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  • ballcoachballcoach Member Posts: 7
    If a dealer is charging MSRP+, there is something wrong with the dealer. Here in the upper midwest (Mich.) NOBODY pays sticker price. DCX is offering preferred pricing to employees of Wal-Mart and Home Depot, for crying out loud. As has been stated in other forums, ask to look at the invoice for the vehicle. Towards the bottom is a "EP" price (employee price,) and there is a "PP" price (preferred price.) The dealer has room to negotiate between the "PP" and MSRP. Anything over MSRP is pure greed.
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    Here's what really happens. DCX has selected certain companies and other programs to be recipients of the PP price. PP price is really just the invoice price multiplied by .99 (or 1% under). A dealer that chooses (yes, it's optional) to participate in these programs takes the 'temporary loss' of that 1%, and DCX reimburses the 'loss' later. The rest of the story is just simple supply and demand economics. Try to draw some parallels to smaller ticket items...last year (when there was no threat of snow) the Mgr. of the local Home Depot gave me 25% of 3 bags of Ice Melt that were slashed across by a wayward box cutter. I'll bet if the weatherman forecasted 2 feet of snow, there would have been no deal. Do they put air conditioners on sale in Arizona in July? These are simply examples much will the market bear. I personally have taken car deals where the dealership has LOST several hundred dollars (below holdback I mean). I'll do that on my leftover on the last day of the month when I am one car away from the goal. Problem is...right now...LOW supply...HIGH demand. If that equals greed to you, then wait until next year and see what happens. BTW, most of us don't honor those PP deals on cars like this.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    My dealer here sold my Magnum RT to me for $200 over invoice. I had no trade. Similar deals can be had on 300C. SE KS isn't that far from Houston.
  • ballcoachballcoach Member Posts: 7
    I understand where you are coming from with the supply and demand angle, but anytime an agent charges more than the manufacurers price, that is price gouging. When we have severe ice and snow storms and stores jacked up prices on generators or gas stations raised the price on gasoline, they were charged and fined by the state attorney general for price gouging. I can find no justification whatsoever to charge more than MSRP for a vehicle. Most of us on this forum are not dealers, and I appreciate your insight.
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    You're right - I won't argue. I don't know why a gas station can't "set its own price" based on market conditions. I work at a reputable dealer, and we have not charged over sticker for vehicles, even when local competition has. I have a friend at a Honda dealer, where they sold Pilots at MSRP when they first came out (because Honda is apparently very strict), but they required all buyers to spend $3000 in accessories - $2000 running boards, $1200 alarm, etc. To me, I'd rather say it just over MSRP.


    One last note one the dealer world...the dealers set wholesale prices at the auctions based on their buying habits. If you ordered a 300C for MSRP and took delivery 3 or 4 months ago, you could have sold it at auction for the same, plus a small profit to you. Many consumers (and small dealers) did this. That sets wholesale. That is also what sets retail. The long and short of it still doesn't matter. Don't ever pay more than it's worth to you - that may be $500 under invoice (it just depends on when a person buys their car).
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    I got a call from my dealer that my car will be in next week Jan 4th. It is almost 6 months from the time I ordered it. I actually feel cheated because in about 6 months or so the Car will be a year old model The 2006 models will be out with the bigger engine. If I had any idea that it would take this long to get a car I would have never ordered it. I always like to get a new car at the beginning of the Model year so I have the car for a whole year before the next years Model comes out. When you go to trade or sell, it is a year old car even if you have it for 6 months.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,359
    ...... Is it dealer greed, or is it what the "market will bear"..?


                     You know, like people paying $285,000 for homes that are worth $250,000 or paying $3,200 for dining room sets that cost the furniture dealer $800, or in my area, where the normal roof would cost $5,500 and roofers are getting almost twice that ... so what came first, the chicken or the egg.? .. I'm sure if you were selling something and you knew the market could retrieve 15/25/30% more than average, you would just call yourself "greedy" and sell it for less - right.?


                                 Terry :)
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    When will a Dealer take an order on a 2006 300C???
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    no real reson not to take one as soon as they become available to order...probably sometime around May/June.
  • ps99472ps99472 Member Posts: 28
    I just want to share my experience tonight when I bought my car and get some feedback.


