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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Picked up my 2004 blk/blk, touring, nav & dvd today. Paid $42,032 ($1,168 off MSRP). This was the best deal I could find after searching from LA up. Oakland Acura was the only dealer I could find willing to talk about any discount. There was no pressuree for any extras. Not sure 2003 vs 2004 makes that much difference unless you want extra safety. My dealer did say with all the new SUV type cars that have come out this year competition is a little stronger. Might be able to get some better deals if you can wait a while for a 2004 or if you want the 2003 instead. Good luck.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    We're now linked with the owner's club!

    tidester, host
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Thanks. I often miss this discussion when I go to the club first.
  • I am new to this chat forum - thanks for any experiences:

    1. We're looking for a low mileage MDX (say, under 30K miles). We live in Boston area - any suggestions on getting a good deal?

    2. Any experiences on long-distance transactions like e-bay?

    3. Can someone give me differences between the '01, '02, and '03 models? Style? Substance?

    Thanks for feedback.
  • What are pro's and con's of buying a used Canadian sold MDX vs US sold MDX?

    Thanks for comments.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    Presuming you're in the U.S. ...

    The biggest con is that the U.S. Acura dealership is not authorized to perform warranty-paid service on the Canadian vehicle (assuming there is any warranty left). They'll work on it, but you will have to bear the cost.

    Most import buyers resort to third-party warranties to overcome this, which cuts into some of the price advantage.

    You would also have to make sure that recalls have been properly applied.

    The only pro I can think of is if you can get a good price. Usually the resale market severely punishes the vehicle because of the above issues, so the price should reflect a big discount over buying a used U.S. one.
  • How has the maintenance costs been for an mdx for the last several years you have owned the car. Please advise. Our Volvos once out of warranty seem expensive to maintain so we won't buy another one. Lane in Dallas
  • My Volvo became expensive to maintain at about 70,000 miles. It seemed as if lots of little things needed replacing, one after another. I found parts were expensive and labor costs high compared to many other brands. Before that it was not bad. I also feel one Volvo is enough.

    Most MDXs have not reached the miles where one would usually expect increased maintenance costs. Based on the experiences of friends who have Hondas I don't expect my MDX to fall apart (so to speak) like my Volvo.

    The are four MDXs in my family. The 2001 is out of warranty and the three 2002s are still covered. I have not heard anything adverse about the cost of maintenance or frequency of repairs

    My 2002 wasn't assembled well, dealer service was terrible, and a few problems still exist. They are not serious and nothing else needed repair. I do my own routine maintenance, so my maintenance costs are very low.
  • wmquanwmquan Posts: 1,817
    A lot of it also depends on your local dealerships performing the service. Labor rates at Acura shops tend to be rather high, close to the other luxury brands. There are some expensive parts of MDX maintenance, e.g. the VTM-4 fluid replacement that's required at certain points. I have seen price quotes that vary by over 150% for this service! So it pays to shop around.

    Some folks have brought their MDX to their local Honda dealers for some services. Since the Pilot is, under the covers, very similar, they can perform most kinds of warranty service on the vehicle. Usually the labor rates are lower and the general component costs are lower.
  • nwhsdnwhsd Posts: 10
    Anyone had success with discounts? I am willing to travel and drive from 3-4 hours away...

  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    I have about 13K on my 2002. 3 oil changes, 1 VTM change, yearly state inspection and gas. Costs? The only expensive one was the 7500 mile, I think it was $185.
  • Hi All,

    Just got a quote on a 2004 MDX Touring with Nav, wood steering wheel, wood shift knob and wood grain meter trim and moonroof visor, in Midnight Blue Pearl for $41,000. Is this a good deal? Also, any feedback on Midnight Blue color? I was leaning toward the Black/Black combo, but my husband thought the Blue really looked nice.


  • Paula:

    Look at post #657. A fully loaded MDX was sold at Reading Acura for $2640 below MSRP. Calculate how much they are giving you off of MSRP. If you are getting $1500 or more off you have a very good deal. I live in the Phila. area and I am planning on purchasing a MDX in Dec. If things work out , let me know how much you get off list price and which dealer. Good luck!
  • rerenov8rrerenov8r Posts: 380
    Acura has made improvements every year. The 03 has a substantially changed exhuast system that gives a nice power boost, a completely reworked transmission, subtle changes to tghe VTM/4wd system, changes to the headrests & armrests to improve comfort, some changes to the "noise" factor including better sound deadening & stiffer structure.For MDXs equipped with NAV the functionallity was imporved with voice recognitions and better DB.

    The changes from 01 to 02 were not as extensive, mostly centered around minor enhancements to the windsheild to reduce road/wind noise.

