Chrysler 300 / 300C Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    None of thie surprises me, and I suppose it doesn't surprise you. Only wish I have is that dealers figure out those tactics do not work on me faster.... :-)
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    i made the mistake of leasing the 300 touring. this is what i could afford. i am a 21 yr old in nj w/ no credit. i have a 3 yr lease 12000 mile/yr. i put 2500 down w/ 1000 cash back. i am paying 344/month. i wish i didnt lease it but from doing research w/ other dealerships they said the price was impossible. i had to jump on it. i want to beef it up a lil bit but time will come.
  • jayjagusjayjagus Member Posts: 8
    I ordered a 300C minus halogen lights, side impact, sat we are in almost November and still no car. Talk about frustrating! I know that there were holds in place, but this is getting to be almost too much...just venting and wondering if ANYONE else has waited this long.
  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    You should be getting it any day now. Have you contacted your dealer or DC to find out what you status is? Mine took 4 months.
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    If you know you are going to keep the vehicle at the end of the lease, do whatever you want to it. Just make sure you have lined up a loan at the end of the lease to buy out the vehicle, AND that you will want to keep the vehicle in 3 yrs time.
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    does anyone have a clue what pricing DC is applying for the awd c model? also when are these due to hit the stores.. ?
  • jayjagusjayjagus Member Posts: 8
    I have contacted both of them...I was told originally that it was on hold due to the problems with the sunroof machine...then on hold because of the nav system is just very frustrating because my wife's other car just flat our died and it has been a series of rentals, etc. since around August...that and everything is out of our hands...we just have to wait. What type did you get and how satisfied are you?
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    I have a Magnesium 300c, with sunroof, PG2, SG2, wood, pedals. I kinda regret not getting the HID lights. My dealer told me 3 or 4 WEEKS! I had to extend the lease on my Grand Cherokee 3 months. It does get very frustrating and the excitement wears off.
    I think your in the home stretch. D1 to dealer was only like 7 to 10 days with my order. The dealer is really the best place to get info. My dealer got a status update every day. I was told by DCCS that they only get updates on Wednesday. And, strangely enough, you can get different answers the same day from 2 different customer service reps. Some will give you "reason codes" and others won't know anything about them.
    It IS worth the wait. The car takes off like a rocket. I've had zero problems *knocking on wood* and no tickets so far. The SG2 sound sytem is awesome.
    Good luck!
  • jayjagusjayjagus Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the info. We have had a rental off and on since is getting expensive. I will tell you this...if my wife did not want this car as badly as she does, I would have told them to shove it months ago. We looked at MB, Porsche, Navigator...she finally picked this car. We should have not been as "picky" and just bought one off the lot.
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    I just bought my 300 W.J. Chrysler Signature Series in Linen Gold and 2tone leather seats. (new model) a week ago for MSRP of $30,055.00. Not a penny more or penny less. I have been on "waiting" list for about 6-8 weeks at most. My sales guy was a super fellow and called me the day it hit ground and i bought it. Haven't driven very much yet. It has been raining and can't bear yet to drive in lousy weather. But so far it is the greatest driving car in my 40 years of being a licensed driver.
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    You are right, after such a long, unnerving wait excitement wears off. I had ordered a Bright Silver C, but after 9 weeks DCX was still unable to even tell me the status of my order. DCX customer reps are horrible --with few exceptions. The dealer was of no help either. Frustrated, I ended up canceling my order.

    I have been driving Chryslers since I learned to drive 22 years ago, but looks like my next vehicle will be an Infiniti G35.
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    16 weeks and counting. Still no word from anyone from Chrysler. What a way to do business. I am surprised at Daimler Chrysler, I thought they had more class than that.
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    Brought a 300C back from Nevada, but still had the DMV hassle from needing it smogged here...even though it's a 50 state vehicle. No smog stations had the correct specs so a day was wasted till we went to a 'referee' station. Don't waste your time unless they know they have the specs. They all said yes we do, but no they didn't. Referee station is a State of California location which will test your vehicle and do any over rides necessary to transmit results to State over the phone, when all else fails. "It wasn't in their computer yet" Took 20 minutes after making an appointment the day before and driving 20 miles. Bring your invoice from the dealer when you register at DMV or you will be charged the DMV's fee schedule and sales tax.

