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  • 19491949 Posts: 59 mention in your post that you don't trust the dealer to cut the sunroof. Be real careful if you go that route. While on a test-drive, I mentioned to the salesperson that if I bought a SCrew, I'd want a sunroof included. He said "No Problem", we can install it here. I asked.."I hope you don't contract out to some vendor that'll install some cheesy sunroof"..he says.."No, actually it's better than factory". I returned and checked out a dealer-installed sunroof. It was about 3-4" smaller all the way around vs the large factory installed sunroof, which I've also seen on a SCrew. A word to the cautious if you let them install.
  • cdvarelacdvarela Posts: 3
    Does anyone know of any changes for the 2002 model year. Dealers seem to be clueless.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    from what i've seen on the internet, changes will be relatively minor. something about a different steering gear being used that will provide better steering feel. otherwise, don't know of any other changes.
  • cdvarelacdvarela Posts: 3
    emale - What site did you get your info from? Thanks
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    depends...i get info from many sources. i think it was in car and driver that i read about the steering gear change. there was an article about the lincoln blackwood (s-crew knockoff) and they mentioned that the blackwood had a different steering gear that would be migrated to the other ford full size pickups. now...that may only apply to just the 2wd models since the blackwood only comes as 2wd.
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    Anyone out there have experience towing a travel trailer with a 4X4 -vs- 4X2 F150 pickup? I plan to buy a new Supercrew and am torn between ordering a new Lariat 5.4L 4X2 -vs- a 4X4 already on the dealer lot. I have a 26' travel trailer that I will occasionally tow with the new truck. I know that the factory specs the 4X4 at 300 lbs less towing capacity than the 4X2 and the obvious 1-2 mpg less mileage with the 4X4 but am curious for opinions from someone with real world experience. I know I'll need the 3.55 limited slip & towing pkg either way but wonder if the 3" higher suspension on the 4X4 is a big negative for this (limited) application. Will mostly be using it for hauling family. Thanks for any input.
  • dhendriedhendrie Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 5.4 SuperCrew 4x4 with the lariat trim package. The truck has the bench seat (electric driver's side), Off-Road package, and all of the regular lariat stuff. It is what I need and more...

    I bought this truck as a loss-leader for $2000 below invoice. This was after the $500 rebate. Keep in mind that you either get 2.9APR or the rebate, not both.

    Love the truck.
  • kbehnkekbehnke Posts: 60
    There has been some mention of minor changes for 2002. Does anyone know when the next full re-design is planned? It seems like it's been a few years since any major changes so I would think something new would in the near future.

    Any thoughts?
  • tkenny53tkenny53 Posts: 41
    I see the f150 screw with the 5.4 come with the 3.55 gear set, what is the stock set ratio. Also can a high gear set be gotton?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i think the 3.55 gears are the only ones available on the s-crew.
  • bighorn44bighorn44 Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Screw Lariat 4x4. It has the 17" chrome wheels. The tires are Goodyear Wrangler RTS size P265 R70 17. (It always irritates me when they put on P-passenger tires rather LT - light truck tires on a truck but that's another story. The passenger tires give a smoother ride which sells more trucks...lame) These tires are about 32" tall and not particularly wide but this is the top of the heap for the limited number of 17" tires. Had I ordered it I probably would have opted for the 16" alloy wheels so that I could have put on light truck tires size LT285 R7516 which are considerably taller (about 2") and wider. I'd like to try some BF Goodrich AT's in that size and I am wondering if anyone has installed these on the factory 16" alloys. I am told by my tire shop that this is not a problem but, I thought I should check. It's probably a little tight in front. Finding a set of the factory 16 alloys shouldn't be that big of a problem. In order to buy nice after-market wheels and 285 tires it runs about $1500. Anybody out there swapped out tires and wheels yet? As a side note I did not have any trouble getting a beautiful matching SnugTop canopy and I sure like the Line-X spray liner. That's all I've had in the last three trucks. You couldn't pay me to plunk one of those cheesy drop-in liners in this nice truck. Wait until they shift around just enough over time to rub the paint off on spots in the bed that rust like hell. Line-X vs. a drop-in isn't even a discussion and I've had the best drop-ins made by Pendaliner.
  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    bighorn.....I'm pretty close to making a decision between a Tundra Limited or SCrew Lariat 2wd and would like to ask you about your comments re: tires and bedliner.
    >These tires are about 32" tall and not particularly wide but this is the top of the heap for the limited number of 17" tires. Had I ordered it I probably would have opted for the 16" alloy wheels so that I could have put on light truck tires size LT285 R7516 which are considerably taller (about 2") and wider.
    Does this comment mean taller/fatter tires aren't available for this rim in 17"??
    The bedliner....I'm glad you point out the weaknesses of a drop-in bedliner vs a spray-on. Is there any particular brand of spray-on that resists weather/scratching/peeling better than most? How long does this last for very light duty?
    What's the average cost? Thanks.
  • howie99mnhowie99mn Posts: 20
    In the market for a pickup F-150 but saw Dateline today and when they IHS did an offset test the safety cage collapsed resulting in Driver Fatality at only 40 mph.