    An MDX with under 30K will a) be hard to find b) command a princely sum. You might have to widen your acceptable mileage and/or raise you budget (which might make an 04 with even MORE enhancements {the most obvious are new styling of taillights, headlights, dual tailpipes, better nighttime cabin lighting, redesigned dash graphics, repositioned switches} even more desirable...)

    No direct experience with ebay motors, though I have bought & sold fairly expensive items on ebay & feel that IF you can get a trustworthy relationship it can be a good marketplace...
  • mminommino Posts: 1
    some dealers here on the peninsula quoting an msrp of 42.7K or 42.9K + VLF (license fee of 2% per the dmv web site) + 8.25% sales tax + miscellaneous fees approx $35. for an out the door cost of $47.2 to $47.4K. This is for the loaded touring model with dvd and sat nav. No extras like cargo liner, running boards etc. Is this a decent deal? -Mike
  • bigzeebigzee Posts: 3
    Joyce - Please contact me directly about your Dealer Quote. Write [email protected]

  • mmino - The only dealer I could find willing to talk below MSRP was Oakland Acura. I paid 42k for an 04 (no extras) plus TTT. Your being quoated about 400-700 off MSRP. Mine was about 1200. I took me about 20 hours worth of research and a lot of calls to dealers to get what I got. It is not the best I have seen (eastcoast & TX seem to do better), but it was the best I could find on westcoast. I was negociating on an 04 before they were here. Now that they are, you might get a better deal - competition on SUV market is much stiffer this year - 04 MDX is not flying off the showroom. Oakland had many sitting around.
  • Has anyone been given any lease deals? I was given a quote for 60% residual with a 5.8% interest rate. I also received a price of 39,945 for a touring with nav. On a 36 month 15K/year lease.. I received a price of 607/month before tax? Is this a good deal? Thanks!
  • Yes I have been given a lease deal on a 36 month 12k/yr lease through American Honda Finance Co. The money factor from AHFC is .00205 (4.92%)and the residual is 63%. Be careful because every dealer I contacted tried to make money by upping the money factor. I beieve than can alter this, but not the residuals. I am doing a zero down with only the security deposit, the acquistion fee, first month payment, and title fee. They figured my lease to be around $470 plus the use tax on a 2004 MDX Premium.

  • Has anyone seen an Aspen White Pearl MDX Premium on a lot in the Southeast? That's what I want, but I can't find it. Let me know the dealership's name where you saw it. Thanks in advance for your help.
  • misc535misc535 Posts: 17
    Just call your local dealer. They can find out where the nearest one is to you. They all have printouts/access to other dealers' deliveries. I hope it's nice since I'm picking mine up tomorrow morning!
  • Went to the dealership Friday afternoon with my wife and they had the plain white, a silver, and a sandstone in the 2004 premium. She liked the sandstone and we brought it home. We REALLY like it a lot. Considering she was driving an 2002 CR-V. This is a whole lot more of a vehicle. Got a pretty good deal with $1400 off list and a 36 month 12k lease through AHFC. Money factor .00205. I didn't reduce the cap (zero down) and paid the standard (acq. fee, sec. deposit, and 1st month payment). Payment is $470 per month and includes all taxes. The dealership was really great in dealing with me on the whole thing.
  • misc535misc535 Posts: 17
    Just picked up my '04 MDX. Very nice! I called ALL over. By far, best prices in NC are in Greensboro, Chapel Hill, and Cary. They may not be at first, but they come WAY down with some negotiation and playing dealers off of one another. They were also very nice to work with.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    So how much of a discount did you get?
  • chrism124chrism124 Posts: 134
    I am also in the market for a 04 MDX Touring. I have been dealing with Acura of Peabody (MA). Thus far I have been given a discount of $1k off MSRP. This would give me a buy price of $38,545. I am wondering if anybody else has dealt with this dealership. If so is this discount good, avg or below avg. I was considering leasing the vehicle but the finance mgr is giving me a m.f. of .00255. Based upon Edmunds information, I know that they are trying to make money on the lease rate.

  • harjitsharjits Posts: 35
    Is there negotiation on the dest charges or is the customer has to pay it no matter what ...
  • misc535misc535 Posts: 17
    It doesn't matter. Ask for the total sales price plus destination, and negotiate on that amount. Who cares where you save money? If you are only comparing dealers within the same state, use total cost, including taxes and fees. That way, you can even take into account differences in doc. fees, etc.
  • I am all excited about the new car. Can't wait to take that for a long ride, will probably do that this weekend and then share more thoughts with you all.

    Money wise, here is my experience with the dealership.

    MSRP - $39794 (including window tint and wheel locks)
    Sales tax - 8.1%
    Documentation fee - $164.50
    TTL - 670.50 (Yes, in Arizona we pay a lot for the registration)
    AZ Tire fee - $5

    I was able to negotiate the price down to $40600 on the road price. This turns out to be $2800 below MSRP (courtesy: Costco and my negotiations on top of the Costco member's price).