    A couple weeks ago I went to the Costco website to see if I can buy the Chrysler 300 through the program. It was excluded due to the car being too popular. Well, this morning I checked again and the Chrysler 300 is availiable (not the Hemi though). I submitted my info and 1 hour later the dealer called me to set up a time. I asked if I could stop by after work and of course they said ok. I didn't get out of work till 7pm and had to drive all the way to the Irvine Tuttle Click Chrysler. Dealer didn't have much 300's in stock (all together, one Hemi, one touring, and one Limited). I test drove the Magnesium Touring and was immediately impressed by the ride and quality. I was never impressed by domestics but this one was different. I had my heart set on a navigational system so the touring version is out. The Hemi, though impressive, was out of my price range due to the fact it wasn't included in the Costco Auto Program. So that leaves the Limited Edition. This car was actually ordered by another customer but remained at the dealer due to delivery problems. Needless to say it fits me pretty well. Brilliant black, leather, navigational, power everything, etc. and only 27 miles on the odometer. Now here is where the Costo program comes in. The dealer shows me their invoice and the Costco contract for this car. I actually saw the contract and the 300 has a $1000 over invoice price (the other Chryslers were actually only $100 over invoice!). So the cash price of the car is already set, no haggling, bargaining, etc. I already took care of my financing through Costco again with Capitol One and got a rate of 4.24% 60 months with no down. Of course the dealer couldn't match this rate so I just wrote out the price of the car on the blank check provided by Capitol One and bought my car. I have to say, that was a pretty good experience...

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    Congratulations on a hassle-free buying experience! Some members are reporting long wait times for their vehicles, so you did really well getting one off the lot.


    Don't forget to share your ownership experience in our Chrysler 300/300C discussion.



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  • airzero23airzero23 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I am looking into purchasing a Chrysler 300 C, or possibly the limited edition. I was wondering if anyone in Southern California could recommend any good dealers or programs that could ensure me a good experience.. email at [email protected] or a reply would be great.. thank you
  • elmartioelmartio Member Posts: 6
    An update on my order - I ordered a loaded 300C on September 1. My salesman e-mailed me last week to say that the car was "in production." I called Chrysler and they could finally give me a status, "D", which I guess means that it has a firm schedule to be built. Which is kind of funny, since when I asked for an ETA, they couldn't give me one. Doesn't really sound like a "firm" schedule to me. Anyway, that's the first solid info I've received - 19 weeks after the order.
  • elmartioelmartio Member Posts: 6
    Hi, airzero23 -


    I'm in La Mesa (just east of San Diego) and I e-mailed all the dealers from Long Beach and Riverside south with the exact way I wanted to order my 300C. The best price came from my local dealer, Carl Burger in La Mesa. However, they wanted to back out on the deal once I got there to finalize it - salesman said that the manager had stopped authorizing sales for $1000 over invoice (once they realized how popular the car was?) I actually believe him, don't think it was a come-on. The next best was from Jack Powell in Poway - they seemed very trustworthy to me based on some e-mails, but the price was about $300 more and I really liked the idea of working with my hometown dealer. My experience has not been great, though, I think they put me on the very bottom of the priority list I can't be sure about that, but I've had a very long wait. Good luck.
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    D actually means 'sub-firm schedule' ... usually has a vin, but has not been scheduled for build just yet. In other words, you have advanced one stage from waiting to be built...when you get to 'D1', you can get an estimated ship date.
  • snowysnowy Member Posts: 5
    Costco does seem like a great way to go for a high-demand car like this. I ordered a 300C AWD through Costco, on November 30th for $500 over invoice.


    Also, Costco's regional dealer worked hard to make sure I was gauranteed the $1,000 rebate for financing with DCM, regardless of whether that rebate is still in place when I take delivery.


    The rebate is a great deal; you only have to finance $7,500 to get the $1,000 rebate, and you can pay it off in full with the third payment. Despite being saddled with the Costco price, no other dealer worked so hard to get my business.


    Supposedly, the car will be "born" this week (about 7 weeks later) and I should take delivery by February 5th, about 11 weeks of waiting. We'll see if all this actually happens, then I can tell if you this was a good buying experience!


