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Chevy Tahoe Maintenance and Repair



  • mahincmahinc Member Posts: 2
    Codes are P0300(Multiple Misfires)and P0134(O2 Sensor low or no voltage)

    Checked the pre-catalytic conv. O2 sensor and it was black and sooty. Replaced all the plugs and found that 4 on passenger side were fine but ALL 4 on driver side were black and sooty like the O2 sensor. Leads me to believe the mix is too rich on that side. Is this something to do with the fuel rail or some valve that is specific to that side?
  • rmjvrmjv Member Posts: 1
    My new Tahoe begins to whine at about 40-45 miles per hour. GM has advised that they do not have a fix for it at this time but will call if and when they have a fix. Do other people have this same problem? Is it common to all 2005 Z71 4X4 Tahoe's?
  • ljrackljrack Member Posts: 1
    Battery died (left dome light on or something) so had to jump start. Now the radio is locked thanks to the theft deterrent system. Have a 99 Tahoe and I don't believe I ever set or changed the passcode. Called the dealer and they said I had to bring it in so they could get the numbers off the radio, call AC Delco to get the password.

    You would think there would be a default password if I as the consumer never set a passcode?

    Any way around this or am I stuck taking the Tahoe in?
  • steelcity1steelcity1 Member Posts: 1
    I have read somewhere that there was a known problem with the earlier 200 models having a piston clunking problem, but his was fixed in the later models.
  • tnt5tnt5 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem on my 03 Z71, dealer claims to have replaced the intermediate steering shaft. Truck was still under warranty. Clunk is gone and no more feedback in the steering wheel.
  • jpk60jpk60 Member Posts: 1
    Here's another one. I had to have my '02 Tahoe with 47k miles towed in yesterday to the dealer. They tell me there are two in front of me. I bought the extended warranty-which I usually never do. The dealer, without looking at the vehicle is already trying to squirm out the agreement. They told me I need to have every receipt of maintenance performed on the vehicle. I'll post again after I hear their result from the $650 "tear-down" I had to authorize.
  • mimanmiman Member Posts: 3
    I have an intermitted problem with not being able to turn the temp. down (make cooler)on my tahoe. I'll dial the the knob down to make it cooler and it will just blow the same hot air out. Nothing will change it, turning on A/C, change the outside to just inside air, turn everything off.It seems that once I stop and turn off the truck off and then on again, Everything works fine again. I looked in the manual and it seems to point to the air temp. aculator. Anyone run into this problem? Any other thing to check?
  • bubbajoebubbajoe Member Posts: 2
    I have a 97 Chevy Tahoe 350 4WD. Today the speedometer quit tracking properly. It will follow the speed during acceleration but lags during decceleration the tachometer also is sluggish ticking sometimes.
  • rickp7rickp7 Member Posts: 1
    miman I live in florida and had the same problem at about 35,000 miles I shut the AC off and turned it back on work's fine I now have about 38,000 miles on my burb...I didn't shut the engine off to reset the AC. That's the only problem so far? I still love it!
  • 74marine74marine Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Z71 Tahoe with a Bose System. The Rear passenger audio system thet is built into the center console does not work. It did work it just quit. Do any of you know what I could check to try to have it working once again?
  • 74marine74marine Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2003 Z71 Tahoe and when driving, the transmission shifting from 1st gear to second gear hesitates a little before going into gear. I have read that someone else had the same problem but they only advised that the transmission shop said that it (may) be a sticking valve. has any one ever found out what may be causing this?
  • mimanmiman Member Posts: 3
    I think I figured it out. It was a temp. aculator motor. It a electric motor that closes and opens the door to the heater core thus hot or cold air. Just to let you know if you have any problem in the future.
  • spike123spike123 Member Posts: 1
    As I drive around town I notice that many '00-'05 Tahoes have one or more burned out running lights. I felt lucky it hadn't happened to me until last month. One burned out. I bought replacement bulbs but can't seem to find the trick of how to get access to the socket to replace them. Can anyone give me a clue? From the top/from the bottom? Does anything need to be removed to gain access? Any help is appreciated.
  • amartinez11amartinez11 Member Posts: 2
    I have a question for everyone. I have a 99 Tahoe and when i am traveling slow, for example getting out of my drive way, parking lot, pulling into my garage and i apply the brakes they seem to lock, or just really grab. Has anyone experienced this type of problem. I've gone to Midas and have goten new brake pad, shoes, and wheel cylindars and it clears up for awhile and then seems to return. any ideas? thanks
  • nbatnbat Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had to deal with the rear cargo door on their Tahoe not staying open. When I open the Right Cargo door it always wants to close. Is there a simple adjustment that will help keep the door open. Thanks for any help.
  • confusedontlconfusedontl Member Posts: 15
    I have a friend that has a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and is having some major problems. She is having problems starting the vehicle. They have changed everything from sensor wires, gas tank, battery, vacumn hose, so many things we cant remember. The problems is when she starts it...it just does like there is no gas going to the engine to boost it to start. It's hard to explain. We have taken it to 2 different dealers. They hook it up to the machines but cant seem to find out whats wrong. Has anyone ever had problems like this. Please help.
  • azla3azla3 Member Posts: 4
    OK! So, I'm not going crazy here. I've heard this same popping noise on my 2001 Tahoe LT. I would put money on it coming from the gas tank. It makes this popping noise when running or not. Sounds like it's gonna blow up. Major combustion noise!! And, now, I've got the service engine soon light coming on. Parts store detected EGR Flow & CK flow??? Anyone having evaporative emissions problems? Funky thing is, the sevice light will go out after putting gas in & filling up. Not everytime, but seems to be a pattern?? And yes! the gas cap is always being put back on correctly! :o)Then hello, after driving for say 30 miles or so, lights back on??? Prolly going to break down & take it to a GM dealer....ARGH!!!!!!!!! Would love to have a heads up, so they don't try taking me to the cleaners! Thanks!
  • jay_24jay_24 Member Posts: 536
    I'm fairly sure the poping noise you here is from the heat shields expanding and contracting. Our 03 tahoe does it. Our 2001 Subura does it too, but not as loud.