    I have a long list of critiques on the 300C, but don't think Chrysler could care any less, otherwise I would post it or send it to them.
  • jayjagusjayjagus Member Posts: 8
    22 weeks here...I have reached the breaking point. We rented a car thinking that it would just be a month or so...we were wrong so my wife and I have been "car pooling" most of the time and we are so far into it now that I really don't know what to do. I have called Chrysler and they say "It just needs to be scheduled to be built" I call the dealer and he says that he has nothing to do with getting it is tough to even get mad at the reps from Chrysler...I mean they are not the ones building it.
  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    Wow...22 weeks, that has to be aggravating. Someone mentioned, much earlier, that they contacted CAW 1285 at the Brampton plant (google). That's the union who builds the 300's. He said he finally got through to a person in the know about their order status. He also recommended being patient and polite. Hope this helps.
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    Chrysler is blowing this one royally.

    A number of long-term Chrysler owners got pumped about the 300C, only to have to deal with greedy and despondent dealers, long factory order periods, manufacturing restrictions --on colors, sunroof, etc. As if this weren't enough, talking to a DCX customer rep is a Case Study in cluelesness and indifference.

    Frustrated and disappointed, some of these loyal customers are choosing to leave Chrysler for the first time in years, and buying competitive near-luxury imports instead.

    Once the dust settles, no amount of rebates will bring these people back, and those new customers brought in by the 300C, will move on to whichever brand brings the new sizzle.

    This is exactly opposite from where Chrysler hoped to be.
  • jayjagusjayjagus Member Posts: 8
    My last two vehicles have been Dodge Rams and I have been satisfied, but I will tell you that this experience has soured me on Chrysler/Dodge. My wife really wants this vehicle, and we have invested too much time to "back out" now (although I really want to). It seems that no one at Chrysler really cares. I sent an e-mail to Customer Service and the response I received basically told me what I already knew...that no one can tell me when my vehicle will be SCHEDULED for production. It is my feeling that Chrysler has the attitude that "Go ahead and cancel we will sell it to someone else." This is probably true, but still you would think that after waiting this long there would be some amount of urgency in getting this thing built. I will keep you posted
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    Find one at another dealer and buy it! They are out there. My dealer has a black 300C in stock now. It was ordered with me in mind but I bought a red Magnum RT instead.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    I ordered in Jan '04 ..... a color and a car I knew little about. My dealer/salesguy were great. Delivered on 04/26/04. Deal was made with a F&F discount, great trade-in, and local (not DC) financing at a very low rate. Look for a good dealer, be fair and try to understand that DC hoped for a hit and got a run away on their hands. The car is worth the wait. BTW, no pull, no problems. KNOCK ON WOOD!
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    22 weeks is the longest wait I've seen. Something is not right here.

    I'll assume you have a VON number? Do you have a VIN number? What's your status?

    It looks to me like your dealer does not have any allocation left. Have you asked him if he has allocation for this vehicle? If he doesn't, you're in for a longer wait.

    If you know where to look these things are available at good prices off the lot. You may have to purchase a one way plane ticket and drive it home like others have done. It depends on how much you want it.
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    There is NOTHING on the lots here in California. I thought about driving one into the state. I even attempted to bring in one from Carmax in Orlando, FL. The salesman in the Orlando wanted to sell me the vehicle, but the Los Angeles store wouldn't want to touch it, due to different emissions systems.

    22 weeks? Geezis!!!
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    Was told that it will not be delivered in November or December. That would be 6 months at least. Do some Dealers get more attention than others?
  • chuckgchuckg Member Posts: 69
    kid- The car has a 50 state emission system. Purchase it anywhere and drive it home.

    als- Does your dealer have enough allocation? You may want to call them and ask.
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    I'm on week 16. My dealership told me on oct 1 that the car went to "being built" status. Last week when I called to check on it they said it was moved back to "waiting to be built". They originally told me 8 weeks so I sold my wifes old car with what I thought was two weeks left. She has now been without a car for about 10 weeks. The run around is almost too much to handle.
  • jayjagusjayjagus Member Posts: 8
    Well you can read my other posts and see that I am in oh, I don't know week 20-something I think around 23-24...and as far as I know my status has not changed, it is still waiting to be built. We are in kind of the same wife's car became unsafe to drive so we got rid of it. We were told that it would be a few months before the vehicle came in and I was to deploy with the National Guard for part of that time so we thought "What the heck, we will just get a rental" So we have had to pay for a rental for a few months...everytime I call Chrysler they tell me to check with the dealer, the dealer then tells me that he has no control over when it will be built...I know the frustration that you are feeling and trust me it doesn't get any better.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    plenty on lots in the northeast, why not just buy one off a lot rather than order one? Personally I think your dealer is jerking you around on this.