    I am guessing the fact that I ordered few options is helping me with lead time. Only options were the protection group, adjustable pedals and the block heater. I hear the nav system and sunroof can slow delivery quite a bit.
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    Finally after 6 month and 2 weeks I received my 300C Which by the way is now 6 months old. It's no Caddy.But it is 15k cheaper than a DTS.

    What's with the remote start and extended warranty gimmick?
  • two.dogstwo.dogs Member Posts: 3
    I am in the military, stationed in Germany, in December I ordered my fully loaded 2005 300C AWD, every option except the sun/moon roof. January 1st I was informed that they are re-tooling for the 2006's. So I am now getting the 2006 for the price of the 2005 (my order beat a cut off date) expecting delivery June 1st... final price $39,486.00. Chrysler gives us a discount for serving our country...It sounds like the dealers are gouging the heck out of people.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    A national newspaper hopes to talk with a consumer who traded in a Mercedes for a Chrysler 300C. Please respond to [email protected] no later than Tuesday, February 8, 2005 with your daytime contact info and a few words about your decision.


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  • bigmike5bigmike5 Member Posts: 960
    My source at the factory says that they are still way behind on orders, local L-ville paper has one dealer ad stating that they have 5 300's on hand [not further delineated] and stickered at $28+K but offering them at $4,480 off the sticker price. The dealer in my hometown had 6 of them, 2 C's, but I didn't talk price with them so I don't know what they were actually asking. I think the cars are out there if you are not too finicky about what you want on them. Course, if I was buying, it would have to be a C. They had a vanilla white [loaded] and a black one [not so loaded].
  • snowysnowy Member Posts: 5
    Got the 300C AWD I ordered through Costco's program 11 weeks ago, and couldn't be happier with the car, and the price (Factory Invoice plus $500, minus $1,000 rebate for financing).
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,359
    ..... **but offering them at $4,480 off the sticker price.** ....


                 Hmmm, thats quite a discount .. especially since there's only around a $2,000 mark-up and a $1,000 rebate ..... I gotta feeling your lookin' at some ad's that are based on the 300C's they bought at auctions ....


  • ps99472ps99472 Member Posts: 28
    snowy, what area are you in? i'll be really unhappy if you're in California...... I paid $1000 over invoice for a Limited Edition. The 300C was not on the negotiated list in the Orange County area.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Member Posts: 960
    rroyce10--Don't know what they were. This is not the most reputatble dealer based on my own experience 6 years ago when I got my M. They did all the expected tricks we all hear and know about in car sales. But they are a big dealer and may have changed over time...but I doubt it. Anyway this week they had them listed at $22.995K and said they had 30 "in stock or inbound." [see comment above about tactics] I am seeing more 300's around town and in work parking lot, but like I said earlier, my local dealer had 6 a couple of weeks ago and 2 were C's. Haven't seen any AWD's at all, but don't know what badge would indentify them anyway. For those still waiting for orders, one of my sources says that the current model year build-out will be in March. Then I guess everyone gets an 06 model tag. Those who get the February or March builds, I hope you enjoyed the losss of one year's depreciation. ouch.
  • nutritionnutrition Member Posts: 1

    My husband and I would like to purchase a 300 C (we don't care about the AWD). Could anyone supply a reasonable starting point for talking with our dealer? Also, does anyone have an opinion on new vs used vehicles? We have driven used 2005 300 C vehicles and the asking price is $38,000. Finally, what do you consider to be the important "add ons". My husband is six foot nine and anything that can give him extra leg room is appreciated.

    Thank you so much for answering me, as I am ready to purchase this car but I don't want to pay more than I have to.

  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,359
    ... **I hope you enjoyed the losses of one year's depreciation. ouch** ...


                      Actually, they're stronger than the 101st Airborne in a fire fight .. base 05 models with a $25 MSRP with 15/20k are seeing the $20ish figure at the auctions, thats pretty strong for a domestic --- what am I saying..? thats pretty strong for anything ........... ;)


  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,359
    ...... $38 ..? .. I need the miles, options, color and what part of the country ....


  • slgpharmslgpharm Member Posts: 2
    We are having a hard time buying a 300C, we went to look at the dealer found one we wanted and so sat down to negotiate.

