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Chevy Silverado - Continued VI



  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    RayT2 wrote:LS 2WD
    (in addition to or instead of BASE DECOR
    equipment)line 3, "colored fender flares" so unless
    it's a typo (which I doubt) I get them whether I
    want them or not. So yes Doris you will get them
    the same color as your truck standard equip.
    I can't wait to see my truck, and what it ends up with..and GM is prob tired of having me call. I called..and after an hour on the phone, I was told, no flares available with my 2 WD 2500. But then someone on this list also told me I'll be getting the four door, instead of the three (even though the order says 3) I'm game for either..the 4 doors and/or the flares..even in upstate NY roadsalt LOL.
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    Found this on the Edmunds page..wonder if I'm not getting them, because I have an LS, not an LT
    "LT 2WD (in addition to or instead of LS DECOR equipment): 4-speed electronic OD auto transmission with lock-up; oil cooler; body-colored bodyside molding with chrome bodyside insert, body-colored fender flares;"
    Guess in a few weeks, I'll know for sure!
  • dmr3dmr3 Posts: 119
    should have read more before posting..this is under the LS:
    "LS 2WD (in addition to or instead of BASE DECOR equipment): Front and rear chrome bumpers with black rub strip; colored bodyside molding with chrome bodyside insert, colored fender flares; "

    So who knows!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    18 months? No only since august. So 7 months.
    Im not like that kick and run i dont fight dirty ill let him get back up and ill do it again. Tundra hahahahahahahahaahahha yea right. Your funny bluebeast.

    Wrong info: in one brochure i read the LS comes standard with the temp mirror but how come this is a $175 option? I seen last night at the chicago autoshow website it comes standard now on the 2000'2 but how come its still a $175 option? In the brochure it also says 2500 4x4 wheel flares are standard. Nothin about the 2500 2wd try kbb for some info also.

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    1 glove is off

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    I hope your not that hockey [player int he commerical u might get a knock at your door and me throwing my gloves off haha

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    former N.Y. Ranger captain Mark Messier who now plays for Vancover Canuck's, and that commercial is a hoot. Have you seen the newest one with the two teams trying to muster support for a strike of some kind & there all supposed to raise their hands in agreement but their figurines in fixed positions, and then poor ole "Murph" gets stuck in the toilet stall, oh boy I tell ya the ad agencies doing these commercials are good!
    Gees now ya got me onto hockey which is my favorite sport and no where near the topic at hand, well to quote Tim.....sue me!

    Ray T.
  • mdw1000mdw1000 Posts: 171
    91 is like a 1.55 a gallon here in the Chicago burbs, and going up all the time.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    U aint joking. Gas is expensive here for the cheapest (87) i paid $1.41 a few weeks ago now its about $1.31. Insane

    Sorry ray about his name i didnt want to get it wrong and feel stupid( i had a feeling it was him but thought he retired) im not big on hockey im more of a basketball person.

  • kantonkanton Posts: 142
    I have a 2000 1500 ex-cab LT, z-71, short box. I have lifted it 4" with the new Rancho Kit. When I did mine, there was only the Rancho and the Trailmaster available. Now there is Superlift and maybe Pro-Comp. The trailmaster is garbage, the Superlift has about 12 different pieces, and the Rancho uses 1 solid/welded main piece; by far the strongest. I got my truck done at a place where all they do is lift kits. They do anywhere from 5-10 silverados a week. 99% of the kits have been Rancho, only a couple trailmaster and Superlift. The rancho is somewhat adjustable; right now the truck is sitting at 4 1/2" higher than stock. Add 1 inch taller tire, and total is about 5-5 1/2" taller. It is a good height, although someday I may go bigger.

    Flares...causing rust? Maybe more likely, but that is what the warranty is for! 6 yr/100K. I don't plan on having my truck that long

  • You should use the octane rated gas the manual recommends. I've heard talk that super causes premature catylitc converter failure. I'll admit that I use super in my 94 conversion van, but only when I'm towing my travel trailer (24') for any distance. I definitly notice a difference.

    Rust? I agree with Kanton. 6 yr warranty. Then trade it in and let the next guy worry about. By then it won't be worth anything anyway. Price out a 1994 truck in Kelly Blue Book and see what I mean. It's a rat race and the rats are winning.