  • hog4ochog4oc Member Posts: 1
    Just got my 300c delivery by shipper the day before yesterday. Took only 2 weeks to order and delivery. Have all the paper work (manafacturer orgin, invoice...), got smog check done and made appointment at DMV at Tuesday.

    I paid $1000 below invoice at Carmax Orlando, pay $795 for shipping. If anyone want help about how to order outside california, let me know or drop me an email.

  • andre1andre1 Member Posts: 85
       Do you mean $1000 below MSRP? The 300c's listed at the CarMax web site are below MSRP, not invoice. Also, does car max give you any existing Chrysler rebates, like the $1000 finance rebate? At the very least, I could use the listed CarMax prices as leverage with the Chrysler dealers.
  • hdvablkmanhdvablkman Member Posts: 7
    After checking with a few dealers in my area it looks as if the link and information about pricing, on page 10 of this forum, is still in effect. Good luck
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    5 months and counting.
  • viper01viper01 Member Posts: 18
    Wow, that's bad news. I'm 8 weeks into an expected 16 week wait. What were you told when you placed your order? Do you have an outlook from your dealer? My dealer has no clue as to my order status.

  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    No clue? Tell them to log on to 'dealer connect', and check your status. Immediately after an order is placed, it gets a status. Find out the status, and I'll be happy to tell you what it means.
  • bigkev7000bigkev7000 Member Posts: 23
    I was out running around checking out the new 05 models cars one day just to compare take a few test drives. So i decided to stop at the chrysler dealer to check out the 300c. This dealer was trying to sell a fully loaded 300c for $51,000 I thought to my self are you crazy and who is buying this thing for that. I love this car and can't wait till next year to get mine but man!!! I know who not to go to when its time.
  • elmartioelmartio Member Posts: 6
    Thought I would jump in and share my experience. I ordered a 300C in Magnesium, fully loaded except for the smoker's group and the engine heater, on September 1. It's almost been 15 weeks now I have no information whatsoever. I'm not even sure I could say for a fact that the dealer, Carl Burger in La Mesa, even ordered it for me. They say they did, and the salesman tells me he'll e-mail me as soon as he knows something. Hope I hear something soon - I'm pretty patient, but I'm ready for my new ride - I'm early 40's and this will be the first new car I've ever owned.
  • viper01viper01 Member Posts: 18