    Sticker price on the vehicle door was approx 38k then the manager walked in and said the car would cost 44-48k!!!! WHAT, 6-10k OVER MSRP? She said it was their dealer markup (not for options, just plain old cash) on the car. They would NOT sell the car for the MSRP -- they may go down to 3-4k over MSRP but no lower. Needless to say we left the dealership and will look else where.

    By the way, it was the only Hemi on their lot.


    Has anyone else found it difficult to find a HEMI at MSRP?
  • jake4jake4 Member Posts: 7
    That's the exact same price I paid for my loaded 300C minus smoke, Uconnect and pedals. Invoice, plus $500. I didn't go through Costco. Mine was a factory order, late July and delivered third week in November. Had six miles on it. Now, 2400 miles, solid as a rock and goes like a bat out of hell. No problems and no buyers regret. If someone's going to buy one, shop around. If ya want it "now" then maybe you'll have to pay more. OK, yea.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Member Posts: 9,359
    ..... Nice vehicles ....




  • chirodoc1chirodoc1 Member Posts: 4
    Terry I am one of those people about to receive their 2005 300C's after almost 8 months. Would I be better off not accepting the 2005 and ordering a 2006? Will the depreciation on the 2005 "300C"
    really hurt me in the end? Do you know of any major changes for 2006? Help me out here, I have 5 days to say ya or na on the 2005.
  • eliotweliotw Member Posts: 2
    I'm also looking to buy a new 300C AWD and hope to pay MSRP or less. In NYC at the 11th Ave dealer they said they were selling them for $4k over MSRP. I wasn't ready to buy so didn't negotiate with them.

    Looking at the Chrysler website, it seems like most of the dealers in the area have a few of them in inventory(1 or more loaded). With that supply and the 2006's on the way, I'd expect to be able to get one at MSRP or less, especially with the 2006's on the way.

    Has anyone had recent experience with buying in the area? Are dealers selling at less than MSRP ? Would the pending 2006's give some leverage? Is getting one just over invoice even remotely possible? Any suggestions ? I'm a novice car buyer.
  • cook1cook1 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the tip.I ordered my 300awd 12-4-04 and only
    God and Chrysler knows where it is.Called my dealer today to set up a $7500 loan which I will
    pay after the third payment.He said it was ok if I
    took delivery in March.
  • hickoryhickory Member Posts: 3
    We're "ready to buy" a 300C AWD. But don't really care whether we get one immediately.

    Wondering whether anyone has info on changes for 2006? Both mechanical and color...believe it or not, the colors are real turnoff for me...don't really like any of them, but can live with Brilliant Black.

    Any info out there? Our dealer is telling us he doesn't know what changes are in the works for 2006.

    Thank you.
  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    I heard somewhere they're adding Linen Gold Metallic Pearl Coat to the list in 2006. Also a rear seat video system will be available.
  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    hickory --

    You may also try posting your message in one of the Chrysler 300 forums. You can get to the general discussion for the 300 through the following link:

    /WebX?ed_displayMakeModelRelatedD- [email protected]@.ee6b280!make=Chrysler&model=300

    or you can go to the search bar and type in "Chrysler 300".

    Good luck with your shopping!
  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    Sorry about the bad link...try this one:

    libertycat, "Chrysler 300/300C" #1, 26 Jun 2003 8:56 pm!make=Chrysler&model=300&ed_makeindex=.ef16de5
  • jayjagusjayjagus Member Posts: 8
    I haven't posted in a while...we ordered a 300C back in arrived on Monday. As people have said before...the wait takes some of the excitement away. I would give you a review of how it drives, but it is my wife's car and I have driven it a grand total of 1.8 miles!!
  • slgpharmslgpharm Member Posts: 2
    Gotta love those end of the month sales quotas!!!

    As I had posted before, we have been looking at buying a 300C but all the dealers in the area still wanted $6-8 K over the MSRP.

    We decided to go ahead and order a 2006 (from what the dealer said they weren't changing the car much) which would be in end of April, begining of May. But we left some phone numbers at some of the dealers and said -- call us when your willing to sell at MSRP, we have preapproved credit. I even pointed to one particular car at the dealership we ordered the 2006 from and said "I'll buy that one right now through Chrysler (which was not who we had our pre-arranged financing through) if you sell it to me for MSRP (after the $1000 rebate)" Still no deal. So we were prepared to wait, I figured even if my old car went out before the new one came in it would still be cheaper for me to rent a car for 2 months than pay that much over MSRP.