    TransAm, Camaro. Dealer told me that this may be the last year for them. Too expensive for the genre that buy them. Sales are way down. They're basically a 2 seater. Ever try sitting in the back seat? Fageddaboutit. Ever try parking in the back seat? ;-)
  • mledtjemledtje Posts: 1,123
    Don't I wish. I've been paying $1.51-1.55 for 87 octane.

    The San Francisco Bay area has some advantages, but the price of gas isn't one of them.

    At least I don't have to worry about rust under my fender flares. Which I doubt anyway. If the fender rusts out it will likely be from the inside of the fender, not from the outside. The paint makes a good protective coat on the outside of the fender, and it will not go away under the fender flare. Now, the inside of the fender is a different story.

    Mike L
  • rbrickrbrick Posts: 32
    How well does your drive drive with the lift kit? I have been told that just going to larger tires will throw the alignment off.

    Does anyone know how the Chevrolet mud flaps attach to the truck? I like them, but I am not too keen on drilling holes in the fender lip. When I get a bug guard, I'm gonna get the one with the nifty brackets (I forget the manufacturer).

  • just wanted to post what the 2000 brochures say about flares. the chevy one is vague, it says, "available on 1500 4x4, standard on 2500" and GMC says "available on 1500 4x4 and standard on 2500 4x4" so whos right? who knows! doesn't matter, I am still gonna love my Chevy 2500 2WD. guess we hafta wait till the first of us gets our trucks.
  • I'm looking here at the sales book that they hand out at the dealership. On the Exterior Features page under Wheel Flares, it says:

    Wheel Flares (1500 4X4 models; Standard on 2500 models)

    This is for the 2K model year.
  • Thanks for replies!

  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Ryanbab has gotta PAY for that option and Ray & Ryan2 get um for nuttin!
    I love it! (it's the devil made me do it Ryan)

    I'm just sittin hear killen time till I leave for the Friday night hockey workout, luv that game!
  • For those of you who have ordered and not yet received your new Silverado. It is worth the wait. The dealer ordered mine on 11/09/1999. It arrived at the dealer yesterday 02/03/2000. It is the first 4th door model to leave their lot. Only the 2nd one they had. They are trying to sell the other one for sticker price.

    1500 2WD LS 4dr SB
    Indigo Blue / Pewter
    Graphite interior
    Aluminum wheels
    235x75x16 WOL Goodyear tires
    deep tinted windows
    tow hooks
    fog lights
    5.3 V8 and Automatic

    The stereo system in these trucks are outstanding.

    Good Luck with yours.
  • That is the exact color combination I ordered, how does it look? I was not able to see one in person when I ordered. Also, which stereo did you get, the standard LS CD or the CD + cassette? It is confusing to me in the brochure about the CD / Cass. combo having a better amplifier with upgraded speakers. Does any one know if ordering the CD / Cass. buys you a better system.

  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    While they are making a better sealcoat these days than maybe 10 or more years ago, you would be surprised how that salt crap can eat away at almost anything, given enough time the changing conditions (wet, dry, wet, dry, etc).

    I know you don't see much of the stuff we are talking about out there on the west coast, but to the others who know what I'm talking about, just imagine having that salt buildup you can see on the surface which you can't help but wash off every second day, imagine not washing it for a couple of years and see what happens. YUCK!
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    YOu dont get anything for free its added in the MSRP trust me its just standard on yours and mine is an option (means i can get it if i want or not ur stuck with it buddy)

  • For anyone with lift kits on their trucks, what type did you choose, body or suspension lift. How do these differ in ability and looks and price?

    Also what type of alarms are ya'll fitting to your $25k+ Silverado's? Any recommendations? When I bought my truck, the salesman tried to sell me LoJack recovery system. Weeks later they were endorsing another recovery system. What are pros and cons for these items.

  • kantonkanton Posts: 142
    My truck rides a little rougher than stock. It is not bad though. I think a majority of the rougher ride is due to an add-a-leaf they put in the rear leaf pack. I am also running mud-terrain tires. One thing that is nice about the Rancho kit is the truck uses almost all of the original parts, ie...upper and lower control arms, etc. It does use different locating brackets and bigger spindles. One thing nice about the Superlift kit is that you can use a dual front shock kit. This may make it ride a little smoother. It is not that big of a deal since I have Rancho 9000 5-way adjustable shocks. There is nothing nice about the Trailmaster kit except for the fact it comes with a full skid plate. The Rancho has to be bought seperate.

