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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I'm in the market for a MDX w/ Tech pack..

    Located in the Chicago area..

    Ready to buy but not in a true rush..

    Any recommended dealers.. w/ actually price paid will be appreciated..


    [email protected]
  • Hi, i got it from Niello acura in sacramento (80 east, madison exit). Approximately 5 mins from downtown sacramento. I also got three other quotes from acura ( concord, stockton, elk grove) and they told me the price was unrealistic and i swear i heard them laughing at me when i told them the price. The internet sale/consultant guy was gracious, honest and was very helpful. They got two more 2011 tech/ent coming from canada so you cpuld even have a better deal than mine
  • matsvmatsv Posts: 4
    Acura of Auburn/MA & Herb Connolly Acura,Framingham,MA

    Herb Connolly offered the 3yr/30000 miles free maintenance. Per Acura websire, mdx does not need any scheduled maintenance until 100,000 miles. So, I am not sure how much this pkg is truly worth.

  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    I understand the tap dance Concord Acura gave you as they tried that on me when I purchased an RL from them in 08. They tried to give us thee low blue bk on our trade in and tried to sell us the Rl full bore at 52k loaded.

    A good friend of mine who died years ago was a dealer that sold BMWs and he told me that they have about 18-20 % gap between market price and wholesale price. I have never forgot that and it still works today.

    Back to the Acura purchase. We got tired of the run around and we got up to leave and suddenly they changed their offer for trade in adding up to high bb and I told them I would pay $ 42500 plus tax. Thye sold it at our price.

    I will in the future when I purchased another Acura do the same thing. Research what I want, drive the car, and finally discount the sticker price by 18-20 %.

    Good luck to all and I hope all not only get good deals but also an excellent day.

    jensad :) :D
  • Thanks to the blogging on this sight I was able to purchase my 2011 Acura MDX with the Tech package at the best price that I found anywhere...Glendale Acura (internet/fleet dept).
    Aspen White/Taupe 42,500.00 (dest charge included.) Super nice and efficient there.
    Easy transaction and highly recommended.
  • Just ended up getting the 2011 mdx w/tech & entertainment packages for $43,500 plus ttl at radley Acura falls church,va. OTD was $45,387
  • I am interested in the Base MDX only.
    However I think this might be the best OTD for Tech/Ent I have seen on this board.

    Has anyone recently bought a MDX base on the Eastern shore? I will appreciate the cost breakdown.
  • Hmm just started researching for buying a new car. Found a lot of helpful information on this board.. thanks to all of you.. went into dealerships today primarily looking at the MDX and the CX-9 from mazda... the mdx drives so much better.. makes me want it so much more but 10k extra pricetag isn't something to scoff at.

    Offered 42K for 2011 MDX with tech package and i think a 2008mdx with only 20k miles for 31k.
    are those good offers? Are there any incentives recently to take advantage of? would appreciate some help..Thanks in advance

    currently driving a 98 ML320 that's more or less run it's course as the repair bills are starting to amount to more than the car is worth
  • in VA, best price I get for a base is 38900 (including destination charge) + TTL, still waiting.

    tax is 3.17% of sale price in VA (3% in MD), title/registration is around $90, there's a processing fee if you buy from a VA dealer, which is around $400, not sure why, it seems dealer in MD don't charge this, it's a VA only thing.
  • Hi, I am talking to a couple of dealers on the base MDX at $39500 including destination fee. How does this compare to prices previously discussed in the state of MA? Thanks!
  • bwm1bwm1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 MDX with the sport package and it's time to upgrade to 2011, but don't see anyone posting here who has purchased the 2011 with the Advance package. Is it the price differential, or another reason why people are limiting to the Tech and Ent packages?
  • I am interested in buying an MDX Base. I live in Ohio but can travel if required. Would you mind sharing the dealerships from which you have received the best offers and the amounts of those offers? Thank you very much for your help.
  • Anyone have experience buying a CPO MDX from Paragon on Long Island? Their on-line prices look very attractive. I have to fly through LaGuardia this week and was considering flights with a long lay-over so I could go see if I could find something I wanted to buy. I don't want to waste my time if their prices are bait and switch. Searching on the web I see a lot good comments and a lot of bad comments. You see that with most dealers though. Thanks for your help.
  • This is not a first hand account, but my uncle just bought a 2008 CPO MDX from them about a month ago and he said there was no funny business. The car was as advertised and no bait and switch. He was only able to negotiate a several hundred $s of asking, though.
  • Bought 2011 mdx w/ tech & ent for base of $43.6. Added complete roof rack (side and cross), the aftermkt remote start, all season mats, cargo try & net, molding and hitch (hitch only not tow package) for additional $2587.
  • Looks to be a good price. Did the $43.6 price include destination & handling? Currently in Houston, I am getting $44.8 as the price for Tech\Ent. Care to provide the dealer that you bought from? Thanks.
  • Did the $43.5 include destination & handling? I am getting a quote from Radley but I noticed that they did not include the D&H in their quote.
  • On my lease contract on a recent purchase of Acura MDX, the gross cap. cost was $7,080 more than the agreed upon price of the vehicle. I know that I am paying taxes on the portion of the vehicle that I use but this is in excess of the IL tax rate for my county. Is this an error or did I get taken?? What am I missing?
  • No that was w/out tax, title and destination
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 122,517
    Illinois charges tax on the full selling price of the vehicle (not just the portion that you use).
    Acura Finance charges an acquisition fee on every lease ($595?)

    I'd ask them to break down the Gross CAP... There may be additions you didn't agree to... Did you trade in a car that you were upside down on? $7k extra sounds like a lot, unless you are in the city of Chicago...

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • scpowscpow Posts: 9
    Yesterday, I spoke to dealer in CT. He said that he could offer me 45.5 plus dest and TTL. They said that this was the best they could do.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 13,227
    Not sure othe best the price, but the best way to check is to shop around. I live in Stamford & service my wife's 2010 TSX at Acura of Westchester (Larchmont, NY), so try there as well as DEVAN Acura of Norwalk. They both gave me good prices when I was shopping back in August 2009. I ended up not buying from either because neither was a cash for clunkers dealer. Good luck & keep us posted.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • matsvmatsv Posts: 4
    Multiple dealers in MA are offering tech/ent for $44900 INCLUDING dest charges. Not sure where you are located in CT, Acura of Auburn is an option for you, not very far from the MA/CT border.
  • I bought MDX tech/ent from Greenwich Acura on Saturday. Price was 46300 (including Advanced Running board+Roof Rails and all season met). 179 Doc fee+ttl.
    Not a great deal but this was best I got in Connecticut.
    I worked with Brian not a pushy sales man.
    Good luck
  • forget to mention 46300 includes destination charges
  • Both Greenwich and Devan Acura offers lifetime free oil change.
  • Last update :-) I got 1.9 % APR for 60 month from Acura financing.
  • jcon4jcon4 Posts: 4
    Does anyone have the March money factor and residual numbers on the MDX tech w/entertainment?
  • pawliepawlie Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2011 MDX advanced here in Northern Cali. I ended up paying $48.5 which includes destination and protection package. It does not include TT&L fees. I'm very happy with the purchase although I can see why most people are going for just the Tech package. The extras are nice but I probably could live without them. I've seen elsewhere on the forum quotes for lower by a couple of hundred for the advanced though.
  • glockfanglockfan Posts: 30

    can you provide the dealer name from where you purchased your MDX Tech for $41755? Thanks
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