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2013 and earlier-Acura TL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chen4813,

    Let us know how things turn out. What is the dealership your working with and what color combo you took delivery on.

  • I went in and got a 2006 TL BROCHURE.

    New findings:
    TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
    Revisions to the HP/torque based on new SAE standards (down from 270/238 to 258/233)
    Increased powertrain warranty (6yr/70mi); bumper to bumper remains 4/50.
    No mention of a "Revised engine management system and steering angle sensor logic to reduce torque steer" that was mentioned on the Temple of VTEC website, though.

    Also, there are some color changes:
    Royal Blue Pearl replaces Abyss Blue Pearl
    Alabaster Silver Metallic replaces Satin Silver Metallic
    Deep Green Pearl is discontinued
    AND...the Parchment interior (that I liked the best) is available on all colors except silver (including the blue that I like best but didn't have Parchment available for '05).

    I asked the salesman what he knew about the tires for the car and pricing information and he said he didn't know yet.

    I was going to get a '05 Blue/Quartz w/Navi but was getting quotes of 33500+TTL from TX/LA dealers after 1 email round. I hate to wait but I like the Blue/Parchment combo enough that I think I may want to do that and get the '06 instead.

    Is this crazy? Am I gonna get soaked possibly having to pay closer to MSRP? Will it be worth it 5-6 years down the road?

    Achenator, have you gotten a price out of Baton Rouge? Started any negotiations? I went in and got the brochure and didn't get a price or haggle that out yet.
    They told me that they "take care of THEIR customers first" if I purchased elsewhere and ever had a car in for work there. As such I might not be given a loaner which is their policy if they were running low or had to choose! I can't say I liked that veiled threat but I had just mentioned that I heard they were known for high prices and that I wouldn't mind a few hundred over what others are offering but would be willing to go elsewhere for 1000-1500 in savings.
  • Ooops, the torque management system is there for '06 after all. Thought I'd correct myself before anyone else does. It's terribly difficult to find in the brochure and not much is made of it.
    It's on manual transmissions.
    I've read elsewhere that it will electronically reduce(?!!) output if needed in first or second gear. No matter for me, I'm looking at AT.
  • "BTW, did you ask for freebies such as wheellocks, splash guards? "...Santa Monica offers only free splash guards.:)

    I went back to them one time and they were asking me if I was waiting for the wheel locks so I think you can haggle that it be included..:)
  • The new colors on the '06 TL, Royal Blue Pearl and Alabaster Silver Metallic, are identicial to those on the Honda Accord. The cars already share a number of other colors together, not surprising since they're built on the same line in Marysville, Ohio, no?
  • Elvis4prez,

    You can definitely get a better price on the 05 TL w/nav in the DFW area. The 33.5K beginning is quite high, surprisingly so... I would bounce some more emails back and forth to the dealerships aiming at making the purchase on the 30th of this month. I would be very surprised if you couldn't get one for 32.5 or less. That being said, you seem to have some specific desires at to color and interior. Your ability to find this combo is unlikely at this time for the 05's.

    As has been discussed somewhere on Edmunds, if you are planning on keeping the car for 6, 7, or more years, getting the 06 vs. the 05 would be unlikely to make a big difference in the long run. So get what you want, 1st, and at a good price, second.

    Good luck!
  • elvis4prez, do you know if door side mirrors will still have integrated directional signals? I have a 2004 TL Brochure and its has door mirrors with integrated directional mirrors.

    If anyone who has a 2005 TL, can let me know if that model year continued with the door mirrors with integrated directional mirrors. Thanks.

  • elvis4prez, I haven't had a chance to get back over there. Hurricane Katrina has many of my co-workers displaced, and I have/am going to have- 3 days off in 40 days or so. I was off the last two days and used that to go home to Abita to check on my house. I did see that Walker had a ad in the TP today that said that they were open and had plenty of DRY acuras for sale. That may be worth a shot for a good deal.
  • Tee

    I think you may be referring to a TSX with lights integrated in door mirrors? The TL doesn't have them. Anyone with a '04 or '05 can correct me if I'm wrong.
  • When you get a day off and over to Walker or BR let us know what you're able to squeeze out of them.
    According to their websites, Walker has 16 TLs and BR has 46 in stock.
  • Just bought my Silver/Ebony '05 TL w/AT & Nav from Rosenthal Acura in Gaithersburg, MD:

    Price: $32,599
    Proc Charge: $99
    Wheel locks: $30
    Tax: $1,636
    Title & Reg: $171
  • bud6bud6 Posts: 1
    The quotes I got by email for a 2005 Auto Nav TL are $33500 in Brookfield WI and $33000 in Northern Chicago. TTL is extra.
    Can I expect them to go lower?
  • When will the 2006 lease residual be available for the 2006 TL? I plan to lease a TL by Nov 1st when my current TL 2002 TL lease is up. (wife wants a new car every 4 years) I got a screaming deal back then and I hope to get a new TL close to invoice again. I remember the dealer giving me a new '02 TL in the fall of "01 because the residuals are better on newer cars.

    Has anyone compared the lease pricing from an internet fleet leasing company that delivers to your door vs a dealer? I Google this and it brought up several car leasing companies. I was wondering if anyone has used any of these?

    My dealer has already called me and asked me to come in and pick out another TL. I asked them since my 2002 TL type S is within a few hundred bucks MSRP of the new 06 TL non navi as well as the almost same invoice if I could get the same deal.
    They told me to come and and we will see. My current payment is $400 total.