    As for alignment; the truck must be realigned after the installation. I am now just waiting for Hypertech to have the Power Programmer available for the 2000 models so I can recalibrate the computer/speedometer.

  • kantonkanton Posts: 142
    If you just want to run a little bigger tire, you can get away with a body lift. To do it right go with a suspension lift. I have a suspension lift. Maybe some day I will add a body lift, maybe not.

  • My 4th door LT ordered in October just arrived. It's completely loaded and has the 4.10 rear end. The truck as a whole is the most solid built and quiet truck that I've driven. One problem though, during the test drive I noticed a whining noise coming from what appeared to be the rear of the truck. The noise level is directly dependent on the accelerator (ie more foot pedal, more noise - less foot pedal, less noise). The dealer replaced the ring and pinion and all bearings in the rear end but the whine still persists. Could this be the driveline growl that is supposed to be resolved by the blue fluid in the transfer case? I do remember reading a post some time back that listed the part # for the blue fluid but can't seem to find a search function on this chat server. I really wanted the 3.73 gears although the allocation the dealer received for the LT was for the 4.10's and this could not be changed. We tried but the system kicked the order back so we went with the 4.10's. This is the first 4th door truck delivered to the dealer. At this point the dealer is open to ordering another truck but I would appreciate any info/insite you may have. Thanks

  • someone was asking how the mudflaps attach to the truck. If you get GM mudflaps from the dealer, I know they come with screws. I am pretty sure thats all they use anymore. I work at a Pontiac and Buick dealer and everything we install is screwed in, of course many cars are plastic where the mudflaps attach. A little something that may be worth noting, each screw that comes with the mudflaps have some kind of covering on it. sort of a gooey rubbery substance. I think its supposed to help seal the hole as the screw is installed. hope this is useful to someone.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    This topic sure flys man.....course it is about the best truck made.

    Let's see.....93 Octane here is about $1.50. I can live with that.
    As for flares?....Don't worry's nothing to worry about. If you plan on taking them off 10 years later....there may be some slight rust....but overall....these guys are just getting hyped up about nothing. Hit it with some high pressure water in the crack once in a while...nothing to worry about.
    1. My truck came standard with them
    2. I like them
    3. I won't be taking them off.
    4. I won't have it long enough to care anyway....although there is nothing to worry about anyway.
    5. They prevent chips from the stones the off road tires toss. 3/4 wheels sit out further??...seems like it
    Quad is right...the less soap the better. In spring/summer....I wash the truck with warm water and a soft towel only. Also keep a steady flow of water coming off the hose as I wipe the surface to keep dirt flowing instead of building up on the towel. I have long history of keeping black looking nice and know all the tricks man!....Course it sux when you're are all wet and yor hands and numb!......what I will do for a black car man....
    it's been a long time since the back seat of an F-body has been used by me....but I know the new Silverado has plenty of room for.....well...uh...go figure it out!

    The other day I caught some Wile E.Coyote...and remembered how much I liked it's been in my mind for a while now....and he was always called a Super Genius....Like me....LOL

    Tim E.Coyote......Super Genius
    (Eatibus Almost Anythingus)

    ....Oh..I also found out the 6.0 gets tickets just as easy as a 5.7!
    ....So I guess it's.
    Tim E.Coyote....Super Genius
    (Overconfidentii Vulgaris)
  • vince4vince4 Posts: 1,272
    So Tim, that 80 mph drive to work finally caught up with you! Can't get away with it forever.

    From researching my truck in '99 I seem to remember that the 2500 2wd HD comes with flares but the 2500 2wd does not. Correct? Wrong?
  • volkejvolkej Posts: 108
    I put mudflaps (splash guards in new speak) on my 2000 LS. No screws were used. Plastic press tabs are used in existing holes in the fender well. Two press tabs on each rear flap and three for each front. The bottom tab on the front flaps did not fit (too short). I replaced it with a stainless bolt and nut. No drilling required.
    The flaps look good and they keep the road crud off the rocker panels just like their supposed to.
  • Just got my new 2000 Silverado LS Z71 X/C two days ago and I LOVE IT!! What a truck! The truck has about 120 miles on it, I got it with 20. One question I do have is, it seems to shift hard from 1st to 2nd gear. I do not use overdrive in town and I have been driving slow and easy for the break in period. It just seems to shift hard from 1st to 2nd, the rest is VERY smooth. Anyone else have this problem?? It is the 5.3L, 3.73 axle, auto trans. Thanks :)

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