    However, Ford claims to be working on a fix. Perhaps 2002 model year will do much better based on Ford's success in crash testing other vehicles.
  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    Yeah, I saw that on Dateline too. Did Ford say they were working on a fix during the Dateline report? I don't recall that part.
    I realize this was an "offset" test, but if you go to NHTSA website, you'll see that Ford rec'd a 5 star rating and the Tundra which rated best on the same test, only received a 3 star rating in the govt test.
  • dsemmendsemmen Posts: 12
    Hi, I like the Screw, but when I test drove one, I also had the salesperson drive, so I could sit in the back seat to see how it rides in back. The back seats to be to straight, stiff, upright. Then, I read edmunds review, and they too mentioned the stiff, straight back seats. So, how do you screw owners feel about the back seats? How are they for short rides, long rides, etc? I would appreciate any input. I guess what I am looking for is a truck that can also double as a sedan. Hmmm. Thanks for any input.
  • According to website 2000 Ford F-150 4-DR. Cab, got a Frontal 4 STAR rating. The 5 Star rating is for Side crashes.. NOT front crashes. Note the IIHS used a 2001 Ford F-150 4-DR Truck.

    Also the government has a note for 2001 Ford F-150 4-DR. Cab Frontal Tests, that its yet to be tested. With the Toyota Tundra. According to NHTSA the 2000 Toyota Tundra, got a 4/3 rating. 4 Stars front driver, and 3 stars for the Passenger's, and in 2001 the Toyota Tundra got a 3/3 frontal rating. Maybe the 2001 F-150 is not as good as the 2000? Werid. You would not think so but... Funny the Chevrolet Silverado Extended Cab 3/4 star front raiting, and did better in the IIHS tests.. But anyways..

    The 2000 Ford F-150 4-DR cab ...

    4 Star for Front Crash, 5 for Side Crash, in Government Tests,

    The 2001 Ford F-150 4-DR cab. got a

    Poor in IIHS Side impact test. Also to note that the Bumper test by IIHS gives the F-150 a Poor.

    The IIHS has not tested the 4-DR cab for 2001 yet, but they plan to according to their site.

    Tired and mixed up yet?? :)

    But anyway, Its Clear this is a disappointment to ford, lovers and owners of the F-150. But really there is no question that this truck should have and could have done better. After all its 2001 and Ford has been around for a very long time and should have this crash thing down by now. Really something this big should do better than that. And really there is no question why this truck cannot do well in all types of crashes. After all allot of people buy these trucks because they feel safe, but apparently it's not true in some cases. I know of an accident where a person was killed in a 2000 f-150, I have posted the story in another news group. Lets hope ford fixes the problem fast.

    by the way here are the web addresses to the gov. sites.

    2001 Ford F-150 4-DR. Cab

    2000 Ford F-150 Extended Cab

    IIHS Test on the 2001 F-150

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    it is kinda surprising that the f150 didn't do so well in the offset crash test, especially given the fact that almost all other ford vehicles do very well on the same test. still, i'd much rather be in an f150 in a "real world" crash vs something smaller than me!
  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    mainer2001 has an excellent and detailed post, however, there are just too many variables in a collision....physics, you know, does weird and unpredictable things. You say you'd still rather be in a full-size p/u (in this case, an F150) and yes, that does make sense. I don't believe that one brand of truck is safer than another just because brand A performed better in one specific test. Even Toyota, in its response to this test, cautions people not to OVERSIMPLIFY test results.
    Anyway, once all of this blows over in a week or two, everyone will be back to their favorite vehicles talking about performance and durability!!
  • luckyjackluckyjack Posts: 6
    After much research (including much valuable info from this board) and several test drives, placed order for my Screw last night:

    4x4, 5.4L, tow pack, limited slip, skid plates and trailer tow group in Toreador Red.

    I had been considering Dakota and Tundra, but by chance found out just a few days ago that I can purchase with Ford -plan. So, although I still spent more than I would have on the others, I couldn't pass up several hundred dollars below dealer cost... plus got the 2.9% interest rate. The F-150 was my first choice anyway when I started researching what to get when my 6 years in a Camry come to an end in July. (I think the V6 Camry is a great car by the way.) The -plan option just made it an offer I couldn't refuse!

