I'd probably see what I could work out there.

    I can understand why you'd also be considering just waiting to buy one in OKC. 3.25% vs. 6.25% could be considerable savings!

    Good luck. :)
  • parnolaparnola Member Posts: 141
    Wow, I sympathize with your dealer experience. I, too, can't stand the F&I guys. I had the complete opposite experience; we had agreed upon a price via e-mail. I set up a time to pick up the car and their internet manager told me he'd have it ready to go.

    True to his word, I was in and out of their dealership in 15 minutes flat. I didn't even have to talk to the finance guy; the internet manager took care of all the paperwork with me and never even mentioned any further options; the paperwork was already filled out exactly as we'd discussed; I just had to sign.

    Like you, their invoice didn't match up with Edmunds; there was a $550 advertising fee, but that was disclosed to me via e-mail. Other than that charge, the car was sold to me at invoice.

    It was the best delivery experience I've had!
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Member Posts: 1,405
    He insisted the fees were legitimate and were all true costs to the dealership.

    Did he ask you for 10 cents for the toilet? That's a legitimate cost to the business as well. Their business ethics should take care of washing the car. Who's going to sell you a dirty car? Granted Toyo says a full tank of gas is included but since that's full service they could charge you the $1 tip for the gasboy.

    I'm sorry, but I don't care if they sold me the car under invoice I don't give my dollars to a dealer like that. I walk away and find a dealer that's not just honest but doesn't try to treat me like I'm stupid. I typically do my research and know what my car is worth on the low and high end, I know the invoice and I'm ready to allow a reasonable profit. I know more about the car than the salesman and I understand the market conditions. I tell them up front I'm dealing with JUST the printed MSRP and INVOICE and any additional charges they want to include, then need to hide them from me, I don't want to see anything but the discount from the Sticker for comparrison shopping. They eat the cost of these extras (every dearler trying something different) within their profit. That way if they want to add $1000 extras after saying they will knock off $1000 they are going to have to show me that they actually want MSRP. Make it simple. They have to deal on your terms. Don't let them show you confusing numbers when you trade. They often like to show a payment or a difference to be paid (with the extras added). Tell them you want to see on paper a deal that shows the MSRP, the purchase price of the vehicle and the amount that they are going to allow you on trade. Then you have three numbers that don't get lost in the discussion and if any of the three don't look right you have a base to start arguing with them. (1-did they add on to the sticker, 2- are they discounting the car and 3- what are they offering you against the discounted cash price of the car).

    This is a good way to be consistant because it is sometimes difficult if you are shopping brands and you are indeed looking at one car that does go for sticker in the market versus one that should be discounted $2000. The market is what it is. If a car traditionally goes for sticker then that is the base price to start with on negotiations. However if it typically has a cash discount of $2000 then you start there. Then you know what your trade is worth. The dealer that traditionally discounts a car $2000 may show your trade as worth $1000 more and in the shuffling of papers and discussion you'll get home and figure out you really could have gotten the other car that you might have liked better for only another $1000.

    They don't want to but they will put the paper work in the terms that are easily understood if you insist. If they don't pull out your paper and calculator and put it in terms you understand. This stuff can be confusing and you don't want to shell out $30K unless you are sure of what the deal is.
  • jayb82jayb82 Member Posts: 19
    I didnt even get close to invoice price from Caldwell. The internet person offered me $1000 off MSRP for a loaded XLE.
  • concertkeyconcertkey Member Posts: 59
    Thanks for posting that info. My salesman (writing up the order for the Internet manager) told me that he would sell at the same price for anyone that was sent to him. For the other poster that thought my posts were advertisements for the dealership, I can assure that person that they were not. I am a middle school teacher with no affiliation to the dealership and simply got a fabulous deal that I wanted others to get as well.
  • gbabalukgbabaluk Member Posts: 70
    Morning fellow Canadian;
    The Le V6 with Option B package, was the same price as the Se V6. Not sure why you would not purchase the SE versus the LE? They both listed at about $32K plus change. I would be surprised if you get anything off the MSLP, but I traded a 2003 Corolla LE Option B and they gave me $17,400 for it, so I got about $1500 off from what I can figure.
    Check into the SE V6 Basic. Much more car that the LE V6 with Option B.
  • zaku178zaku178 Member Posts: 15
    The internet salesman gave me a quote of $26,600 for a Camry SE V6. I am a bit hesitant at this deal since I believe this price is still a bit pricey for a Camry. Pay a little more and you can get yourself a Lexus or Acura. Considering some people posted a SE V4 could be bought at about 21k, thats like nearly a $6000 difference just for a V6 engine and leather. Not sure if thats justified to even jump on a SE V6
  • sunny_8sunny_8 Member Posts: 10

    Looking into the following :

    CE Manual Trans
    LE Manual Trans
    SE Manual Trans

    What are the prices people have paid for them and how hard has it been finding them ?

  • lnllnl Member Posts: 3
    Purchased my first new car yesterday for a selling price of $19419 before TTL. It was $211**.** OTD with a 7.75% cook county tax, Uuuugh. Will pick it up in a week. That is the best price I could get among 10 dealers who responded my email.
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