    I think I did good with the price and more than all that, I am happy I finally got the MDX I wanted.
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 270
    Can you tell me which dealer you bought from and if you had discussions with others and if so, pros/cons.
  • metmdx: This discussion board recommends that we don't use the names for dealerships in the messages. You can send me an email at [email protected] and I can get you those details.

    Yes, I did go to other dealerships but worked with only the Internet sales guys.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Actually it's fine to name dealers and their locations. See the blurb at the top.

    It's posting names of individuals that leads to shilling.

    Steve, Host
  • It is Bell Acura in Phoenix, AZ. I have had a very easy time dealing with the Internet sales rep. there and she is very prompt with responding to emails and phone calls.

    Pros about this dealership:
    - Very easy to work with
    - Low documentation fees
    - Not many forced extras (relatively low)
    - The paper work process took less than 1 hour

    - Sales team behaved very unprofessional with me and my wife (this happened a couple of months back when I was negotiating with them for a 03 MDX). I have already called the Acura personal department to give a piece of mind about that sales manager there, not sure how much impact that would be. That is when I decided I won't deal with the sales reps directly.

    I have also worked with the Tempe Acura folks a bit.

    - Brand new dealership, good ambience
    - Proximity (at least for me)

    - Higher prices for the extras. They marked the window tint at $299 whereas the Bell Acura marked it at $149.
    - Higher documentation fee ($299 compared to $164 at Bell Acura)
    - I was OK with the higher prices and still wanted to purchase the vehicle from them because of its proximity to both my work place and home. I searched through the live inventories at each dealership and that is when I found that "my MDX" is available at Bell Acura. I notified this to the Internet sales rep at Tempe Acura but he really didn't follow-up on that. Infact, he wanted me to wait till December to get "my mDX". I will give him low marks just because of this.

    Anyways, that is all I can think of. Do let me know about your experiences and good luck!
  • Anybody have experience with either acura of avon or schaller acura? Price? Service? I am looking at 2004 MDX NAVI/RES

    Please let me know

  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 270
    Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of Tempe Acura
    (it's not even listed on yet - at least a week or so ago).
    I travel to Phoenix alot so it wouldn't be a stretch to get an "X" there. I'll let you know what happens.
    Thanks for the info.
  • mdwnbmdwnb Posts: 8
    Hi, I was wondering how on earth you got that. I am in Miami and those dealers are barely budging. I got an internet sales manager to quote me a purchase price on a touring $ 37, 899 + tax, tag, and fees. They are still making big money. He quoted a lease for 39 months, 15k/yr,$ 1, 500 due at signing the monthly is $ 515 + tax. Go 48 months the touring is $ 482 + tax. I do not know how else to get them down because at the dealers.....they play hard ball at MSRP. I was willing to go up to Orlando, FL if the pricing is better there. Haven't been able to get internet pricing in that area yet. Not many Acura dealers participating in Florida. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Trying to craft a deal that includes an extended warranty. Can anyone tell me what a good price for an Acura 7yr/100K, no deductible, runs for a 2004 MDX with NAV? or if there are any authorized Acura websites that sell the warranties at a deep discount.

    Also, for the 2004, has anyone noticed how the rims seemed to have a flat look to them?
  • We paid 41250 for a 04 MDX with touring package, nav and dvd, in sage color and free all weather mats.
    The price included the destination fee.
    Overall it is almost 2k below MSRP.
    Is it a good price in the Bay Area ?
  • David,
    Can you elaborate on the deal? Specifically:
    Dealer name, accessories if any (parts & labor), before TTL or after?
  • We paid 41250 for a 04 MDX with touring package, nav and dvd, in sage color and free all weather mats.
    The price included the destination fee.
    Overall it is almost 2k below MSRP.
    Is it a good price in the Bay Area ?
  • dealer: Oakland Acura
    accessories: it is fully loaded touring package + nav + DVD, with all weather mats
    Price is 41250 + fees.
    TTL is tax and license fee, right ? then the price above is before tax and license (which dealer called fees), but after destination charge.
  • dcyndcyn Posts: 17
    Went looking around for 02 Acura MDX w/NAV today, this is what happened. Please tell me what you think?

    At first dealer in LI,NY they only had 03 MDX touring w/NAV and RES,chrome side boards, extra wood trim kit,wood knob, rain guards, protective pkg, front and rear deflectors,and fender flares with 17K miles . Asking price started off at $37,900 then $36,995 (just turned in, lady decided she missed driving her Mercedes).Got the impression some more weddling off that price could be done (Edmunds lists the MSRP-$42500 ,Inv-$38332 and TMV-$41715).

    At second dealership in LI,NY thay said that had a 2002 but they didnt( yes, that old dealers trick). But, they made some interesting offers for a 03,02,and 01 MDX. Check them out.

