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Acura TSX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • preetipreeti Posts: 12
    I am looking to buy a 2006 Auto TSX non navi. Locates in West LA. I just got a deal from South bay Acura for $25,315 (includes destination, protection package of mud guards, wheel locks, and cargo tray plus fees (ttl). Is this a good price ??
  • adhocgeneadhocgene Posts: 8
    Woow! thats an awesome price. I am too in the process of buying. I was quoted 26500 by 4 dealers (first price) in chicago suburbs. I still have to negotiate the price with them. But, atleast I have a reference how far I need to go. Are you getting it financed? How much is the min. for 3 yrs with excellent credit score (740+) ? Any idea?
  • adhocgeneadhocgene Posts: 8
    I am just curious to know what will happen to 2007 TSX. Looks like they have already reduced the selling price of TSX 2007 by $2k in a month or so [I am not sure if this is a usual thing]. RSX is not going to be there anymore [if you haven't read the news]. What if Acura comes up with completely new model of TSX for 2007 (in Aug./ Sept) or just discontinue (probably this is unlikely but still). Any idea when the 2007 Acura TSX will be a coming and with what feature?
  • preetipreeti Posts: 12
    I am getting it financed. I heard from someone that the 2.9% for 3 years was still on till this weekend. But i still need to confirm that.
  • adow1adow1 Posts: 9
    Huh? What do you mean reduced the selling price of the 2007 by $2k in a month or so.

    Did you mean to say that in the last month, pricing for the 2006 TSX has come down by $2k? And where are you getting these numbers?
  • wired1wired1 Posts: 45
    I've spent the last few weeks getting pricing quotes on a TSX with navi here in western PA.

    At least in my neck of the woods, dealers are asking for $1500-$2000 over the published invoice.

    I can't seem to figure out what gives?? :confuse:
  • adow1adow1 Posts: 9
    I live in the Dallas, TX area and have started soliciting quotes from the Houston and Dallas dealers. One started off with $1000 over invoice and then asked me if that was a good price. So I assume that he would have gone lower.
  • Thanks for the info. I am in the south bay. Looking for a 6MT w/Navi too. May I ask which dealer. They all claim that 6MT is hard to come by, especially black on black. I can wait.

    Thanx in advance.
  • gjustusgjustus Posts: 22
    I bought a TSX. It is the best value in the car class and hast he most attractive interior.
  • crudcrud Posts: 5
    Do not use Montgomeryville Acura! They like to play the "game." Their sales manager will assume you are an idiot and haven't done your research. I paid $26000 +TT at Davis Acura. Excellent sales team and they gave me exactly what I wanted on my trade. Sussman Acura also quoted me the same price. TSX, Auto, Non-navi. I highly recommend Davis.
  • henry3henry3 Posts: 22
    Just got signed for a 06 TSX, auto, no navi. The price including the destination charge is $26,400, plus ttl.
    Is that any good for NJ ?

    I thought maybe few more hundreds off would be possible but they gave me best trade-in value so far on my Audi
    so I just couldn't walk away. Btw, the trade-in's you get at dealers really suck, the first and second offers they come with are just jokes, I didn't really think this would be so hard, since I had some trade-in experience on some other cars, though less luxurious than the Audi. You really have to "work" it in order to get anything even coming close to be decent from them. I got into a huge argument in the morning today at Honda dealer working on Accord V6 EX, this got me so upset I went to the Acura place but this time I had to control myself from loughing at their faces or punching someone, and at the end it was not great, not even good, but something I could live with.

    Good luck everyone.
  • offset_98offset_98 Posts: 31
    Let me just say this...Acura of Las Vegas...GARBAGE. They didn't want to deal, talk...didn't even want my phone number! Said they sell all the TSX's at $27,000 + dealer fee of $595 + TTL. They said they can do that because they're the only dealer in town and people pay it. Are you kidding me!?