  • azla3azla3 Member Posts: 4
    Hey Jay! Thanks for the response! I'm just glad I know what it is now. I've never owned a vehicle that has done that b-4. In talking w/a few other people today, they're saying the same thing. Just hope this service engine soon light stops it's fits SOON! Thanks again! :o)
  • azla3azla3 Member Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Tahoe, I've just recently replaced mine. After lifting the hood, there is a pin(metal rod) that you pull out & that will release the main headlight for removal. Once removed, then access to the running lamp bulb is just below that. Same deal for both sides! Hope this helps!
  • dblhelixdblhelix Member Posts: 1
    Recently noted a gurgling sound in the dash of my '04 tahoe w/45K miles. Best description is it sounds like water sloshing around inside the dash, both behind the instrument panel and the glove box. The noise seems affected by engine RPM, but the engine itself sounds fine. Maybe related to the cooling system? Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks!
  • hotsaucehotsauce Member Posts: 1
    I am considering the purchase of a '05 Z71 with 25,000 miles. It is in very good condition and this is my second tahoe purchase (first Z71). Any thoughts from other Z71 owners about any problems you have had in the past or currently having with the '05 model.
  • ltm2ltm2 Member Posts: 1
    we are having the same problem? have you found out what is wrong with your friends tahoe? :confuse:
  • doug01doug01 Member Posts: 5
    I have an 01 Z71, last night I ended up in a clay ditch on the side of the road in GA.... Anyways I ended up getting out by aggressively rocking back and forth. After I got it out I noticed the power steering not working 100%, today the pump is making noise. Planning on replacing the pump, any suggestions, any other similar problems???
  • robertstrobertst Member Posts: 2
    Have '05 LS with auto suspension with 5.3L Flex Fuel. Get Avg. Econ of 17.4. Have since the beginning. Currently has 23K miles as of this writing.

    Have a strange problem that dealers, as well as myself have yet to figure out. It only happens when in the Auto 4WD mode. When accelerating b/w 25-40 miles hour, I can really feel a noticeable skipping, hesitation, or an emulated feeling of misfiring.

    First of all, it’s very difficult to articulate. However, very rough feeling needless to say. Doesn't happen in 2WD mode at all. Smooth as a baby's bottom. All this on smooth highway. Ran all scanners to no avail. Last dealer reset tranny memory, and obviously didn't work.

    My first inclination was it has to be the tires or the wheels are unbalanced, because the AUTO 4WD mechanism is looking a situation in which the vehicle needs 4 wheel drive or else it drives no different than 2WD and that skipping is in search of something, like the tires are trying to grab or dig in the road surface. .

