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Porsche Cayenne Prices Paid



  • I am also looking at some used (new leftover?) Cayennes.

    2008 Cayenne base Nav Heated Seats 19" wheels parking assist memory seat package moonroof hitch roof rack. 109 miles. MSRP 58,400 List 49,900.

    2009 Cayenne base Nav Premium Leather Upgrade ipod memory seat moonroof etc. 900 miles. Also 49,900.

    Where should I start in the offering for these? They are already heavily discounted off the MSRP. I went to a local dealer today and they showed an air of desperation that BMW and Audi didnt.
  • halliejhalliej Posts: 1
    so this dealer: Circle Porsche is listing an 09 cayenne gts as 64,990, marked down from 85,465. because i have no measure with porsche cayenne pricing, i don't know if the lower price is just normal or if it is a great deal. should i go for it?
  • jubessjubess Posts: 14
    That is a great price!! you are getting a GTS at an "s" price. I paid 70K for my GTS....
  • sameemsameem Posts: 8
    I contacted a few Bay Area dealers about a base Cayenne 2008. With anywhere from 8,000-15,000 down I can get a lease payment from $500-600. Wow. So I get to pay almost the full price of the car on a 3 year lease and then return it?
  • jbo2786jbo2786 Posts: 1
    I have access to a 2006 Cayenne Titanium S - never been titled - demo / GM car at the dealership - 2500 miles. I don't have visibility to what the original sticker was - and the dealer was attempting to sell at $52K - which is ridiculous - I have them down to $44K - but I still think that is high. Can you give some guidance on what the car would have listed at - what the residual assumptions would have been if it had been leased back when it was "new". By the way - they did take the factory incentive and put it into demo mode and there is only 2 years left on warranty - so this should factor in to what I go back to them with in terms of purchase price...thanks much
  • leethewayleetheway Posts: 2
    Can you please share what dealer gave you this deal. Tx
  • grkmecgrkmec Posts: 12
    Can someone please post the lease rates for 2009 Cayenne S and GTS for 3yr and 4yr with 12,000 miles per year?
  • crimattcrimatt Posts: 18
    Hey, kids! Went to a local Porsche dealership to find a suitable replacement for my 2008 Audi Q7 3.6, and I may have walk away with a steal.

    2009 Cayenne S Tip, Blk/Blk leather, 18" Turbo style rims and a ridiculous list of options including PCM w/ Nav and the Bose stereo!

    MSRP - $75170. My cost- $65,700. That's almost $10k off sticker, for those of you struggling with the complex math! Car has 5.3 miles on it and is the last of its kind on the lot.

    Now here's the funky part: Didn't want to lay out ANY cash. So opted for Porsche's Sign and Drive. Bottom line: !st month + Acquisition ($1920) up front, $1100/month on a 36month/15k. Had I paid the taxes up front, the monthly vig would have dropped to $965/month.

    How'd I do? Is it a keeper?

  • jubessjubess Posts: 14
    I think you did okay....Back in March I leased a GTS..and got 15k off sticker..The dealers had incentives back then...Here was my post..

    Just leased a 2009 GTS nicely optioned. MSRP 86.5k. CAP cost 71.5k
    just paid 1st payment, acq fee, TTL..
    15k miles
    36 mos
    1130 per month...
  • crimattcrimatt Posts: 18
    I think I've been played.

    There's an approximately $6,000 difference in Cap Costs b/w us, which should yield a $180/month difference in payments--weighing apples to oranges.
    Yet, there's only $30 separating our deals, and you are driving a faster car with more standard features. I'm I missing something?

    What was your MF? Mine is 0.00146? I've got until Tuesday if I want to walk on this deal. At a minimum, I should get them to lower my monthly payment. You agree?

  • grkmecgrkmec Posts: 12

    You should try and get a couple more K off. Check out for what other people are paying. Its also possible that residuals have come down since jubess did his deal.
  • jubessjubess Posts: 14
    Don't forget that I payed the TTL upfront and you rolled it in to your payment right??
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    Crimatt, dont be down, the dealer was hoping youd bite at there "lucrative offer" but in reality from what others have gotten, its not that competitve. I would approach them again, saying you would like a more competitive offer, I honestly think 15k off should be a minimum, if they balk, walk away......

    sometimes when you love a car so much, your emotions take over, but i know porsche has had incentives on cayenne periodically, dont think there are any "known" incentives, but porsche sales are hurting badlyyy! use this to your advantage. Were all here to help, dont sign anything until you KNOW you got a good deal. :)
  • wesoweso Posts: 6
    i hope you didn't make this deal. i was just offered a 09 Cayenne S with msrp in low 70s for lease payment in the 820/month area with only TTL payment. didn't write down details but was a 36 month lease and roughly 1500 OTD
  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    O.K. Cayenne fans,

    My 2006 Cayenne got rear ended by a Ford F250 running about 60mph... so I'm on the market for a new one...

    I had the V6 Triptonic, full leather, nav, and a lot of other upgrades/options. The pricing I'm seeing is considerably more than what I pd in 2006.