    Then over this past weekend, we got calls from two different dealers willing to sell us a car at MSRP!
    We ended up dealing with a GREAT deal, got a fully loaded (Nav w/sound system, sunroof, U-connect, protection group, wood trim, etc) 2005 at $1000 UNDER MSRP and were able to finance with our prearranged credit -- all this at 7pm on the last day of the month.

    I couldn't be happier with the car (LOVE IT) or the dealership (VERY professional, VERY nice!!)
  • eliotweliotw Member Posts: 2
    I found 2 dealers in upstate New York willing to sell me their loaded 2005 300C AWD's for $1000 under MSRP plus the $1000 financing rebate. I'm picking up a silver one with the dark slate interior this Saturday.

  • cssltxcssltx Member Posts: 4
    My Mom just bought a Fully loaded 300c at MSRP from clippenger Chrysler in West Covina CA. We went through the fleet salesman, "Z" The price of the car was 39,400.
  • dogpounddogpound Member Posts: 4
    I just purchase a new 300c fully loaded in MD. at invoice -1%.
  • bradwbradw Member Posts: 1
    Walked up to one today and the options were right. Buying off the lot. Perhaps a tick early, but have numbers on paper to close tomorrow A.M. on 300C Hemi, RWD, GPS, Sirius, Airbags, Snrf, Black for (effectively) invoice $35,587, sticker is $37,835. Selling price is 36,587 less Chrysler $1k rebate. Their rate stinks @6.9%, but work credit union is 4%, will refi in a day or three... Dealer totally willing to deal, have 2-3 hemi's on lot including an AWD, probably 12-15 total (non-C) that I saw. They say they're getting 3 SRT-8's as well. Feeny Chrysler in Elgin, IL. Had "Insider" friend at different dealer quote the deal, but they couldn't get the right car, Feeny stepped up to same deal, no problems. I feel sorry for the CA and NY folks, looks like you're getting soaked. Road trip(s) might help. The fella who's 6'9" might want to pass on the snrf (or leave it open) I'm 6'5" and headroom is ok even with snrf.
  • themanxthemanx Member Posts: 110
    We got a 300 limited with the K package for $200 over msrp but after the $1000 rebate for financing through them it was not too bad.

    We have the high output v5 250 hp and it runs well... got the cool vanilla.. really nice car
    Here are the pics after I detailed it:

    Enjoy your rides!
  • dyingformy300cdyingformy300c Member Posts: 1
    I ordered my C in January right before they quit making them to put the Chargers on line. The status as of today is DX, does anyone know what that is? Because of the issues that I had, I am ordering a 2006. Anyone else out there in the same place?
  • jglackinjglackin Member Posts: 164
    There is no DX status. Your car is either in BX (which = good order available for scheduling), and will likely not get built at this point, or in D or D1 status (which = car has a VIN and either will be scheduled or is being built). DX is our term for a dealer trade.
  • iceman2iceman2 Member Posts: 23
    I live in Orlando and decided on Sunday not to release another BMW 530, but to buy a new 300C. Yesterday morning got on the phone and called the 5 dealers in town - all of which were still arrogant and intoxicated with 300C demand vs. supply - ie they all wanted money on top of the MSRP ("adjusted market value").

    Not being able to stand this attitude, I called a dealer on the way outskirts of town (Deltona - halfway to Daytona) where the population is quite lower and not as many people can afford higher-end (in this case $30K+) cars. Just so happens a new 300C - loaded with my color scheme - was parked out front and they were more than happy to deal on the car. Got it for a little lower than MSRP and a great deal on my trade. Drove home with it two hours later, and won't look back!
  • sanfordwhitesanfordwhite Member Posts: 9
    Good day!

    Has anyone found a source for Chrysler-branded extended warrantees beyond the list price charged by the dealership? Also, similar question for the service agreements for 6000-12000-18000 mile checks?

    Thanks for whatever guidance you can provice.
  • njeraldnjerald Member Posts: 689

    There a couple places. I used these guys.
  • jaw68jaw68 Member Posts: 1
    How are you getting your order status. I have a VIN and wondered if there was a way to track on my own (website or phone number.)
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