    If anybody has had this problem or similar problem and/or can help, please reply.

    Thanks in advance.
  • bld2002bld2002 Member Posts: 1
    I hear a similar sound in my 2002 Tahoe Z71. I think it comes from the air ducts. Seems to only happen when it rains, like some water may be getting down into the ducts and sloching around. If anyone know of a fix, please let me know!
  • tgarvtgarv Member Posts: 2
    Did you ever get the weird feel in the gas pedal resolved? I have the same thing in my '06.
  • sasz71sasz71 Member Posts: 14
    I just bought a 2002 Z71 Tahoe in February 2006 with 68,000 miles.

    Every cold start, there was the engine knock for about 1 minute and then it went away.

    At my next oil change, rather than stick to the owner's manual oil recommendation, I used Castrol 20W50 with one quart of the Lucas oil additive in March 2006.

    It took a bit of driving I believe to distribute the oil additive, but the knocking has been gone for over a month already. With the thick oil my gas mileage is 13-16 mpg. I’m not sure this solution will work in the great white north, but I am very encouraged with the results here in Florida.
  • kchapmanjrkchapmanjr Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 tahoe and need to reconnect the automatic transmission. I had it towed and the tow truck driver had to disconnect it to get up on the flatbed. I think I know where it is if the cable that runs the length of the car on the drivers side is it. Also when turned on, the gear shifter is in 1st gear position. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • dd321dd321 Member Posts: 1
    Beware that you are in for serious tranny trouble! If you don't replace it now, you will in the future. My 03 Tahoe just blew it's 4th (yes, 4th) tranny yesterday and it hasn't even hit 54000 miles yet. The first tranny started to go out by slipping just a little like you're describing. A couple of weeks later it was gone. The replacement slipped from day one (both were under warranty) and the dealer said it "just needed to settle" being new and all. Second dealer disagreed and replaced that one. Nine thousand miles later and "boom" drive and 3rd are gone again!

    There's been a chevy in my driveway my whole life but this on'e getting a for sale sign as soon as I get it back!
  • 69686968 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, my 2002 has the same problem. also my painted bumpers are showing the se bubbles .
  • sasz71sasz71 Member Posts: 14
    So far, my 2002 Z71 Tahoe tranny works fine. It was replaced about 20,000 miles ago with a brand new one by a dealership in Duluth GA under extended warrantee. What problems do these trannys have and is there a particular series to avoid?

    The previous owner also had a brand new a/c compressor installed which so far works fine.
  • fzappfzapp Member Posts: 1
    I've got a 99 Tahoe that I've had to replace the altenator on. Problem is that it still won't charge the battery. In the altenator installation instructions it states that the system may have to be reset by a code reader. Anyone have any other methods of reseting the system other than with a code reader? Only thing I didn't do per the instructions was that I pulled the positve off the battery first, not the negative as they instructed. Other than that I followed the instructions. How do I correct the reverse bias condition they mention?
  • patch21patch21 Member Posts: 1
    My 2002 Tahoe blew it's trans at 28,000 (under warranty)and 54,000(out of warranty). Front differential replaced at 51,000($1800) and again at 52,000(n/c). I have no faith in this vehicle. It was between the Tahoe and the Sequoia and now I know which one I should have bought.
  • shinesleeshineslee Member Posts: 2
    I have owned my 2006 Tahoe for about three months now. No problems until this week. Noticed that my cigarette lighter (which I use for cell phone charger) not working. Neither is the other "accessory" outlet. So, I check fuse and its blown. Replaced fuse with cell phone charger plugged in and fuse blows instantly. Unplug cell phone, replace fuse and it works. It will even heat up the cig lighter with no problems. But, it blew again once I plugged cell phone up. This has occurred out of the blue. Any suggestions? I'm not too worried about not being able to use outlet to charge cell phone, but am worried that there might be a bigger problem somewhere. Help.
  • timvasitimvasi Member Posts: 1
    Maybe its the cellphone charger?
  • stef1982stef1982 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm new here, and my first topic of course is going to be something about my new truck. I JUST bought this Tahoe home friday night. We haven't signed the paperwork till tonight (Monday).
    First thing, the truck runs good. Bad thing, the Tranny is making a hard "clank" noise everytime it shifts to 2rd or to 3rd gear at 1500 RPM. And when it slows down, it does the same thing...