    Any suggestions?
  • crimattcrimatt Posts: 18
    Well. folks, I took your suggestions and walked away from not only the deal, but the dealer as well. What will it take to find a dealer who's not willing to blow smoke up a prospective customer's @#$, but instead, make the best deal possible? I've been to four dealers already and I feel like each one tries to see how stupid I am.

    Recent deal: 2009 Cayenne S Tip- Silver/Blk, MSRP $73795. Cap Cost $62,500. Should be jumping for joy, right? No. Dealer seemed to capitulate to that price way too quickly. I feel that I could have gone lower. Much lower.
    Also, looked at a 2009 GTS. MSRP $88,000 Cap Cost $76.000. I know that I could have worked him on the GTS. I'm just a litlle intimidated by those 21"- ers. I currently drive a Q7 with 20"- ers, but the ride is limo smooth. Don't know how it will be in GTS. Any thoughts?

  • crimattcrimatt Posts: 18
    BTW, heads up. If you are in the market for a Cayenne, this seems to be the time. Seems like is there some very serious corporate directive this week to unload cars.
    Porsche dealers who were not willing to budge on their pricing with me last week, are now calling me like crazy throwing out lower prices than my original counters! It's like they were told to dump every 2009 at any cost at or above Dealers Cost.

    I don't know. Just my 2 cents..

  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    If you hear of any good deals please pass the information along! I'm on the market, searching for a New Cayenne... mine was offically declared Crushed Cayenne and a total loss by the insurance company.

    I believe the Cayenne handled the crash as it was designed and I survived an accident that may have been fatal had I been in a lesser vehicle.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hello, its been abt 2 weeks, did you make a purchase yet?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I am glad you were ok, have you looked at other vehicles or just the cayenne?

    Long time ago I wanted the cayenne, but once you test drive a bmw x6 I don't know abt others, but it handles great and a great alternate to the cayenne unless you want a 5 passenger car.
  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    No purchase made yet... haven't really felt like looking.
    I drove the BMW, and have a friend with one, great vehicle. But to be honest I like the way my Cayenne drove better and love the looks of the vehicle. Plus I seldom have 5 people in my car let alone the need for a 3rd row of seats!
    Frankly, I have no idea what I'm going to buy. Probably buy a vehicle that I can "live with" for a while, then take my time making a decision...
    Other than the seat back breaking, I do believe the Cayenne handled the accident very well. I feel lucky to be here!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Hi, I am glad you survived the crash, but I insist on testing an x5 and x6, I assure you won't be disappointed, btw, what type of bmw does your friend have the 1 you drove. Good luck on your choice.

    A new redesigned cayenne is not far away.
  • dixseadixsea Posts: 9
    Drove the X5, dealer did not have X6 ---- personally, I still like the Cayenne. The X5 drove and handled well, but did not feel as solid as the Cayenne.
  • bcebce Posts: 4
    I am looking at buying/leasing a Porsche Cayenne S or GTS

    The dealer has an 09 GTS on the lot that was the owners demo/driver.
    It has a bit over 2k miles on it
    sticker is ~86k
    black on black

    for options it has:
    Heated seats
    Light comfort pack
    Universal Audio Interface
    Floor mats
    bose sound
    bluetooth phone

    also had a tourist deliver for an additional $2250 bringing the actual sticker to $88,610.

    I am interested to know what you all think I could get for a price or lease deal on this vehicle. I have been reading that I should be able to get a very good deal on this because it is the GTS model. Why is this?

    This will be my first Porsche. I am making the switch from a Range Rover. I had a chance to drive a cayenne a few weeks ago and fell in love with the handling and solid feeling of the car.

    Any advice or thoughts would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,
  • bcebce Posts: 4
    After talking with the dealer about the above mentioned demo black GTS he is quoting $76k as the "bottom dollar, out the door price" Doesn't sound like a great deal on a demo with an msrp of $86k to me. Also the lease deals sound terrible. He was talking about 41% residual value and a money factor of 7.9%.

    Obviously at that rate it isn't even worth considering. Any reason to expect a different story at different dealers?

    Have the deals on these cars disappeared?
  • grkmecgrkmec Posts: 12
    Sticker price of $74,635. Got it for $61,641 – about $13,00 off or 17.5% discount. Brand new 2009 left-over with 14 miles. Pretty loaded with options:

    Meteor Gray w/ black leather
    Light Comfort package
    Variable power assist
    Front/rear floor mats
    ski bag
    18" cayenne turbo wheel
    Xenons headlights
    Touch screen Nav
    Heated front seats & steering wheel
    Trailer hitch
    6-cd changer
    Bose surround sound
    XM radio
    Ipod connection

    Leased for 3yr / 12k miles a year. .00186 money factor and 48% residual. Payment with tax ~ $970.
  • hey grkmec, did u pay anything to drive off when you sign for the vehicle?
  • grkmecgrkmec Posts: 12
    $2,600 which includes 1st month, $895 lease app, $500 dealer fee, and DMV fees
  • nwhkrnwhkr Posts: 1
    Congrats! that sounds like a great deal. I am in the market to buy 2008 Cayenne S and it seems like dealers try to artifically hike the price by controlling the supply side.
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    The electronics alone are reason enough to go for the 09, you can find leftovers with deep discounts!!
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