    Cost of vehicle as above: $28,425.28. To that add state tax and $150 registration/title fee. But dealer waives usual document fees of $167.50 on -plan.

    One comment for potential buyers. When I went to the dealer with my list of desired options, I had expected to opt for the captains chairs. Turned out, they didn't have any in stock with that option, so I drove the "bench" seat. When I realized that the bench was more like two bucket seats and that the center section folded down to make a perfect height armrest and a good size center still the option of lifting that console for room for 3 in front... couldn't think of a good reason to pay over $400 for captains chairs. I'm sure those who have em love em, but I think the bench is the best of both worlds. Hope this helps those of you still looking.

    Now I just have to hold on 'til delivery day!
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    Luckyjack -
    Was that a Lariat or XLT for 28400? Sounds like a nice truck & I agree on the bench seat being the best of both worlds. I'm on the verge of passing on my order for a white Lariat 4x2 in favor of a red Lariat 4x4 already on my dealer lot but the dealer invoice (and Edmunds)says $31200 (w/5.4, towing, off road pkg,leather bench). I can get 2.9% & $1000 rebate but dealer wont budge on the invoice. I sure would like the 4x4 though!
  • 19491949 Posts: 59 did great on the SCrew pricing. Yes!! I absolutely love that unique bench/bucket seat. The center fold-down is perfect. So much so, I'm surprised the buckets aren't std and the bench an option....looks great in leather, too. BTW, are you a Ford employee? What's with the -plan financing? I'm assuming yours is an XLT since you can't get that color w/Lariat, only the bright red. I'm selling my '98 Prelude (Also a great car) this month and will buy either a SCrew or Tundra the moment, they're both neck-in-neck with with me. Did the dealer by chance mention when the deadline is to order if what you want isn't in stock? How long before delivery? also mention that for short-term (24 mo.) financing? I'm in San Antonio and have noticed that depending on what part of the USA you live in, the incentives may be different. I'm looking at a 2WD/Lariat/5.4/limited-slip/Moonroof/sliding rear window in 2-tone color. Although I also like the Tundra Limited, I can get more bang for my buck with the Lariat, plus size and a bit nicer styling.
  • luckyjackluckyjack Posts: 6
    I see I forgot to indicate the model. It's XLT.

    Since I was on X-plan, didn't have any negotiating on price. Dealer (Central NJ by the way) seemed pretty honest about pricing and said they generally don't sell Screws much less than $800 - $1000 over invoice. That's a bit higher than Edmund's TMV suggests...but not much.

    Maybe a really good negotiator could get dealer down to $500 over invoice if the dealer is also motivated, i.e. move a unit off the lot, etc..
  • luckyjackluckyjack Posts: 6
    I'm not a Ford Employee. (If I was, I could buy on the A-plan...even better than X-plan.)

    I don't know exactly how the A-plan price is set (it's set by Ford) but it looks to me like the A-plan price is around 6% below dealer invoice. A very nice deal.

    The X-plan is available to company's that have some kind of "relationship" with Ford. My employer is a Fortune 500 property/casualty insurance company. I don't know exactly what our relationship to Ford is. Maybe all our fleet cars are Fords, or maybe we insure some significant part of the Ford empire...I just don't know.

    Anyway, X-plan pricing is 4% above A-plan. So for instance, my dealer just read the A-plan price off of his computer printout/invoice and then used his trusty desk calculator to multiply A-plan times 1.04...and that gives the X-plan price, which is what I paid. All the options get the same treatment. I figure net result in my case was around $500 below dealer cost.

    Dealer didn't mention the deadline for ordering 2001 Screws...but it must be close. (For instance, the deadline has passed for ordering 2001 Escapes).

    Delivery time as indicated 6-8 weeks. He said he wouldn't know much of anything on status for 4 weeks, so I'll start checking with him in a month.