    I jumped on the internet and talked to probably 10 different dealers. The end of April was near and I wanted to get the good financing. I have family in Chicago and since I will be back in Chicago next week I just got it there. Best quote in Chicagoland was at McGrath in Westmont. They were great. Got an '06 TSX 6-spd manual non-navi. for $26,500 + TTL. No markups, no fees...just the bottom line. I pick it up next Thursday and will drive it back home to Vegas next Sat-Sun. I can't wait! :shades:
  • mrgold35mrgold35 Posts: 73
    I purchased a 2006 TSX for $31,063+TTL in New Mexico. This included:
    - Carbon Grey w/ Quartz
    - Auto Trans
    - Navi system
    - pin striping
    - Rear wing spoiler
    - Full OEM aero kit (front/rear/side)
    - Metal trim kit
    - Sunroof visor
    - mud guards (had to take them off because of the aero kit)

    I found the cargo net and trunk tray online for $100 + shipping. I added ASA AR1 17inch chrome wheels from the tire rack for about $1200. I’m going to tint the windows, add a 3M invisible bra, and install the door edge guards. This is the car my wife wanted and she let me “pimp her ride”.
  • I'm getting mine for 28,791 out the door, which includes splash guards, floor mats, wheel locks, and cargo net. The car has 5K miles. They're also delivering it my home 40 miles away for free. I found this vehicle in Scarsdale, NY. Is this a good deal?
  • canaanmancanaanman Posts: 21
    Did this price include destination or any extras? This was not out the door - correct?
  • canaanmancanaanman Posts: 21
    I am pricing cars and I live on both coasts. I want exactly what you got on your car but I need a few more options. After a few months now with your car, do you recommend Weir or should I try Keyes since I live in the LA area?
  • jag_drivejag_drive Posts: 8
    Just a word of advice, I looked at a used 2006 TSX, red, at Acura in Scarsdale...I have to believe that the car was driven VERY hard during the 1st 5k miles, since the oil change was down to 5%, and it is based on how hard the car is driven. Also, you can probably get a new car for the same price...just call the internet sales people.
  • adhocgeneadhocgene Posts: 8
    I am getting 26500 (for non-navi, auto) in chicago suburb w/ mud-pads, allweather mats, wheel locks. Is it a good price? :confuse:

    How much is the interest rate you guys getting (for excellent credit score) ? for 3years / 4 years?
  • offset_98offset_98 Posts: 31
    Yes...see my Chicago suburbs purchase a few posts before you. I got 4.9% or 5.9% (whatever April's special was) for 60 months as well w/ excellent credit.
  • gkg680gkg680 Posts: 25
    Adhocgene and offset98, may I ask where you had the best experiences in Chicago? I may be looking for a TSX soon. I live in the city, and I have no strong preference for where to buy, as all the Acura dealers are suburban, but I'd like to avoid the bad apples as best I can. I'd welcome any thoughts you'd care to share.
    Sincere thanks.
  • toscitosci Posts: 18
    That price included destination, but no extras. The OTD price was $29,600 once the tax was added.
  • adhocgeneadhocgene Posts: 8
    Well, Arlington Acura is pretty good overall. I went to Muller Woodfield which is supposedly ranked #1 in JDPower (as told by a salesperson) was pretty good until the topic of negotiation came. They dont even want to try to match any other dealers price [becos they are #1 :P ]. So, just avoid that one...
  • offset_98offset_98 Posts: 31
    They were higher than McGrath. I wasn't impressed at all.
  • adhocgeneadhocgene Posts: 8
    Conside me, a new kid on the block :blush:

    What does TTL mean? How much does it come out to be?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,682

    It will vary by state..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Nothing new till 08 and price will not go down $2K.
  • offset_98offset_98 Posts: 31
    I went to McGrath in Westmont. The internet dept. treated me right and when I met my sales person he was great. There were no "dealer paperwork fees" or Winter packages or desert packages...just the car @ a negociated price + TTL.

    Just got the call this morning, my TSX is there and I'll be taking delivery on Wednesday! :)
  • adhocgeneadhocgene Posts: 8
    Does you guys taking any of the following:
    - extended warranty 6/7/8 years
    - etch thing where they will etch VIN # on all parts 200$
    - tire and wheel protection 400$
    - Paint protection 500$ and acid protection 200$
  • Hello everyone! I'm interested in buying a used '06 TSX. They are starting to show up at dealerships and I would like to pick one up and save a few bucks off new. I've seen several with 5-7k miles on them (non-navi's) and are CPO's. I would like to know what others think is a fair price for one of these cars. I've gotten rediculous quotes of $27,341. I actually laughed in the guys face! Is 25K unreasonable? What if it's not CPO?
  • zdr81zdr81 Posts: 14
    It sounds good. I just bought my 06 acura tsx yesterday, auto, no navi for $26,300 pre-TTL. I traded in my 97 ford taurus with 83.5K miles for $1500 :( At least I got him from $1000 to $1500 .. but KBB was for $1800. Oh well, at least he gave me complimentary wheel locks (i know.. not much).
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