    Is it something that could be easily fixed? What could it be? Does it need a new Transmission already?
  • shinesleeshineslee Member Posts: 2
    Could be the cellphone charger, but I have used that same charger ever since I bought the vehicle three months ago. There haven't been any problems with the lighter outlet or the cellphone charger until now. I'll test out another charger today to see if that might be the problem.
  • PS2PS2 Member Posts: 3
    have owned my '04 Z71 for about 2 and 1/2 years. When originally purchased took in several times for engine "ticking" noise after start ups. Sounds just like a lifter ticking. Was advised it was normal engine noise. Now, since I have rolled past the 36,000 warranty period (39K), engine ticks upon starting in the mornings, ticks when started after sitting for 30 mins or more. ticking noise goes away if I rev the accelerator. Ticking is very noticable but not sure how to proceed. Anyone else out there have a ticking engine? I have the 5.3L V8. We have added a synthetic oil treatment but has not quieted the tick. Gas Mileage hasn't changed, not burning oil. Anyone else out there experiencing this kind of engine tick? :confuse:
  • sasz71sasz71 Member Posts: 14
    See #133

    20W50 and 20% Lucus oil additive will quite it.
  • islassocislassoc Member Posts: 2
    Had 2002 2500 HD with 6.0 ltr engine with lifter problems from the start. Loudest when started in the am and then when warmed up would dissapear. Chevy refused to fix but gave me a 100,000 mile power train warranty as compensation. You should press them as this was a known problem.
  • riccardiac11riccardiac11 Member Posts: 1
    The autoride in my 2001 tahoe just stopped working. I checked the fuses inside and all is well. I then ran a hot wire to the pump and it seemed to work. Does anyone know if there is a inline fuse or relay anywhere. I searched under the truck with out any luck.
  • surfcitycrazysurfcitycrazy Member Posts: 1
    Dealer can never duplicate and therefore can never attempt repairs. I am confident this defect will leave me stranded one day. Just not sure where or when.
  • coachab2coachab2 Member Posts: 1
    Someone told me it was because of armor all. I know a few other people with this problem too. Haven't taken it to the dealer. Anyone know for sure what causes that, if it's under warranty, and if not is there anyway to fix it. It looks really bad. Thanks!
  • rigidrigid Member Posts: 1
    I have a 99 tahoe that has no right rear turn signal or brake light, tail light works. One of the bulbs had a broken element, but I replaced all 3 . still the same . Right front signal works but flashes about twice as quickly as it should. I did unhook the left taillight and plug it into the right side . still the same thing . There is a black plastic "combination" under the dash . My thinking is that since the brake light also is not working, the flasher would not be the problem . Any one have any ideas or experience with this ? Thank you
  • sasz71sasz71 Member Posts: 14
    If you see black, it's probably the dash under the paint. The dash board and leather seats are painted and that paint or dye comes off real easy. Only use a mild cleaner if necessary and do not put silicones, armor alls, etc on the dash which likely already voided your warrantee.

    To fix, your best option is to have a trim specialist, usually a contractor that visits dealerhsips to do the touchup work. He or she will spray paint it for you. The matching of the colors is worth their cost, likely under $100.
  • mac73mac73 Member Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem with my Tahoe which is also a 99. Luckly for me when we replaced the fuel pump we cut a trap door from the back seat under the carpet. Well anyway mine was doing the same thing so i would knock on the fuel pump twice and it would start. I got sick of doing that and figured out that the plug for the fuel pump had a short in it and since replaced no problems. May work for you but u might have to drop the tank to do so.
  • clklauseclklause Member Posts: 1
    Re: 1997 Chevy Tahoe 350 Engine
    I decided to replace leaking oil lines from front radiator to oil filter housing. When lines are hooked up, they leak. Cannot determine why they leak.

    Anyone have any ideas????

    Thank You,

  • jk06jk06 Member Posts: 7
    50% of the time my brakes pulsate, really annoying. Road conditions do nor warrent this. Feels like you really can not come to a hard stop, also pedal is not real hard. I have replaced rotors, pads, master cylinder. Although master cylinder was a rebuilt. I have read where your rear brakes could be the problem but shoes have been replaced and they are in great condition. Any ideas would be appreciated. :confuse:
  • edwin10edwin10 Member Posts: 32
    When reconnecting the cable, be sure the shift indicator sensor is in the correct position, otherwise you will
    get a false gear indication.
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