    In NJ, the 2.9% is available up to 36 months.
  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    I appreciate the info you shared. BTW, locally, the Ford dealers have tons of SCrews, but most are bare bones 2WD XLTs. They're selling for $400 over invoice (Including Lariat). I don't know about the NJ area, but down here everybody and his brother drives pickups and SUVs, so prices are competitive. Enjoy your new truck when it arrives. I've never experienced it, but I hear your winters can be brutal. Your truck should arrive in time to enjoy last part of Summer. Oh okay, I just realized why you're getting 4WD...the SNOW!! Forgive me, I'm in mild-weathered Texas where we don't need 4WD, unless you work the farm or ranch. Anyway...enjoy!!
  • atlanta4atlanta4 Posts: 51
    We live in Atlanta & 2.9% is available up to 36 months for any dealer in this area. We looked at several dealers & found found the best deal at Vernie Jones Ford (about 30 miles north of Atlanta) in Jasper (706)692-6467,
    Their price is $99 over invoice. I brought the invoice price from this website & it matched theirs (wish I could get that "plan" price that luckyjack mentioned). They don't try to slip any "doc fees" or any of the other typical dealer phoney baloney in on you on top of the quoted price so I was pleased with the experience. Area dealers have tons of SCrews and mostly fully loaded Lariats so you could probably find what you want if you don't mind a days drive & want to skip the 6-8 week wait. We wanted the leather bench but not the moonroof so had to look around to find the right combination. Really don't need the 4X4 here either except some areas we go for mountain biking. BTW -I looked briefly at the Tundra but felt the SCrew was much more capable for carrying family of 4 plus bikes, dog, camper, etc. Good Luck with your decision.
  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    You got my interest with your comment re lots of Lariats in your area. $99 over invoice? Wow! That's great. If I had to, I wouldn't mind flying to Atlanta to buy there. I'll check out the dealer/website you posted. As for my model decision, I'm an 'ol bachelor, that's why I'm also looking at the Tundra. I own a home and am getting tired of trying to cram a lawnmower into the trunk of a Prelude...and Christmas tree....and Home Depot things..etc., so this will be my first truck. Why would a bachelor consider a SuperCrew, you might ask? Sporty, roomy, stylish, good performer and most doesn't look "like an old mans truck"!! BTW, did you notice if there many Lariats w/moonroofs?
    Thanks again.
  • jschira1jschira1 Posts: 7
    In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, anything over invoice for a new SuperCrew is too much. One dealer has a loaded Lariat 4x4. Sticker is $35,000+. His price is $6000 off sticker. King Ranch 4x2's are going for $28,000. The dealer said that he had every color in stock. This dealer is Westway Ford in Irving.

    I just bought my SuperCrew this weekend. The local Ford dealer is taking $5500 off MSRP on every SuperCrew is stock. I got a bare bones XLT. The only option, captain's chairs front seats. Sticker was $27,910. I paid $22,410. No kidding. Invoice is $24,700 +/- for this unit. I am an X-Plan member and this is way below X-Plan or even A-Plan. This was a no hassle deal. Pick out your truck, and they take $5500 off the sticker. No bull, no argument, no dealer ad-ons. Fair value on my trade-in too ($1000 more than 2 other dealers offered me). This was as good of a deal as I have seen, so I bought a 2001 instead of waiting on a 2002 (I understand the changes to the 2002 to be a minor front end restyling).

    The dealer told me that Ford has a special promotion on Ford trucks (at least in Texas). If the dealer sells 250 trucks in June, Ford pays him a bonus of $250,000. The number of trucks that must be sold probably limits this deal only to the bigger dealers.

    This particular dealer is Don Davis Ford in Arlington (817) 261-4261. Ask for Bobby Ervin. He is their top salesman. A real pro. The dealer has just about everything in stock. I saw all colors. XLTs, Lariats, King Ranches, 4x2s, 4x4s, 4.6L strippo models (like mine). He has 40-50 in stock and told me that there is another 60 at the railhead waiting to be delivered.

    If you want to check inventory, go to Use ZIP code 76011. That will let you look at Don Davis' inventory.
  • 1digger1digger Posts: 1
    Debating purchasing a 2001 Lariat 4X4 SCrew from dealer stock versus ordering a 2002. Does anyone have any information regarding price increase on the 2002 model?? Thanks.
  • 19491949 Posts: 59
    Jeff....thanks very, very much for the zip code and Don Davis info. I'm in San Antonio and already had my compass pointed toward Atlanta.
    Locally, at the mega-Ford dealers, the most I've seen within the past month is $4000 off of King Ranch, $35-3800 off Lariats and ?? on XLT's. There must be a ton of SCrews up there. Is Don Davis Ford close to IH35? I'll check MapQuest for detailed directions. Thanks again!!

    1Digger....I'd jump on a 2001 if I were you, otherwise you'd probably have to wait till Spring 2002 to start seeing decent deals on SCrews. I havn't found any source of price increase amount for 2002 Fords. I'm also considering a Tundra Limited, but you just get so much more bang for the buck with a SCrew when you compare features/options.
  • jschira1jschira1 Posts: 7
    1949 - Don Davis is just South (1/2 mile) of I-30 on the SH 360 access road.

    I do not know how long Don Davis is going to hold that price, but I suspect at least during June, or until they sell 250 trucks.

    I would call Bobby first and make sure they have what you want and that the $5500 off MSRP deal is still going on.

    If Don Davis is no longer offering that deal, Westway Ford in Irving is taking $4800 off King Ranches.
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