  • Troy, I don't know anything about the residuals yet either, but suggest you haggle out the details BEFORE going into the dealership. This will guarantee you the best deal without any high sales pressure, or encouragement for a quick decision without having time to crunch the numbers yourself to ensure they are correct and good.
  • A better deal in Dallas may be available but it's SOOO far away.
    I'm in Baton Rouge. Houston is 275 miles away; Dallas is over 400!
    At some point, I'll have to pay the dealer here (extra :cry: ) OR transportation/gas/... to get it there :confuse: . Though a family trip to Houston may be a nice thing to do "while we are there."

    It gets more complicated as I'm trying to do an in and out with my current car I'll no longer need that I promised to my brother in law who will be coming from out of state to pick it up.

    liferules... I tried to find the discussions you mentioned but had no luck. Can you explain it in simple terms ('05 vs '06)? Or direct me?

    My rationalizing (tell me if I'm on or off the mark here since you've read discussions along these lines) says that the '06 will cost closer to MSRP (say $2000 more than if I got the '05).
    I'll get for that ?$2000 difference: TPMS=??$200 AND more when I sell/trade in about 5 years (what I usually run with cars) =??$1000-1400. BUT the color combo I want (Blue/Parchment '06 vs. Blue/Quartz '05) IS worth something. I suppose the extra powertrain warranty for '06 models is worth something too?

    That and my wife will be happier because I'm enjoying new wheels :shades: instead of deliberating and spending more time on the 'net and in front of the 'puter than I should!
  • You've pretty much nailed it. The issues of 05 vs. 06 have to do with the higher price you pay for the 06 now, vs. the already depreciation the 05 has taken without even leaving the lot. After holding a car for 5 or more years, the differences pretty much wash out. But if you were only keeping it for 3 years or less, then you'd need to crunch the numbers...

    In your case, you really are pumped about the color/interior combo you can only get in the 06 and are planning on keeping the car many years, so I think the decision is made...

    Best wishes, and let me know when you get the car! :shades:
  • I walked the lot again today in BR before I came to work. I didn't notice a single blue TL on the lot. Still looking. Trying to get the wife on board though. She works in Slidell and she is kind of worried about her job situation. She is out on maternity leave until Nov. 1st. anyway but is worried about getting a full schedule. (she is a dental hygienist). When I get off work again in two weeks, We should know a little more and I should be ready to pull the trigger. My accord has 65k and it's paid for so i guess i'll have to torture myself for a couple more weeks. ;)
  • Hi,

    Just been quoted $32,392.50 out the door bu Acura of Orange Park. Broken down as:

    $29,693.50 TL
    $499 documentation fee
    $25 temporary tag
    $49 electronic filling fee
    $1.50 battery fee (FL law)
    $5 waste tire fee (FL law)
    $2 lemon law fee (FL law)
    $2,117.50 sales tax

    I think this is a pretty good deal and I'm going to take them up on this this week.
  • Please let me know how it works out with Santa Monica Acura, They're closest to me and I will probably be in the market as soon as my Grand Cherokee with 117K acts up. The TL is a hard package to pass up.
  • First one to post the MSRP of the new '06 TL gets three gold stars from this board. Car should be released this week.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Posts: 3,112
    Even with the ridiculous ($499!) Doc Fee, you've got a very nice deal there. On a very nice car, congrats and enjoy!

    '13 Jaguar XF, possibly my favorite of all the cars I've owned. But, my '09 Jag XK was a beauty, as was my '05 Acura TL, '88 Acura Integra, '84 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo & '78 VW Scirocco (my first!). And, of course, the '92 Nissan Sentra SE-R and '95 Saab 900s I bought for the ex... Ok, I like a lot of the cars in my life.

  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    Please let us know if and when you pul the trigger on your new TL deal...
    I have bought from Acura of Orange Park before and they seem to be a straight shooter when it comes to their deals...the price they are giving you on this TL is outstanding...assuming the numbers are the same once you go to actually buy it.
    What color combo are you looking at buying?
  • If size of the car wasn't an issue, which would you prefer? To me, it seems like the size and capacity along with the engine seems to be the only major difference. How is the performance of one compared to the other
  • I would be all over that today and drive home tonight with a new ride. That is a GREAT Price. BUY IT :P
  • Tell them that you can get a TL AT Navi in Kansas City for $32650.00. Southwest Airlines to KC ($139.00??) buy the car and break it in driving home. I purchased my in KC after a quote from Dallas. I was going to drive to Dallas, trade in my 03 TL Type S, pick up the 05 and break it in driving home.............playing with the XM and DVD-A :P
    You have nothing to loose. Try it :)
  • I agree totally (great deal even with crazy doc fee). Wish I could get a deal like that!
    Still working on it :P
  • I too have been interested in this.
    The link to the official site is

    Do I get the gold stars?
  • Hi all,

    Yeah I guessed it was a pretty good deal especially when my local Acura dealrer (Memphis) could (or would) not even get close. Since Jacksonville is ~700 miles away we will probably get FedEx to ship it here ($595).

    We are debating between the blue or anthracite with the quartz interior. I have yet to see a blue 2005 in the flesh. Is it the same as a 2004 or does anyone have a good picture I can look at?


  • blue is not that pretty (compared to BMW :) )....get's not as dark and you won't notice dirt that much as you would on a darker that color with quarts are made for each other...
  • Actually they quoted $30,250 + the $499 doc fee. I just laughed and said that no deal with the doc fee. So they came down to $29,693.50 and included all the other fees except sales tax to get to the $30,250.

    Anyone have any 2005 tl blue pics I can look at? I am pretty certain we will go for anthracite, but would love to see the Abyss blue.

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