    I'm 9 weeks into my 16 week wait and I feel for ya. You should at least get a vehicle order number (VON) from the salesman and a status. That'll answer the question about whether or not the order has been placed. The dealer absoolutely has that info. Your salesman is probably too lazy to get it for you (mine was also). However, I don't think anyone can predict delivery until it starts into the scheduled/production cycle. Yours should be there by now.
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    Call your salesman and ask him what status your car is in. Should be something like BX...BG...BA...D...D1. Repost with the status, and I'll tell you what it means.
  • motcrue68motcrue68 Member Posts: 10
    Placed my order on September 7th for Black 300C with Navigation and Sunroof. 14 weeks later all I have is VON# and told in D status. Dealer said expect the car in January sometime when I initially placed the order. It is the most frustrating experience that I have ever went through. I guess we're all in the same boat. What else can we do but wait?
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    You are in good shape now. 'D' means "Firm Schedule", but that the build process has not been started yet - but you DO have a VIN# as well. The longest wait for these orders is through the 'BG' stage...where the order has been accepted by the factory, but the dealership did not have the allocation to get your car built. That is what has taken so long in these cases. BTW...if you want your VIN, your dealership does have access to it at this point. Good Luck.
  • elmartioelmartio Member Posts: 6
    Thanks, Viper, for the info. After reading some info here yesterday, I did send an e-mail to the dealer last night requesting the VON# (I'm guessing that VON means Vehicle Order Number?). He has not responded to me yet. If for some reason he "forgot" to order it, I'll be plenty ticked. If my order counts against their allotment of 300's I'm sure they have an incentive not to order it, because I paid less than it would sell for on the lot.
  • elmartioelmartio Member Posts: 6
    Thanks, jglackin, for the info. As I just responded to Viper, I requested my VON yesterday and have not received a response. I have asked him before for a status, and he has only told me that the car has been ordered, but no VIN has been assigned, so he can't give me any info. Apparently that's not correct. Assuming that the car has actually been ordered, he's probably not doing all he can for me.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Member Posts: 248
    How come nobody is buying off the lot? I just did a search for California for the 300C and there are cars out there in many configurations. Loaded is listed at $39,200 at most dealers, I believe that is about $1500 to $2000 over MSRP. I will not ever pay over MSRP, in fact I will never pay at MSRP. I don't know if they are dealing or not, but the cars are out there.
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    The 'dealer adjustments' may be exactly why people are not buying off the lot in your market. Maybe they say something like, "You can have this one NOW for $1500 over MSRP, or you can order one and wait 3-4 months (or longer) and pay MSRP." The hope may be that the buyer yields to instant gratification or immediate necessity. In our market (Mid-Atlantic), there don't seem to be these premiums. We just can't keep the cars in stock, so our customers almost always have to order them. We have had just 3 300C's come in that have not been pre-sold.
  • viper01viper01 Member Posts: 18
    Here's some interesting news for those waiting for a 300C. I ordered a 300C on October 14 expecting a 16 week wait. My dealer called me today to say the car is IN - 9 weeks to the day. All options except peddles and smoke. The salesman was as surprised as I am which confirms that he had no clue what was happening. I'm going to check it out after work today to see if it's really true. I'm not quite believing it yet...
  • motcrue68motcrue68 Member Posts: 10
    I have mixed feelings about this. It's awesome that you got the car so fast and I'm really happy for you. But at the same time I'm pissed (where is my car?). Anyway, congrats!!!
  • ruffoneruffone Member Posts: 1
    I think folks are ordering because of the dealer markups. I bought a Magnesium 300c in October off the lot. I just don't have the patience to order, but then it did take me 7 months to research and decide what car to buy. The sticker said $44,000 with no sunroof, NAV, or satellite. I bought it for $38,000 and had them add the sunroof. I didn't really care about the NAV system or satellite, but a sunroof is an absolute must for me. I did call dcx about ordering and it would have cost me $38,000 fully loaded with a wait time. Regardless of cost I love this car. It was a great transition from my BMW.
  • sean3sean3 Member Posts: 158
    i dont own a 300, but man they are sweet looking rides, WHY cant gm do something like chrysler, im not a chryler fan but i think im converted, seems like chrysler can push the envelope while GM stays

     as a lame duck, It also seems chrysler has great strides in the quality department, im in my 20's and gm's products all seem so old tech design, engines. they sit way to long on the same platform, and the magnum is an awesome product, GM makes nothing like it. I think all the daimler chrysler products have already surpassed Gm and ford offerings. I happen to know on a smaller scale my Moms Sebring sedan is way more trustworthy than I ever thought a Chrysler product could be. way to go chrysler!!
  • sean3sean3 Member Posts: 158
    I ran my old '90 Lebaron for 210K and the interior was still great and heck it even ran well, it even had an airbag standard and all disc brakes standard good for a 1990 domestic. No interior rattles, fast as lightning power windows, quality wise back then chrysler was no worse than GM. chryler makes some sweet looking aggresive cars and suv'x
  • motcrue68motcrue68 Member Posts: 10
    I guess I was in great shape. The dealer just called me this afternoon and told me car is being delivered later today. I can pick it up tomorrow afternoon. Those idiots at DCX have no clue, they told me just last week car was still in D stage. I'll keep you posted after pick up tomorrow.
  • sean3sean3 Member Posts: 158
    those are some mean looking machines.Later Sean
  • happycc48happycc48 Member Posts: 3
    I just read your message. You seem to have gotten a GREAT deal on your car. What city did you purchase? I'm in Houston and have not found anyone in my area on the message board.
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