    Offer #1.
    They had a 2003 MDX touring w/nav (silver)with 2900 miles on it. The salesman started the price off at $39,500 then went to $37,500. He got his manager in on the act. The manager offered me a price of $36000,if I was willing to leave $1000 deposit( Edmunds list MSRP-$41000, Inv-$36982 and TMV-$40074 ).

    Offer #2.
    Manager says to me he can get me a 02 MDX touring w/NAV with under 40k miles for $33000( So, why didnt he do that in the first place..hmmm).

    Offer #3.
    In last ditch effort to get me to buy today ( he wanted to get in another end of the month sales),the manager says he has a 01 MDX w/o NAV and 39K miles on it. He says he will put a NAV in and I can have it for $31000.

    Needless to say, they kept pushing for a deposit.
    Any opinion on these offers? Maybe Acura dealers are beginning to see the light and get more reasonable with their prices. I guees it also helps that it almost the end of the year, the 04 MDX's are coming in,there still alot of unsold 03 MDX's out there,and the 01 MDX's are coming off lease.
  • metmdxmetmdx Posts: 270
    I beg to differ with several posters here. There are not many '03's left on dealer lots. Most I've seen so far is 3. Most dealers I've been/talked/e-mailed are out. Unless someone's hiding a bunch somewhere, the pickin's are slim. And the ones they have left are not exactly being given away (best I've seen so far in these parts is 2,800 off MSRP).
  • I have to question the validity of some of the prices suggested by Kvfhg. I spoke to someone at Reading and the best price for touring /navi/res was $42050 . I notice that he has not replied not anyone's inquiry, which leads me to believe that it might be someone from Reading Acura. ( Just my thought )
    By the way, if anyone got an offer better than $41800 in the east coast, please let me know
  • Paid $40750 in the Wash D.C. area. (plus tax,title,tags) Was this a good price?
  • I've also been watching the postings of what deals are given or supposedly given through the internet. I, too have to question the validity of the Reading Acura deal.
    My suggestion would be to check out multiple postings and check dealers that appear to be reputable and honest.

  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    of the Reading Acura deal ($2,640 off MSRP), I called the dealer contact provided by the poster to me via e-mail and, indeed, the dealership verified that they offered him that deal. However, it was on a 2004 only because there was a mix up on a 2003. The 2004 at that price was long gone. Currently, the best they could offer me was $1,200 off MSRP on a 2004.

    I too have questioned the legitimacy of some deals, especially with "sketchy" info. However, in this case the poster offered his e-mail and if you felt compelled to, you could have checked it out - as I did - rather than speculate on his credibility. It's intact, as far as I'm concerned, albeit I am disspointed I can't replicate the deal.
  • Thanks for the clarification on the deal offered from Reading Acura.
    I won't get into too much detail, however, I am in contact with dealers every day and I know what prices are given via the internet. So when it is stated that 2004 models are sold at huge discounts, I have to question the validity.

  • I want to thank edmunds and all the contributors to this message board for helping me in the purchase process. I have never posted anything but have been an avid reader for the past few months.
    My new 2004 MDX with Navigation was delivered to my home today! Through the posts on this board I was able to get in touch with a gentlemen at an Acura dealer about 2 hours away. He aided me in every step of the deal, gave me an outstanding price, and even delivered the vehicle to me. The total deal was better than most of the discounts posted and the time I saved was just the icing on the cake.
    If anyone would like the details I would be more than happy to provide them to you. Email me at [email protected] . Thank you again edmunds for this forum.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You're welcome.

    ...gave me an outstanding price

    The total deal was better than most of the discounts posted...

    But why all the secrecy? Why don't you just post what you paid and let people decide for themselves if the deal "was better than most?"

    Email me at [email protected]

    This board is about sharing pricing information. And you'd save everyone the extra effort if you'd just say here what you paid! Why should people have to email you to find out what everyone else is freely sharing? :-)

    tidester, host
  • eddiemaceddiemac Posts: 141
    for the last post. In my opinion it is frustrating when people do not share their information. When we purchased our MDX in August, The reason I purchased where I did was because of members who provided excellent information regarding their deals. Once my deal was finalized and we were satisfied, I posted COMPLETE details about the entire transaction(see post #564). Members after reading my post have contacted me directly, and a few people have benefited from the info. That's what I thought this forum was about. I have seen posts where people have said things like " Because I received such a great deal, I told/promised my salesman/manager that I would not reveal any info." That's ridiculous. Once the deal is finalized, if you discuss it, so what? Is the dealer going to call you and try to get more money? No. Is there any guarantee that you will buy from the same dealer and/or manufacturer, and if so, that the same employees will be working there? No. I think everyone who reads these posts appreciates reading about good deals, so people, don't be shy, spread the word.
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